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July 31, 2016

Small apartments offer a homely haven from the outside world – but also less space for decorative self-expression. Bedrooms, lounges, bathrooms and kitchens are not afforded the luxury of space to accentuate fixtures, features and panelling; it is here that crafty design innovations take centre stage. Clever colouring, supporting accents and mixed-purpose spaces are the hero in these apartments and hotels. Sleek storage spaces hide behind large art deco pieces to bestow breadth to limited room. These small spaces, located across Europe, show square metres are not required to inspire – but ingenuity and colour-blocking often is.

This small apartment in Kiev is a perfect starter. Opening the door on a bold mustard wall, confetti wallpaper greets the eye on pale teak floors. A focal point of interest in two black hanging lights offers promises in the larger space beyond.

1 | Designer: Mariia Movchan This small apartment in Kiev is a perfect starter. Opening the door on a bold mustard wall, confetti wallpaper greets the eye on pale teak floors. A focal point of interest in two black hanging lights offers promises in the larger space beyond.

Walking past the confetti, the larger statement wall screams space, through the ability to hold a large block colour. Four paintings forming a block add an art deco feel, which is confirmed by the 70’s style mosaic tiles forming a ring around the kitchen.

From the other side of the hallway, large white cupboards act as a wall, but also provide space. A small teal seating space offers welcome to new visitors in a visually-appealing triptych layout.

2 | Designer: Mariia Movchan Teal tones tie together the kitchen and lounge spaces, which lie in more muted tones to let the mustard act the hero. White teak flooring adds neutrality, while the extended confetti wallpaper and black wall lighting add connecting detail.

MariiaMovchansmallapartmentarchitecturaldrawing MariiaMovchansmallapartmentwhitedoor


From the other side of the hallway, large white cupboards act as a wall, but also provide space. A small teal seating space offers welcome to new visitors in a visually-appealing triptych layout.



A minimalist bedroom offers a respite from the art deco theme, while subtly referring back to it. Muted teak floors with burnt orange and teak fixtures mark either side of the master bed, while boxed shelves in the same colour offer storage and a point of difference.

3 | Designer: Mariia Movchan A minimalist bedroom offers a respite from the art deco theme, while subtly referring back to it. Muted teak floors with burnt orange and teak fixtures mark either side of the master bed, while boxed shelves in the same colour offer storage and a point of difference.

Creating the illusion of space with high-ceilinged sliding doors, the long white chiffon drapes let in light, while the study outside adds space to the room. The long wooden desks within the study make the most of an oblong space, with black wall light fixtures and block art continuing the lounge’s theme.

MariiaMovchansmallapartmentyellowcabinet MariiaMovchansmallapartmenthangingwhiteplinths MariiaMovchansmallapartmenttworooms

Minimalism in the bathroom is made original by the 70’s mosaic, a memorable tie from the kitchen. Spacious white surfaces are accentuated with mosaic inlets and facades, grounded by the wood panelling underneath the sink.


A hotel can have the same cosy feel, with a slightly-less personal touch. This concept for Coordinat student hotel in Turkey uses sunflower-shade colour-blocking with a similar shade of flowers to add flair to a background of white walls and light wood.

4 | Architect: Dermice Architects | Designer: Anna Fedyukina A hotel can have the same cosy feel, with a slightly-less personal touch. This concept for Coordinat student hotel in Turkey uses sunflower-shade colour-blocking with a similar shade of flowers to add flair to a background of white walls and light wood.

Links between the main reception area and bedrooms are defined by surrealist sketches, which hark back to the lives of the students residing within its walls. Patterned carpets incorporating more muted hues of forest and charcoal support the transitions and offer a contrast to black and sunflower-hued highlights.

5 | Architect: Dermice Architects | Designer: Anna Fedyukina Links between the main reception area and bedrooms are defined by surrealist sketches, which hark back to the lives of the students residing within its walls.

AnnaFedyukinasmallapartmentstudentdrawingbedrooms AnnaFedyukinasmallapartmentplywoodbedroom

A hotel can have the same cosy feel, with a slightly-less personal touch. This concept for Coordinat student hotel in Turkey uses sunflower-shade colour-blocking with a similar shade of flowers to add flair to a background of white walls and light wood.

6 | Architect: Dermice Architects | Designer: Anna Fedyukina Patterned carpets incorporating more muted hues of forest and charcoal support the transitions and offer a contrast to black and sunflower-hued highlights.


Grey slate walls offer a clean surface for the sunflower and forest hues to shine again, while the multi-coloured pattern continues through distinctive tiling. Inbuilt honeycomb detailing dilutes the impact of the main colour palette within the small space.

7 | Architect: Dermice Architects | Designer: Anna Fedyukina Grey slate walls in the bathroom offer a clean surface for the sunflower and forest hues to shine again, while the multi-coloured pattern continues through distinctive tiling. Inbuilt honeycomb detailing dilutes the impact of the main colour palette within the small space.


Through the kitchen and living spaces, patterned details are turned up a notch. Light wood panelling and charcoal-coloured benches ground the space, while stencilled lights and thin-wired stools provide a welcome pairing with abstract artwork and mosaic detailing, adding flavourful aspects to the main guest area.

8 | Designer: Ivan Haiovych A similar modernist look in Rivne, Ukraine, has helped add spaciousness to a small apartment. Pale shades of light wood, light grey and darker grounding charcoal add detail without losing head space. Alternative levels of shelving in the bedroom and bathroom add a design focus while providing storage.


Through the kitchen and living spaces, patterned details are turned up a notch. Light wood panelling and charcoal-coloured benches ground the space, while stencilled lights and thin-wired stools provide a welcome pairing with abstract artwork and mosaic detailing, adding flavourful aspects to the main guest area.

A similar modernist look in Rivne, Ukraine, has helped add spaciousness to a small apartment. Pale shades of light wood, light grey and darker grounding charcoal add detail without losing head space. Alternative levels of shelving in the bedroom and bathroom add a design focus while providing storage.

A 49-metres-squared loft in Kiev by Ivan Yunakov ( also uses signature shades to create harmony in cosy spaces. High-ceilinged brick and panelled wood fixtures afford the height for long-lined doors, which are stretched horizontally by similar-shaped benches. A turquoise couch with electric blue suede single seats offer seats to look at bauble lighting, the only rounded fixture in the room.

9 | Designer: Ivan Yunakov A 49-metres-squared loft in Kiev by Ivan Yunakov ( also uses signature shades to create harmony in cosy spaces. High-ceilinged brick and panelled wood fixtures afford the height for long-lined doors, which are stretched horizontally by similar-shaped benches. A turquoise couch with electric blue suede single seats offer seats to look at bauble lighting, the only rounded fixture in the room.

A 49-metres-squared loft in Kiev by Ivan Yunakov ( also uses signature shades to create harmony in cosy spaces. High-ceilinged brick and panelled wood fixtures afford the height for long-lined doors, which are stretched horizontally by similar-shaped benches. A turquoise couch with electric blue suede single seats offer seats to look at bauble lighting, the only rounded fixture in the room.


To the right, white walls offer a respite for wardrobes and bookshelves, which offer drops of colour against its simplicity. A cast iron staircase holds a frame and lets the chair, bust and painting details do the talking.

10 | Designer: Ivan Yunakov To the right, white walls offer a respite for wardrobes and bookshelves, which offer drops of colour against its simplicity. A cast iron staircase holds a frame and lets the chair, bust and painting details do the talking.

IvanYunakovsmallapartmentupperloft IvanYunakovsmallapartmentlongwoodentable

The brick façade continues into the master bedroom, where warmer tones come into play. A beige cover with terracotta and fawn cushioning is a muted place to rest one’s head, beside a mosaic light that ties in the kitchen tiling and iron staircase.

11 | Designer: Ivan Yunakov The brick façade continues into the master bedroom, where warmer tones come into play. A beige cover with terracotta and fawn cushioning is a muted place to rest one’s head, beside a mosaic light that ties in the kitchen tiling and iron staircase.


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July 31, 2016

These three homes from M2 Architecture, Mihail Vasin, and Dorota Pilor essentially define the modern minimalistic style. Each home embraces the simplicity of white and build upon it with grays and other monochromatic hues. Even architectural elements like exposed brick and concrete are painted white to coordinate with the rest of the spaces. Impressive lighting accents, expansive master bathrooms, and open staircases all keep these spaces from being plain and too basic. As you read this article, learn how to re-create the modern minimalistic style in your own adobe.

Architect: M3 Architecture  

At this angle, you can see into the entire living space of this home designed by M3 Architecture. The white walls are broken up with the grey couch and taupe curtain dividers.

When the space opens up to the kitchen, you’re ready to host friends and family gatherings. This minimalistic design showcases the marble accents in the kitchen. The fire is one of the only accents that isn’t a neutral shade.

Appliances stacked together in even numbers adds a punch to the modern feel of the kitchen. Stainless steel accents the white and gives the entire home an industrial feel. Lofty and open, you can take a breath and not feel overwhelmed in this living room.

A grey couch that’s lower to the ground can be rearranged to your lifestyle. Having a movie night? Take the backs off of the couch and have everyone lounge on it as if it were a large bed! The floor-to-ceiling windows also give the space a wide-open feel.

Just because the colors in this home are simple, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with other accents. The balloon-like lamp adds a sense of whimsy. Keeping with the modern minimalistic aesthetic, the electrical outlets are kept simple and flush with the wall.

Lower shelving makes the ceilings look larger in a loft-like space. Instead of adding visually heavy chairs, this butterfly chair takes up less space and can be moved to different rooms.

When your entire home is white and black, any other color grabs your attention. Can you imagine how relaxed and worry-free you’ll be when enjoying a cup of hot tea in this impressive room?

In this kitchen, the only colors other than white are the gray chairs and fruit. This makes the room look extra large and fresh. The organic shapes hanging above the dining table is a welcome contrast from the straighter lines.

Don’t have fresh fruit to lay out on display? Don’t worry! Instead, invest in quality fake fruit and keep them out all the time. You’ll never have to worry about the fruit going old and guests will assume you just got home from the farmer’s market (until they try to take a bite)!

There is no need for a headboard if you are keeping things sleek in the bedroom. The large white walls behind the mattress make a statement on their own. White shades on the tall windows can be utilized at night and also match the rest of the home.

Marble bathrooms are timeless. This space feels like a spa. Unique lighting behind the mirror gives the space a more relaxed mood.

Keep soaps and toiletries to a minimum to keep with the modern aesthetic. A simple soap bottle that has a beautiful design will suffice. A rectangular sink matches the rest of the home’s square shapes.

One of the only organic forms in this home is the bathtub. Freestanding, this tub looks like it belongs in a magazine. A wooden shelf contains favorite bath salts, a book, or a glass of wine.

Visualizer: Mihail Vasin  

This next from is visualized by Mihail Vasin. Similar to the home by M3, this space embraces white and also has statement lighting accents. The large column in the middle of the room is broken up with black stripes.

A gray headboard in this master keeps the room from being too white. This then matches the chair and floor light. A gray rug anchors the whole design.

Think of all the clothing articles you could place in this massive closet! Hidden behind the flatscreen T.V, this closet would delight any fashion lover. The best part is that you can open the curtains to see in or keep it blocked off from the rest of the retreat.

Just because it’s a closet doesn’t mean it can’t serve more than one purpose! A black chair and desk offer the perfect place to flip through a magazine or write a quick email to a friend.

You won’t have to worry how you look with the lighted up standing mirror in the corner of this closet. White wooden floors keep the eye moving to the window, which is covered with flowy white material. Both the dark chair and ottomons give the room style.

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July 31, 2016

The creatives at QUARK Studio have conceptualized an incredible resort development consisting of 72 villas, a hotel, and a number of luxury facilities. The development occupies a small peninsula overlooking the Aegean Sea, where playful boats dance across a backdrop of mist-enveloped hills and unbelievable sunsets weave an atmosphere of relaxation. A location like this deserves architecture that pays homage to every detail – and that’s where this project excels. This post explores the interior of a small selection of villas, just a taste of the finest views this resort concept has to offer.

Let’s start with one of the bigger standalone villas, a fine example of a building that embraces its environment without losing its own modern identity. A folded main volume feels impossibly light despite its concrete cladding, defying gravity thanks to the structural pillars that stud the glass-encased ground level.

The entire villa wraps itself around an existing rock formation, fully explored by the winding layout and internal glass walls.

Relaxing here is almost like being outdoors with every element fully integrated into the property’s aesthetic. A perimeter infinity pool even draws the clouds into the interior.

Shade is important in a Mediterranean climate like this one. The ceiling juts forward to cool the interior from one direction while the rock formations block direct sunlight from the other.

In regard to the luxuriously-appointed interior decor, every functional area embraces the landscape to the fullest – this casual social area enjoys a panoramic view.

Outdoor spaces were meticulously planned as well. This dining area has a definite “on the edge of the earth” vibe.

Valuable landscape features owe their preservation to the distinctive winding layout. Here, elevated stairs overlook a massive bounder below.

Of course, the bedrooms soak up the views as well. This one is surrounded on all sides by tall glass walls, with a freestanding headboard wall serving as the only exception.

Low-profile furniture stays out of the way. While the lower level felt literally “down to earth” thanks to the rock formations, these upper stories are all about the coastal skyline.

Behind the freestanding headboard wall, an open bathroom area transitions directly into a wardrobe. It’s easy to see how this arrangement could make morning preparation even easier.

Even more storage space occupies the rear side of the headboard wall. Even this private nook looks out onto the Aegean Sea.

This additional bedroom adopts many features from the previous space, but smaller and more compact. A pair of sinks makes use of the space on the opposite side of the headboard.

Greyscale furniture allows the sea to take center stage in this final bedroom of the first villa’s tour.

While the previous villa featured a very simplistic form, this one makes a big impact with sharp angles and unexpected curves. Each structure houses multiple units contained within offset L-shaped volumes, one volume slightly taller than the other.

Each half of the villa occupies a different plane, clearly split down the middle. The dividing wall actually continues through the yard to enhance privacy between each pool.

These structures are not quite as private as the standalone retreat featured earlier. Public areas face directly toward the path outside but private areas have the benefit of a more shielded angle and curtained walls.

Each interior uses a different decor theme, mostly tending toward neutral colors and tasteful modern furniture.

Furniture echoes the shape of the architecture. In this interior, the furniture adopts crisp angles and strong vertical lines.

This one utilizes rounded forms to bring out the distinctive curvature of the large glass window. Eames chairs, a Lindsey Adelman chandelier, and a plush overstuffed sofa all forward the theme.

Curvaceous balcony lounge chairs appear to look out onto eternity. Imagine enjoying a morning smoothie as the boats drift past!

From the balcony dining tables, it’s possible to watch the other resort guests as they go about their day. It’s surely an energizing scene.

Nothing beats spending time in a completely unrestricted interior (especially one with such a nice view) but sometimes privacy is preferred. Every room is outfitted with a curtain.

Although these bedrooms are more compact than the ones in the larger villa, they’re no less luxurious. Sleek stone surfaces feel cool on the eye and even seem to adopt some of the sea’s blue aura.

Near the window, a freestanding tub grants endless daydreams without necessitating a trip outside of the suite. The oversized mirror makes cleaning up for a night on the town even easier but also expands the perceived size of the room.

Here’s another take on the same design but without the pillar. Even the painting in the mirror has been inverted for darker appeal – both concepts look fabulous.

Unlike the first property featured in this post, these bedrooms don’t have the luxury of a panoramic view. Instead, the designers created visual interest with artwork in complement and contrast of the world outside.

Notice the difference in architecture. The previous room used straight lines whereas this room slightly angles toward its beautiful curved window.

Rather than a freestanding tub, the smaller rooms feature a glass-enclosed shower that still offers a little bit of a view through the window across the room.

The resort’s uniform layout doesn’t even begin to hint at the individualization and unique character of each villa it contains. This resort concept does luxury right.

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July 31, 2016

What do white, cream, natural wood, and grey all have in common? They are all color hues included in these two homes from M3 Architectural & Construction Group and Mihail Vasin. In this article you can see both seem similar in their style. Breezy, airy, and open, you’ll want to lounge all day on the couch in the first home from M3. The large windows invite the sun in and make the space feel even bigger than it is! The second space from Mihail Vasin has punches of bright colors and a kids room that any child would love to call home. Learn how to incorporate a pop of contrasting color and add life to a neutral home.

Architect: M3 Architectural & Construction Group  

This neutral couch fits perfectly in this home designed by M3 Architectural & Construction Group. The side table is able to nest, which gives you extra space to place items.

Extra large windows allow natural light in which makes the room appear larger. A flatscreen T.V. mounted on the wall instead of sitting on a table creates more space.

Very high ceilings give the room a bigger feel. Unique lighting above the doorways also adds drama.

There’s no reason you can’t add living things even in a sleek space like this! Instead of going overboard, keep greens to one or two per room like in this image.

Even when embracing greys and whites you can add a pop of color for interest. The bottom of the side table is dipped in a orange color.

Woodwork throughout the home is painted white. This gives a sleek and modern feel.

With such neutral hues in this home, anything adds vibrancy against it. This breakfast beside the bed looks delicious.

No need for a headboard when you have custom built-ins. The white furniture piece in the back serves as a head board and a night stand.

Even though the room has plenty of natural light, added light at the top of the ceiling gives the room dimension. A large natural wood closet also allows clutter to be hidden.

Greenery adds a natural vibe to the room and gives some contrasting color. Keep with the theme and choose clear, airy glasses to place greens in.

Large curtains make the ceilings look even bigger! Take linens to the top of the ceiling instead of making them fit the window.

Keep with the natural feel of the space by placing bamboo cutting boards on display. Avoid too many items out on the counters to keep with the simple lines.

A master bath feels luxurious and clean when you utilize whites and grays.

Even though there are only two black items in this room, they make a statement! The black shower curtain and black tray which holds the toiletries are enough to add contrast to this bath.

This bathroom is designed so that ugly shampoo bottles and unnecessary bathroom items have a place to hide. The end result? A bathroom that looks clean 24/7.

The dining room is an extension of the kitchen. By keeping the counter top color the same as the table top, the space seems to go on and on.

Concrete isn’t too cold when you’re dealing with a space that embraces neutrals. Just a few pillars add an industrial feel.

Architect: Mihail Vasin  

The second home, which shares the same hues is designed by Mihali Vasin. It’s hard to tell the two living spaces apart unless you’re looking very closely!

Even though both homes share color hues, they also share design inspirations. In this home, the window treatments are raised to the ceiling like the first home by M3. This draws attention to the tall ceilings.

A media wall holding a flat screen T.V. is the perfect way to lay out a color scheme for a home. If you look closely, you’ll notice all the colors on this wall are carried out throughout the home.

Large built-in storage solutions customize the space and keep ugly clutter out of the way. The point is to enjoy the simplicity and airy-ness of the room.

Different pendents hanging in the kitchen and dining room give the space contrast. The colors are different on the countertops and table top, but the hues are all similar. A backsplash is perfect in this setting because it isn’t too visually busy.

Looking back into the living room, you’ll notice the same lights are mimicked in there as the kitchen. These warm up the white walls and neutral colors.

A child’s room can be modern while still being playful. This room embraces neutrals but also adds a bright bed and a statement wallpapered wall. The best part about only using a few colors to make the room stand out is the fact the space will mature with the child. As they get older, you can switch different things out, like the floral wallpaper.

A unique set of shelves make this child’s room the perfect place to play. Instead of keeping every bird house closed, two have open shelves. This gives the child a chance to display their favorite trophies, stuffed animals, and toys. The other closed closets can house clothing and other items.

Along with adding color through furniture, Vasin added color by adding a rug and ceiling decor. Even though the room is narrow, the designer added a bed that fits in the room while making it feel roomy.

It’s easy to forget the hallway when designing a space. In this “room,” Mihali Vasin choose to paint a wall a fun color. This is subtle enough not to overpower the home, but is bold enough to add character.

Who wouldn’t want to relax at the end of a long day in this master? Although it uses similar colors as the M3 space, it has a new color: orange! The orange chairs and pillow make this room stand out from the other. You can create this style too by using a neutral color palette then adding one bright color as an accent.

When in doubt, add mirrored accents! Above this bed is a blue painted wall. The color is carried out though the throw pillows. Another way to add a simple decor element is to create a free-form art piece with mirrors! The honeycomb shape is modern and still inviting.

There are a few design elements taken from the master bedroom into this bathroom. To begin, the teal on the wall connects the two aesthetically. Another way the bathroom is connected is through the honeycomb tile.

Although this master bath has teal walls, it is still similar in hue with the master bath in the design created by M3 Architectural & Construction Group. Natural wood, white, and silver hardware connect the two designs.

When looking at the room from this angle, you may not realize the teal accent wall behind you. From here, the space is simple and under-stated. If you turn around you get the unexpected punch of color. Hidden storage and the use of rectangular shapes bring this bathroom together with the one from M3.

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July 31, 2016

Sometimes when you have children it can be difficult to design a stylish home that’s accommodating. This beautiful three bedroom and two bathroom house doesn’t skimp on chic! Designed by Iryna Sotnikava from Minsk, Belarus, this home utilizes grays, whites, and yellows. After you look through these exciting images of the home, you’ll learn that you only need one bright accent color to bring excitement to a space. Why not make that color a vibrant yellow? From the living room with a yellow banana throw pillow, to the master bedroom which has a yellow painted closet door, you’ll find sunny surprises at the turn of every corner!

Throughout this gorgeous home the main colors used are gray, yellow, white, and black. Occasionally in the children’s rooms other colors will be utilized. In this photo, you can see the wall art in the kitchen. Potted plants hang in lines and give the space another color, green!

This living room is open to the kitchen and allows the whole family to be in one space. The more serious use of colors, like grey, and black, is lightened up by the yellow accents. The bright yellow armchair compliments the gray couch well. Also, the banana throw pillow adds even more charm!

The low-back couch makes it easy to see into the kitchen and keeps the space from feeling stuffy. The design of the couch allows for several people to be sitting or two sleeping on it. Using throw pillows which are a darker hue than the color of the couch adds depth to the space.

The built-in window seat is a fun way to get the kids involved in the home decor (or yourself!) Wooden bars allow you to climb to the top and cuddle up with your favorite book. It also adds extra seating if you’re planning a big event or movie night. Keeping the window seat the same as the couch in terms of color make the room cohesive.

There’s not a lot of fluff above the flat screen T.V. A simple art piece in black and white and a few trinkets laid out on the media console is all you need. When in doubt, think less is more.

How do you design around a yellow armchair? Very simply. This living room feels bright because the colors are balanced. Instead of using busy prints or colored artwork, the designer has chosen to embrace the monochromatic look. By limiting the artwork, the yellow armchair is able to steal the show.

There isn’t too much need for additional lighting during the day when you have stunning windows like in this living room! Make the most of them by covering them with large curtains. This light brown shade is the perfect way to keep out too much light. It doesn’t overpower the space like a colored curtain may.

Simple text artwork is a trend that isn’t going away any time soon! Use a black frame to house one of your favorite quotes or a family motto. This home takes a fun approach and has hung an art piece that says “Home is where your WIFI connects automatically.” Two small cushion ottomans add texture and extra space in the room.

Get rid of boring shelves! Instead, opt for a fun interpretation of a shelf. This ladder holds different accents and looks like it belongs in an art gallery. Keep items hidden that you need by the door in white storage boxes. It’s extra helpful if you label them for easy finding!

One of the coolest aspects of this home is the staircase. Wrapped in glass, you can see through it and it makes a statement. To play up its transparency in the design, a table with art can be seen behind it. When using art in a space like this, it’s important that it doesn’t compete with the architectural piece.

Three tiered pendents hanging from the ceiling illuminate the glass staircase. This makes the feature feel like it’s in a gallery and is lit up for viewers. The pendents are simple, but since they are grouped together they make more of an aesthetic impact.

The children’s rooms in this home coordinate with the overall color scheme of grays, whites, blacks, and yellows, but add a little bit more. Your eye immediately goes toward the bright yellow trunk which houses toys. Other items in the room that catch your attention are the multi-colored button rug. This gives the room a sense of whimsy.

Black isn’t too dark of a color in a kid’s room if you balance it with lighter shades. Above this black wall, which could be a chalkboard wall, is a fun gray plaid wallpaper. Since it’s only on one wall, it fits in perfectly and doesn’t make the space feel small.

With kids, every bit of storage helps. This room utilizes storage every inch you look. From under the bed to the built-in cabinets, there are plenty of places to hide art supplies and baby dolls. When using a brightly colored rug like this, you can use many more colors throughout the room as long as they match the rug.

There’s another yellow accent hidden in this child’s room! Once inside you may be pleasantly surprised to see a yellow painted door. This adds even more fun to the room and keeps it light.

Another child’s room appears to be for a pre-teen. This impactful constellation heart art brings a sense of fun. A black and white rug is lightened up by splashes of color.

A wall of closets keep all the loose articles of clothing hidden and organized. When white is taking up this much space in a room, any other color used will dominate. The light bounces off the closets and gives the room a bright and airy feel.

A fun bed allows this pre-teen the space underneath to hide her diary and socks. White shelves allow for storage while not looking too dark and dreary. The darkest accent in the room is the black pendent, which draws the eye to the unique wallpaper.

Just like the other child’s room, this older child’s room has used wallpaper to accent the walls. Above the built-in desk is a fun polka-dot paper. A black pendent stands out against the print and helps illuminate the desk for late-night reading. As with the rest of the home, the bedroom has a yellow accent, the chair!

Don’t be afraid of color! This shelving unit in the pre-teen room is filled with all different colors that make a rainbow. Try to keep like-shaped books together and arrange them to be varied in color. White boxes in the bottom of the shelf allow for some items to be hidden out of sight.

Hanging animal heads is all the rage right now. For a child’s room, instead of mounting a brightly colored deer head, add a panda bear instead! This panda, which may be made out of folded paper, adds a silly feel to the room. It works really well paired with other printed art pieces. Keep art simple and child-like. Even better, allow your little one to create their own art and frame it!

The master bedroom in this home is exactly as we expected it to be. Using the main colors throughout the home, this space is a refuge for relaxation and down-time. Instead of teetering on the edge of boring, this bedroom has added interesting accents, like the hanging spotlights, to keep it causal.

Another lofted window seat is added to the master bedroom. This can be accessed through the sliding glass doors. A space like this is perfect for star gazing or drinking your cup of coffee in the morning. Rounded hooks keep robes off the floor and also add color to the walls.

I bet you thought the only yellow accent in this room was the nightstand! Nope! From the other angle you can see the closet door is painted yellow! This is a fun way to brighten up the room without going overboard on color.

The walkway here is kept simple and sleek. The neutral elements work together to create a cohesive space that has clean lines.

The hanging matching lights above the bed can be moved to illuminate different parts of the room. These dark lights give the room a sculptural element. A black striped rug, pillows, a black headboard, and black alarm clock all make the room feel masculine.

With this convenient kitchen you can watch the kids and the T.V. while preparing dinner. The simple kitchen is open to the living room and the cabinets are low enough that you can see the T.V. perfectly.

White cabinets without hardware look sleek and modern in this home’s kitchen. The wood offsets the whit and the stainless steel sink faucet adds another shade to the mix.

The designer made sure to set out only accents that coordinate with the style and color theme. Different shaded wooden cutting boards look perfect beside a green plant.

The glass staircase in this home is surely one of it’s most impressive features. This view from the kitchen is inspiring. Two different colors on top of the stairs marry in the middle and still match the colors throughout the home perfectly.

This image shows into the entryway and the kitchen. You can see there is a bar running alongside under the window. Yellow barstools make the perfect color statement.

A white bathroom is anything but boring! The textures and finishes in this luxurious bathroom make it special. The tiled tub is deep enough for soaking.

A wooden shelf situated within the shower adds an architectural feature. You always have a place to put shampoo and the color breaks up the white of the room.

A long towel warmer blends into the wall because it is white. Once you jump out of the shower you can grab a perfectly warm towel and feel as if you’re in a spa.

The other bathroom in this home is smaller, but still just as trendy. The small sink is all you need when guests come over to freshen up. Under-the-shelf lighting makes this smaller space feel modern.

The first floor plan of the home highlights the staircase and openness of the kitchen and living room.

The second story floor plan shows that only one bathroom is used between the three bedrooms but there is plenty of space. A lofted window seat is added instead.

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July 31, 2016

Tea light holders occupy the elusive intersection between ornament and function. These versatile objects often look lovely on their own, but really come to life with the warm glow of a candle. This post brings together 50 of our favorites spanning a variety of styles: modern, classic, simple, ornate, quirky, luxurious, and everything in between. If you’re looking for an affordable housewarming gift or just want to decorate your nightstand or mantle, you’re sure to find something that fits your style right here. Looking for more decor inspiration? Check out our mega-post on stylish vases and our compilation of oversized wall clocks.

Buy It: $11   

Modern Low Poly Tea Light Holder: Let’s start with a style that suits almost any modern interior: cool geometric polygons. This beautiful little candle holder comes straight from the 3D printer so even its production method is ultra-contemporary.

Buy It: $8   

Heart Shape Tea Light Holder: Cement and sand give this geometric candleholder a lovely subtle texture that really captures the light on each of its sharply faceted sides.

Buy It: $7 each  

Geometric Concrete Tea Light Holder:Here’s another concrete tea light holder, this time shaped like a hexagon. The precise symmetry makes it easy to mix-and-match for a modular arrangement. And for such an inexpensive price, why not explore with creative color combinations?

Buy It: $37   

Amethyst Tea Light Holder: Few materials create a more magical interaction with light than natural crystal. Each tea light holder in this series is part an amethyst geode, each one unique. Amethyst is February’s birthstone, so it might make a nice birthday gift too.

Buy It: $24  

Agate Purple Tea Light Holder: Agate stone reveals its stunning complexity thanks to the addition of vibrant magenta dye. This piece is sure to catch the eye of guests.

Buy It: $9 for 3   

Minimalist Wood Tea Light Holder: Are you looking for a wood tea light holder to work with a minimalist or Scandinavian-inspired interior? This inexpensive set just might work. Or, if you’re looking for a weekend craft project, the unfinished surface is just waiting for your own creative embellishments.

Buy It: $4 for 1   

Minimalist Concrete Tea Light Holder: It’s made of concrete, but the natural pocked surface almost makes it look like a smooth stone.

Buy It: $118 for 2   

Tealight Totems in Concrete: These totems have artistic value with or without the dancing flames of a candle. These sculptural candle holders are weighty, impressive, and easy to light.

Buy It: $20   

Reclaimed Wood Candleholder: Eco-friendly design has never looked so sleek and modern. Diverse blocks of reclaimed wood create a collage of texture, grain, and color.

Buy It: $17   

Handmade Wooden Tea Light Holder: Crafted by hand and finished with natural linseed oil and beeswax, this minimalist candle holder is sure to catch the eye.

Buy It: $48   

Piper Tea Light Holder: This glass tea light holder collection includes 24 pieces, each standing just over 6 inches tall. Consider this set if you need coordinated candleholders for a wedding reception, dinner party, or other special occasion.

Buy It: $20   

Tangled Motif Ceramic Tea Light Holder: Classic, sweet, and homey – these charming ceramic candleholders fully embrace the warmth of the flame they contain, allowing the light to dance through their “tangled” cutout windows.

Buy It: $16.77 for 2   

Perforated White Ceramic Tea Light Holders: Available in both spherical and cylindrical styles, these ceramic candleholders have a distinctive crafty vibe suitable for artistic spaces and interiors of every style.

Buy It: $26   

Ceramic Tea Light Holder: Matte surfaces always seem to bring out the true color and character of candlelight. Each perforation is punched and smoothed by hand with unparalleled attention to detail.

Buy It: $26   

Porcelain Tea Light Candle Holder:Tiny pinholes diffuse the candle’s light, which washes over the scalloped edge to create rich valleys of shadow. The texture and shape were inspired by red sea corral.

Buy It: $22   

Personalised Porcelain Tea Light Holder: Are you looking for a handmade gift, but don’t have time to learn ceramics before the big day? These personalized candle holders can feature any text you choose.

Buy It: From $40   

Kahler Urbania Ceramic Tea Light Houses: What a charming little city! These ceramic buildings model after modern residential architecture, with a few based on iconic historical structures like the Pantheon and Basilica.

Buy It: $160 for set of 6   

Classic European Architectural Houses Shaped Tea Light Holder: Standing around 7 inches tall, this set of six glass and metal tea light holders interprets classical European architecture through a whimsical lens. This set would be an incredible addition to any traditionally styled interior.

Buy It: $57   

Cast Iron Eiffel Tower Tea Light Holder: Crafted from sturdy cast iron, this Eiffel Tower candleholder is the perfect gift for a well-traveled friend. It stands at 15 inches in height for a dramatic presentation.

Buy It: $106   

Suspension Bridge Tea Light Holder: Architects and engineers would surely be able to find a place for this magnificent metal tea light holder in their own home. Every detail of the suspension bridge springs to life with a gorgeous vintage finish. At more than 30 inches long, this candle holder is a true statement piece.

Buy It: $10 each   

By the Sea Lighthouse Tea Light Holder: It’s hard not to love the mystery and personality of the world’s great lighthouses. These small candleholders would make a lovely decoration for an ocean-themed party or coastal interior.

Buy It: $16  

Glass Sailboat Tea Light Holder: Need more inspiration for your nautical interior decor theme? These frosted glass tea light holders feature the instantly recognizable profile of a sailboat as it glides along at full speed. This collection is sold in sets of four.

Buy It: $12   

Sailboat in Blue: Here’s a similar concept, this time available in blue.

Buy It: $20   

Mermaid Tea Light Holder: Hanging tea light holders are hard to find. This wall-mounted mermaid is cast from lightweight resin, sure to look lovely anywhere – even without a candle.

Buy It: From $52  

Figure Tea Light Holders: Gorgeous! These enchanting figures combine the elegance of African sculpture with the glamor and glitz of the Art Deco style.

Buy It: $45   

Decorative Tea Light Holder Made From Branches: Rustic designs like this work well in any type of interior, from natural Nordic styles to traditional to cottage chic. This would make a lovely gift for gardeners and nature enthusiasts.

Buy It: $45   

Bird Nest Tea Light Holder: From the same collection as the one above (just select Bird Nest instead of Branch), this wooden tea light holder pays homage to nature’s favorite architects. This would make a neat gift for a birdwatcher.

Buy It: $18   

Swan Tea Light Holder: This ceramic swan looks just as lovely with a candle as it would with a small potted plant or filled with favorite jewelry. It’s a versatile piece to suit many purposes.

Buy It: $18   

Bird Tea Light Holder: Available in aqua, tan, and ivory, this elaborate little bird packs a ton of charm into a small and delightful form.

Buy It: $22   

Happiness Bird Tea Light Holder: Painted by hand and shipped in a beautiful gift box, this glass tea light holder would make a lovely gift for a wedding, housewarming, birthday, or to commemorate a special moment.

Buy It: $30   

Owl Shaped Tea Light Holder: This set comes with the charming ceramic owl you see here, plus a set of four Yankee Candle tea lights in the popular Harvest Welcome fragrance.

Buy It: $15   

Llama Baby Tea Light Holder: Who could resist a sweet little baby llama? This just might be the cutest candle holder possible.

Buy It: $44   

Elk Tea Light Holder: Are you looking for a Christmas tea light holder to go with your winter village? These elks come in a set of two, standing 8 inches and 10 inches tall.

Buy It: $25  

Elephant Tea Light Holder: Tambo the Elephant features a glossy finish to bring out the incredible detail of his design. Each elephant tea light holder is made of cast resin and stands 5 inches tall.

Buy It: $49 for 3   

Octopus Tea Light Holder: These octopi are playful, textural, and most of all unique. They’re an easy choice for a nautical interior, but even minimalist modern homes will benefit from this distinctive combination of simplicity and quirk.

Buy It: $14   

Dragonfly Tea Light Holder: Dragonflies are colorful and full of energy – but these wire sculptures take on a more minimalist form.

Buy It: $23   

Lotus Shaped Wooden Tea Light Holder: The lotus flower is symbolic of peace and unaltered beauty, rising fresh and clean from the muddy waters in which they grow. This candle holder is 100% handmade from unfinished wood.

Buy It: $14   

Lotus Shaped Tea Light Holder (Pink): Crafted from dyed capiz shell, these semi-translucent tea light holders appear weightless and ethereal.

Buy It: $14   

Lotus Shaped Purple Tea Light Holder: Here is another version of the previous candle holder, this time in rich purple.

Buy It: $9   

Tulip Shaped Tea Light Holder: Bring the colors of spring into your home with one or more of these delightful ceramic votives. Each ceramic flower bulb is crafted and glazed by hand, so each one is unique.

Buy It: $18   

Porcelain Rose Tealight Holder: Porcelain is a versatile material. This hand=formed rose uses sleek glaze on the candle-facing side of the petals, but retains its soft matte characteristic on the opposite side.

Buy It: $14   

Moroccan Hanging Tea Light Holder: Intricate pressed glass changes the character of the candlelight that shines through it, changing the color tone and scattering the rays for a subdued and decorative effect.

Buy It: $13  

Moroccan Rainbow Colored Tea Light Holder: Here’s another Moroccan lantern, this time with differently colored glass in each pane.

Buy It: From $13   

More Moroccan Candleholders: Of course, there are an infinite number of shapes and combinations for a Moroccan theme. This diversity makes it possible to find a style to suit any color palette or design theme.

Buy It: $29   

Marble & Copper Tea Light Holder: It’s hard to ignore the understated luxury of marble. This sophisticated candleholder pairs marble with copper-plated brass – a tasteful combination to be sure.

Buy It: $11 for set of 4   

Kate Aspen Glass Tealight Holder: Clear glass sparkles with gold filigree, a wonderful tea light holder for a mantle arrangement or table setting that needs just a dash of baroque opulence. Because of the inexpensive price and good looks, these would make a wonderful place setting or party favor – perhaps for a wedding.

Buy It: $19   

Pavilion Pink and Lavender Mini Tea Light Holders: This collection provides all the style of clever coordination without the stress. Each set comes with tea light holders with matching candles included.

Buy It: $22   

Frux Home and Yard Flameless Tea Light Set: Flameless candles make it easy to get that comfortable flickering glow without the worry. This set includes 24 battery-powered candles and decorative laser-cut wraps, a flameless and shatterproof option for outdoors or indoors.

Buy It: $31   

Rechargeable Tea Light Candles With Holders: If you don’t like the idea of replacing batteries but still want the convenience of flameless, these rechargeable candles might be the answer. Each set includes 12 flameless candles, 12 frosted votive cups, and an attractive docking base for charging.

Buy It: $106   

Luminara Flameless Candles with Antique Bronze Recharging Base: Premium flameless candles are worth the price for those who need them. This set includes a stylish recharging base worthy of inclusion within your home decor, and the candles themselves last up to 15 hours on a single charge. An included remote makes it easy to set an automatic timer or turn all the candles on or off with the press of a button.

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July 31, 2016

For many, the dining room serves as the very heart of the home – it’s where families gather to share the stories of the day, where old friends can make new memories, where doodles and work documents can stretch their legs. This post features 25 gorgeous dining rooms that remain simple without feeling minimalistic, using smart materials and furniture choices that underscore a sense of elegance without dominating the landscape. Each has a distinct personality despite the similarities, each catering to different tastes and space constraints. Which dining room design suits you best? Comment to let us know!

Visualizer: Fuel 3D   

Let’s start with a light and wonderful dining room that balances Danish simplicity with luxurious undertones. The pendant lamp above the table (Vertigo by Constance Guisset) is the standout piece that makes a simple interior like this one so effective.

Visualizer: Arc Media   

Marble makes a prominent statement in this dining room as well, its high-end appeal enhanced with designer brass lighting. The olive chairs are the work of Rodolfo Dordoni.

Visualizer: Svitlana Petelko   

Modern and dark, this dining room goes big with dramatic appeal. The indirect lighting seems almost theatrical.


Another dark color theme takes a softer approach with matte materials. The chairs are from the Ventura collection (2011) by Jean-Mari Massaud.

Photographer: Nasser Malek   

Colorful! This dining room is a library for both books and music – allowing the residents to eat surrounded by the things they love. The creative floor tiles help bring the eclectic media-based interior together.

Geometry is the prevailing theme of this colorful space. Dandelion yellow sets a sunny theme, while the single teal vessel draws the eye as an understated but irresistible focal point.

Visualizer: Pressrender  

Modern minimalism meets rustic charm. Wood furniture and tin cups underline the homey appeal, with concrete floors and crisp white walls acting as a sort of neutral gallery in which to appreciate the composition.

Visualizer: Metro Cúbico Digital   

Hans Wegner’s famous Wishbone chairs reappear in this laidback dining room. The oversized Random Light by Bertjan Pot is another immediately recognizable piece.

Visualizer: Kateryna Senko   

An emphasis on low-profile furniture and horizontal lines ensures the gorgeous mountainous surroundings take center stage in this kitchen and dining combination.

Photographer: Annie Schlechter   Source: NY Mag   

This incredible garden view is everything. It informs not only the colors and materials used throughout the dining room, but also influences the structure of the table and chairs as well – the structural variation is natural, rebellious, and carefree. The table is the work of Jonathan Adler and the chairs are antiques.

Visualizer: Emanuela Berardi  

Cute! Eclectic chairs unify the white, black, and wood color theme used throughout this cozy kitchen and dining combination. It’s interesting to see how the chair arrangement actually shifts the visual weight of the area, the warm wood on the right balancing the darker area near the breakfast bar to the left.

Visualizer: Emanuela Berardi  

Octo pendants (by Secto Design) and classic Eames chairs could serve as a strong foundation for any dining room. It’s hard to go wrong with beloved selections like these.

Visualizer: Amin Paseban   

Located beneath a dramatic vaulted ceiling, this kitchen and dining combination embraces its cozy circumstances with dark colors and rich texture.

Stone block walls can look monolithic and imposing at times. But here weighty materials actually draw out the lightness of the refined furniture and cabinetry selections.


Modernism and classical details meet within this subdued space, crowned by the elegant chandelier that sparkles above.

Maroon is an attractive complement to any greyscale theme – its subdued tone doesn’t pop out, but subtly bleeds warmth into the environment instead.

Visualizer: AR Studio   

Textural variation allows this greyscale dining room to rise above its restricted color palette. The ultra-plush chairs are from the Serpentine collection by Eléonore Nalet and the lights are from the AIM series by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.

Visualizer: AR Studio   

Black chairs blend into the black accent wall at the far end of this open living space. The one thing that stands out are the distinctive profiles of three Beat pendant lights by Tom Dixon.

Visualizer: Visumetrie   

If a black-and-white color theme seems too spare for your tastes, but you still like the idea of adopting a modernist style, a cheerful dash of color is an easy way to make your interior truly your own.

Architect: Hillam Architects    Photographer: Dion Photography   

Futuristic and luxurious, this dining room uses dramatic sweeping angles to guide the eye from each functional area to the next. Richly-veined marble and slate floors stick out as the few natural materials used within – their contribution to the aesthetic cannot be overlooked.

Visualizer: Perfect Design   

Here’s another interior where warm accents seem to affect even the deepest colors in the room.

Visualizer: Ilkin Gurbanov   

Daring color! Pistachio green isn’t a common choice for dining rooms but this interior shows that anything is possible with the right accent materials. Warm wood creates striking contrast, an evolution from its usual role where it dominates every flat surface.

Visualizer: Denis Melnik   

High contrast palettes can make an especially dramatic impression in a home with classical details like this one. Any shift in perspective will completely alter the effect of the white elements against their matte black background.

Visualizer: yanis lachat  

Industrial yet cheerful – tall concrete walls might otherwise feel imposing, but these spectacular yellow chairs lighten the mood and provide an irresistible focal point. Even within the urban interior, it’s hard not to think of floral themes with the combination of dandelion yellow chairs and the blooming chandelier above.

Visualizer: HDR Designer   

And finally, a simple white dining room colored only by the hues of nature: the warm legs of the molded chairs and the plants’ verdant foliage. A single Beat pendant ties into the black fittings scattered throughout.

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July 31, 2016

Located in the heart of Kiev, this modern apartment by YØ DEZEEN uses a strong contemporary interior design theme accented with classical ornamentation. This sense of contrast heightens the effect of both influences and helps to underscore the attractive greyscale contrast used throughout. Artwork, vivid accent colors, and intricate details bring this otherwise streamlined interior to life. It’s a luxurious home designed with a young family in mind, easy to adapt to changing tastes and space requirements – the designers knew more than just what it needed, but also considered what it may need to become.

The interior is spacious and open but makes good use of partial walls and hefty pillars to create a sense of division between functional spaces. Greyscale dominates the interior color theme, allowing the oxidized red accents to appear even richer. Intricate wall panel boiserie introduces the most historically relatable feature.

In the kitchen, dark and moody cabinetry offers a sophisticated backdrop. The cladding’s distressed texture ties into the classical ornamentation throughout the home, including the paneling to the right. Creative features make this space special – including the vibrant greenery planted in the combination stove hood / island light.

A formal dining room occupies a bright space just around the corner from the kitchen. The living room is right on the other side of the concrete wall to the left. To the right, a mirrored wall reflects all the natural lighting back into the room and makes the entire home feel connected to this important space.

Whereas the floorboards run diagonally in the social areas, they flawlessly guide the eye in a straight line down the hallway. This passage leads to the private areas of the home. Intricate boiserie steps aside and lets the ornamentation of natural wood take center stage.

Classical influence takes its strongest form in the master bedroom. Woodcut style artwork spans the length of the headboard wall – rather than hanging artwork, the wall itself becomes a piece to admire. The bed’s frame helps further emphasize the artwork behind it: not obscured in any way.

Each of the two bathrooms adopts a different style. This bath, attached to the master bedroom, continues the dark grey-and-black theme present throughout the main space. Rich stone, dark wood, and reflected ambiance bring this bathroom to the next level.

A children’s bedroom – shared by two siblings – combines sleek modernism with classic Art Deco influence. This space is lighter than the rest of the home, boosting the mood of the young occupants and reducing distraction during study time.

The lights are from the Prop series by Bertjan Pot.

Classic elements include dark boards and ornate wall paneling on the dry side of the bathroom, with rich marble in the shower enclosure. The marble sink vessel is carved from the corner for an interesting aged effect.

And finally, a look at the more public bathroom. It feels immediately welcoming and brght upon entry thanks to the extensive use of translucent marble. Classical elements still form a distinctive impression of this bathroom – one large panel borders the back of the toilet, reflected through the tall mirror just opposite.

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July 31, 2016

Toothpick dispensers are an underappreciated kitchen accessory – often liked for their utility but rarely their aesthetic. But cool toothpick dispensers are definitely out there! This post highlights some of our favorites from every price point, ranging from convenient pocket dispensers to vintage designs and clever novelties. It’s part of our series on kitchen accessories, like this creative spice shaker list and this collection of designer fruit bowls. And if you’re looking for a useful or inexpensive housewarming gift, you might just find what you need right here.

Buy It: $38   

Cactus Toothpick Holder: Novelty toothpick holders are a fun addition to any themed kitchen or dining room, but they also work well as a surprising feature within minimalist tableware spreads.

Buy It: $9  

Lotus Toothpick Holder: Shaped like a fresh lotus sitting on a smooth white rock, this holder actually makes the toothpicks part of its artful design. A clear dome fits over the top of the toothpicks to keep them fresh.

Buy It: $30   

Kipik the Hedgehog: Designed by architect Erwan Péron, Kipik is a charming hedgehog and the toothpicks are his quills. It might take time to refill this adorable novelty dispenser but it would make an unforgettable accent for a playful snack display. Each one holds 22 toothpicks.

Buy It: $10   

Elephant Toothpick Holder: A classic! Carved wooden elephants are a classic collectible, and this specific toothpick holder design was common to many midcentury households.

Buy It: $11   

Moby Pick: Sleek and stylish, but still brimming with personality – this whale toothpick holder even comes with 32 picks that look like water spouts, although the shape itself is a cute idea on its own.

Buy It: $34   

Magic Bunny Toothpick Dispenser: Pull a rabbit out of the hat, and surprise guests with the toothpicks that come with him. It’s quite the conversation-starter for a toothpick holder and helps keep your toothpicks free of dust as well.

Buy It: $18   

Bird Toothpick Holder: This cheerful wooden bird offers a contemporary take on midcentury design. Don’t forget to check out our big list of bird figurines for more like this.

Buy It: $8   

Penguin Toothpick Dispenser: Woodpecker toothpick dispensers are a classic midcentury kitsch item, so this clever penguin based on the same mechanic might inspire some smiles. Just press the penguin down, and he picks up a toothpick from the hidden compartment – great for entertaining guests. And you can press the bird with the pack of your hand to keep the dispenser clean if you’re working with messy hands.

Buy It: $11   

Cute Panda Dispenser: Just push a button, and up-pops a toothpick! Automatic dispensers are great for anyone who wants to protect picks from dust or debris.

Buy It: $8   

Picky Boy: Here’s another novelty toothpick dispenser for modern but playful homes. Lift the hat to reveal a spiky toothpick hairdo and fall in love with Picky Boy’s quirky design.

Buy It: $13   

Novelty Cow Toothpick Dispenser: Look at the cute face! Press the button and see a toothpick pop out… wait… from the other end? Guests are sure to get a laugh from this unexpected design.

Buy It: $15   

Auto-Dispenser with Barrel Shape: The rustic barrel design is perfect for country-themed kitchens, but the automatic dispenser button is a modern twist on the old favorite.

Buy It: $13   

Ouch from Fred and Friends: Do you need a housewarming gift for a friend with a dark sense of humor? This clever toothpick holder looks just like a voodoo doll, so make sure not offend the recipient.

Buy It: $30   

Metal Toothpick Holder Skull: Lead free pewter makes this skull look cool on its own. Just add toothpicks to give him a cool wooden mohawk and embrace your inner punk.

Buy It: $3   

Weight Lifter Dispenser: This little weight lifter will pick up a fresh toothpick every time you lift and drop the cover.

Buy It: $12   

Guru Toothpick Holder: Calm and charming: this meditating figure seems to sit independently on top of the toothpicks, but the bunch conceals a hidden stand. This model comes with a plastic cover to keep your toothpicks fresh and clean.

Buy It: $28   

Fork & Spoon Toothpick Holder: Folk-style sculpture goes well in a rustic or country-themed kitchen. This figure holds a small glass for the toothpicks, but catches attention with a body made of stainless steel forks and spoons.

Buy It: $8   

Emoji Toothpick Holder: An understated smiley face welcomes guests to the table. This wooden toothpick holder isn’t fussy or complicated – it’s just does its job with a smile.

Buy It: $6   

Travel Toothpick Holder: Keep your toothpicks clean and safe with this pocket toothpick holder. It’s ideal for travel and more, but maybe look twice before pulling it out in no-smoking areas.

Buy It: $35   

Metal Toothpick Holder: Sleek and stylish. This smooth metal toothpick holder is perfect for a minimalist kitchen or dining room. It even looks good enough for the office if you tend to at lunch at the desk.

Buy It: $70   

Minimalist Wood Dispenser: Carved from an impenetrable-looking block of wood, this dispenser releases a single toothpick with a simple shake.

Buy It: $26   

Stainless Steel Toothpick Dispenser: Do you love a retro look in the kitchen? This old-style toothpick dispenser brings to mind memories of classic family diners.

Buy It: $17   

Coca-Cola Toothpick Vending Machine: Coke collectors are sure to love this. It’s a pocket sized Coca Cola machine that holds more than 200 toothpicks. It looks just as good on the shelf as it does on the table.

Buy It: $14   

UV Piano Toothpick Dispenser: Press a piano key and receive a fresh toothpick. Add two AAA batteries to enable UV sterilization.

Buy It: $50  

Mushroom Spice Shaker and Toothpick Set: Build a whimsical little forest of amanitas with this modular spice shaker and toothpick holder set. They’re made from wheel thrown ceramic, artfully glazed and painted by hand.

Buy It: $20   

Decorative Metal Toothpick Dispenser: Embossed zinc-alloy gives this dispenser an antique appearance. A retractable lid and compact size makes it easy to pack along for picnics or travel.

Buy It: $20  

Faberge Egg Pick Holder: This toothpick holder sparkles with handcrafted detail and intricate enamel patterns. It’s a little taste of Russia with every meal.

Buy It: $18   

Traditional Chinese Toothpick Holders: Available in a variety of colors and patterns, there’s sure to be one that fits your dining room theme.

Buy It: $12   

Cute Forest Toothpick Dispenser: It’s bright, playful, and dispenses one toothpick at a time. The pine forest shape makes the toothpicks look like a dense thicket of tree trunks.

Buy It: $25   

Texting Frog: Okay, so this might be the most silly toothpick holder yet. If you know somebody who spends too much with their phone, no matter where they are, this gag gift might get the point across.

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July 31, 2016

Haven’t most art enthusiasts dreamed of having a gallery of their own? This home makes those desires a reality. Every room represents a specific artistic movement by emulating the colors and forms, each one unique. Many of the styles adopted here are relatively modern, ranging from the Romanticism of the early 1800s to the Pop Art craze of the 1960s – can you guess which ones are which without reading the descriptions? This exceptionally creative interior is the work of designer Alina Puzhak, completed for a young family’s apartment in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The tour begins with an open plan living and dining room based on the colors and forms of the Suprematism art movement, founded by Russian painter and theoretician Kazimir Malevich in the early 1900s. Basic geometric shapes and raw colors are the hallmark of Suprematism aesthetic – the name itself references the supremacy of artistic feeling over pure form or style. In this room, the colors are a little more vivid than those usually found in this artistic style, but the artwork on the walls tells the full story.

The corridor is a neutral area, not based on any overarching artistic movement. Instead, the decor reaffirms the general art gallery influence – wallpaper printed with black frames decorates select accent walls, echoed by smartly placed mirrors throughout. The views out of and in to the individual rooms offer all of the color the hallway really needs.

This bedroom for a little girl mimics the lively yet delicate style of the Impressionist movement as developed by painters like Monet and Renoir during the 1870s and 1880s. Impressionist paintings often relied on petite brush strokes to demonstrate a strong sense of time and movement, ideal for an interior as whimsical and ornate as this one.

Pop Art is the predominant style in this bedroom for a little boy. This art movement was born in the 1950s, sweeping quickly from Britain to the United States and beyond. It’s an art style based on popular culture ranging from advertising to comic books and everyday objects – a style perfect for an energetic bedroom like this one. Stars, shapes, fun prints, and bright colors mimic the playful style of Pop Art icons like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.

The enclosed balcony has a bit of pop art flair as well. This charming space is accessible from the pop art bedroom and shares its brilliant color theme, but the patterns are more relaxed and refined to make it suitable for gathering with guests.

Romanticism rules the bathroom. Romanticism was more than just a movement in the visual arts – it was chiefly an intellectual movement, branching into the world of literature and politics and the natural sciences as well. Paintings in this era were often dramatic, atmospheric, and poetic, but this room adopts the more subtle side of the movement more akin to the tender motifs of Philipp Otto Runge or the whimsical landscapes of Samuel Palmer.

Informed by the creativity of the Surrealist era that preceded it, Abstract Expressionism interprets the emotional Expressionist style through the lens of Futurism, Cubism, and other abstract artistic practices. The color theme especially seems influenced by the vivid paintings of Wassily Kandinsky, while the emphasis on strong vertical lines may pay homage to Barnett Newman.

Recommended Reading: Cubism In Interior Design

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July 31, 2016

The Groove solid wood backed sofa collection from Stabord & Co is one of those designs that draw your eye and attention to a most unique concept. The elements are quite basic and lefty to leather upholstery, eco leather in this case and a stunning wood structure that encompasses the user. It is hard to take your eyes off at first and the back view is even more intriguing than the front. We usually see these types of wooden sofas from the Europeans and this is another fine example. Their love for natural woods and cutting edge design make for a nice break away for the standard overdone fabric ones we see literally everywhere we go. This is a tribute to the mid-century modern period with a new look that is perfect for residential or a really nice office or hotel setting.

sofa with solid wood back and sides

long low wood frame sofa

The handmade marquetry panel gives the appearance that the wood section is one massive piece thanks to the process of veneering. This process allows the cross section of a beautiful and carefully selected piece of wood to be used in successive pieces that all share a common grain and tone. As you can see the grain of the wood is so rich and the characteristics of the tree to show through.Here is another wood back sofa that caught our eye in a previous post.

Such a classic look that can find itself at home in any space. Choose from a 98 or 126 inch size which makes the Groove a rather lengthy sofa and loveseat combination. In fact the smaller one would suffice for a full size couch any day. Mix and match a selection of upholstery colors with your choice or Mutene, Palissandro, Iron Wood, Ebony, Satin Olive, Sucupira, Steel, Golden Plate, Copper Plate, or Walnut woods. See all of the modern furniture rom Stabord & Co here.





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July 31, 2016

The 550 Beam Sofa System from Cassina and designer Patricia Urquiola is new for this year and offers a range of compositions and looks so you can customize for your room.  The system includes three sofa sections, one with a traditional two arm configuration in two or three seats, a sofa with one arm in both two and three seats and a chaise lounge with one arm.  They can be used on their own or in conjunction with each other as seen here.  The one arm pieces are available in both right and left configurations. Other elements include an ottoman and center or end low tables. The style gets its name from the beam base that the structure relies on to become the cohesive sitting arrangement.

The set has such a sophisticated look and reminds us of a look back into the 70 at what the future was supposed to look like. The exaggerated soft shapes and pillows must be comfortable and it’s fun to look at even if it’s not. The handy configuration with the table between the two seating sections is extremely useful and rather creative in the part of the designer who is no stranger to some awesome modern furniture designs.

Even the most basic combination can offer such an interesting look and usability. I can totally picture this in a penthouse apartment with some dazzling artwork and a great view.

The two distinct patterns of the fabric include with or without vertical seems, personally we like the non seem version her at FF.

The soft sided arms, super stuffed seats, extra pillows and curvy back really conform to the user offering a most comfortable and relaxing experience. See the rest of the awesome all original modern furniture from Cassina of Italy.







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July 31, 2016

Here is another great looking modern dining room table from the folks at Belfacto of Germany. The recent winner of the Interior Innovation Award and the German Design Award keeps on coming with their series of tables that totally go against the typical four legs or center pedestal style that has been worked and reworked numerous times. Here we see the York with an elegant sculpted base in a variety of woods including Walnut which is our favorite, Natural Oak or Natural Cherry. The designer really managed to give the table a fine balance and it has been described as a “tug of war” as each side seems to be pulling away from the other.

One key feature to any dining table is the usability factor and the placement of legs and support especially for the visually attractive ones can get more focused on looks than function. Often the people at the end have a support of some sort interfering with their position but the York addresses this poor design feature that so many style do not take into consideration. The sizing is as follows with top shapes of balanced, convex, oval, classic also available.

Standard size:
L 300-350, B 115-120, H 75 cm /
L 118-138, W 45-47, H 30 inch
Custom tables on request.

modern dining room furniture

light natural oak dining table

So what type of chair would you use with the York The all-natural wood construction makes us think a solid wood char with clean lines may be the best choice or even a leather chair with wood legs. Whatever you choose it has to be a design that will compliment and not take away from the obvious cool factor this one has. See more awesome and unusual styles here.

Here is one style of chair but it is not a favorite, we think you can come up with a better solution!













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July 31, 2016

The modern Dining Room has really evolved over the years and the simplicity of the furniture has transitioned with it. The Chorum modern dining tables from Blefakto are a perfect example of the less is more interior design scheme that seems to work so well with the high rise vertical housing boom and smaller dining rooms often present in today’s newer homes.  The Chorum really offers two totally contrasting visuals that really work quite well together. Such an understated top with a clean linear plane that almost goes unnoticed if you see it from the profile atop theses sculpted bases that are literally the exact opposite.

large thin wooden dining tables

chorum by belfakto

It is truly the bases here that draw such interest from this design and they really catch the eye. Choose from a variety of sizes and shapes including Round, Square or the Rectangle as shown. I think I would like a round table with a glass because it would be in proportion to the size of the surface and the glass top would allow you to see the base all the time.

Standard sizes:
Rect L 280, B 120 – 160, H 75 cm /
Rect L 110, W 49 – 67, H 30 inch
Round with 1 frame from Ø 49 – 67 inch
Square with 1 frame from 49 – 63 inch
Custom tables on request.

wooden base

Belfakto is no stranger to cutting edge designs and you should see their entire collection that has evolved over the past 50 years into one of our favorite collection. The ”dedication the wood, the passion to create something extraordinary and the pursuit of technical perfection motivate us” and we can see the love coming through in the final products. You can choose your personalized solid wood finish in extravagantly oiled or finely lacquered. Each is available in “natural” without color, “stained” with color or with a unique “raw wood effect” or with a protected surface.







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July 31, 2016

It has always been said that the two rooms that are the most detailed and decorated in pretty much any home are the kitchen and bathrooms. Now every home has only one kitchen but often 2, 3 or more bathrooms including full and partials. Doing a unique concept in each one is a great way to show off your personal likes and hobbies and theme rooms have really become more and more prominent. With that some awesome high style bathroom furniture and vanity combinations have graced the list of awesome options at your disposal when doing your interior scheme. The Music Vanity from Devon&Devon is one such piece and is set in the time of the Roaring Twenties when elegance was far from being displaced by the cheaper and faster furnishings we see too often today.

classic bathorrm vanity

retro furniture designs

The color combination and art deco shaping of the Music vanity reminds us of a time of distinct design, music, frivolity and the dreams of success where the rage as outlined by F S Fitzgerald. This elegant style includes rounded corners, slim legs, rich black granite and smooth surfaces that mimic the shape of a vintage piano. The contrasting black and white is timeless and perfect for the visual statement that has been made here

birchwood bathroom furniture

The vanity s also available in a birch veneer cabinet in deep black, warm grey, pure white, cream, blue violet, red, fango or prune that also offers a classical fascination and glamour. Other quality features include spacious large drawers with soft-close, top and back splash in deep black granite, and  Rose white ceramic under counter wash basin that is also available in black. See more awesome things from Devon&Devon of Italy here.

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