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December 5, 2016

The foundational Zen concepts of self-control and meditation translate to certain styles of interior design quite well. This two-bedroom home, for example, uses simple furniture and clean forms to help clear the mind of distractions and preoccupations to produce a more inwardly focused atmosphere. Other areas – like the dining room – follow a more ornate style that produces excitement and energy more suited to their role as social areas. If you’re looking for minimalist decor ideas or just want to explore another approach to Chinese interior design, this post can help.

Visualizer: Seclusion Earth  

The living room is focused around a pair of sleek nesting tables. Low furniture and a balance of natural materials and bright white surfaces make the most of the generous bay window.

Natural themes occupy every vantage point. The upholstered window seat allows for a view of the outdoors, a smart minimalist tree impression brings interest to the accent wall, and large branches in vases fill in the gaps.

Although the delicate beauty of orchids is appreciated all over the world, they have an especially rich history in Chinese art and culture.

One interesting thing to note about the living room is its low-contrast color palette. The sofa and rug are almost the same color but feel individualized thanks to the black sofa piping and the differences in texture.

Where the living room ends and the hallway begins, wood meets marble at a boundary of brass. At the wall, concrete sharply meets a mirrored wall.

Beautiful latticework separates some areas with a boundary that feels lightweight but still maintains an open line of visual communication across the home.

Compared to the rest of the home, the dining room is oh-so-bold. Art prints bright color to the space, arranged in a way that complements the latticework on the table.

A small counter doubles up as a breakfast bar to make serving dinner a breeze for the host.

The table setting’s natural palette alternates between warm and cool tones to pull together the artwork on the wall.

While the dining nook happily embraces its cozy atmosphere, the kitchen uses bright white surfaces to reflect sunlight in abundance.

It also includes an enviable amount of storage for such a compact space.

The study uses delicate organic forms for a light and airy effect. The unique graining of the marble actually looks like elegant tree branches and furthers the room’s natural theme.

Glass walls block the sound from the main area of the home without blocking the line of sight. Kids could study at the dining room table as a parent works.

Ensō are an important symbol in Zen Buddhism. The expressive variations in the circle are related to the concept of wabi-sabi and the beauty of imperfection.

Both bedrooms share similar features, including wooden headboards topped with large-form artwork.

Marble details highlight only the most subtle features, allowing the rich wood to take the prominent position in this design.

The second bedroom is lightly more compact owing to the large closet doors that restrict space between bed and wall.

The expanded storage does offer its benefits.

Sliding panels make sense with such a small walkway. Smart closet organization techniques more than make up for the slight inconvenience of the three-panel door.

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December 5, 2016

Italian furniture company Bolzan Letti brings the Tulip Bed to our eyes in this latest article from Furniture Fashion.   How about the great colors?  That is the first thing that strikes me is the choice of the sheets and blanket and how bold they are.   The backdrop of the room has a very neutral paint hue which really makes the bedding come to life and be the center point of my focus.

The Tulip Bed has two choices for a headboard.  One is the same mesh that is also used to support the mattress and frame.  The other choice is a brightly colored abstract painting reminding me of a Jackson Pollock but with much brighter paint hues.  It is great how the bedding has some of the same pigmentation as the headboard.  That is one of the hallmarks of decorating is tying a room scheme altogether.

Tulip Bed by Bolzan Letti Furniture

I do like the narrowness of the supporting legs.  Steel always gives a modern feel which works well in this ensemble.   It would be so easily to clean under the furniture hear with the clearance and birth given by the supporting frame.

Colorful Painted Headboard

For my preference I like the example pictured below.  The design is very cool to look at and has so much life to it.  The challenge I do see and recognize is that I could become tired of the print in a few years.   It would be great if I could change it out or even paint my own to supplant it.  That way I could have a new looking headboard all the time.

Abstract Painted Headboard

Slim Designed Bed Framing in Metal

The framing pictured above is so efficient and clean.  As mentioned before tidying up would be so very easy.  Also, there is not much in the way that can accumulate dust.  I can tell that the construction is very solid and would have no issue supporting the weight of the mattress and two adults.

The post Tulip Bed by Bolzan Letti Furniture of Italy appeared first on Furniture Fashion and requires written authorization to be republished on another website.

December 5, 2016

Christmas bells are ringing, and so is your décor – for some jolly decorations for the big day. Stuck for something for the mantelpiece? Try a reindeer, angel candle, star light or wall decal. Is your Christmas table looking a bit unloved? Gather around the wreaths and candles to make a dinner table display worth sitting down to. From toilet seat huggers, to LED-lit Christmas and birch trees, cutlery holders, tree baubles and bedding sets, our list will have your festive season covered. Sit down with a cup of warm cocoa and read our top fifty picks, to see if you can add some cheer and sparkle to your family homestead this Christmas.

Buy It: $14  

Removable Christmas-Themed Vinyl Wall Stickers: Drench your mantelpiece in Christmas cheer with these vinyl wall stickers, easy to remove and full of joyful welcome.

Buy It: $49  

Christmas Centerpiece With Candles: Light up the table with a wreath bright with candles and real pinecones.

Buy It: $40  

Christmas Birdhouse Centerpiece: Welcome in the red robins with this birdhouse centrepiece, designed for nature lovers.

Buy It: $71  

Feather Christmas Trees Accent: Create a luxurious vibe with these feathered, snowy Christmas trees, a warm feature for an entrance table.

Buy It: $16 each  

Christmas Stockings: Frosty the Snowman and Santa Claus love to bring in goodies to these festive stockings.

Buy It: $22  

Christmas Wreath With LED: Standard Christmas lights not making the cut? Get jolly with an LED-lit Christmas wreath for your front door.

Buy It: $125  

Prelit Artificial Christmas Tree (Spruce): Not everyone spends hours decorating the tree. Get yours pre-decorated with this 7.5-meter beauty.

Buy It: $500  

Prelit Artificial Christmas Tree (Pine): Available in two sizes, this Carolina pine is another pre-lit addition to the busy household.

Buy It: $47  

Lighted Birch Tree: Celebrate the festive season with a beautiful lit birch for beside the dresser.

Buy It: $50  

Angel Tree Topper: Make your Christmas tree an object of envy with this hand-made, glitter-encrusted angel above its branches.

Buy It: $30  

Moravian Star Christmas Tree Topper: A handy porch light or tree topper, this Moravian star shows Santa to the milk and cookies.

Buy It: $16  

Rattan Natural Star Treetop: Match your interior’s more rustic feel with this rattan star atop the tree.

Buy It: $20  

Mr & Mrs Santa Claus VW Bus Christmas Ornament: The Claus’ go hippy aboard this combi van ornament for the mantelpiece.

Buy It: $15  

Glass Angel Ornaments: Let glass angels swing between the fronds of your family’s Christmas tree.

Buy It: From $8  

Star Wars Christmas Ornaments: Love watching Star Wars beside the fire? Let the decorations chime in with these baubles based on the classic.

Buy It: $20  

Wooden Snowflake Ornaments: Tie these snowflakes to your tree, beside your doorbell or on your Christmas table for added joy to the season.

Buy It: $15  

Christmas Snow Owl Figurines: Cute, fluffy and oh-so-wise, these figurines make a nice fit for your Christmas tree.

Buy It: $40  

Rustic Hand Carved Owl: Another wise owl carves its way in wood, an interesting find for lovers of owl home décor.

Buy It: From $40  

Cute Wooden Animal Figurines: Want wooden blocks that go beyond the brief? These animal figurines create a zoo beside the fire.

Buy It: $30  

Quirky Reindeer Statues: Hand-crafted with glittering noses, hooves and spots, these reindeer add a different jingle to the Christmas kitchen.

Buy It: $10  

Reindeer Ring Holder: Get a rose-gold reindeer to hold your wedding ring during Christmas wash-up time.

Buy It: $45  

Freestanding Christmas Star Shaped Marquee Letter Light: These battery-powered stars light up the kids’ letters to Santa.

Buy It: $94  

Lighted Gift Box Decor: Light the path to the tree with these lit gifts on Christmas morning.

Buy It: From $18  

Display Domes: Available in a range of shapes and sizes, these glass domes can house fairy lights for a festive wow factor.

Buy It: $110  

Winter Scene Musical Snow Globe: “Silent Night” streams out of these musical snow globes, a pretty picture for a Christmas-mad child.

Buy It: $30  

Hand-Carved Christmas Candles: Glowing in red and green candy-canes, this candle gets taste-buds tingling at the dinner table.

Buy It: $19  

Reindeer Sleigh Candle Holder: Use up your old tealights as these golden reindeer ride their sleigh.

Buy It: $23 for 6 pieces  

Cute Reindeer Metal Candle Holders: Dot reindeer amongst the feast with these cute tealight holders for the Christmas table.

Buy It: $13  

Christmas Votive Candle Holder: A Christmas tree lights up this red-hued find, a winner among the most inspirational tea-light holders.

Buy It: $23  

Flameless LED Wax Fairy Candles: Worried about a fire hazard? These LED-lit fairies glow from the inside – without a flame.

Buy It: $26 for 4  

Flameless LED Candles: Tell bedside stories with these candles that won’t catch aflame.

Buy It: $25  

Flameless LED Christmas Ornament Candles: Give your loved one the royal treatment, with a coffee surrounded by Christmas lights.

Buy It: From $4  

Christmas Chocolate Molds: Make homemade goodies with these chocolate molds, a nifty trick for impressing visitors.

Buy It: $29  

Christmas Symbols Rolling Pin: Deck the cookies with presents, candy canes and snowmen as this rolling pin glides over their form.

Buy It: $92  

Be Merry Decanter Drinkware Set: Get out the sherry for a merry Christmas toast from a glass decanter.

Buy It: $8  

Snowflakes Coasters: Christmas patterns lurk under cups in these cut-out designs for the kitchen table.

Buy It: $15  

Christmas Themed Plate: Make the Christmas ham just that little bit merrier with Santa and his reindeer to keep it company.

Buy It: $9  

Santa Suit Christmas Silverware Holder Pockets: Rug up your cutlery in these cute Santa outfits for the dinner table.

Buy It: $31  

Reindeer Salt & Pepper Shakers: Shake up the pantry staples with these unique salt and pepper holders for seasonal ham.

Buy It: $12  

Stemless Santa Wine Glass: Combine a timeless shape with a Santa design for a unique wine glass this Christmas.

Buy It: $21  

Countdown Christmas Tree Calendar: Get the kids excited with a wooden advent calendar and magnetic decorations.

Buy It: $15  

Hanging Santa Christmas Advent Calendar: Hang Santa in the bedroom for the countdown to Christmas. Numbered pockets let each day hold a little surprise.

Buy It: $25  

Cute Christmas Themed Throw Pillows: Spice up the couch with these easy-to-display (and-put-away) Christmas cushions.

Buy It: $39  

Red Christmas Themed Pillows: Let it snow in red themed cushions, a perfect way to stack up a soft area.

Buy It: $30  

Christmas Themed Duvet Cover Set: Live and breathe the season with a snowflake-covered duvet set for the winter months.

Buy It: $130  

Christmas-Themed Queen Quilt Set: Clothe your bed in different Christmas patterns, with this two-sided cover set. Choose from either red-and-white plaid or Scandinavian reindeer, bears and a moose each day of the season.

Buy It: $8  

Mini-Gift Santa Toilet Seat Cover and Rug Set: Make the toilet more festive with Santa adorning its rug and seat.

Buy It: $32  

Hanging Santa Outdoor Decor: Give a taste of what’s to come as Santa hangs outside the doorway.

Buy It: $60  

Outdoor Deer Lights: Celebrate the season in style, as these deer prance around your snow-covered front lawn.

Buy It: $6  

Snowflake Window Christmas Decoration: Bring Christmas cheer to your home or workplace with these window-bound snowflakes.

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December 5, 2016

Two trends of the moment, black and white and Scandinavian themes can make quite a pair. We’ve found two apartments that use the trends wisely, putting Scandinavia’s busy simplicity and black and white’s dramatic effects to good design use. The first space, sultry and evocative in film noir, leads out to a kitchen framed in grey and pastels, while black cabinetry grounds the rest. Our second shocks with black walls and popping cacti, which soon slur into deep, dark chocolate tones that lead into a kitchen good enough to eat. Take a look at our house tours to explore two interiors verging on the dark side.

Source: Entrance  

Our first black-and-white, Scandinavian space evokes film noir. Measuring a small 57sqm, it takes advantage of existing plaster decorations and woodwork by using bold, dramatic colours. The living space shows this best, with impactful black encasing the walls. Large-scale monochrome photographs hang off a string line, matched by a case of top hats near the bottom. Different-wooden chairs are softened by black throws and pops of life, while white accents emerge in door frames and illustrated ceiling coves.

Standing out against the black, the room’s finest features glow in white. Two arched French windows let in the day, a white banquet lantern the night. Pops of white appear in heated railings, orchids, a ceiling and chest of drawers. A light tan couch and gold-rimmed glass table offer subtle comforts.

The bedroom carves its own space to the side. Relaxed grey and white bedding drape between a full-length gold mirror, standing flower lamp and lounge-reminiscent glass table. Orchids stem beside the bed, while a bonzai plays on a chest of drawers. A large black space above the bed affords room for thought and a clear path to the next room.

The kitchen and dining room brighten in lighter grey and white tones. Featuring a black-and-wood side bench, a curved grey-fern wall adds muted interest. As a classic round wooden table holds potted life, supporting plants chime in from radiators and windowsills. A bird cage holds a light and nature’s sounds.

The focal point of the room, the French window makes the space large and dark features bright. Streaming onto the bench and wooden table, a mixture of woods appear the same. Illuminated white shows off copper pots, pans and a glossy SMEG. Draped cone copper lighting completes the look, retaining a relaxed, Scandinavian feel.

The bathroom flickers in grey, black and wood, surrounded by white tiling. A simple standing basin is made eclectic by two wooden shelving units underneath. Pops of grey shine in a silver chrome sink and shower, grey curtain and newspaper-style print art.

The way out is shrouded in greenery, mirroring the kitchen. Using the same grey-and-white ferns, white French doors sit above wooden floors and contrasting black tiling. A simple wooden frame hangs the coats.

Visualizer: aTng 糖  

Our second space splits black walls across living, dining and entrance areas. The lounge shows dark criss-crossing a feature wall and back corridor panels, as a simple cat illustration focuses the eye. A range of South American cacti on a low wooden table keep a square linen couch company. A white window to the side lights up rope lighting, a woollen rug and coffee table characters.

Around the corner, black fuses with chocolate covering the floor and wall. A wooden seat, hanging coat rack and rough wooden cabinet lead towards white French doors, inviting in the sun. A simple white-wooden table gathers round pastel chairs. Hanging vines drape over the dining room lamp, designating a place to eat and relax.

Slate tile floors lead to another view – the kitchen. White splashback tiles oppose black-painted walls, adding contrast. Grey cabinetry follows the floor colouring, as black and wood adorn benches, lights and a SMEG.

Like any good Scandinavian classic, the kitchen lets the little elements shine. Kitchen chrome refracts light in a stove and extractor fan, pots and spoons, while wooden pieces create contrast with coloured spices. The wooden cabinet shows off porcelain, glass mason jars and stones, while the dining table acts as a white meal canvas.

Around another hallway corner, a surprise awaits. Long, wide and eye-catching, an office and bedroom space opens itself up to Scandinavian and monochrome influences. To the right, a bed lies in white and grey, as wooden shelving holds books and pot plants. The left shows a large bench space, drilled-hole utility wall and classic black filing cabinet. Using tones of wood, and black and white interspersed with yellow, the space looks like a tool station but acts like an office. Closer inspection reveals kitschy cat paintings, a range of letter sets and everyday handyman tools in a working space for two.

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December 5, 2016

Designer and visualization artist Andrei Lychkouski designed this Minsk apartment for a bachelor with an eclectic taste for styles that span eras and archetypes – the result is a mixture between the traditional and the ultramodern, carefully decorated with surprising details around every turn. The apartment itself occupies 96 square feet but uses clever techniques to feel even more open and spacious. It’s a smart interior with plenty of interesting pieces of designer furniture to admire, unique layout choices to study, and distinctive color palette ideas that depart from the norm.

The tour starts with a look at the living room outfitted with its variety of textiles and patterns. Features like the rug, warm wood floor, and even the ceiling medallion speak to classic influences, while concrete wall accents and contemporary furniture help push the boundary forward.

While the decor is certainly eye-catching, the layout is very innovative as well. It’s actually an open layout studio in most ways – the bedroom hides behind the partial black wall in the background.

Eclectic decor enhances every surface, a nice change of pace from the minimalism that remains so dominant today.

Copper tones and slab wood bring a classic counterbalance to the exceptionally modern kitchen. While the rest of the interior uses cool concrete, the kitchen is a central point of warmth fitting for the heart of the home.

The position of the range hood is a smart and interesting choice. It hides behind a concrete pillar despite having its own decorative merit, its influence on the rest of the room limited.

Subtle Scandinavian influences rule the dining area. This style of chair is a classic that made a comeback to the modern design lexicon in a huge way.

The entryway is especially cute! The front door is especially classic, but the interior doors update their attractive panel design with a fresh coat of seafoam green.

Bright and airy, the bedroom shares its natural light and energetic atmosphere with the kitchen thanks to sliding pane glass doors.

Like the rest of the home, it uses a mixture of industrial and cottage chic decor influences. Almost everything offers at least a small touch of vintage charm – most notably the lamp and little green side table.

The writing desk occupies a coveted spot near the window, made from the same live edge wood as the breakfast bar in the dining room. The quirky stool is from Patricia Urquiola’s Nub collection.

Both bathrooms feature a similar theme, with their primary differences coming from arrangement and detail. This one is relatively straightforward.

The second bathroom takes a more innovative approach to furniture such as the bench-like wooden vanity.

Wood-effect shower cladding is always an unexpected and delightful choice. This type of fun detail really embodies what the home’s style is all about.

Are you looking for more apartments designed with bachelors in mind? Check out this classic style retreat or this dark and sophisticated bachelor pad.

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December 5, 2016

Today we are showing a small bar cabinet in a wonderful Italian style that was designed by Andrea Lucatello.   The fist thing that catches my visual is the contrast between the wood grain and the gray.  Now, I like pieces that are often considering non-conforming as they can make a person stop and do a double take since it does not fall into their normal expectations.   This piece is done in a Canaletto walnut which is clearly striking as the top most pieces.  To the left ad below is matt graphite painted wood which can also come in a white.

Small Bar Cabinet by Andrea Lucatello

Inside the small bar cabinet, you can see the mirror lined walls and also a storage rack for glasses.  Surprisingly, quite a few bottles can fit inside.   Most people like to keep the booze out of sight and Andrea delivers that capability in this distinct design.   One thing that be missing for some families is a locking mechanism should you worry about your kids getting into bottles and replacing them with water.  I admit that I did a little of that in my youth so let us not think that is not going to happen.

glass walled mini bar

Lighting inside is such a great touch.  Portos creates great ambiance and you can imagine that if most lights in the home are off, how striking it would be just with the doors open as you and your friends or family enjoy an adult beverage.  I also love the metal work in the shape of the legs which again depart away from the norm and create a nice geometrical shape.

Still Pictures Highlighting Design

Take a look at these following images and you can see the various angles and features of the product.  The opposing size shapes look great adding interest and depth to the overall portrait.  Also remember that other colors are available so as you think about your own living room, imagine other colors.

Portos by Andrea Lucatello

The post Portos Italian Styled Small Bar Cabinet by Andrea Lucatello appeared first on Furniture Fashion and requires written authorization to be republished on another website.

December 5, 2016

We all have quirks and luxuries we would love to indulge. Yet agate doesn’t always work with interiors, emojis don’t always light up your kitchen, and marble and slate make for expensive kitchen benchtops. Create it in a coaster instead? Problem solved. These fifty-two coasters range from sophisticated and trending wooden, concrete and stone designs to that little Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings fetish you’ve found hard to satisfy. Looking snazzy and protecting your table at the same time, they do the hard work while keeping your surfaces pretty. Have a gander to find something for the Christmas stocking or a treat after a hard day’s work.

Buy It: $50 for 4  

Colorful Agate Coasters: Inject agate coasters in rainbow colours onto your breakfast table.

Buy It: $125  

Brown & Gold Agate Coasters: Go for the conservative touch in brown agate hues rimmed with gold.

Buy It: $30  

Onyx Coasters: Onyx appreciates the most boring of dining tables in these gorgeous gradient squares.

Buy It: $16  

Slate Coasters: Elevate your cups and your kitchen with these rough-edged pieces in slate.

Buy It: $15 for 5  

Sandstone Coasters: Simple sandstone mimics wood in an earthy form matching rounded furniture.

Buy It: $24  

Round Marble Coasters: Round hits the spot again in sparkling white marble, a bling addition to your kitchen or dining table.

Buy It: $20  

Wood & Marble Coasters: Have the best of both worlds with one panel in wood, the other in striking grey marble.

Buy It: $29  

Concrete Coasters: Geometric forms lie hiding in these concrete coasters, smooth, versatile, and ever-so-slightly industrial.

Buy It: $28  

Concrete Gold Coasters: More than just a pretty face, these cream coasters with gold panels use concrete as their base.

Buy It: $10  

Concrete Copper Heart Coasters: Find copper in the concrete jungle with these love-heart coasters, a perfect pairing for a romantic night in.

Buy It: $15  

Industrial Style Metal Coasters: Want an edge of a can you can touch? Take the safer route with coasters in serrated-edge metal.

Buy It: $39 for 4  

Radioactive Elements Glowing Coaster Set: Pander to your inner nerd with these glow-in-the-dark coasters for your computer desk.

Buy It: $15  

Leaf Shaped Coasters: Bring the outside in with these leaf-shaped coasters, made for an oriental feast.

Buy It: $3  

Fruit Slice Coasters: Twist the traditional coaster by making pop art fruit. These bold colours make a splash on the breakfast table.

Buy It: $38  

Fleur De Lis Coaster: Celebrate a golden interior with these olden-age fleur-de-lis, coated in mock gold.

Buy It: $8  

Cute Animal Coasters: Stuck for Secret Santa? Please the crowds with these cute animal coasters in simple wooden designs.

Buy It: $29 for 6  

Cat Butt Coasters: Turn your nose up at the drinks on offer with these cheeky, colourful designs for a cat fiend.

Buy It: $17  

Wooden Elephant Coaster: Give the gift of memory with an elephant design surrounding your cup and decor.

Buy It: $16  

Sheep Coasters: Visit a farm with these wooden cut-out coasters, a perfect way not to be a sheep.

Buy It: $16  

Hedgehog Coasters: Get a bit prickly when guests arrive? Make your kitchen table cute with hedgehog coasters on display.

Buy It: $16  

Pig Coasters: Be a little piggy every morning with these cute coasters and holder to keep you company.

Buy It: $45  

Decorative Fish Coaster: Rather be living in the sea? Swallow water on a coaster from a fishbone.

Buy It: $25  

Octopus Absorbent Drink Coaster: Another sea-bound creature, these octopi-loving stone designs work a treat with other octopus home décor.

Buy It: $70  

Nautical Themed Glass Coasters: The seaside home can’t go past these intricate seashell patterns set in glass.

Buy It: $20  

Nautical Sailor Knot Coasters: Want something slightly more trending? These electric blue sailor knots give just the kick you need.

Buy It: $15 for 4  

Monogram Coasters: Represent your name on your coaster, not your necklace, with these monogrammed sandstone designs.

Buy It: $20  

Personalized Wooden Coasters: Have an important occasion to mark? Personalised wooden coasters add that special touch.

Buy It: $20  

Personalized Slate Coasters: Set you or your family’s name in stone with these personalised slate coasters, another treat for under the Christmas tree.

Buy It: $7  

Drinks Are On Me Coasters: Add a lighter touch to cardboard with these pun-ny coasters, sure to raise a laugh at the bar.

Buy It: $25  

Game Of Thrones Seal Coasters: Have some serious Game of Thrones watching to do? Make it an occasion, with your drinks set on GoT seal coasters.

Buy It: $20  

Game Of Thrones House Emblems Coasters: The everyday fan will appreciate these handmade birch emblems straight from the Ukraine.

Buy It: $40  

Lord Of The Rings Themed Coasters: Going, or know someone who wants to go, to New Zealand? Show them how to get around with these coaster maps of Middle Earth.

Buy It: $20  

Harry Potter Coasters: No set of coasters is complete without Harry Potter. Show your love for the series with these wood-engraved gems.

Buy It: $23  

Harry Potter House Coasters: Rather be in another House? Take your pick with these themed coasters, a perfect match for the true Harry Potter fan.

Buy It: $20  

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Coasters: Go old-school with the Star Wars Millennium Falcon underneath your cup. The Christmas stocking is a perfect place for those mad on Star Wars home décor.

Buy It: $7  

Superhero Coasters: Be a superhero every morning with these coasters on your breakfast table.

Buy It: $15  

Emoji Drink Coasters: Want to express everyday emotions in emojis? Translate them to real life with these coasters in your kitchen.

Buy It: $26  

Anatomy Coasters: The hipster studying medicine has the perfect gift – parts of the anatomy in simple, illustrated designs.

Buy It: $25  

Brain Specimen Coasters: What happens to your brain after all that coffee? Think harder with these brain specimens as your object.

Buy It: $11 for 8  

Cork Toast Coasters: Toast and beer can be perfect partners with these cork toast coasters, funny and absorbent.

Buy It: $15  

Shotgun Coasters: The keen hunter will appreciate these cold-cast resin bullets underneath their whisky bottle.

Buy It: $18 for 4  

Record Coasters: Go back in time with these clean tunes guarding your drinks.

Buy It: $24  

Wood Slice Coasters: Create an oriental aura for small cups and bowls with these wood-slice coasters, each slightly differing in size and shape.

Buy It: $14  

Pallet Coasters: The factory man’s stocking can’t miss these playful mini crate coasters.

Buy It: $2  

Bamboo Coasters: Let your coasters match your placemats for an authentic Thai dinner setting.

Buy It: $23  

3D Illusion Coasters: Geometric shapes confuse your morning coffee in these stylish wooden designs.

Buy It: $44  

Geometric Laser Cut Wood Coasters: Cut-out in intricate geometry, these coasters add minimalist pizzazz to your breakfast table.

Buy It: $38  

Geometric Wooden Coasters: Embrace the tribal with these multi-layered finds reminiscent of South-East Asia.

Buy It: $36 for set of 6  

Organic Patterned Coasters: Drawn from original artwork, these basswood coasters absorb any spills from the night before.

Buy It: $16  

Ceramic Stone Coasters: Try an easier-to-clean alternative in kaleidoscopic patterns on traditional ceramic.

Buy It: $20  

Split Leather Coaster: Black, gold and ready to adorn the dinner table, these leather lookers add a little bit of shine under glass.

Buy It: $13  

Leather Puzzle Coasters: Leather dining chairs would love these leather jigsaw designs with bold, white stitching.

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December 5, 2016

Black and white interiors are impossible to ignore. They’re bold, versatile, and perhaps most importantly, they always allow the interesting architectural elements and fixtures to stand at center stage. This post covers 40 amazing kitchens that use greyscale to their best advantage. Here you’ll see a range of texture and decor options that take their minimalistic palettes to the next level – and there are plenty of great furniture and lighting ideas to consider too. If you love the look but don’t think you’re ready to remodel your kitchen, consider checking out our many black and white bedroom designs too.

Visualizer: Who Cares Design   

Subtle geometric influences bring this matte black kitchen to life. The standing white volume stands as a beacon of light, and offers a cool vertical garden and a few small regular containers to provide on-demand herbs for cooking.

Visualizer: Lucas Filip   

Black-on-black kitchens look gorgeous as well! This one uses different textures for contrast and depth. Nearby, a green rug and a wild vertical garden bring color to this dark and sophisticated style.

Visualizer: Gabriel Vel   

Wood isn’t limited to classic style kitchens. Here, muted tones contribute a natural aesthetic without breaking away from the greyscale color theme used throughout.

Visualizer: Olesya Ligay   

Here’s another kitchen that uses wood, this time as a point of warmth among an otherwise cool-toned white and black theme. The inset lighting above the range matches well.

Visualizer: Alexander Shabalin   

White geometric patterns catch the eye immediately! The shadows between each panel compliment the black breakfast bar, grey chairs, and black backsplash.

Visualizer: Inuti   

Minimalistic kitchens often benefit from some type of sculptural or otherwise eye-catching addition to serve as a focal point. This one uses creatively-routed pendant lights as both a decoration and a functional enhancement to the island.

Visualizer: Tamizo  

Same technique, different approach – this kitchen’s focal point is yet another light, but this one stands out simply because of its contrast against the background. The stools used in both kitchens are from the Last Minute collection by Patricia Urquiola.

Visualizer: Minimal Architects   

Color blocking is a technique that applies to black-and-white interiors too. This one uses an all-white kitchen island setup, but makes a dramatic impression with black chairs and pendant lights at the dining room table.

Designer: U Design    Visualizer: Julia Sultanova   

Glossy surfaces contrast with the matte black wall using both texture and tone.

Visualizer: JW Renders   

Gorgeous materials take this kitchen to the next level. Despite the modern theme and construction, brass and marble imbue it with plenty of classic luxury.

Visualizer: Bartosz Domiczek   

Multiple rows of shelving above the kitchen island give homeowners access to plenty of fresh herbs to clip, and generally contribute to a nice aesthetic with the addition of decorative plants as well.

Visualizer: Hoski   

This kitchen occupies a very narrow space and benefits from its restricted color theme for a cleaner look. The greyscale canvas really helps to tie the space together.

Visualizer: Hoski   

Here’s a look at the same kitchen, but this one forgoes the wall and replaces the wooden floors with highly polished marble ones.

Visualizer: Dekaa  

While this kitchen doesn’t have a breakfast nook, the dining table does feel like an overall part of the design thanks to its self-contained “floor” that makes it look an extension of the islands.

Designer: Void Inc   

Unique angles give this all-white island a distinctively ultra-modern aesthetic – but the window backsplash is the star of the show. It’s at just the right height to enjoy from the breakfast stools or even the sofas on the other side of the room.

Visualizer: AEM Studio   

Black floors add character to the solid white kitchen surfaces. While this space would likely look wonderful year-round, the winter colors are a perfect complement for the palette used here.

Visualizer: Tamizo  

It’s hard to go wrong with an all-white kitchen. The grey countertops are a nice touch. Black and white both show dirt quite easily, but grey is a little more forgiving.

Visualizer: Nefeli Kallianou   

Strong textures play with the light and bring more variation to these matte charcoal cabinets. Many of the decorative vases and bowls reside on the greyscale spectrum to match.

Visualizer: Vitaliy Pilipenko   

Dark wood is a traditional and striking choice that looks especially interesting paired up with the white and black cabinetry.

Designer: Snook Architects   

Ultramodern architecture combines with black, white, wood, and glass to create a kitchen aesthetic that looks simple but hides tons of detail to appreciate.

All-white kitchens have their own benefits. Here, the residents could easily change out the black stools and pendant lights for a different accent color if they so wished.

Designer: Mili Mlodzi Ludzie   

This high contrast palette makes waves with its geometric design. The stools are from the One collection by Konstantin Grcic.

Visualizer: Vitaliy Pilipenko   

Minimalism isn’t the only option for black and white kitchens. This one uses a variety of textures, tones, and decorations to create a memorable aesthetic overall.

Visualizer: Tomek Michalski   

Wood countertops bring a touch of chic charm to this stark black and white kitchen. The chalkboard wall to the right allows space to play with color and decoration.

Visualizer: Wiktoria Ginter   

Chalkboard paint appears in this kitchen too, this time just to the left of the microwave and stove. This chalkboard features a little weekly plan template to make life easier, but grocery lists and recipe instructions are fun ideas as well.

Designer: Jovo Bozhinovski   

Futurism is such a concrete style. It makes sense to choose a neutral color theme since the larger elements are so difficult to change later on. Here, just switching the color of the chairs would make an incredible difference yet would remain easy to alter later.

Designer: n lab   

Also featured in the previous kitchen, the chairs are the work of Verner Panton. They were designed in the 60s but remain just as impressively forward-thinking today.

Designer: Poliform  

This kitchen takes a more subtle approach to a futuristic aesthetic with a kitchen worktop that angles inward at the leg. In terms of color, notice how the black and white elements swap places for contrast.

Designer: Rado Rick   

Everything about this kitchen takes a unique approach to form. It’s all about the angles! The clean black and white palette works well for this space.

Visualizer: Dasha Chevrole   

A concrete accent wall brings just a touch of industrial influence to this smooth kitchen style. The stainless steel range hood furthers the look.

Visualizer: Stanislav Lukianchuk   

Traditional paneled cabinetry and a rich marble backsplash bring elegance and classic style to this otherwise very modern kitchen theme.

Visualizer: Vlad Mishin   

Curved surfaces meet crisp lines as a source of contrast that goes beyond the black and while color theme alone. The spherical brass chandelier underscores the warmth of the wood floors.

Designer: Atmos Studio   

Fully custom cabinetry brings this kitchen into the future.

Visualizer: Oliver Wende   

Chevron floorboards, a rustic sliding ladder, and classically-influenced chairs add just the right amount of traditional influence to this otherwise strikingly modern kitchen.

Architect: Techne Architects   

Perhaps this kitchen remains minimalistic to allow the outdoors to take center stage. The view is certainly worth admiring.

Visualizer: Daniel Nagaets   

Marble brings luxurious appeal to this open plan kitchen. While the living room remains casual and classic, it’s hard to ignore the luxurious materials in the background.

Visualizer: Tero Design   

Simple, clean, and minimalistic – the interesting thing about this kitchen is how unbroken all of the surfaces are. Even the floor tiles are huge and contribute to its uncomplicated aesthetic.

Visualizer: Mockup Render   

Typography makes a bold statement in this simple white and black kitchen. The motivational phrase on the wall is worth remembering if your recipes don’t always go as planned.

Visualizer: Anastasiia Andreichenko   

We can’t let this post end without one more inspiring chalkboard wall. This one demonstrates the power of an artistic touch.

Visualizer: İbrahim Ethem kısacık   

Let’s close out this post with a kitchen that goes big with classic details! The cabinet door panels and tasteful tile patterns gain a wonderful stylistic complement by way of vintage-inspired decor.

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December 5, 2016

A small apartment need not obstruct style. These four spaces under 100sqm create characterful and contemporary living areas. White walls meet light wood with artistic, calligraphed wall decals. Dark, dangerous colours meet slate flooring and street lighting. Muted tones meet beige and clean lines. Large panes of concrete are offered respite in pops of brilliant blackcurrant. Whether opting for white and minimalist, dark and moody, sleek and Scandinavian or simply industrial, a small space, with the right innovative architecture, can create a little haven in the skies of any city. Take a peek for inspiration.

Designer: Brain Factory  

Measuring only 45sqm, this real-life home in the historic district of Pigneto, Rome, was designed with white in mind. Signifying pure intimacy and hospitality, it reflects both its historic location and modern setting with a central white backbone and scattered living areas. Surrounded by white and wood, a high ceiling and large windows stream light into two spaces. Minimal elements demarcate each living area – an inspirational quote the living, an oven and fire panel the kitchen. A row of greenery offers life between the two.

The living room’s features are minimal but striking. A bold quote in a muted colour retains white space while infusing energy. A simple linen couch and casual light fixtures drape over white cardboard boxes.

Towards the middle, white and wood chairs offer relaxation. The breakfast table extends white benches and cabinetry, forming another corridor space, while the sun adds warmth and revives a row of plants.

The bedroom takes on an ethereal feel with a white, longitudinal design. A muted rainbow graphic straddled by strip LEDs alludes to dreamtime, while white box bedside tables act as fullstops. A white window to the side further lightens a room swathed in white.

The bathroom exaggerates wood with beige tiles, tricking the eye into seeing space. Performer lights dot themselves around a mirror, while an oval standing sink catches drips. Placing all amenities to one side creates extra space within a corridor.

Visualizer: Dimo Dimitrov  

Dark and dreamy, our second apartment shows white isn’t the only space-creating colour. Divided by a black partition wall, four spaces are marked while maintaining room-to-room flow. The living room starts with a mid-wood feature wall and charcoal furniture, extending wall space. A monochrome skyline designates, while a glass-stencil table mimics glass-door panels to the side.

Looking towards the TV, green appears to the right in dining chairs. Matched by a black circular table and stunning steel grate light, round shapes dominate. A set of taupe bookshelves doubling as a desk area provide a background.

A set of glass doors diagonal to the dining room hide the bedroom. Wedged between an LED-lit bookcase, the look is snug, contemporary – and black. A stroke of leafy green from the dining room throws over bedding.

The other side of the wall boasts a sleek kitchen, clad in charcoal and dark grey tones. A reflected bedroom window panel adds interest and extends the space. A central copper inlet is lit by LED strip lighting and an open window.

Visualizer: Alexander Lysak  

Our apartment in St Petersburg, Russia, is split into two by columns of wood. Featuring a modern, eclectic feel in the living, dining and kitchen areas, the main space acts as one. The living room shows its style in charcoal and light-grey walls with a black futon couch. Pops of interest in a turquoise quilted chair and glass-framed artwork meet a stencilled table and grasshopper light.

Stencils continue to the dining and kitchen areas, only metres apart. A stencil chandelier hangs over simple wooden chairs, while the kitchen continues in bookcase wood. A thick charcoal panel reflects the living room’s feature wall.

The corridor beckons with a series of porthole lights, located at different levels. A view towards the living room shows a double-walled bookcase column. Mimicking its length, the kitchen wall wraps around in a panel of darker wood, showing off a range of vases and jars.

The view towards the portholes reveals a guest closet swathed in wood. A mirror elongates the space, while a stencilled stool offers a place for a waiting date.

Visualizer: KDVA Architects  

Our final apartment measures just under 40sqm. Located in a residential area of Moscow, it includes all the amenities – two wardrobes and a toilet, shower, bedroom, kitchen, laundry facilities, an office and lounge. Its industrial vibe permeates the living room and kitchen, led by a blackcurrant couch and beanbag. Grey concrete and light wood ground a glossy black bench and extractor fan. Wide windows shed light on kitchen cabinetry blending into the walls.

A singular concrete pillar segments off a guest wardrobe. To the right, a light-grey curtain hides a low-lying bedroom encased in glass. Falling from bed to balcony, two chairs look out over the high-flying view.

Tucked away, the bathroom mixes wood with plywood walling and a concrete sink. A thin black door adds elegance, matching slimline stencil shelving and lighting frames. Simple fixtures detract from the shower and toilet, avoiding the slightest trace of clutter.

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December 5, 2016

Minimalism has long been a popular look for social areas of the home, but the rising popularity of low-profile beds and greyscale color palettes indicates that minimalist bedrooms are catching up quickly. And for good reason! This philosophy streamlines bedrooms to their fundamental purpose as a place to clear the mind away from the responsibilities and struggles of everyday life. While walls dotted with posters or knick-knacks have a certain comforting charm, removing clutter allows the room to reflect the raw atmosphere of nightfall or daybreak. This post offers 40 examples for inspiration.

Source: Ivy Muse   

Let’s start with a few bedrooms that rely on natural elements as their main source of decoration, a warm and inviting alternative to the stark aesthetic so many associate with minimalism.

Visualizer: NUKO Studio   

This one takes a similar approach with a textural accent wall and an emphasis on natural wood. The sculptural lighting adds a subtle artistic element to the design.

Visualizer: Kateryna Senko   

Sometimes minimalism can effectively highlight an artistic element, a gorgeous whale triptych in this case. It sets the stage for an emphasis on the pale mauve details while lending a touch of blue to make the potted plants pop.

Visualizer: Marc Canut   

With windows like these, it makes sense to opt for a low bed to preserve line of sight. This room has a lot going on between the artwork, windows, and cabinetry so the low bed platform minimizes one source of visual clutter so the landscape can shine.

Visualizer: Visualizer: Assembly Studios   

Visualizer: Artyom Bezfamilniy   

Visualizer: N-Gon Archviz   

Of course, naturally influenced minimalism doesn’t have to be so bright. This bedroom uses relaxing muted tones.

Visualizer: Design Kolo   

Visualizer: Zrobym Architects   

What could be more foundational (no pun intended) than concrete? Thankfully, industrial decor is quickly relinquishing its monopoly of this versatile material to include chic minimalist interiors too. This bedroom combines urban and natural influences with ease.

Visualizer: Marta Gord   

Here, industrial influence is a driving factor behind the perceived sense of minimalism. As an aside, textured grey paint is a great alternative to concrete for those who aren’t ready to make the commitment.

Visualizer: Albert Mizuno   

This bedroom uses its expansive floorplan to make the most of a warehouse-turned-luxury-loft feeling.

Visualizer: M3 Architectural & Construction Group   

Visualizer: KDVA Architects   

Visualizer: Irena  

Although the elements and materials in this room are inherently decorative, the unity and cohesiveness are what give it a minimalist appeal. Simple furniture is almost a necessity to ensure that a wood-clad room maintains a streamlined aesthetic.

Visualizer: Quang Đạt   

Texture – and sometimes lack thereof – is a crucial tool for a minimalist designer. Here, an abundance of horizontal movement contributes to a silky smooth look and the tone variation adds tangible warmth.

Visualizer: Alena Taeva   

What an incredible platform! The headboard doubles as an implied canopy for the bed, a relaxing sight from any vantage point. Sheer curtains and frosted closet windows conceal visual distraction without obscuring purpose.

Visualizer: Alexey Evgrafov   

Visualizer: Buro 82   

Architect: VAVO Studio    Visualizer: Olmo Vlahovljak   

Visualizer: E-space   

Visualizer: Stanislav Borozdinskiy   

Contrast is an easy way to make a bold impression even in the most minimalistic bedroom. A black and white theme is especially well suited to facilitating a dramatic look and larger-than-life personality.

Visualizer: Hoski  

Here, the black bedding stands out as a heavy feature that centers the eye. The distribution of visual weight is artistic and interesting in its own right, creating interest even in the absence of extraneous decoration.

Visualizer: Hoski  

In an interesting twist, this combination of black floor and black bedding almost erases the bed from immediate notice. The wires from the pendant lights also blend in thanks to the linear gaps between the cabinets to the right.

Designer: Patrick Olive  

Simple black and white themes easily stand back so that architectural elements can stand out. Cantilever bed platforms are certainly more of an architectural feature than a decorative one. In context, this bed looks downright futuristic.

Visualizer: Hoski   

Source: Amazon  

Visualizer: Desygner Hoang   

While black and white themes sometimes feel too rigid, greyscale is often easier on the eye. Eliminating bright colors might seem like an easy approach to minimalism but coordinating color temperature often presents a challenge.

Visualizer: Maxim Nizovkin   

Greyscale is also an effective way to make sure that a particularly ornamental feature doesn’t push the room away from the desired level of simplicity.

Visualizer: Oporski Architecture   

Visualizer: Eke Interior   

Visualizer: KDVA Architects   

Creative interior architecture and distinctive wall features are another way to infuse a room with ornament without overwhelming the eye. It would be difficult to rival the simplicity of this minimalist bedroom, but the stripe of lighting behind the bed contributes to ambiance and visual interest in a big way.

Bold square wall panels contribute a more overt decorative element to this bedroom. On the other hand, the bed platform sticks to the simplest forms and serves as an effective canvas to show off the layered textures of the bedding.

Visualizer: Marina Tsishyna   

Low beds are a great way to emphasize negative space within a bedroom. Here, the bed is literally and figuratively the center of the design – it draws the eye without distracting from the incredible architecture that surrounds.

Visualizer: Twin Hongtruc   

Traditional decor associated with Japan (sometimes adopted from other parts of Asia) is among the most widely known inspiration behind modern minimalist decor, and floor-bound beds are a hallmark of that style.

Source: Bonaldo  

This low bed features an upholstered platform for a softer aesthetic. It’s decorative and easy on the eye, but still allows the incredible waterfront view to remain visible from any point in the room.

Buy It: $1258   

Many low bed platforms are custom creations. This one is prefabricated, conveniently available for purchase right now.

Visualizer: Eke Interior   

This space is fantastic! While not as spare as other minimalist bedrooms, it definitely accomplishes a lot of functionality for how clean and open it looks. Almost every piece serves multiple purposes.

Visualizer: Filip Sapojnicov   

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December 5, 2016

Every interior can benefit from warm, wooden tones to fire up those cold winter nights. What better way to inject the rustic than with a wooden wall clock? Themed, Scandinavian, unbranded or for the kids, these thirty-four clocks add interest and a smile to a wide range of interiors. Rustic homes are greeted by a rough-shod partner; minimalist spaces find desired clean lines and white faces; contemporary, art-deco rooms find a clock with a bit of cheek on its dial. Whatever you, your family or friends find under the tree this Christmas, there’s something within our pick list to sit above your fireplace, kitchen, dining table or bedside.

Buy It: $45  

Wooden City Skyline Clocks: Rather be in New York, New Delhi or Paris? Imagine their time zones as your own in these carved clocks for your kitchen.

Buy It: $30  

Piece of the Pie Clock: Looking for your share of family time? Take a slice with this minimalist white-and-wood clock for the living room.

Buy It: $46  

Wooden & Concrete Clocks: Go industrial with this range of wood and concrete clocks, each set with simple black hands. They’ll mirror the bench in your kitchen.

Buy It: From $33  

Painted Wooden Hexagon Clocks: Take a geometric angle in bursts of blue and white, with these numberless units on your study wall.

Buy It: $64  

Hanging Wooden Leather Wall Clock: Ditch back-of-the-clock hanging fixtures, as this snazzy leather strap latches onto your hallway.

Buy It: $115  

Embroidered Wooden Wall Clock: A simple wooden block with black-thatched detailing complements a Scandinavian interior.

Buy It: $69  

Indented Wooden Wall Clock: Want to symbolise numbers, without actually showing them? This round design tells you the time, minimalist-style.

Buy It: $50  

Wooden Clock With No Branding: Brands don’t belong in your kitchen. Tell clock labels who’s boss with this white-labelled classic.

Buy It: $60  

Asterix Wooden Clock: Celebrate the Red Hot Chilli Peppers or the French cartoon with this unusual asterix design.

Buy It: $125  

Modern Danish Wall Clock : Can’t pick your favourite wooden shade? Take three at a time with this Danish-style clock for the kitchen.

Buy It: $69  

Crushed Leaf Wooden Wall Clock: Walk through crushed autumn leaves everyday with this simple yet beautiful wooden clock.

Buy It: $69  

Windmill Fade Wooden Clock: As the hands of time go ‘round, so a windmill turns to resemble a flower. This pretty design would fit a master bedroom nicely.

Buy It: From $60  

Carved Pattern Wooden Clocks: A beautiful clock brings decadence to a room. Make your bedroom ornate with one of these pieces over the dresser.

Buy It: $148  

Wood and Steel Grate Clock: Create an industrial illusion with a simple grate on a wooden circle.

Buy It: $280  

Modern Minimalist Wooden Cuckoo Clock: An oblong housing a cuckoo, this find is one of a growing trend.

Buy It: $180  

Wooden Wall Clock With Pendulum: Turquoise brightens up numbers and pendulums in this cuckoo design fit for the kids’ room.

Buy It: $39  

Origami Birds Clock: Time comes to life in this simple, elegant design. A place in the Christmas stocking could please a Japan-mad friend.

Buy It: $59  

Natural Birch Wall Clock: Experience the luxury of natural wood with this simple design in your living room.

Buy It: $30  

3D Illusion Wall Clock: More artpiece than wall clock, this cube-stack design could build towers in your home office.

Buy It: $95  

Reclaimed Wood Wall Clock: Read the time and save the planet with this reclaimed gradient clock, a find for the kitchen or bedroom.

Buy It: $41  

Shabby Chic Wooden Wall Clock: After something slightly more ‘70’s? This three-tiered piece with nailed numbers brings the rustic to your home.

Buy It: $70  

Wood Stump Clock: Rough-shod and natural-looking, an outdoor area would shine with these beauties over the barbeque table.

Buy It: From $25  

Driftwood Wall Clocks: Easy on the eye and the budget, the sea-side home could bring the outside in with these original driftwood shapes.

Buy It: $227  

Tree Branch Hands Clock: Delve deeper into the forest with this horizontal design, complete with tree branch. Place it outside your back door to keep an eye on dinnertime.

Buy It: $35  

Roman Pillar Wood Clock: Engraved with Coliseum-esque pillaring, this clock in a Roman-style might suit the books in your library.

Buy It: $80  

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Wall Clock: Mimicking the Millennium Falcon, this kitschy clock is for a family member mad on Star Wars home décor.

Buy It: $86  

Wooden Honeycomb Clock: Painted white and cut out at the edge, this clock spreads honey over your kitchen area.

Buy It: $82  

Light Wooden Bubble Clock: Glorious in light-wood, this bubble-shaped design sits perfectly over a bath.

Buy It: $80  

Dark Wooden Abstract Lotus: A symbol of health and good fortune, the lotus can now tell time. Set it in your living room to pretty up white walls.

Buy It: $40  

Faceted Geometric Wooden Clock: Stand out from the crowd with this many-edged creation. A place above a wooden bench highlights its charm.

Buy It: $54  

Time Flies Wall Clock: Remind yourself of the best times with this wood-and-steel creation, a perfect day-starter for the bedroom wall.

Buy It: $60  

Wooden Kids Room Clock: Brush away life’s clouds with this cute, kids’ bedroom-bound design.

Buy It: $45  

Kids Octopus Wall Clock: A cute octopus clock on the bathroom wall? Not a bother for this prime example of octopus home décor.

Buy It: From $60  

Animal Shaped Wooden Wall Clocks For Kids: Trending owl and elephant home décor is not just for the kids. Your kids will love these wooden creatures – and you just might, too.

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December 5, 2016

Often used in bedroom design, the soft appeal of grey can cool many interiors. Yet one secret power remains – its subtle transformation of kitchens. Often left in the cold for warmer wooden tones, its ability to make a kitchen look fresh and contemporary works wonders for a range of home styles. Whether blending into white, creating the industrial or making smooth moves in charcoal, its range and depth of hue rival many traditional kitchen colours. Paired with brighter yellows and tonal blue gradients, it offers a clean palette without the drama of white or black. Look at our top forty picks for yourself.

Designer: DesignSpace London  

Striking yet muted in mid-grey-panelling, a strip of LED-lighting sits pretty above contrasting white peonies.

Source: Biografen  

A touch of difference to a white wall and light flooring, this grey hue keeps it fresh while storing books.

Visualizer: Armine Avetisyan  

Wall-to-floor tiling embraces grey and white, as bauble lights join the party. Under-cabinet lighting draws the eye from the dining area.

Visualizer: Cristian Gentile  

Mimicking a game of tetris, this multi-shaped wonder with a large, slanted window keeps everyone guessing.

Buy It: Daniel Reuterswärd  

White and grey segment this wooden-floored space, a series of oblongs and squares. A teardrop mirror designates the bench.

Designer: De Rosee Sa  

Grey cabinetry and marble provide texture and interest to this wide-paned design, complete with wine-glass drop chandeliers.

Visualizer: Cristian Gentile  

Teal and charcoal combine in an artistic kitchen fit for a chef. Wide block shelving offers storage space, a living panel nature.

Source: Snaidero  

Concrete and wood battle it out in this industrial design. Spot and multi-level hanging lights frame one side, a cupboard-panel-as-art-piece the other.

Visualizer: Michael Temnikov  

Small spaces can benefit from grey the most. This light-grey design only slightly contrasts with wooden panelling, while a minimal bench offers class in slate.

Visualizer: Konstantin Kildinov  

Corrugated plastic adds modernity to this kitchen, an unusual find with concrete benching. A slither of wood acts as a focal benchtop.

Designer: LCGA Design   Photographer: Hey!Cheese  

A workshop is evoked with this stencilled interior, complete with ladder. Shades of grey provide the eclectic while keeping the colour palette clean.

Visualizer: Cristina Modringa  

A marble splashback and bench win favour in this grey-framed kitchen. A simple wooden table keeps the space open.

Visualizer: KYDE architects  

Minus table, this charcoal-panelled kitchen holds no clutter. Ambient lighting under cabinetry keeps focus on the inlet.

Designer: Stephen Tsimbalyuk & Vadim Kuchman  

A set of three LEDs foreground another sleek kitchen frame, in mid-grey. A dark-grey wooden panel draws the eye, while mottled tiles retain interest.

Visualizer: Robby Brymer  

Exuding warmth, this blue-grey kitchen meets brown in the most charming of ways. Three polished wooden stools are lit by copper-inner lights, while a concrete wall is lit brown down the hall.

Designer: Cesar  

Want a kitchen with a café vibe? This steel-and-wood creation holds simple wooden shelving on matte walls and grey wooden floors.

Visualizer: Serhii Seinov  

Almost out of a picture book, this kitchen’s spiderweb chandelier, rounded ceiling, snaking extractor fan and windy bonzai add something of the spooky to mealtimes. A grey concrete floor and darker wood features keep the look far from kitsch.

Photographer: Seth Powers  

Grey need not be boring. This wood-encased design injects blue into the mix, with same-colour walling extending the space.

Visualizer: Iqosa  

Give the Italian kitchen a revamp with exposed brick walls, wood and cabinetry in grey. A set of five steel drop lights separate the dining area.

Visualizer: Pavel Alekseev  

Prefer to be unique? Why not hang an art piece on grey matte walls amidst hanging potted plants, an L-shaped bench and cobweb chandelier?

Visualizer: Elena Lapshina  

Textures reign king in this design marked by brushed concrete and wavering wood. An industrial tap hovers amidst a series of block grey and wood shapes.

Visualizer: Plus Form  

Separate the traditional elements and re-house them in wood and grey. This concrete-floored design features an oven in a wood block and a bench as a central table.

Visualizer: Ngurah Arya  

Grey can be a supporting act. This mostly-white design sits pretty against a dark charcoal wall with chrome cabinetry bottoms.

Visualizer: Dimo Dimitrov  

Only have a corner space? Make the most of it with sleek grey cabinetry and a copper inlet.

Photographer: Joakim Johansson  

Go almost-white in this kitchen twisting the Scandinavian. A rough-shod wooden floor and white tiling do the talking.

Source: IKEA  

IKEA can do all the classics, and grey is no exception. This simple six-doored design sits against the same hue, as a row of white tiles hang the necessities.

Designer: Phil Nicols  

Create a grey and white kitchen by combining dark charcoal benches with white side cabinetry. Wind chime lighting can help designate the dining area.

The little fixtures can be the heroes. Grey backgrounds a marble-grey benchtop, a series of plants and two idea lights.

Visualizer: Lugerin Igor  

A Japanese theme revels in this kitchen’s grey tiles and feature wall. Pops of wood and beige tiling keep warmth, while a darker inlet serves food.

Visualizer: Nordes Design  

Frame an unusual scene with this glass-and-stencil border. Matte grey cabinetry adds elegance, wooden fixtures the natural.

Visualizer: Marco Podrini  

Heighten a low space with shortened grey cabinetry. Placed on a grey strip of tiling, lining cabinet tops in black gives the illusion of height.

Visualizer: Elena Zhulikova  

Studio apartments are made for this charcoal-and-wood creation. A patterned grey-tiled inlet adds distraction without clutter.

Visualizer: PLASTERLINA  

Grey and yellow kitchens are not for the faint-hearted. Muted charcoal and wood panels allow bright yellow to shine.

Visualizer: Vic Nguyen  

Hide grey’s influence with this kitchen with darker-shade borders. Teal stool chairs and white features are greeted by a steel extractor fan.

Visualizer: SCIC  

Dark, mid- and light-grey oscillate in a range of shapes and sizes. Striped-wood cabinets and three filigree feature lights add artistic balance.

Architect: Newick Architects  

Grey and wood juxtapose nicely in this light, bright, and breezy interior. Grey adds enough difference to create a dreamy, not sleepy, design.

Architect: Sreten Jovanovic & Maja Urh   Visualizer: Anna Fedyukina  

Grey plays in filigree stools and high-reaching cupboards in this kitchen of white accents.

Visualizer: Bartosz Domiczek  

Charcoal and wood mix up cool and warm hues in this kitchen. Grey cabinetry extends the living room wall, allowing LED-lit wood to shine.

Source: Dada Web  

After just a little less black? Go for grey’s darker shades in a matching bench and cabinetry, overhung by a fascinating steel stencil feature.

Visualizer: Radoslav Rabota  

Make your extractor fan the feature, as wood and charcoal surround. This contemporary kitchen further lightens the space with white hanging lights and popping porcelain.

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December 5, 2016

There is something to be said for the details of a home and the things you feel and touch on a consistent basis should be of quality. When choosing elements to decorate your home think about how much interaction will be made between you and that part of the home. Doors for example are just such a detail. We interact with them all day long and they are almost always the same typical thing, flat boring planes with no detail or imagination. The Graffiti and Décor Slim collections of designer interior doors from Laura Meroni are obviously different and really make a statement, literally!

The Graffiti collection is so cool and features the names of rooms you will be entering like the Studio, or Bath for example. Of as we all know it may just as well be the artwork of the artist as seen in the more ornate engravings. My favorite is the contrasting two tone in light wood which allows the lighter woods to stand out. Designer Paolo Rizzatto with graphic input from Paolo Rizzatto created a doorway with a strong jamb that protrudes and puts emphasis on the passageway.

designer interior doors

The Décor Slim collection features a unique minimal design and a totally flush door jamb that becomes one with the wall. This is a much more understated look and perfect for super modern interior design schemes where a less is more plan is in order.

interior doors with name of room

sliding porta

For larger entrances that you can choose a set of sliding doors which look so nice. Here the Décor Slim collection shown in a nice medium wood tone adds so much rich character to the look that would be wasted on typical sliding doors. See the rest of the offerings from Laura Meroni which include some great looking furniture items for all rooms of the home and many more doors here.

graffiti door by laura meroni










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December 5, 2016

The Kitchen Island 5 modular set up is super cool and has taken outdoor kitchen convenience to the next level! This ala carte approach to picking what you need and putting it where you need it seems like a no brainer for anyone who loves the refreshing modern style and the creature comforts at their fingertips while cooking. Roshults – The Luxury Lifestyle Brand for Indoor and Outdoor Living really got it right here and the collection of accessories available is quite impressive as well. Various grilles and storage unites round out the options and there is even a garden trolley perfect for serving some food and drinks pool side.

Here at Furniture Fashion we have a fondness for both indoor and outdoor kitchens as long as they are modern! And one addition we have seen growing are the counter height serving areas that were once bar height areas often to the side and rarely used. The Kitchen Island 5 incorporates a bar on the reverse side with ample space for your four favorite friends and allows you to use the island as a place to dine if needed. Up to 5 Backless low profile counter stools will work perfectly here and allow for tucking them away when not in use. The solid stainless steel base provides for a firm foundation and resistance against the element. I really like the solid butcher block shown in the center, this ads such a nice touch and it contrasts the black and stainless steel perfectly. See the entire collection of accessories here.

The sophisticated clean design can easily find a home in a nice setting by the pool or under a veranda.

Recommended retail price (ex VAT) for the selected configuration as illustrated: EUR 24 979  |  GBP 17 985  |  USD 30 700  Price for just the frame ex. VAT: EUR 16 667  |  GBP 12 000  |  USD 20 500)







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December 5, 2016

Here is the sleek and good looking Amadeus upholstered bed from Cattelan Italia made to order in Italy in your choice of synthetic or soft leathers. Their collection of incredibly awesome all original modern designs for both home and office are one to see in person if possible because the pictures are great but the real thing is even better. With the Euro Dollar being more on the agreeable side of the exchange rate for US consumers the Italian good are not only looking great from a design standpoint, they are currently affordable.

The attention to detail is what makes the Cattelan line so appealing as it exudes quality and style that the knock offs simply cannot duplicate even when they have been given the design to copy. With this style of fully upholstered bed that is light and minimal, it is best to choose a night stand that will compliment and not over shadow the bed. Here is one example that seems perfect and the metal leg structure mimics the feet on the bed for continuity of design. In addition this style of platform bed does not require a box spring and comes with the slats allowing for a lower profile yet comfortable night’s sleep.

Designer Manzoni e Tapinassi included a wide selection of colors from the most subdued to a fire engine red that may keep some people up at night. You can combine with the metal available in Graphite, White or Bronze to compliment your upholstery choice. The Amadeus is available in a wide selection of sizes and the widths in include 167, 174, 194, 207 and 214 cm which should cover most European and standard American sizes. For more of the Cattelan collection visit their website here and find a dealer in your area.










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