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October 22, 2017

While it may feel cliche to some, the truth is that many children (in particular little girls) love the color pink. As a parent, you want to be able to decorate your son or daughter’s room in a way that they absolutely love while still creating a space that you believe to be beautiful. In the wrong hands, pink can become saccharine and overpowering, and you do not want a room that feels like you are drowning in a vat of cotton candy. Luckily, it is possible to design a tasteful child’s room with plenty of pink, as long as you know what you’re doing. Following are just a few examples of how to use pink to great effect when designing a room for a child.

Visualizer: Tatyana Ryltsova  

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when decorating with pink is that a pink theme does not mean that everything should be pink.

While a light shade of blush, as used in this design, can lean towards neutral, it is important to play it off of other true neutrals, like white, to avoid being overwhelming.

By using the popular mix of pink and white, this space is soothing instead of loud, making it a perfect retreat for a night of homework.

The subtlety of the pink in this room is quite elegant.

A pink nook for the television is just the right amount of color without creating a distraction.

The next room, from the same visualizer, shows that you can go a bit brighter with pink and still keep the space playful but not garish, even with kid’s decor.

Another tip for decorating effectively with pink is to mix shades, which this design does quite well.

Softer pinks for the walls is an ideal choice while using brighter shades for light fixtures and throw pillows adds dimension.

Another calming homework nook utilizes white as well, with a pink table lamp that really pops.

White also comes in with floating cloud accessories, another calming choice.

Finally, a similar television nook goes a bit more bubblegum with its accent color.

Visualizer: Rustem Urazmetov  

In addition to mixing different shades of pink, mixing a few different patterns can give a modern, stylish look to a pink bedroom.

A bright planter and white desk chair show that a pink palette does not mean all pink and only pink.

We get a glimpse of pattern mixing with a white brick wall opposed to a pink and white tile wall.

No matter what the color scheme, of course, plenty of storage is a must in a kids room.

Visualizer: Anastasia Skoblik  

In this next space, we see how finding the right colors to complement the pink palette is key, starting with kids’ beds.

In this room, it’s a lovely mint color that complements.

The use of the green and pink together is certainly youthful but not cloyingly sweet.

The use of adorable artwork is also a nice touch.

Visualizer: FINE DESIGN  

In this room, a unique floor lamp in white ties together a pink, black and white scheme.

Adding a bit of sparkle and shine, here in the guide of bedroom pendant lights, is another way to bring elegance to a pink room.

Black, white and pink is a classic color theme that calls to mind French macarons, which are very on trend.

Floating pink wall shelves are a practical and stylish addition.

A subtle kids’ night light is another well-chosen accessory.

Finally, an Eames-style rocking chair at the coral pink desk is high style.

Visualizer: Thao Uyen  

The final room incorporates a few of the tips we’ve covered, including complementary colors, pattern mixing, and many shades of pink.

The patterned wallpaper, pennant flags and cozy size make this room particularly playful.

A stacked nightstand with sunny yellow is the perfect sophisticated accessory for this room.

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October 22, 2017

Hollywood Regency style is making waves in the interior design world, we present to you the top 10 best hollywood regency chaise lounges that will give your home a taste of the good life.

  1. Infanta Chaise – Shaped like a treble clef music note or a fancy seashell, the infanta chaise is handcrafted in the USA and features an elegantly curved backrest with button accents along the outer rim of its base. A sophisticated and highly sought after design.
  2. Mary Velvet Sofa – This luxurious and curvaceous sofa looks like a pair of kissable lips with fractal shape accents on the backrest and includes faux shabby sheepskin pillows. A fun and flirty design.
  3. Three Sofa – Glamorous curved backrest resembling a wave with a elegant orb shaped legs including an animal print patterned throw pillow to bring out your wild side.
  4. Bibiano Chaise – A plush cushioned and diamond tufted lounger with shiny silver nail head trim. The backrest creates a slight wave that ascends along the outer edge to form the luxurious curved headrest. A chaise fit for royalty.
  5. Laurel Velvet Sofa – A stunning sofa upholstered in a luxurious velvet fabric in a brilliant blue jewel toned color with remarkable ribbed tufted details on the backrest. A star stunning addition to your home design.

You can choose to add a few hollywood regency furniture designs to your home to give it that 1930s hollywood glam feel that will take your living space to new heights!

October 22, 2017

Even if interior design is your vocation, it can be a challenge to work in small spaces. When an apartment has to work for a couple or even a small family without much square footage, things can quickly get cramped when even one decision goes awry. With a little bit of planning, however, it is possible for a space even as small as the ones featured here to end up feel welcoming and open rather than claustrophobic. The three apartments featured in this post measure less than 70 square metres (750 square feet) but still have a beautiful open feeling to them, thanks to carefully chosen colors, well-placed furniture, and attention to detail.

Visualizer: KYDE  

The first home featured is a 65 square metre (700 square feet) apartment located in Moscow. Despite the small size, the design still makes room for important decorative elements like a unique plant stand nestled next to the sofa.

Decorating a small space means always thinking about storage, and the coffee tables used in this living room have nooks for books and other items underneath. A unique floor lamp fits easily in the corner without taking up valuable floor space.

Unique shelving that’s put at an angle adds visual interest as well as usefulness.

A small home office area is set apart from the main living area with design, including lighting. A stylish ergonomic chair, specifically the Eames-Style Group Executive Chair fits nicely with the rest of the living room’s decor.

It is critical that different areas are kept as separate as possible without closing off the space, which this decor does well.

In the dining area, a decorative vase, modern dining chairs, and dining pendant create what feels like a contained area. Each element works together to draw the eye towards the table and make the space feel cozy and warm.

Keeping many elements in the same color family, specifically white in this case, can also help with a small space.

A black and white kitchen is a decidedly modern look, too.

Though the dining space and kitchen are forced to bleed into one another, the common colors and textures means they are able to work together and not feel too crowded.

Lighting is also perhaps more important in a smaller space. In the bedroom, a bedroom pendant light on each side of the bed adds an important decorative element as well as essential light.

Recessed overhead lighting adds even more glow, but takes up no space at all.

Neutral colors like white, beige, and bare wood keep the bedroom feeling clean and bright.

Still, the design leaves room for important indulgent pieces like a mustard yellow dressing chair and vanity.

Unique shoe storage is tucked out of the way while a soft gray ottoman gives a comfortable place to slip into or out of the day’s shoes.

The use of indoor plants is basically a must in small space design.

Finally, a white bathroom feels incredibly spacious.

The combination of white on white design with mirrors and lots of light is ideal in a compact space like this one.

Indeed, photos may not do justice to quite how compact this bathroom is.

Visualizer: Studio PINE  

The next apartment featured is a 66 square metre (710 square feet) space located in Kiev, Ukraine.

The home was designed for a young couple who wanted to live “surrounded by soft tones and gentle shades,” but who clearly also have an affinity for wine judging by the wine glasses and wine storage.

Maximizing natural light was imperative for the designers on this project, since only one wall of the unit has a window.

Because just one wall has a window, a wall shelf is optimal for storage.

The design separates the bedroom from the main living area with a glass wall so that light can constantly pass through.

Because the room divider is glass, the home is allowed to feel much more open.

The kitchen and living area are not separated from one another.

Bleached oak cabinetry, artificial tropical leaves and an indoor herb planter all bring a bit of nature into the home.

White and wood in the bedroom as well as minimalist side tables and a simple bedside lamp keep the bedroom from feeling too cluttered.

The same wood coloring is brought in for the closet doors.

A dark wood flooring and soft area rug are a perfect addition for a bit of texture.

The single bathroom is white and dark gray, which is a comforting combination.

Visualizer: Andrey Kabanov  

In the final space, which measures 68 square metres (732 square feet), we get a bit more color, starting with a lovely accent wall in the main living area.

The small dining space, demarcated by a dining pendant light and bare wood Scandinavian style chairs, is lovely.

Soft grays and wood, coupled with natural light, is optimal.

The decorative elements call attention to the Scandinavian inspiration.

Moving into the bathroom we get even more color with a vibrant olive green.

The green against white and wood is quick contemporary and chic.

The bedroom chooses a luscious blue for its accent color, along with a very simple table lamp.

A bit of pattern in the flooring can be dangerous in a small space but because it is just a small swath, it works here.

Finally, the entryway, which includes a bit of useful storage, a place to put on shoes, and just a hint of blue.

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October 22, 2017

iDeas Line from Deltacalor is a collection of hydraulic towel warmers perfect for heating your environment but at the same time a clever mix of efficiency and aesthetics. Their designs reinvent radiators, making them able to give the environments a new aesthetic value and renewing the way of understanding domestic warmth. These pieces are a useful addition to any bathroom, and they cannot fail to match any type of decor.
bathroom radiator with shelves
Thanks to the research carried out by Deltacalor, some radiators of the iDeas Line have 90 degrees adjustable modules, as pictured above and below. With these, in addition to an elegant towel warmer, you have a useful clothes dryer in your bathroom and also an innovative radiator to heat your bathroom.

The team of engineers and researchers is the actual driving force of the company and they are constantly engaged in research and development of innovative heating systems with respect to the environment and in line with the latest energy saving standards. This way they manage to offer high-tech products with contemporary designs perfect for residential use that perfectly combine performance, aesthetics and new heating technologies.
contemporary steel towel rail

And how about a radiator that you will build yourself and be able to redesign it whenever you want to? Part of the iDea hydraulic towel warmers, there is also a piece that can do just that. FreeSystem model has pipes that can be composed in a wide range of different sizes and shapes, to create numberless drawings and aesthetic combinations.

FreeSystem towel warmer

Deltacalor is a company founded back in 1993 as a manufacturer of steel towel racks. Being purchased in 2001, by an industrial group, the company renewed its product range with exclusive product lines.
Ever since 2005 when the company moved in a new 10.000 sqm modern manufacturing facility with state-of-the-art technologies, it started creating products at the highest market standards that are retailed all over the world.
handy clothes rack radiator

delta calor radiator design ideas

hego towel heater

hydraulic towel warmers

innovative bathroom radiator design

luxury towel warmer

modern bathroom radiator

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October 22, 2017

Feeling just crazy about cats? You, the internet’s cat videos, and our cat-themed home décor accessories are not alone. Cats make our lives lighter, brighter, and just that touch more cuddly. Inject some personality into your bathroom, with a cat toothbrush holder on your shower wall. Shed light on your next party or gathering, with cat-faced fairy lights gracing the scene. Go that step too far in the workplace, with a cat pencil sharpener inserting pencils in its butt. Get cat-friendly in your home or office, with our top 52 picks for cat-themed décor and accessories.


Cat-Shaped Table Lamp: Want a table lamp with a difference? This white porcelain beauty’s incisions reflect out light before sleep-time.


Cat Night Light: Looking for kids’ night lights instead? This cute kitten offers a seven-colour light mode – and a portable design your kids can hold.

$100BUY IT

Cat Ear Headphones: Play the cool cat, with these innovative headphones. Over the ear cushioning ensures a secure fit and exterior silence – or, turn on the cat ears to blast the music outside. USB-rechargeable.


Cat-Shaped String Lights: Have a party planned for a cat-mad friend? Light up the occasion, with these handmade, battery-operated and cat-faced fairy lights.


Cat Wall Decals: Wish a cat would tear into the room? Take your dream literally, with these 3D wall decals simulating moggy madness.


Vinyl Cat Wall Decals: Want something a little more subtle? These sitting, jumping and playing cats provide interior personality in vinyl.


Stylish Cat Art Print: Love a grumpy cat? Clad yours in a beanie, in this artistic print on 100% cotton rag paper.


Framed Cat Artwork: Black cat lovers can’t go past this framed print by Jon Bertelli. Its 17×17 poster is framed with sturdy black wood and plexi glass for protection.


Colorful Cat Canvas Art: Printed on canvas, this close-up injects more colour. Hang its 20×20 inch frame on your bedroom or lounge wall.


Cat-Themed Metal Wall Art: Think you’re just looking at wall art? Think again. This black cast iron kitty can hang on your wall, or act as a hot-plate coaster to protect your kitchen table.


Cat-Themed Bed Sheet: Get your daughter the cat-themed bedroom she dreams of. This pretty-in-pastel design offers a duvet cover, fitted sheet and two pillowcases.


Cat With Glasses Bed Set: Buying for a boy instead? This cotton and polyester blend sleeps your son amongst cool cats.


Cat Shower Curtain: For a shower that’s fun for all the family, this cat curtain is a treat. Machine-washable in polyester, you can buy the matching bath rug to complete the full set.


Cat-Shaped Rug: There’s nothing like a sleeping cat to calm the senses. Place this polyester mat where your cat likes to doze – and get a free mermaid necklace to boot.


Cat-Shaped Pillows: Plush and available in three colours, these cats provide the perfect form for a late-night snuggling session.


Judgmental Cat Pillow: People judge; but so do cats. Be a cat person first, with this provocative pillow upon your lounge-bound sofa.

From $5BUY IT

More Cat-Themed Cushions: Prefer cuter characters? This wide range of cat pillows provides all you need for a purring good time.


Cat Hook & Holder: Brush your teeth in the shower? This plastic white cat holds your brush and paste in a cat-themed bathroom.


Cat Hampers: Cats don’t just eat in laundries – they own them. This yellow-eyed felt moggy hides all your dirty laundry in these unique laundry baskets.


Cat Toilet Paper Holder: Shopping for the friend who has everything? This cast iron toilet paper holder in the shape of a cat is an unusual find.


Decorative Cat Wall Hooks: Need somewhere to hang your bags? This stain-resistant and rust-proof rack lets you hang your raincoats amidst a bevy of cats.


Cat Butt Magnets: Have decorative wall hooks on your radar? These vinyl cat butts add the unusual to your interior.


Cat Mugs: Get a dose of cuteness with your caffeine. These ceramic cat mugs – and free matching spoons – come in black or white.


Surprise Cat Coffee Mug: Don’t expect to find a cat in your mug? These unique coffee mugs exceed all expectations.


Cat Tea Cup With Infuser: Infuse your tea, feline-style. This crazy cat mug in glass strains through a fish.


Cat Tea Infuser: Available in pink or grey, these adorable clingers-on strain through non-toxic silicone.


Cat Coasters: Get a moggy face for every cup. These silicone coasters are a quirky way to protect your table.


Cat Butt Coasters: Drink coasters never seemed so rude. Hand-crocheted in 100% cotton, they’re a find to hide away when your Grandma comes over.


Black and White Cat Salt & Pepper Shaker Set: After salt and pepper shakers for a romantic date? Set these ceramic love-cats upon the dining table.


Cat-Shaped Wine Holder: Give the gift of wine, with a cat on the side. This handmade metal holder is perfect for the dining table or kitchen.

From $17BUY IT

More Fancy Whimsical Cat-Themed Wine Holders: Can’t choose between metal, ceramic, or just plain crazy? This range of wine holders all use cats as their feature.


Cat Cutting Board: Handmade in the US with cherry, black walnut and maple woods, these unique cutting boards are almost good enough to eat.


Cat Egg Mould: Surprising a cat lover for breakfast? Shape their eggs in a cat’s face, while they cook on the pan.


Cat Ice Cube/Chocolate Moulds: Give the gift of the feline form, in these rubber chocolate and ice-cube moulds.


Cats Pattern Embossing Rolling Pin: Want to go the extra mile? Imprint your cookies with cats for the Christmas season.


Cat Tongs: Looking to add to your cat kitchen decor? These Japanese-made, dishwasher-safe cat tongs are some cool kitchen gadgets.


Cat Spoons: Made from ceramic and stainless steel, these unique flatware spoons add a smile to your tea time.


Cat Measuring Spoons: Make baking fun again! These ceramic measuring spoons come adorably gathered with a ribbon bow tie.


Nested Cat Measuring Cups: Use liquids more often? See a cat’s face at the bottom of these ceramic cup measurements.


Cat Footed Bowl: Switch up your nut bowl, with cat’s paws underneath. Its non-porous stoneware is microwave and dishwasher-safe.


Minimalist Cat Planter: Looking for the perfect way to spice up your worktable? A cat planter can’t lead your far astray.


Funny Cat Succulent Planter: Give your succulents a dose of humour. These resin animal-shaped planters let plants breathe through a hole in their bottom.


Decorative Cat Vases: Hide your pens and paper clips – or show off your prize blooms – in these ceramic cat holders.


Decorative Ceramic Cat Figurines: Have a space in need of a furry friend? Place these sleek figurines upon the spot.


Cat Garden/Memorial Statue: Crafted in resin, this angelic kitty is worthy of a cat to remember. Place it indoors or outdoors to relish its memory.


Cat Bookends: Made of polystone, these unique bookends play with black cats – and hold your books together.


Cat Pencil Sharpener: Shock your clients, with this unconventional sharpener amidst your cat office décor.


Cat Pen: Want to play it more PC? This cat pen in black or bright pink signs your deals in black ink.


Cat Door Stopper: See a cat behind the door? These decorative doorstops are made of cast iron.


Cat Door Knocker: Love gargoyles – and cats? These unique door knockers are an interesting hybrid.


Cat Coir Doormat: Hand-stencilled with fade-resistant dyes, these funny door mats ensure your feet don’t slip on their sturdy coir.


Cat-Shaped Cat House: A cat needs their own style of décor – and these cute plush kittens provide the open mouths to house them.

Looking for more cat specific inspiration for your home? Check out our stylish cat furniture post for more cat-friendly ideas.

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October 22, 2017

“Less is more” in both the world of Feng Shui and Mid Century Modern interior design. Feng Shui is rooted in the art of placement and mid century modern is built upon the foundation of functional design. Both design concepts value the importance of minimalism because both take into account form and space when applied to architecture and design.

In Feng Shui, the home is viewed as the sanctuary and holds a symbolic representation of what you may be experiencing in your live both internally and outside of the home itself. This is demonstrated by placing certain objects, decor and furnishings in specific areas to change the direction of the energy. Also, it can be as simple as fixing leaky faucets or replacing burnt out light bulbs when this occurs.

Mid Century Modern design also views the home as a sanctuary. The architectural structure and design focuses on bringing the outside world indoors. A common mid century modern home may have walls constructed using large glass panels so that nature can be seen from inside and will be made using efficient resources such as radiant floor heating and ergonomic furniture.

When joining Feng Shui and Mid Century Modern design, it can make a powerful combination. For example, a mid century modern sofa may be able to convert into both a daybed and a chaise lounger. Thus, you only have to have one piece of furniture in your home instead of having all three furnishings. This is better for you economically speaking, for the environment as far as production of resources and for your home because it allows for more space. The more space in an area, the easier it is for energy to flow through that space. This clears the path – an important aspect of Feng Shui.

While there are many other design rules and ideas in the art of Feng Shui and many different variations on mid century modern design, the fundamentals can be applied together to create a comfortable and happy home for you and your loved ones.

October 22, 2017

Mid-century design is certainly not a newcomer to decor trends. For years now, looks coveted by the most style-conscious include those 1950s marvels inspired by design giants like Eames and architects like Frank Lloyd Wright. Despite its popularity, there are still designers creating their own unique spins on the mid-century style, including visualizer Aleksandr Kalinov, whose work is featured here. This California house employs some of the breezy, comfortable elements that are familiar to that region, along with the clean mid-century modern lines and plenty of lush, touchable textures. Take a look inside of this modern, open home that is not afraid to be a bit trendy.

Entering the living room, visitors are instantly struck by how open the relatively modest house feels.

Sweeping lines from the spacious backyard into the open living room are long and straight.

The furniture likewise features clean, calming lines with low sofas, coffee tables, and dining chairs.

The wood paneling on the wall is another distinctly mid-century inspiration –it is both warm and vintage.

The dining room features chairs that are a bit more modern than mid-century, as well as dining room pendant lights that have a bit of retro appeal.

The color palette has a California cool to it, with lots of bare wood grain, whites, and grays.

Of course, what California luxury home is complete without a swimming pool and backyard palms.

One of the more stunning features of this home is the textured teal wall, which sets off perfectly the decorative candles held in gold candlesticks.

The wood flooring is not the same color as the wood paneled walls, so it adds a bit of interesting contrast.

Moving into the decadent bedroom, we find the simple in a decorative vase

…and the luxurious in a stunning gold room divider.

Smooth and shiny walls are balanced out by plush carpeting, which does not tend to be the choice of most modern homeowners, but is very aligned with the mid-century look.

The luxurious green color comes back in the bedding, and works perfectly with the gold accents.

The use of 4 poster beds is not limited to mid-century design and in fact, the material chosen for this one almost has an 80s flair to it.

Abstract art also gained popularity during the mid-century design period, so its inclusion here works.

Indeed, the art theme even carries into the bathroom with its abstract wall design.

Marble and stone give this luxurious bathroom a bit of a California vibe.

A black tub and picture window finish off this tour of a sunny and stunning house in California.

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October 22, 2017

“Modern” is a term that can get overused when it comes to interior design. Nearly every home is modern in some way or another, whether it’s the inclusion of a flat screen television or a gleaming countertop with an undermounted sink. The two homes featured here, however, go a bit beyond an element or two. Using clean lines, simple furniture and bold pops of greenery, these homes speak to the future. They have a vibe that would make a set designer think about using them as a futuristic bachelor pad or a landing place for a robot designer. Between the dark color schemes and sleek, simple elements, these modern beauties have a timeless appeal.

Visualizer: Yevhen Zahorodnii & SivakTrigubchak  

The first modern home is a 145 square metre (1560 square feet) home in Kiev Ukraine. The living area has a stunning focal point in a modern sofa.

The sleek sectional along with the round coffee tables makes for a practical but also stylish living room.

A table nestled up against the sofa features mismatched decorative vases.

Some modern design shy away from indoor house plants, but they can actually work quite well in a sleek space if the right plants are used.

In the kitchen, which opens out into the main living area, unique wine storage is both useful and adds its own decorative element.

The kitchen and living area are barely separated, but the way they are designed makes them feel like separate spaces.

A black kitchen theme is modern, bordering on futuristic.

The dining table is attached to the kitchen island, but contrasts in color.

The natural light doesn’t get too far into the kitchen, so overhead lighting becomes important.

The light wood flooring is what makes the darker wall elements possible, even if hardwood is not quite as futuristic as some other flooring options.

Black, white, and natural wood is a modern combination that will certainly stand the test of time.

Visualizer: Olga Paliychuk  

Another stunning sectional takes center stage in the next home, which is a 156 square metre (1679 square feet) home in Kiev, Ukraine. The olive green sofa frames simple, elegant wine glasses and an end table.

In another home that lacks a bit for natural light, globe lights dot the landscape.

Closet storage is hidden away in simple panels.

The clean look of the closed closet doors contributes to a dark, modern feeling.

A dark dining table provides a home for a Japanese-inspired pitcher.

The black on black dining set is another luxurious, modern element.

The black and green of the sofa play off one another for a modern but rustic atmosphere.

The use of textures in this home is also quite modern — from wood to metal to concrete.

Moving into the first bedroom, warm wood becomes the texture of choice.

A sleek floor lamp adds important light and style.

A sage green wall color is particularly comforting in a bedroom setting.

The sage green also works especially well with the warm, reddish wood elements giving the bedroom a Southwest flair.

The bathroom has its own modern appeal with white marble walls.

The olive green from the living room also finds its way into the bathroom decor.

Pinkish tiles and a round mirror give the second bathroom a bit of retro appeal.

Moody lighting envelops the visitor to the mod space.

Oversized planters act as stylish homes for huge plants.

The second bedroom also uses reddish wood, but its a bit cooler in its tone.

Large indoor plants and gray colors give this modern bedroom an almost mid-century look.

The wood paneled wall is particularly inviting.

A dark gray and red tiled bathroom has a masculine bent to be sure.

The combination of square edges and rounded fixtures make the bathroom a bit more visually interesting.

Of course, it also has everything you need.

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October 22, 2017

I came up with a new take on a jalapeno popper which can be served as party appetizer or as a side dish for dinner. They are easy to make and you can add your touch to the mix if you feel like being creative!

What you’ll need:

  • Whole Jalapeno Peppers (preferably medium to large in size)
  • Sour Cream
  • Freshly Shredded Parmesan Cheese
  • 1 Yellow Onion
  • 3 Large Garlic Cloves
  • Eggs
  • Flour
  • Bag of Honey BBQ Chips
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Sharp Cutting Knife
  • Frying Pan
  • Baking Sheet or Casserole dish
  • A couple of mixing bowls or containers
  • Spices – I went with himalayan pink salt, lemon pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, coriander, sazon seasoning

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Dice your yellow onion and mince your garlic cloves with your cutting knife. Heat your frying pan to medium low heat and add vegetable oil to it. Add your diced onion to the pan with a little salt and lemon pepper and sautee until pieces turn to a golden color. Stir occasionally. Add minced garlic to the frying pan about 2 – 3 minutes before removing the onion – keep a good eye on the garlic so as to not burn or brown the garlic.

It is okay if some of the onions are a mixture of golden to light brown in color.

Cut your jalapeno peppers in halves length wise keeping the stem intact. Remove the seeds from them and spread them apart a little so you can fill them with your delicious sour cream concoction.

In a mixing bowl, combine your sauteed onion and garlic with sour cream, shredded parm cheese, spices and a couple of splashes of apple cider vinegar. Mix together.

Add flour to another dish. Whisk eggs in a separate dish. Crush honey BBQ chips in bag until they are in crumbled pieces.

Scoop sour cream filling into the jalapeno halves. Dredge the stuffed jalapenos with flour, coat with whisked eggs and dip in crushed honey bbq chips. Coat the filling and jalapeno so its completely covered, you can press down on the crumbs so they stick better. It may get a little messy but that’s the fun of it!

Line your baking sheet with aluminum foil and spread a little vegetable oil so they don’t stick to the foil. Place your jalapenos evenly on the sheet and pop into the oven! They should be done in about 15 – 20 minutes, check periodically to make sure they are getting nicely roasted.

A delicious and hearty snack for anytime of year!

October 22, 2017

Perseo is a classical yet ultra modern table where glass and wood enhance each other in a perfect combination.
Built form two of the most used materials in furniture manufacturing, the attractive design of the dining table combines modern and classic aspects in a beautiful way, bringing dining to a new level. This is a prime example of combining great design with quality materials to produce a stunning piece of furniture able to create an illusion of a bigger and cleaner space in the dining room its placed in.perseo dining tableThe minimal and elegant lines are made all more stylish by the transparent top that extends in the legs area and merges with the wooden legs in perfect harmony. Perseo modern glass table creates an air of stylishness, elegance and sophistication wherever it is. Transparent glass top in combination with wood constructs a beautifully crafted dining tables collection that is very sought after. The two elements contrast yet complement one another in their grace, beauty, and sense of elemental opposition.
The modern glass table for dining is created by Paulo Graselli for Tonelli, and made in Italy. The various dimensions and the variety of materials make Paulo Graselli’ s design versatile and suitable for many uses. The pieces from the collection are available in four different lengths: 200cm, 220cm, 240cm and 260cm and the glass is an impressive 1.5cm thick. Legs that are measuring 3.8cm thickness, are available in solid Canaletto Walnut wood, solid bleached Oak, matte white lacquered or lacquered in any RAL color of your choice.

contemporary dining tableTonelli is an Italian manufacturer that creates exceptionally high quality glass furniture, and is constantly pioneering new techniques and innovative designs. The company showcases the work of more than twenty-five masters of design offering stunning glass furniture pieces for every room in the contemporary home.

modern glass table

amazing glass concept furniture

The post Perseo, a Modern Glass Table for Dining in Style appeared first on Furniture Fashion and requires written authorization to be republished on another website.

October 22, 2017

If you are looking for a hassle free way of adding an exterior security camera to your home, check out the Ring Floodlight. This motion activated HD video camera has IR night vision in addition to two powerful floodlights. It also has a handy 110db sound alarm to scare off intruders. Pretty handy!

$240BUY IT

$240BUY IT

$240BUY IT

Check out this video that shows this smart cam in action:

Get it on Amazon. (It’s one of their best sellers.)

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October 22, 2017

This city house in Minsk, Belarus, is 151m2 of modern loft style. Designed by VAE, the interior is decked out with metal and concrete industrial features, softened and warmed by generous amounts of wood tone. Grey and green is the colour palette here, and much of that greenery comes in the form of large leafy potted plants that add a calming natural look to the scheme. The industrial decor of this home achieves a welcoming and comfortable look thanks to plentiful soft furnishings and interesting moments of strong pattern. Take this home tour to see more instances of how the cool industrial trend can be homey too.

In the open plan living space, a grey modern sofa ties in with the hue of the concrete on an adjacent wall. Though the sofa is of a simple linear design to suit the no frills decor, it is stuffed with cozy cushions. The throw pillows are the first moment of jade green on entering the home, and this colour story can be seen to continue over in the dining area opposite. A huge portrait mural fills an alcove, adding a quirky arty feel to the room.

The coffee table in front of the sofa has a black metal frame to match the staircase balustrade in the background. A decorative vase of fronds adds a another shade of green to the jade and grey palette.

The stairs are bare wood in continuation of the flooring.

The lighting options all have a distinct industrial vibe, almost all are comprised of black metal and many are track mounted. The many lighting installations and tall windows give this home a bright and spacious feel.

The Husk chair, by Patricia Urquiola, makes a comfortable reading chair over in the lounge. Two black dining chairs head each end of the dining table, teamed with six dining chairs that are upholstered in a shade similar to the throw cushions on the sofa behind. Another pot of leafy decoration adorns this tabletop.

A low console against the chimney-breast holds a store of logs for the woodburning fire and shelves a few ornamental items below the TV.

Over the table are two geometric dining room pendant lights. The frames are large and impactful but thin enough not to appear overbearing or block out any of the natural light from the windows.

A centrepiece of candles on the dining table creates a twinkly atmosphere, and a tray holding a teapot and stack of mugs tell us this is a social space day and night. The fruit bowl holds a colourful stash of lemons that adds zing to both the drinks and the table decoration.

The wall mounted television could be viewed from both the lounge and dining areas.

Moments of concrete take the comfortable decor back to the industrial style.

An L-shaped run of grey base cabinets stop at double height wooden units that house the oven.

What initially appears as a bulkhead of sorts is actually a built-in wine holder.

The backsplash in the kitchen is an installation of intricate patterned tiling, bringing a beautiful rustic feel to the prep and cooking area. More wooden cabinets are found here in the form of exposed kitchen shelving and double banked wall cabinets. The exposed duct around the ceiling adds to the industrial style.

Copper pans and cooking utensils warm and brighten the look over the black kitchen worktop. Potted herbs over by the window are useful and pretty.

At the top of the stairs we encounter two much larger indoor house plants, in matching white pots.

The landing is a mezzanine that overlooks the open plan living area.

In the master bedroom the decor is a little more dark and moody, like a cozy cocoon. Two understated wall sconces brighten the black stained wood over the headboard wall. 4 poster beds always add a sense of grandeur to a room and this simple black framed design is no exception. Inside the frame, an upholstered bed base and headboard bring us right back to that sense of cozy comfort again.

Natural greenery works in tandem with other green-blue notes here in the bedroom scheme. A nest of tables are used as bedside units, with bedtime reading books casually stored underneath. Another instance of contemporary portrait art is propped on the entertainment unit beneath the TV.

Even the walk-in wardrobe has a small succulent plant to carry the scattered botanical theme right through.

A mirrored sliding door provides a full length reflection without taking up any precious wall space in the closet. Banks of shelving add additional storage opportunities at either end of the dressing table. A neat cube shaped dressing stool offers compact seating.

Another instance of bold patterned tiling can be found in the bathroom, this time as flooring. From the ceiling, industrial style lighting descends in a random arrangement, fed by a maze of rustic piping.

Another modern art print adds style to the bathroom.

Large grey bathroom tiles back the shower, matching the grey of the concrete bathroom wall.

On the adjacent wall, subtle pattern creates a traditional backdrop behind a contemporary freestanding bath tub. A simple tree stump holds the soap dispensers.

A wall-hung vanity unit follows on with the warming wood tone.

This grey bedroom is a less dramatic scheme than that of the master suite but the scheme still has plenty of impact thanks to a pairing of art print and wall mural.

The Flos Mod 265 Wall Lamp extends out over the centre of the bed.

An indoor plant fills the corner of the room.

The guest bathroom has another wooden wall hung vanity, with a plant held by a Menu Willmann Vase.

Wall decals add a splash of humour.

Patterned tiles set the tone in the entryway.

A brown couch in the home office matches the wood tone floors.

A wall shelf holds unique planters.

The chrome table lamp is a detour from the black ceiling lights.

A stylish ergonomic chair sits beneath the black desk.

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October 22, 2017

A functional, artistic and combination table idea is to use transparent materials like glass or plastic to showcase something that interests us or something we like to do – it can make a great gift for yourself or for others.

its probably easiest to do with objects that can flatten easily like pressed leaves and flowers, photographs, sheet music or art prints, but if you do it with larger objects like maybe automotive tools or barbie dolls, you can choose to use transparent container that is the correct dimensions and proportions for the task at hand.


Transparent tables mix personal style with functionality. They are absolutely perfect for collectors of all sorts including artists and antiquers.


Similar to mid-century modern architecture with large glass panels serving as walls in flat roofed, rectangular shaped homes, a transparent glass table is a miniature version of a bigger idea. They are space savers and they are an excellent way to give others a little glimpse into your soul without touching everything in it!

October 22, 2017

Italian designer Elena Salmistraro’s Polifemo accent cabinet was inspired by the one-eyed Cyclops of Greek mythology. Composed by a timber structure and a copper covering embellished by ornamental engravings with a chevron pattern and with the handles masquerading as the central eye.
Polifemo is an unusual but unique piece of furniture that makes a difference by showing its strong character.

modern designer cabinet ideas

Italian metal brand De Castelli worked with seven female designers, to create the Tracing Identity furniture collection that features rose-gold cabinets and multi-colored tables. Polifemo is part of the collection and most acclaimed piece. The accent cabinet is a reinterpretation of the furniture once present in all the residences that resurfaces and finds a new aesthetic dimension. Polifemo is a furniture supplement that plays an instrumental role in making your home more inviting. The cool combination of timber wood and the shine of polished copper creates a timeless elegance.

Elena Salmistraro luxury designs

Regardless of your taste in furniture and your lifestyle, the Polifemo credenza is good for storing almost everything and put a big accent on your home or office. Being so versatile its able to serve many uses: in dining rooms, for storing plates, as a bar cabinet in your living room or even for storing documents in your office. Over time, the popularity of this type of smaller storage units started to fade, however, this furnishing is starting to make a comeback in 2017 because of the many contemporary models that reinvented them.

designer accent cabinet

Albino Celato, the founder of De Castelli, back in 2003 wanted to create a brand to prove its worth and the crafts he inherited from his century old family of blacksmiths. The entire De Castelli production is distinguished for the finest quality of its construction, expressed in the meticulous attention to details and the handcrafting of all the finishing and decorating work.

de castelli cabinet design

copper furniture design

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October 22, 2017

More and more jobs are allowing people to work from home. Having the flexibility to work from home has shown to increase worker productivity as well as happiness. While it used to be only a certain type of executive that would deign to have a home office, today it’s virtually a necessity. In this home, a 250 square meter (2690 square feet) apartment in Almaty, Kazakhstan, from visualizers at Design ATO Studio, the home office works seamlessly with the rest of the modern design while still offering plenty of space for a comfortable day of work. Of course, the rest of the apartment is also beautiful, using clean lines and calming, modern colors throughout.

The open living room features both a spacious, white modern sofa and a unique coffee table.

With the white palette and large picture windows, the living room feels quite spacious horizontally.

Tucked in one corner is a creatively designed black reading chair which adds a certain stylistic and modern flair.

The eye is drawn to the reading chair while from the overhead view we see that the unique coffee table is actually three that fit together.

The design uses a transition in flooring to separate one space from another, deeming walls unnecessary.

A few minimalist elements can take the place of many mementos that tend to clutter a living space.

Looking back into the dining room, we can feel a distinct shift in the design elements, though clean lines still prevail.

The overhead light fixture certainly acts as a focal point in the stark and modern dining area.

The geometric look works well with the Scandinavian style chairs, which are the Wegner elbow style chair.

Artwork can serve an important purpose, especially in a minimalist design, offering a bigger glimpse of the home owner’s personality.

A bit of color, carefully chosen, it certainly not forbidden in this space.

Indeed, the right use of color can make a room or even an entryway feel much more inviting as this red chair does, while also providing a comfortable place to put on shoes.

The contrasting patterns between the floor, walls, and ceiling is a sophisticated way to add interest to an otherwise neutral space.

The informal eating area takes a cue from the dining room with its decorative lighting and modern chairs.

Natural light is allowed to flow in from a smaller window by the kitchen’s design.

In the breakfast area, the modern dining chairs and artificial tropical leaves create an atmosphere that is a bit more casual.

Overhead lighting int he white kitchen makes cooking much more pleasant.

At the bar, kitchen stools offer yet another option for a quick bite or even a bit of homework.

A marble backsplash and crisp countertops would be a special treat for any home chef.

Moving into the office area, at first it is difficult to tell this is a work place because it looks so comfortable and inviting.

It is only from another angle that we see the trappings of a home office, including stylish ergonomic chairs, which are the Eames-style Group Management Chair.

Here we can see the full expanse of this beautiful home office, from the bright mustard chairs and green rug to a large executive desk and floor-to-ceiling windows.

In another space, blackout curtains create a perfect screening area.

A ring of light surrounding a circular mirror is the ultimate in flattery in this vanity/sink area.

A simple toilet paper holder does not call attention to itself in the small water closet.

In the master bedroom, natural light is on display in its full glory.

A beautiful 4 poster bed with a gauzy canopy makes for a lovely space to relax.

The room even features another workspace, for smaller projects or a last minute “note to self.”

A comfortable reading chair is a must in the bedroom, for the morning paper or late night files.

The white bathroom with gray marble accents is another relaxing retreat in this home.

From the soap dispensers to the bidet, each piece is carefully chosen to tell a story of simple luxury.

A smaller bedroom stays within the same palette with warm browns and reds.

Creative wall sconces and bedside lamps add light to this smaller bedroom.

And finally, the child’s room uses a bit more brightness for the kid’s decor.

Blue, yellow and red may be a bit much for an adult bedroom, but here they are perfect.

In plush textures, this room begs to be played in.

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