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May 25, 2016

Modern minimalism is loosely defined by paired down design elements, clean lines, and open spaces. But that doesn’t mean each space has to be black and white, infact we’ve gathered four very different spaces that celebrate modern minimalism with their own unique twist. From white open spaces to pops of color and eclectic art, these spaces are going to inspire and open your mind to how modern minimalism can be both inviting and functional in everyday life.

Architect: Emil Dervish  

The light that pours into this space is extraordinary, and it’s only enhanced by the big white walls and floors. The bold furnishings, like the giant low and dark couch, really stand out because of the big airy space created here.

We love the light and dark contrast in this space, as well as the contrast of big the contrast of the thin black lines in the chair and lights with the big bold pieces like the couch and the black accent wall.

This space isn’t actually all that large, but the smart layout and minimalist styling maximize the visual and physical space.

We love how the white walls and floors collide making you feel like you’re inside a big white cloud in the sky looking over that view.

We love how the desk chair mimics the curved lines of the lounge chair in the living room, as well as this concrete accent wall. It’s minimal, cool, and adds just a bit of texture to this very sleek space.

This minimalist kitchen will let your food take center stage atop that giant white island with cascading stone sides.

These glossy kitchen cabinets tucked inside the island are the perfect addition to this modern minimalist space. We also love how from here your eyeliner continues straight into the open living room.

Separating the spaces with white and black tiles is a beautiful way to add dimension to this apartment. Plus, when you walk in it’s like emerging from the darkness into this bright light space.

We love this chic minimalist lamp here that can be tilted both right over the bed, or up against the wall to reflect the light.

We love this partly open concept between the bedroom and bathroom. What works so well here is the contrast of light and dark and how they’ve played with light. From the tall windows in the bedroom to the skylight over the bath.

This concrete sink is a surprising but fun addition to this space. It’s minimalist while still adding some texture and character.

Architect: Lenz Architects  

This minimalist space plays with texture wonderfully. We love the stone washed walls against all the white.

This light yellow wood fireplace brings a surprising element to the space that we adore. The way the wood pops agains the starkness of the rest of this minimalist space adds some great dimension to the living room.

These floor to ceiling windows are real showstoppers that can let tons of beautiful light flood this space. But we love how the curtains are sheer yet dark gray to let some of that light filter in even when you need some added privacy.

This cozy corner is the perfect place to cozy up with a glass of wine and a good magazine. The minimalist chez lounge is a luxurious piece, and we love how they’ve made it more inviting with that bright colored throw blanket.

Clean lines and stark white cabinets make this kitchen a defining minimalist space.

Try not to get distracted with those views while cooking! This open kitchen-living space flows beautifully with those floor to ceiling windows, and we love how that design is reflected in the back kitchen cabinets.

This home has great views from every angle. From that stunning fireplace to the sweeping city skyline.


This eclectic modern minimalist space is super artsy and chic. We love the tripod lamp that’s playing with a vintage vibe, and the linear painting that’s hung not totally centered on the back wall.

The metal picnic table adds to the vintage modern vibe, and we love the added character of the brick wall.

We love the soft touches they’ve added in this space to warm it up, from the painting that’s leaning against the wall to the floral centerpiece.

Switching up simple things, like swapping a bench for chairs like they did here is a great way to refresh your space and add some new flare.


This minimalist space is bright and warm, and we love that. Minimalist doesn’t have to be cold, so we love how they’ve made this space bright and inviting with both color and materials.

Those incredibly tall ceilings create such an open feeling in that narrow kitchen, and we love how your eye is constantly drawn upwards with the woodworking on the walls.

The table legs are a beautiful touch to this very linear space, and we love the mix of the light wood tones in the table, chairs, and floor.

From here you can see how the lofty ceilings continue with the wood up at the top, continuing the warm feel of the space.

The bright colors and plants play again on that organic, inviting feel of this space and are a great contrast to the white and harsh lines of the open space.

This playhouse is an adorable addition to this space, while still keeping the minimal and warm design of the rest of the space. We also love the asymmetrical lines.

The bright yellow is a wonderful addition to this tiny kitchen. It brightens up an otherwise dark corner and draws your eye down through the space.

This modern space really takes advantage of all the natural light, intact you can’t even see any light fixtures which almost makes the space feel more minimal

From atop the loft you can look right out onto those views as if you’re up in the clouds.

The choice of the wood floors in this home is superb. They’re light yet varied in color, and very glossy.

While this space doesn’t boast all that much furniture, it still packs tons of design. From the kitchen color to how the stairs flow upwards into the wooded loft, no detail was left untouched.

Adding plants instantly livens up a space, and we love how they’re dispersed throughout this home.

Design risks can really pay off, just like they did here. Adding this little play area in the shape of a home could seem juvenile, but the design is executed perfectly and looks just as modern as the rest of the space.

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May 25, 2016

Kitchen lighting requires the careful consideration of two purposes. Ideally, it should illuminate the work surfaces where you conduct most of your preparation, and it should provide welcoming ambiance during dinner or evening hours. Pendants fill a special role in the kitchen, in addition to the two requirements mentioned previously – kitchen pendants are the preferred choice for decorators who want to make a creative statement in an otherwise utilitarian space, filling in the emptiness between the countertops and ceiling with suspended works of art. If you’re looking for kitchen inspiration, this modern lighting guide might help!

Buy It: $160   

Aplomb Replica: You might not have the budget to pick up Foscarini’s $665 original (available here), but this stylish modern look doesn’t have to remain entirely out of reach.

Buy It: $869   

Stanley Pendant: Brass and copper have become an incredibly popular lighting trend for those who admire understated luxury. These pendants have a classic shape but a contemporary attitude.

Buy It: $58   

Fat Light Replica: Of all the shapes available in Tom Dixon’s iconic Beat collection, the Fat Light is a versatile favorite. Replicas are popular but you can purchase the original Fat Light for $535.

Buy It: $120   

Beat Series Replicas: Varied pendants are a great look. This series of replicas makes it so much easier to collect each one. The originals Tom Dixon Beat Series are available here.

Buy It: $865   

Slim LED: Tall ceilings deserve gorgeous statement lighting. Designed by Jordi Vilardell for Vibia, these long and dramatic pendants transform empty space into performance art.

Buy It: $62   

E27 Socket Pendant: With beautifully detailed Edison bulbs resurging in popularity, designers are beginning to turn more attention toward simple fixtures. Mattias Ståhlbom created the E27 socket pendant with an elegant form that highlights the bulb. This fixture is available in a wide range of colors.

Buy It: $101 each   

Lames Mini Pendant: These low volt pendants give off a gentle and warm quality of light reminiscent of candles.

Buy It: $490   

Starburst Multipoint Pendant: It’s hard to see from the picture, but each pendant shade contains a delicate glass starburst shape, lovingly formed by hand. The starburst portion is available in amber or clear glass for a choice between a warm or bright tone.

Buy It: $189   

Muuto Unfold Pendant: Unfold combines modern materials with a classic industrial shape. The Unfold pendant is available in a variety of modern colors, including several greyscale choices in addition to green, blue, and yellow.

Buy It: $267   

Bijou Pendant: Round, sensibly sized, and pleasant on the eyes – these understated pendants are a fantastic choice for minimalist kitchens.

Buy It: $395   

Fucsia 1 Pendant: Conic lamps are another nice choice for kitchens that emphasize the clean lines and forms of minimalism. Fucsia pendants are a design by Achille Castiglioni.

Buy It: $220   

Summit Pendant: These conical pendants take on a thinner and more streamlined shape. They’re available in two sizes to accommodate any space.

Buy It: $1148   

Alphabeta Pendants: With retro-inspired shapes and color themes, these playful pendant lights add huge personality to any social area. Use the variety of colors to unify the color theme in your kitchen. Made in Italy and designed by Luca Nichetto, these high-end lamps are beyond amazing.

Buy It: $995   

Smithfield S: The lovely Smithfield S pendant combines the best of dome lighting trends and low-profile design, adding subtle charm without blocking the view.

Buy It: $336   

Caviar Pendant: Imagine these lighter-than-air pendants hovering above your dining table. A perforated metal cone contains the bulb, diffusing light into a million shimmering points.

Buy It: $645   

Bond Suspension Pendant: A slender gap winds its way around the lamp, illuminated by the bulb within. This pendant is unique in that it provides both diffused light for ambiance and focused light for tasks.

Buy It: $150   

Panton VP6: Now is your chance to own a Verner Panton original, one of the first lamps mass-produced by the iconic designer. Matte black makes a minimalist statement but this model comes in a wide variety of vibrant colors.

Buy It: From $110   

Roost Constellation Pendants: Zinc-plated iron globes feel light and transparent thanks to thousands of hand-drilled holes strewn across its surface like stars.

Buy It: $450   

Studio Pendant: Thomas Bernstrand’s lovely Studio Pendant echoes the shape of heavy industrial lamps, a traditional shape reimagined with contemporary simplicity.

Buy It: $645  

Oculo Pendant: Designed by Jeremy Pyles, this luxurious hand-blown glass lamps feature a rounded body that gently tapers to an opening at the bottom.

Buy It: $899   

Agnes Chandelier Replica: This incredible chandelier is one of the most highly coveted pieces of designer lighting in recent memory. This replica is not inexpensive by any means, but it beats the $10,000 price tag of the Lindsey Adelman original.

Buy It: $710   

Talo Suspension: Simple, effective, and stylish – this linear suspension lamp maintains clean lines and refined forms to illuminate a kitchen island or workspace without drawing excess attention away from your meticulously curated interior.

Buy It: From $273   

Diamond Lamps: Geometric motifs are still trending, and these diamond lamps are the perfect way to bring this exciting style to your kitchen.

Buy It: $730   

Conic Section Pendant: Satin-finish black looks good just about anywhere. These flared mini-pendants have an angled shade that transitions to vertical wire toward the bottom for a dynamic look that changes according to perspective.

Buy It: $2039   

Octo Pendant: Truly, this famous design is sure to catch the eye of any Finnish design fan. This piece is the work of Seppo Koho, and belongs to a collection of similarly sculptural wooden pendants.

Buy It: $775   

Goodman Large Lamp: Thomas O’Brien designed the Goodman lamp to demonstrate the best of modern and vintage style. The clean shades and metallic interior are undeniably contemporary, whereas the linked cable is a neat throwback to older lighting.

Buy It: $337   

Caravaggio Pendant: To honor its emphasis on light and shadow, designer Cecilie Manz named this pendant collection after the Italian Baroque painter considered a master of the style.

Buy It: $489   

Hicks Pendant: Here’s another classically inspired pendant light, this time with the ever-recognizable chain style cord.

Buy It: $232   

Industrial Pendant: Metallic pendants are a useful staple of industrial themes but they look great in any kitchen, as demonstrated by this classic interior.

Buy It: From $540   

Spillray Pendants: These delicate-looking pendants are made from durable Pyrex, its small bulb projecting from the silver finial.

Buy It: $550   

Pharos Pendant: Jeremy Pyles designed this stylish mini-pendant for those who have an eye for detail. Unlike others of similar form, this pendant has a light bulb that runs all the way through.

Buy It: $725   

Kon Pendant: Clear or ribbed or clear glass shades gifts decorators a nice choice of simple but attractive pendants. Metal details in chrome integrate well with almost any kitchen style.

Buy It: $485   

Castore Suspension: Minimalists will love these streamlined yet decorative pendant lights. They lay low in the daytime but look spectacular in use, as the light within brings the frosted white surfaces to a gentle glow.

Buy It: $130   

Castle Pendant: Crafted from smooth concrete, these pendants challenge the eye by presenting a heavy material that looks light and versatile as any other option.

Buy It: $225   

Mhy Pendant: What a fun shape! This curvaceous pendant expresses the playful side of Scandinavian design, sure to make a statement wherever used – especially with any of the super vibrant color options.

Buy It: $851  

Rock Suspension: Faceted lighting presents a cool geometric look that works well for future-focused interior designs. This piece comes by way of collaboration between the Diesel fashion company and design house Foscarini.

Buy It: $169   

Grain Light: Chic as can be. This matte lamp series is made from recyclable materials like bamboo fiber. It’s distinctive texture looks and feels organic, ideal for a natural or soft kitchen style.

Buy It: $1140   

Wireflow 2D: Another take on the geometric lighting trend, this series creates fabulous outlines using rods and its own wires. Wireflow is available in both 2-D and 3-D shapes.

Buy It: $516   

Broadway Collection: Looking for something a little more formal? James R Moder designed the gorgeous Broadway Collection with inspiration from classic chandeliers, streamlined to suit a modern kitchen. Imperial Crystal beads turn this fixture into a drama of light and shadow.

Buy It: $735   

Tom Dixon Copper Pendant: Copper is a warm and attractive choice for an interior that needs a touch of understated luxury. Tom Dixon makes a wide range of copper lighting, but these smooth and simple spherical pendants are perfect for kitchens and dining rooms.

Buy It: $348   

Alina Pendant: Hand-blown lighting always makes a bold impression. These honey toned Venetian glass pendants will add classic charm to any modernist or traditionally inspired space.

Soleil Pendant: Here’s another sculptural glass pendant for decorators who prefer their lighting to make an artistic statement. These have a slightly more balanced and modern shape.

Buy It: $655   

Random Globe Pendant: What an iconic lamp! The light and airy random pendant immediately draws the eye, and looks just as dramatic in the daytime as it does at night.

Buy It: From $395   

Coral Pendant: Oversized pendants are a great choice for kitchens with tall ceilings, but they also work well in average spaces that need a solid focal point. Here, the unique Coral pendant prevents the fridge from stealing the show.

Buy It: $2495   

Skygarden Lamp: This is one of the most recognizable designs by the ever-exciting designer Marcel Wanders. On the outside, this piece looks like an ordinary dome lamp but the inside features a detailed floral motif in plaster.

Buy It: $2495   

Chasen S2: Patricia Urquiola’s gorgeous Chasen suspension lamp appears weightless thanks to its stainless steel frame that envelopes the frosted glass diffuser.

Buy It: From $1605   

Aim Multi-Light Pendant: If you’re a huge fan of the designers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, you’re probably already familiar with the versatile and attractive Aim collection. The shades are adjustable to point in any direction for targeted task lighting in the kitchen.

Buy It: $288   

Knot Pendant: Part fixture, part pop art – these tremendously unique pendant lights showcase a tidy oversized knot encased within the lamp’s glass shade. The range of bright colors can either enhance your current palette or stand out from within a neutral interior.

Buy It: $573   

Le Klint 172: Designed by Poul Christiansen in 1971, this famous design makes an impact with shadow and light in equal measure. It’s origami-inspired artwork for the home.

Buy It: $1000   

Bloom Pendant: Glittering faceted flowers look as if they are woven together by nothing but air and imagination. The Bloom pendant looks great in kitchens inspired by nature, or could serve as the touch of organic charm that could benefit a space lacking in carefree forms.

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May 25, 2016

This minimalist plate set from Japanese firm Metaphys bags our Product Of The Week Award for its sheer simplicity and beauty in design. Called Fueille, the set looks at beautiful forms found in nature for inspiration and looks to break away from the monotony of mass produced circular flatware. You can get it for $188 from Amazon here: Fueille Plate Set

modern minimalist plates

minimalist plate

minimalist plates

Fancy cool flatware? Don’t forget to check out this then: 40 Unique Modern Flatware Sets That You Can Buy Right Now


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May 25, 2016

Combining modern minimalist style, luxurious themes, and a hint of urban industrial influence, this handsome apartment could serve as a stunning showcase of today’s most loved interior design trends. This flexible interior is the work of Iqosa who used materials ranging from humble to opulent resulting in a delicate balance that seems simple on the outside but unfolds to reveal intriguing complexity with every second glance. Each individual room isn’t exactly large by luxury standards, but each makes the best of its floor plan with integrated storage and plenty of features that serve both functional and decorative purposes.

This otherwise simple and streamlined interior uses an organic palette to soften its elemental themes, like the coffee table fireplace and attractive marbled stone floors. Large form artwork reflects the theme in a more symbolic way by highlighting industry and humanity in one form.

In terms of layout, it’s amazing how such a small living area can accommodate so many important gathering hubs without feeling crowded or overwhelmed. This layout is perfect for small apartment owners who love to entertain.

This close-knit layout allows residents to remain in communication with guests or one another while preparing meals or watching television.

Considering the closeness of the space, the kitchen needed to retain the same wood and stone theme. The backsplash solution is a nice touch: it serves as storage for everyday utensils.

White and concrete-effect pendant lights use their playful color variation to tie the kitchen’s greyscale theme together.

Those kitchen mini-pendants even create a stir from the hallway, the different lengths arranged to offer a nice view from any angle.

General storage occupies a small room hidden behind sliding doors in the hallway. Its design is creative, with a narrow hallway providing access to even more cabinets.

And near the entrance, two poufs give residents a place to sit and remove their shoes, with a convenient catch-all shelf to keep keys and other pocket necessities within an organized place to rest.

For the bedroom tour, let’s start with this striking master bedroom decked out in modern grey and red. The minimalist wood bedframe and tinted glass doors maintain a streamlined appearance, softened by a whitewashed wood accent wall and textural carpet.

Integrated side tables provide functional storage without sacrificing the sharp edges and clean lines of the bed layout.

A small desk occupies a prime location near the window for instant inspiration during working hours.

With an intent gaze, the woman in the mural immediately captures the eye. Her pop-art style keeps things looking modern and fun.

Another bedroom makes a bold impression with blue and teal accents popping out from a light grey canvas.

Flared concrete pendants offer a functional and artistic lighting solution above each side table. The side tables themselves utilize a Scandinavian-influenced style with strong mid-century curves.

Check out that cool arrow detail on the desk! When the mind begins to wander, the arrow brings the mind back to the task at hand.

Handy storage makes good use of the closet’s door-facing edge.

Marble floors reappear in the walk-in closet to enhance its luxury. Backlit shelves on the far end could serve as a stylish display for a shoe collector, as pictured here, or as storage for casual pants or undershirts.

Even the bathrooms make a bold impression. Here, dark floors and rugged concrete walls embrace two of today’s biggest modern design trends.

Looking through the tinted glass door, you can see that this bathroom belongs to the master bedroom and maintains intimate visual contact with it.

Note the variation in the wall tiles – bold textural strokes with angular variation soften the palette, eliminating the harsh industrial feeling concrete can sometimes create.

Guests are treated to a bathroom with classic appeal. It maintains the same dark-inspired aesthetic as the master bathroom but employs a lighter touch with beige floors and walls.

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May 25, 2016

Luxury doesn’t have a single meaning – a luxurious interior could be ornate and extravagant, or subdued and subtle. Details like material quality and design seem to make more of a difference than brand name alone, a factor that allows designers to create something worth admiring on any budget at all. This photo tour explores two inspirational homes, the first taking the decorative approach and the second sticking to a more atmospheric standard. Both can help you identify the focal pieces used in each space so you can easily recreate these looks at home. Get excited! These homes demonstrate two unique sides of luxury.

Designer: Vitaly Yurov & Iryna Dzhemesiuk  

Right from the first glance, it’s easy to see that this home eschews the ordinary in favor of personal expression. The interior theme features plenty of modern furniture and lighting fixtures yet carries the classic flourishes and asymmetrical hallmarks of the rococo style.

The result is fabulously unique, the light color palette allowing decorative touches more room to breathe.

Classical features set the stage for luxury, with modern furniture and urban details infusing the interior with renewed life – the spray paint on the mirror would make for a fun DIY project.

With a central position and seating facing toward every angle, these types of sofas are perfect for a room with so much to offer. The inward-facing seats accommodate socialization, the back side offers a cozy spot by the fire, etc.

Intricate puzzle-like floor tiles give this space the sophisticated canvas it deserves.

The globe on the table is the work of lighting designer Michael Anastassiades.

Deep pleats bring out the incredible personality of these sofa sets.

With its gorgeous marble base and gold details, the Hanna floor lamp embodies the energy and rhythm of its namesake: jazz drummer Jake Hanna.

Emerald green and gold offer the perfect partnership for palette matchups.

Intricate strapwork makes the wall paneling stand out. Ordinarily, it would be difficult to place a focal point in front of this beautiful pattern, but these radiant pieces work well here.

Looking for a showstopper like this geometric sideboard cabinet? It’s available under the name “Diamond Emerald” – although normally available in green, this gold leaf option was a worthwhile upgrade.

Wine-red walls make this space especially memorable, alongside a full-wall mural painted in cooler tones. Blue vases tie the theme together.

The Brubeck suspension lamps find their matching sconces hanging to either side of the doors.

And finally, the chairs are the design of Roberto Lazzeroni.

Shelves offer plenty of storage space for decoration and table service.

While the rest of the home relishes ornamentation, the kitchen remains relatively simple and straightforward. Stainless steel shelving and tasteful marble countertops merge beauty with functionality.

The cabinetry and shelves are from Valcucine’s slim and minimal Artematica line.

Lee Broom created this Ring Light pendant series to merge classic and contemporary design, a style that perfectly suits the atmosphere in this fresh kitchen.

Blue agate makes up the entirety of the accent wall. These ultra-thin slices work well with a backlight for a spectacular effect. If you’re looking for a unique high-luxury material, this is it.

The tub and basins are from the same Diamond line as that brilliant gold sideboard cabinet featured earlier.

Rococo style really shines through in this feature mirror: each edge takes on the form of a different classic mirror frame for an exciting asymmetrical look.

Photographer: Federico Cedrone   

Photographer Federico Cedrone captured these images for Poliform in order to show their stylish furniture in a natural habitat. The composition is wonderful, the furniture ideas are dream-worthy, and the overall style is definitely worth study. This home looks livable, demonstrating a gorgeous luxury atmosphere without sacrificing comforting. It takes a far more casual approach compared to the previous home.

A spectacular library fills half of the room, hiding the television behind matte black panels. It serves as an all-in-one solution for entertainment and enrichment in the home.

Check out the neat paint swatches to the right – an easy DIY decor idea anyone can accomplish with a free weekend.

Stripes always seem to give off a bold, adventurous, and youthful vibe.A horizontally-striped rug works wonderfully with the gold-yellow accessories.

The intended client is obviously quite fond of books. These open-back shelves allow natural light to filter though for the type of ambiance any library would have difficulty recreating.

Detail matters… no matter how deep the interior decor goes.

And it’s hard to ignore that view – a home with windows like this has every reason to opt for a more subdued interior theme.

Even the dining room features a bookshelf within easy reach. Jean-Marie Massaud’s Ventura chairs line the table.

Topped with marble and gorgeous with every angle and curve, you can find this table under the name Howard by Jean-Mari Massaud.

Floor-to-ceiling cabinets always serve as a nice alternative to interior walls when space allows.

In the bedroom, olive green and gray switches up the primarily monochromatic theme.

Detail makes all the difference in the world within an interior as minimalistic and balanced as this one.

Gaston is a chair by Vincent Van Duysen. It takes inspiration from classic mid-century pieces, refined down to the most basic elements.

Modern legs give this desk a unique appearance while remaining understated and easily relatable.

Detail, detail – it’s hard to underestimate the importance of detail.

The wardrobe is gorgeous! A striped rug continues the theme begun in the hallway, and lit storage shelves continue the library theme used in the living room.

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May 25, 2016

The collection of upholstered furniture from Moya features a diverse collection of modern to classically influenced sofas that caught our eye here at Furniture Fashion. The designers have been so clever in their approach when combining a few of life’s necessities like a place to sit, a place to lay down, a lamp and a table for the Lone model shown here in bright blue. As you will see from the various styles, they cover a wide selection of styles from the soft lines of a roll arm to the stark straight lines of ultra-modern. Take a look at the entire collection that includes a wide selection of compliments, arm chairs, wall units and a variety of center and side tables.

couch with lamp and table

The soft pastel tones of the multi colored pillows and arms offer such a soft elegance which makes such a statement of class and sophistication. The complimentary armchair shown here is one of many from Moya that work so well with their full living room furniture collection. There is such an easy going feel to the soft lines and colors and even the small side tables fit this theme.

Small L Shaped sectionals have become super popular and offer comfortable seating and lounging without taking up a lot of space. Many of the sectionals out there are available in a modular concept so you can literally create a seating system to fit your exact space. Often it’s a two seat with one arm and an opposing chaise lounge on the other side. The thick cushions and padded arms really makes this one look comfortable.

This larger two piece sectional features a cool little table accessible from both side right in the middle when they are connected together. One benefit to have this model is the ability to separate the two pieces and use them in different room or in remote areas of the same room.

long low couch

white sofa with roll arms

The post The Classic & Modern Fabric Sofas of Moya appeared first on Furniture Fashion and requires written authorization to be republished on another website.

May 25, 2016

An 18th century Polish fort is breathing new life thanks to its new inhabitants and a stellar architect. What was once old and decrepit is now fresh, sleek, and modern thanks to innovative design. The dark masculine theme of the space plays on the stronghold this property once was — although with a family of 5 moving in, the old fort has to be strong in new ways. The design team has done this by using entirely natural materials such as oak, concrete, and natural stone such as basalt, marble, and glass. You won’t believe how they’ve transformed this space, so get exploring.

Architect: YØ DEZEEN  

This dark and masculine color pallet takes advantage of all the natural light that flows into the space. Hearty textures and deep colors play well with that bright light.

We love the death accent pieces in this space. They add a real warmth to the environment, not just in color, but in their smooth buttery texture.

Keeping the furniture, including the chairs and coffee tables, nice and low really draws your eyes up to those hanging light fixtures and lofty ceilings.

From here you can see how the grays all form together — from the rug to the couch — making the entire living space feel like one big cozy space.

The open concept living kitchen space continues to play on the cool masculine feel, this time extending an ashy wood tone from the floors over into the kitchen and up onto the cabinets.

These chairs are phenomenal. The finish makes them look entirely metal, and their sleek design with a bit of curved arms mirrors the lines of the chandelier above.

For such a cool space, the apartment does boast some nice warm light. The underlit island, the the hanging lights throughout the space add the warm glow that makes this space not feel so stark.

We love the book cast along the back wall. It’s unique because it’s not open like most book cases are, and the grated doors look great with the backlighting provided.

What a kitchen! The big island with plenty of seating, let alone the stunning design, is the perfect place to try out some new recipes.

They’ve also warmed up the space by adding wood paneling to the walls. We mention this a bunch on this website, don’t be afraid of wood walls! They don’t have to be your grandparents 1970’s wood planks any longer. Big, beautiful wood — light or dark — can really add character to a room.

Up close here you can see the detail in that book shelf. The lighting, the slits, the and matte black finish all play into the rest of the decor. It’s definitely a great focal piece in the room, and draws your eye down the hall.

They continued that design here for the coat closet, making a normally very dull area super modern and chic.

This foyer doesn’t lack any design or intrigue. They’ve brought the leather from the living room right to the front door, and that coat closet is beyond boring.

The master suite is all about contrast. Light and dark, warm and cool. You can see this not only in the contrast of the colors, but the lighting.

Light camel sheets against a gray herringbone bed is a beautiful warm and cool contrast that adds a lot of texture and dimension to the bedroom.

This closet warm and inviting, yet cool and refined. The glass doors display the wardrobe like pieces of art and the golden lighting once again adds a warm dimension to the space.

The grate pattern is also carried into the bedroom as you can see behind the TV. Accent walls don’t have to just be colors, textures also play an important role in defining a space.

This kids room makes the tike look like a tiny engineer. The way the toys are displayed like fine creations, and the stunningly modern desk, really make this space feel refined.

Custom art for a kids room is a great way to personalize the space for them, especially in one like this which is very tied into the rest of the homes look and feel. We love how they did it here, as a linear drawing with the wood tone still on full display.

Giving kids space to play, but also clean up properly is important — and this space does both. There’s ample place to lay out the toys but also display and put them away.

Small elements like the headboard are also great for kids. Something like this is simple, and could be an easy weekend DIY project — and it doesn’t have to look like on either! This headboard house is quite nice!

Maybe we spoke too soon when we mentioned interesting feature walls! This wall in the kids room looks like it’s out of a lego box, and we love it because it plays on a kids whimsy while also looking modern and chic like the rest of the home.

This space shows you can go for a kids room sport theme without making it cliche. Especially when you know a kid may grow out of a theme room, make the major design elements of the space something that they can adapt too. Like here, it would be easy to remove the equipment and put up a book shelf instead.

From here you can see how they’ve split the play and sleep area of the room with that beautiful ashy wood on the floor and walls. It’s a unique way to separate the spaces and it is a bold design feature.

We love the gray and mustard yellow contrast. It works so well together because they’re so different, yet they seem to bring out the brightness and muted elements of one another.

Blue and yellow may be on the opposite ends of the color spectrum, but bringing them together in this kids room was a great idea.

From here you can see the real transparence of the walls, and it looks stunning against the slits for the window shades — one big play on light.

We are obsessed with this feature wall. It’s not only interesting and visually appealing but it allows for light to flow through it, and the way the light hits it too is also quite unique.

The faux wood in the bathroom is a surprising element, given that the rest of the home loves to play on the dark gray colors. But we love the choice here because it’s a small bathroom, so the wood and the white tiles really look great together and make it feel much more open.

These super modern linear lighting elements are to die for. We love how they hang in front of the giant mirror and how they draw your eyes down to the low sink and tub.

While the colors in the maser bathroom are probably more along the lines of what you were guessing, the shapes definitely throw you for a loop. That’s not to say we love it any less! The sinks and bath, which almost resemble oil drums with their rings and curved lines, are a welcomed surprise to the very linear and angular space.

Once again we’re surrounded by this ashy wood, and it works well in the space despite it being a bit of a surprise. The warm wood tone is inviting and makes you feel automatically relaxed.

We can’t forget about that massive floor to ceiling mirror either. The mirror reflects tons of amazing light that’s coming in through the large window, and it looks luxe as it leads your eye up to the tall ceilings.

Even the toilet area gets a sleek design with the long gray tiles and textured walls.

This bathroom combines the best of both worlds from the other two. You get the light white features like the sink, and the dark cool tiles which beautifully contrast. And once again, the wood ties this all in together.

The wonderful long, backlit wall behind the sink adds beautiful beauty lighting around the mirror.

The floor tiles almost look concrete, but the natural stone brings a bit of organicness to it’s massive gray tile surround.

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May 25, 2016

We’ve all imagined living the high life in the Hollywood hills — rolling up in a big car to a big house with a big pool. Well, this property tucked alongside LA will have you living out your biggest fantasies. With an infinity pool, fresh modern design that plays with light, and stunning design features, this property will leave you California dreaming. So take a tour through the fresh design and experience all this property has to showcase, night and day.

Source: The Pinnacle List  

Tucked in the Hollywood hills, this incredible property takes advantage of it’s hillside position to maximize views from the home and that infinity pool.

The property protrudes from the lush LA greenery like a diamond in the rough. At dusk the house glows against the fading blue sky, and you can peep into all the spacious nooks and crannies of this stunning mansion.

Talk about million dollar views! Besides having an entire wall open up to the LA skyline, the windows fold back into the home to let the California breeze sweep through the entire home.

The minimalist, clean line furniture looks modern and luxurious in the space without taking away from what really matters: that view.

What’s so special about this space is that during the day it boasts a golden glow, but at night it’s stark and bright and shines like a gem. This space achieves this look with tons of wonderful lighting from pot lights to chandeliers.

This second living space is a true stunner. The purple hued carpet, couch, and pillows reflect the night sky and really pop against those modern wood walls. Wood walls are no thing of the past! Modern twists like this here, with mirrors in between the slits, makes this space just as glamorous as the people who will live in it.

The silky fabric on the furniture adds a very luxe feel to this already over the top space.

The views seamlessly continue as you head up to the lofty second floor of this home. The lights hang in the balance at eyesight, and the matching wood floors are a great transition to the next level of this space.

The cool neutrals in this space really let the light-works shine. The backlit purple wall, the golden lights hanging over the dining table, and the fire place really pop and are the true show stoppers in this open living-dining area.

This luxurious bar looks like it’s right out of a swanky LA night cub. The mirrored wall, warm woods, and those fabulous mirrored globe lights transform this corner into something special.

The infinity pool is a real show-stopper. It’s concrete walls and cascading sides mirror the lines in the rest of the homes architecture, and like the rest of property it seemingly pops out of the hillside like a dream.

The ultra modern lines and black & white color combination outside are a perfect contrast to the lush greenery that surrounds the home.

A closer look at the living space of that combo living-dining area reveals the stunning and clever design. The modern chairs are covered in a cozy and approachable fabric, and the big lounge couch boasts a smart table that covers the arm to place down coffee, or a glass of wine from that fabulous bar. Despite the bold color choice that reflects a night club, this space feels like the perfect spot to kick back and relax.

Upon closer inspection you can see the true beauty of this bar. The mirrored backsplash and globe lights reflect that stunning neon light, and the golden backlit of the bar is the perfect contrast. This bar will have you feeling like you’re in a music video.

We love how a major theme of this home is the fun play on color, and light.

The open concept of this home is very California. With an incredible climate who wouldn’t want to take advantage of the outdoor space? From the lounge chairs to the outdoor living and dining set — this place is made for enjoying in the sun or under the moon.

Imagine taking a soak in that tub while soaking in all those views. This sleek and modern tub’s curved edges look spectacular in this minimalist and geometric space. Plus, the bright blue skies contrast against that warm wood looks like a million bucks in itself.

A steam shower fit for the gods — it’s quite fitting that it takes center stage in this bathroom space. You rarely see a set up like this, but the beautiful marble and incredible finishes calls for a design just as unique around it.

This kitchen might have even the worlds most renowned chefs drooling with jealousy! The gigantic marble island has a waterfall edges, just like the pool, and it’s reflective surface mirrors that of those sleek kitchen cabinets. We love how the ultra modern is mixed with the organic here: from the deep gray grains of the countertops to the varied wood flooring.

This isn’t any old dusty wine cellar. This state of the art wine room displays the bottles like artwork: standing, laying, and leaning agains the metallic backdrop and safely behind giant glass doors.

Fire and ice. Well, not totally. But the cool colored water feature right next to the fire pit is a great contrast and addition to what could have become just a forgotten corner.

Don’t you just want to snuggle up with a book right there? This oversized lounge chair opened up to the views and tucked against the fire place lend itself perfectly to a nice night breeze.

The brilliant lighting throughout the home extends into this bedroom space. The mood lighting in this space is both luxe and comfortable. With pot lights that reflect off that cool accent wall and all those purple undertones, the golden glass lights beside the bed really pop and add another element.

Even with the lights off, this space glows in the bask of that natural light.

This bedroom is a space for pure relaxation. The cool colors of the satin sheets and rug pop against the wood walls and floors making it look like the bed is floating on a cloud.

You’d never know this couch was a piece of outdoor furniture — it’s just as luxurious and good looking as the other pieces inside the home. The trend in this high-end outdoor furniture is one you can also easily achieve at home. Invest in some modern outdoor furniture, or spruce yours up with some pillows like they’ve done here.

The entire home is built to frame these sweeping valley views.

The property pops right out of the hillside like a big while diamond. We love the modern lines against all the greenery, and the way the warm light illuminates it’s facade.

From here you can see how the white tiles, that almost look like perfectly poured concrete, seamlessly flow with the white tiles inside the home, further joining the two spaces together.

This entire home is about the little details of the massive space. The angled hot tub is another surprising element that adds a bit of intrigue to the already stunning outdoor feature.

With all that natural light pouring into the space, the white of the living room almost blinds you. So grab your sunnies, take a seat on the couch, and admire the modern masterpiece that surrounds you.

We love the light blue tint to the glass, it’s reflective of those ever-blue LA skies and the pool.

From here you can see all the elements of the home come together. The bar inside and how it leads to the outdoor dining area, the flow of the outdoor and indoor living space, and how the entire home is situated to take in those views.

Even when you’re in a spot of the home where you’re looking out to the other windows, you can admire the reflection of the skyline and great outdoors around you.

We love how the glass railings from outside are also brought inside the house. It adds a great sense of continuity to this giant space.

Wow, from here you really see how this home is sitting right on the edge of the Hollywood hills. Incredible engineering and stunning design have brought this house to this phenomenal property.

To top off your Hollywood dream life of glamour and luxury, of course this home boasts the perfect driveway to show off an incredible supercar. So park your butt back down, and scroll through this page again — because we know you can’t get enough of this property and the dream.

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May 25, 2016

What was once the home of a famous Hungarian painter is now a chic loft in downtown Budapest. The contemporary space plays on the familiar elements of a loft with exposed beams, brick walls, and large factory-like windows while still adding elements of surprise. Whether it’s color, texture, or stunning lighting, this loft comes alive as you discover all of it’s nooks, crannies, and characteristics. So take a tour of this space and see for yourself.

Designer: Gaspar Bonta  

This space blends the industrial with the organic seamlessly, and you can see that here in the open kitchen living space. The brick wall is quintessential for an industrial space, but mixed with the warm wood cabinets and the scattered plants, this space is infused with a bit of nature.

You can see the awesome industrial elements front and center here: the brick wall, steel beams, and those giant leaded windows that look straight out of a factory.

This space is anything but dark and boring at night, they’ve created a wonderfully lit space that bounces off of the different surfaces.

We love this chandelier over the dining table. It’s industrial, rusty, and the shape mirrors the rest of the rectangular space.

Black walls are a bold move, but it works better than ever in this industrial space. Part of why it works so well is obviously that giant window, but the light and organic color and design of the rest of the space also tones down the harshness of the big black accent wall.

A split level space can sometimes feel disjointed, or even dated. But this super modern design makes this layout super stylish and functional.

The vaulted living area takes advantage of that view. From here you can see the car park, but just beyond that is the park district of Budapest. We also adore that yellow chair in the color, it pops in that dark little corner.

The neon light that splits the room in half is super chic. It adds a bit of whimsy to the space which could easily fall into the pile of other modern lofts with big windows and brick walls. Adding show stopping details like this are what makes spaces unique.

The bright lights shine wonderfully off that stark white floor, and make this not so big living area feel pretty spacious.

They’ve carried the neon light concept into the hallway, which needs it because it’s much darker. We also like how they’ve split up the common space with the bedrooms by separating them with wood and white floors.

Take a look at this radiator — what could be an eyesore they’ve smartly designed around it with this nice light wood tone. The wood pops against the windows and flows well into the hard wood floors in the area.

Another yellow chair, and we love it. The pops of color are a lot of fun in this space, and are a timeless way to add some dimension to a neutral room.

What could be a dark, long, hallway has been illuminated with bright lights and light colored floors to keep you flowing right into the living space.

Check out those chairs. We love how the design is swooping and curvy because it’s different than all the harsh, straight lines in the rest of the home. Plus, the white and the wood match the rest of the design beautifully.

This small desk design is a great way to maximize space. By simply fixing up a floating shelf and parking your favorite chair next to it you can achieve the same look.

The bed is neatly tucked in the corner right by another pair of giant windows. We love how the bedding is black because it mirrors the rest of the space and pops against the stark white walls and wood floors.

Having glossy floors that the natural light can reflect off of really amplifies the feeling of spaciousness.

The incredible slate used in this bathroom once again plays on that modern-organic feel. The green, blue, gray color is stunning and the different cuts of tiles on the walls and backsplash add some more dimension.

Carrying slate through the entire space— from the walls to the backsplash, and floor — really works in this space because they’ve kept it bright with good lighting.

The creative lighting continues here with these bold black cut outs in the ceiling, and that antiqued spot light placed in the corner.

You can see more of it here over the bed with the continuation of the neon light. The blue reflects beautifully off the dark bedding, and really pops against that black accent wall to the right.

We also love the sinks in this bathroom. The way the white porcelain sits up on top of the slate lets some of that gorgeous color illuminate the sides.

Always consider how color changes in different light. From here you can see how the black wall looks very dark — as reflected in the mirror — and how when under bright natural light it shines with a blue hue. That hue looks great against the slate tiles by the way.

And from here you can see how the slate tiles reflect a greener, and a bit more golden color. That’s what so lovely about this stone.

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May 25, 2016

Nothing like putting your legs up after a tiring day of work. But what if you were actually able to do this while you work? Well, it seems that idea was too good to pass up because here is just that in real life – The Desk Feet Hammock.

This picture itself kinds of relaxes you, right?

1 | Buy It: $30 This picture itself kinds of relaxes you, right?

desk hammock

The rope is adjustable from 20 to 45 centimeters which means you can set it at two positions – low and high.

work hammock

Seriously, check it out on Fancy.

buy from amazon


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May 25, 2016

Homes with dark color palettes invite a sense of mystery, confidence, and adventure. Even within a lighter overall theme, dark accents add a punch of contrast to draw the eye and enhance the effect of the lighter tones. The four homes in this post demonstrate both tactics quite nicely. If you’ve been looking to avoid the all-white interior trend while embracing something that stands out from the rest, these homes might give you the confidence and inspiration to switch to the dark side. Greyscale interiors aren’t the first thing people consider when searching for “outside the box” solutions, but these styles might change your mind.

Visualizer: Igor Sirotov  

Dark and atmospheric – this home embodies relaxation with its moody grey palette and careful lighting choices. This is a great example of a minimalist design that doesn’t go overboard with glossy white surfaces and hard lines. It achieves a comfortable middle ground between spare and decorative, especially where those beautiful striped accent walls take center stage.

Warm-toned lighting is perhaps the biggest contributor to the unique mood. It also preserves the richness of the greys whereas white lights would have washed them out.

The kitchen can afford to be a little more dramatic with its lighting choices. Bright indirect strips illuminate the shelves without flooding the cabinet faces.

Compositions like this are a fantastic way to show how each element interacts with the others.

Smoky glass separates the main living area from the rest of the home, softening the light but not eclipsing it.

The office is connected to the rest of the home but still maintains its privacy thanks to the partial enclosure wall. The view through the corner window is unmatched. .

An integrated smart home control panel makes it easier to maintain the gorgeous low lighting effect.

In the bedroom, textural walls are replaced with a more streamlined and minimalistic aesthetic. Light and shadow give the smooth gray surfaces a life of their own.

Isn’t the giant floor candelabra fascinating? It’s large enough to function as a coat rack.

This home goes in a different direction with a combination of industrial style and classic influence. It’s hard to go wrong with concrete accent walls in a grey-themed home, and this space pulls it off quite well. Notice the warmer tone to the throw pillows – a nice example of mixing color temperatures even within a grayscale theme.

Black accents like the frame on the artwork and the body of the lamp help draw attention to some of the room’s most engaging features.

Decorations remain spare but each contributes to the design in a tremendous way. The white bird is by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, and the gray one is an interpretation of the famous Eames house bird. Both are extremely iconic designs.

A mirrored wall right next to the desk might prove distracting for some, but it won’t get in the way at all when the sliding door is closed for privacy.

The dining table pendants are from the Fork line by Foscarini. The chairs were designed by Hee Welling. Pay special attention to the bench made from the half-height dividing wall.

Isn’t that cool? The divider actually shields the small kitchen island. A short backsplash reduces visual clutter from the living room side of the layout.

Perfect for convenient herbs, the matching planter is another fun and surprising detail.

Greys and warm wood continue into the bedroom, and the Foscarini lights follow.

The routing of the lamp cords is especially unique, coming down from the ceiling and crossing over above the bed.

Pocked concrete decorates the bathroom as well, and even the floors imitate the same texture. A panel behind the towel rack matches the sink and counter, and a large mirror doubles the impact of the marble.

Visualizer: Cosmoscube Studio  

Dark gray and wood are wonderful partners. Here, the aged lumber softens the effect of the textural concrete accents without completely disrupting the contemporary theme. Both materials can be elegant on their own, but this combination ensures a comfortable living environment – powerful yet easy on the eyes.

The wooden panel slides to the side to separate this smartly decorated living space from its matching grey bedroom.

This oversized dome light is breathtaking! The eye darts straight to this showy piece, surprised by the optical illusion of recessed construction combined with the classic dome shape.

Designer: Razvan Barsan + Partners  

Although must lighter than the other homes featured in this post, this space is far from the usual white interior and uses darker grey accents in powerful ways. The color theme is well suited to its uniquely dramatic style, a cross between steampunk and high fantasy, almost monochromatic but certainly not lacking in variety and charm. The space belongs to a collector of bonsai trees and antique maps along with repurposed machine parts.

Check out this amazing indoor fire pit! The white shag rugs and unique floor paint transport guests to a wonderful and mythical world filled with good conversation and fascinating stories.

Jules Verne’s science fiction seems to have inspired a few of the decor choices.

The lines on the floor connect each central piece of furniture, adding a sense of organization to an otherwise eclectic arrangement.

With storage cabinets built from distressed metal, the desk area feels especially industrial and moody. Tall trees give it a surreal post-apocalyptic vibe.

With all of the emphasis on paper and wood faux-mounts, this wire sculpture is a refreshing choice – sculptural and engaging.

Candles and unique vintage-inspired lighting bring a sense of tradition and classical charm to an otherwise very cutting-edge interior design.

More classic inspiration meets industrial design in the kitchen. The leather chair, the winding range hood, and the distinctive stools all make a brilliant first impression.

The ship paintings do a wonderful job of unifying the various neutral shades found throughout the interior.

Rocks, moss, and bonsai trees bring this interior garden to life. Tending this living artwork would be an incredible experience.

Visualizer: S Marshall   

Here’s another grey home that doesn’t lack character in the slightest – creative materials and distressed surfaces catch the eye, and modern furniture keeps it fresh. Adventurous choices like the rough stone effect feature wall and concrete ceiling ensure that guests will leave the home inspired.

The textures are incredible! Transitioning from wood floors to hexagonal tiles is an especially innovative approach, surely well worth the effort.

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May 25, 2016

Here at Furniture Fashion we think if you are going to go all the way on any room of your home, it should be the kitchen. After all, it is the most used room in just about every dwelling everywhere and is the center of social and daily gatherings and always will be. Snaidero is apparently under the same belief and their continued dedication to cutting edge design is second to none. These people know kitchens and the Loft collection by Michele Marcon is no exception and a really nice addition to the long history of awesome styles. This new series features a distinctive urban industrial look that combine wood, glass and metal element that really lends itself well to open floor plans. Here are some of the great looking images of the various layouts with the storage and utilitarian parts that make up the collection.

The light wood offers such a strong contrast to the darker metals and gray finish of the cabinets and framing that it feels a lot lighter in scale and keeps it more on the informal side. This industrial concept has really been a big hit in urban areas where existing buildings many of which are abandoned or vacant are being converted to residential housing. Cement ceilings and floors, exposed piping and electrical fixtures and metal framed windows would be the perfect setting for the Loft kitchen. Setting up the exact layout is needed is often challenging so referring to the Ideas & Hints  section of their website will help ensure the best final product possible.

The heavy bolted on handles over natural wood offers such a timeless look and simplistic appearance that is very approachable and functional. This is far from many of the modern kitchen designs that Snaidero has created in the past and one such example is the Acropolis which featured a circular layout that looks straight out of the future.

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May 25, 2016

The dining room setting has come a long way over the years and especially so for the lover of Modern and Contemporary furniture design. In the past it was so important to present the matching table, server and decorative cabinet that would certainly make an impressive display when friend and family gathered for special occasions. I think today it has become a bit more eclectic and as long as you like the look you have created it is the perfect setting. We wanted to feature some of the super stylish Buffet – Sideboards that can tastefully transition into a wide variety of places in a home from the dining room, to entry way and in some cases the main living room or audio video room. We hope you enjoy the various styles that range from warm walnut veneers to high gloss white lacquer and here are some dining tables you may like too.

walnut dining rom buffet server

long tall walnut beffet server

This elegant look may even work as a console unit under a wall mounded television as many of the buffet servers are not only geared for plate and silver ware storage. Often the spaces are wide open and could easily lend themselves the smaller audio and video components available today. Of course you will have to make provisions for cabling but this could help keep your room looking great and the otherwise displayed machinery nicely hidden behind closed doors. Today the taller  cabinets are being considered less and less probably in part to the fading tradition of displaying the family China set.

Here is one that has incorporated LED lighting to create dramatic effects and accentuate the lines of the design. Once again we see a style here that could work with such a wide variety of tables or nothing at all. We hope you find one that helps you at least choose a direction because you have to start somewhere.

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May 25, 2016

It is really encouraging to see just how much the world market is embracing the reclaimed wood furniture items being produced out of otherwise forgotten materials. Like so many natural elements it would seemingly be used one time. Well the barns, buildings and homes of the past are being systematically deconstructed with the intention of maintaining the full aged beauty and characteristics of the lumber that will eventually make a second debut as a great looking piece of new furniture. Here are some of the gorgeous platform beds and night stands made from literally any and every type of reclaimed wood and in many cases numerous species within one item. I really love the story here for not only the ecologically conscious whose deforestation issues may be lessened but also for the aesthetic beauty that only the many years of patina and exposure to the elements can offer.

It is really amazing how such a rustic look can transition into modern surroundings and stand on its own which is truly the test of a great design. One thing the consumer needs to be aware of is that when shopping for reclaimed wood furniture it is important to understand every item is unique and if you see an item you really like get the exact one you are seeing as the next one could be drastically different. Unless you are a person willing to roll the dice on the one you will be getting it is important to remember difference is always a good thing. We hope you like some of the re purposed wood beds we found that really caught our sense of good looks, design and functionality. Also take a look at some outstanding Modern Platform Beds that may fit your renovation or remodeling project here.

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May 25, 2016

At first glance you see a modern sideboard with clean lines, many of them to be exact. Upon further inspection it is obvious that the Wave Cabinet by Artist and Designer Sebastian ErraZuriz is nothing like the typical storage sideboard, not even close. The New York based artist explains “I am inviting people to look at one of the simplest forms of furniture design and to forget that we’re talking about furniture, instead to see it as a way of breaking a box. I love the idea of creating beautiful furniture; nevertheless I am much more interested in using the medium as an excuse to trigger people’s curiosity and create a connection with them”.

wavy wood dining sideboard

bleached wood sideboard

It is simply incredible how you can manipulate the entire structure by just pulling and stretching the accordion like slats as you want. It would be really hard to get tired of this piece as you can reinvent it on a regular basis. The video shows just how many options are possible and I think my favorite one is the first image where the Wave is completely closed and twisted only on one side. Even in its natural state or configuration this is a nicely proportioned and sophisticated sideboard that would work perfectly in a modern dining room or living room environment.       accordian style furnitture

You would not have any problem finding a specific dish in this wide open area! The Chilean born, New York based artist and designer was raised in London, obtained a design degree in Santiago and a Master’s in Fine Arts from New York University has a great looking collection of installations and furniture designs to his credit. In 2010 he received the title of Chilean Designer of the Year and has numerous other credit in his relatively short career. See the entire works of Sebastian ErraZuriz at his website.

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