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April 24, 2017

The Womb Settee by Eero Saarinen was out of production for a while, but never “out of style” as its manufacturer says. The always modern settee was re-introduced in production and into Knoll’s 2016 furniture collection.

While the Womb chair continues to be even today the most iconic and recognized representations of mid-century organic modernism, the double seat also has a special place of its own in furniture history manuals. Saarinen developed his fit-for-two Womb Settee in 1948 for his first big architectural commission, the General Motors Technical Center in Warren, Michigan.
This double seat owes its popularity to the simple, wide structure with concave armrests and movable cushions that enable you to lounge, sit upright or lay in any position you desire.

Eero Saarinen loveseat

The double-wide design is the perfect modern refuge for the living room, bedroom or office. Seat shell is foam-covered molded fiberglass and upholstered in a wide range of fabrics and leather, including KnollTextiles fabrics and a range of Spinneybeck leathers. . The separate seat & back cushions are constructed of polyester fiber with a foam core. The base of the Womb Settee is manufactured from steel rod with polished chrome or black paint.

The Womb Settee is designed to facilitate a relaxed sitting posture, providing comfort and a sense of security. Saarinen created a shell shape that allowed for multiple, relaxed sitting positions, and meant that curled up comfort could be achieved without tons of cushioning.

knoll seating solutions

At around $6,300 the Womb loveseat is not exactly an affordable piece, but if you want to own a piece of history and you are ready to wait 8-10 weeks for your item to be delivered, then its worth every penny.
Founded in 1938 by Hans and Florence Knoll, today Knoll is recognized internationally for creating workplace and residential furnishings that inspire, evolve, and endure. A furniture manufacturer that continues to remain true to the Bauhaus design philosophy it was founded on, that modern furniture should complement architectural space, not compete with it. red loveseat design ideas

Saarinen Womb Settee

Settee by Eero Saarinen

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April 24, 2017

The single life is one of the best ways to live. You’re the only person you have to take care of, and your space is all your own. You don’t need a huge home, and the way you decorate it is all your own. The problem with that is that sometimes the apartment is too small to contain your personality. So, to help you with your dilemma, we’ve collected three apartments that make the most of a small space and reflect the personality of the homeowner. Each of these homes come with detailed floor plans to show exactly how all of that was achieved. Let’s take a look.

Visualizer: Mo Design Studio  

A single bedroom apartment does not need to cater to the needs of many people, it does however, need to cater to the needs of the homeowner. Most people enjoy having guests over, so any apartment needs to be presentable, and most importantly: it should make the homeowner enjoy being home. This first apartment does just that.

Sleek and practical, this apartment has everything that a modern individual would ever want or need. The apartment is warm and inviting, and utilizes the space so that it is not unnecessarily cluttered.

A kitchen island is a classic way of combining two spaces into one to save space. This apartment walks on the artistic side of life, and to prove that, a beautiful watercolor painting is showcased proudly.

In a stroke of genius, the designer combined the kitchen and study area. The study is just far enough not to get cluttered with kitchen apparel, and just close enough so as to conserve space and provide the homeowner with a fully functional home study. A projector negates the need for a bulky T.V and T.V cabinet. Instead a large wall is kept purposefully bare for the projector- this makes watching a movie to a whole othe rlevel.

The kitchen island is wonderfully tropical and inviting (who doesn’t love the tropics?).

The kitchen is compact and sleek. Everything has its place and the result is a neat and ordered space.

This picture shows just how structured the entire apartment is. The design isn’t completely minimalistic, but does not employ unnecessary features in an attempt to make it look more stylish. Instead, the apartment is kept simple- and it works.

The bathroom is definitely earthy, with organic elements combined to make this bathroom look more like a spa than an ordinary bathroom. Don’t you wish you had one?

In this floorplan, we see that the designer planned everything to be functional. A lot of measures were taken to conserve space and keep things compact. Remember: save space where you can.

Visualizer: Iqosa  

The next apartment is a little more opulent, but still keeps the lifestyle of the homeowner in mind.

The lavish furniture and marble aspects turn this apartment into a mini-palace fit for royalty. This home proves that saving space doesn’t mean that you can’t have luxury.

A round metallic wall ornament adds a certain level of dimension to the room, while also looking incredibly sophisticated.

If you don’t enjoy watching a movie from a projector, you could always build your T.V into the wall. The wall panels around the television also look classy, creating a pleasant accent wall.

The bookshelf is highlighted by the strategically placed LED lighting. A bowl of purple flowers look beautiful, placed on top of the rounded designer coffee table.

Every sophisticated home needs a drinks table, where guests can be served with a drink of their choice upon arrival. This side table proves that you can be conservative without cutting out the classics.

The dining table is a unique blend of tradition and modern creativity. Is it a dining room table or a kitchen bar? Or is it both?

The wall panelling is timeless, melding together the old and the new, proving that elegance is timeless.

The home boasts a compact wine rack, with only the finest selection, proving that you don’t need space to be sophisticated. A beautiful chandelier adds ambience to the entire space, making it the perfect environment to sip your favorite wine.

The marble and wooden features work together to contrast in texture, but work together in color. This is an innovative way of adding depth to a room.

The kitchen is spacious, and is the one room in the house that needs to be. Don’t skimp on the bathroom or the kitchen.

The bedroom is the epitome of comfort and luxury. In fact, the bed looks like one giant cushion to snuggle into after a tough day.

A spacious walk in closet is partially obscured by frosted glass wardrobe doors. This draws attention to the design feature, but obscures the clothes from view, lending privacy to the homeowner. A bold painting rests proudly against the wall, showcasing the homeowner’s excellent taste.

A carpet around the bed adds to the picture of comfort and warms up the entire room, working together with the colors of the ebd.

The bathroom is sleek, with mirrors and marble floors and walls. Don’t skimp on the bathroom or kitchen, but be creative about saving space. For example, the space under the sink allows you to store your towels there, negating the need for a towel rack.

Another way of conserving space but not skimping on luxuries, is by combining a luxurious shower head and spacious bath. Two for the price of one!

Visualizer: Andrei Negru   

Our third and final apartment is a little more whimsical than the others. WIth more colors and interesting patterns, this homeowner likes to look on the fun side of life. Do you?

This living space is long, but every inch of space is used for a specific function. The space has a monochromatic color base to showcase all the other design features, giving them prominence.

There are many different colors and patterns in the apartment, but they don’t become overwhelming. It is always important to remember that less is more when it comes to patterns and textures.

The entertainment/study area has mor eof a grey color scheme, but the varying shades and splashes of white prevent this from becoming boring. Empty frames, and a small houseplant create an intriguing design element that is to be appreciated. While multiple shelves provide a stylish storing space.

What truly takes this apartment to the next level is the multicolored holographic accent wall. The intricate patterns are fascinating to watch, it is a truly beautiful aspect to the home.

The kitchen doesn’t take up much space, but still has everything that a modern chef could ever desire. And enough space to work!

At first glance, the hallway looks ordinary, even boring. But when you look again, you see the understated accent wall, and all the design elements of the apartment working together to create something remarkable.

With a room like this, you’d never want to leave. A glossy accent wall with LED backlights, holds a flat screen T.V, directly opposite a cloud-like bed- all for the homeowner’s comfort.

Pendant lights are dressy, yet understated. An elegant way of helping the homeowner to read at night.

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April 24, 2017

The idea of peace and serenity in the middle of a city is almost implausible. Who could find the city restful? With busy people with somewhere to go, cities are renowned for being bustling hives of activity. The thing is, that this is not always an ideal way to live. Humans are not machines and so sometimes, even the best of us need to take a break. ONI Architects decided to take note of that basic human need and create a serene oasis in the middle of the hum and scramble of Moscow. They designed a home that is timeless in its modern themes, a truly peaceful retreat.

This apartment manages a totally unique atmosphere, thanks to the designers look at the eternal features of modern trends.

Timeless classics like wall panels and ceiling moldings meet with more contemporary features to create light and add monumentality to this relatively small home.

Isolated green elements and the lush natural plants outside the window refreshes the space. The large uncovered windows in the home allow the panoramic views to become part of the decor thus merging the outer and inner elements into a seamless design.

A light color scheme was chosen for this apartment to promote the idea of fresh serenity and rest.

Each and every piece of furniture was chosen with the utmost care and expertise, to form a room that was as comfortable as it was stylish. No shortcuts were taken and the room mixes and matches colors and styles to reach the perfect blend that was intended.

The vegetal wall with lush indoor plants is the focal point of the room, enhancing the idea of the home being an oasis in an urban setting.

The dining room pendants are large and flamboyant, adding personality to the room without being in your face and obnoxious.

The wide open shelves form a practical accent wall and the crystal clear wine glasses fill the space up nicely, showcasing the practicality and potential of the shelves. The modern kitchen is open and spacious. It can be hard to blend practicality and style, but this kitchen does so with ease.

The patterned ottoman adds a level of comfort to a usually formal part of the room, without making it look slovenly or casual.

The sophisticated dining area is large enough for family or other gatherings. Each guest will be seated in comfort, and provided an optimal vies of the home.

This room divider is genius. It is the focal point of both sides of the room, with its dual purpose making it the heart of the design.

The child’s room is compact and full of personality. The raised bed provides more floor space and is a wise option for a small bedroom. Space doesn’t have to be an issue if you know how to work with it.

This graphic accent wall is the very finest in kids room wall decor and adds personality to the whole room.

The room is bright and airy, the perfect space for a little mind to finish homework in.

The planters are a major aspect in this room, because they brighten things up and connect the room to the oasis theme.

The main bedroom makes clever use of a bar-like sliding wardrobe door to add depth to the room.

The main room is cosy and chic. The warm wooden undertones and brown chair add earthiness to the aesthetic.

The unique bedroom pendants at the bedsides add a little magic to brighten up the room.

This bedroom has an entertainment system and reading nook, and is thus the perfect bedroom for any type of person.

The bed is large, and the disorganised facade just adds to the homeliness.

This bathroom doesn’t need much to make it stylish, thanks to its construction. But small elements, like the soap dispenser give it personality and dimension.

A pretty flower vase brightens up the room, bringing natural beauty into this sleek bathroom.

Wooden elements along with the green tiled walls, take inspiration from the lush greenery that make this home unique.

A sophisticated grey wall with intricate molding provides a level of style that is hard to ignore.

A glass cubicle ensures that the shower looks incredibly modern, while a convenient bench turns the shower into the best seat in the house.

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April 24, 2017

Absolutely stunning, the Cerne coffee table from Ginger and Jagger works as a pair or as a stand alone table. The pieces are designed in such way that they are also outstanding enough to be used separately.

Cerne is influenced by the heart of a tree, with rings showing evolution and the passing of seasons. The Cerne coffee tables are distinguished by minimalism and elegance in the pure state. They combine the elegant and playful design with the robustness of the solid hardwood which will make them fit in any home interior or public space. Each top has a unique form and character resulted from different trees, and is visually enhanced by the substance of wood and the shine of metal.

2017 coffee table designs

The wood veneer surface has radiating grain with a delicate metal border.
With a warm wood surface, available in Bird Eye, Artic Bird Eye, Walnut, Miosotis, Night Jungle or Ebony and and its outstanding design, the Cerne collection is truly inspired from nature. The metallic lines combined with natural shapes give a light, open and uncluttered feel to any room.


cerne coffee table

The design showcases the beautiful rings and the layers of each wood slice. The solid top sits on a sleek and discreet stand and the edge of each top is highlighted by a brass border. Ginger & Jagger creators have designed a coffee table that will make a statement about the owner’s sophisticated sense of style and design.


contemporary lounge table

The pieces are 120 or 123 cm long, 21 or 40 centimeters tall and were specifically designed to be placed alongside a sofa or armchair.

Launched in Europe in 2012, Ginger & Jagger is a product design brand that prides itself on creating handcrafted high-end contemporary products inspired by nature. All of their collections evolve from nature’s sculptural shapes and rugged textures that are eternalized through unique artisanal techniques and an outstanding blend of materials.

Ginger & Jagger livingroom furniture

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April 24, 2017

Deciding how to handle the sleeping situation is one of the most challenging aspects of designing a studio apartment, requiring a lot of forethought to match the lifestyle preferences of the resident while working around any architectural or floor plan obstacles that can limit the available options. And that’s even before taking decor into consideration! This post looks at four compact studio apartments, each one taking a different creative approach – both in terms of bedroom design and overall aesthetics. A few of them even include floor plans for your own apartment layout inspiration.

Visualizer: Lauri Brothers  

Let’s start with a fun compact studio with a color scheme based around a Pantone palette of minty turquoise. Like the fresh springtime hues used within, the apartment’s layout fosters a breezy atmosphere that at once relaxes and energizes.

The open layout begins with a combination living room and office, separated from the dining and kitchen area by a breakfast bar clad in translucent glass blocks.

Glass elements play a tremendous role in this design. Mirrors, blocks, and windows work together to bathe the interior with light and erase the boundaries between functional spaces.

In the corner, a cozy lounge space offers respite from a long day of work. The hammock is an especially enviable addition, soaking up the skyline view from the impressive floor-to-ceiling windows.

Rather than hiding away in some corner, the bed actually occupies a central volume in the center of the living space, shielded from the sofa by a wall with televisions mounted on either side.

The kitchen’s use of glass blocks and white surfaces helps balance the heaviness of the brick accent wall. A layer of transparent glass catches splatters from the sink and stove to make cleanup a breeze.

A series of three simple kitchen pendant lights trace sharp lines across the ceiling thanks to the precise decorative routing of their cords – a contemporary touch.

The entryway balances comfort and functionality, taking advantage of its roomy proportions with a handy bench and tidy shoe rack.

And finally, a quick look at the bathroom, decorated with an even more subdued shade of mint.

Visualizer: Vatman Studio  

At 45 square meters in size, this studio apartment makes fantastic use of its limited floor plan without sacrificing the individuality of each functional area. Each area feels like its own little “room” but doesn’t feel too closed off from the rest of the home thanks to the low-profile furniture and partial walls.

The designers chose Scandinavian influence as the overall unifying theme, but each room features its own unique flavor. For example, the living room glows with bright neon accents while the kitchen feels sophisticated in gold.

Named for the bouncy rhythms of jazz musician John Coltrane, the Coltrane Suspension Lamp series adds a sense of life and movement above the kitchen island. Many dining pendant lights have just the right form to use above counter tops.

A touch of greenery in the living room and bedroom help to bring the outdoors in. The plants in the taller pots are the ZZ plant, or Zamioculcas zamiifolia, also known as the “eternity plant” because of its reputation as one of the easiest indoor house plants to care for.

The bedroom enjoys an open visual plane while preserving insulation from sound thanks to its glass boundary. Sliding curtains offer privacy when needed.

While the rest of the interior is bright white and airy, the area around the front door makes for a dark and dramatic entrance.

Designed by Tom Dixon, these large coat pegs are easier on clothing compared to small hooks that can stretch or deform delicate fabrics.

Here’s a look at the apartment from a bird’s eye view. If you enjoy getting inspiration from 3D layouts like these, make sure to check out our compilation of 50 studio apartment floor plans for even more ideas.

Visualizer: K Band  

A little different from the previous two homes, this apartment occupies 42 square meters in Kiev, a clean and simple interior that uses natural elements to foster a sense of relaxation and comfort. Because the apartment was designed with a young couple in mind, most furniture remains in the middle of the floor plan to accommodate a freer flow of foot traffic.

Decor remains spare. The few accents that adorn the home remain minimalist and modern just like the interior.

While instruments and their peripherals can often add clutter to smaller homes, this interior puts them on display and turns them into music themed decor.

Dining and storage separate the kitchen from the living room. The espresso station is a nice touch, making it easier to grab a quick cup while working or playing at the table.

A wooden accent wall with built-in shelves helps protect the bedroom’s privacy without cutting off the living space from the window’s generous flood of sunlight.

Geometric decor seems to be a popular motif for minimalist bedrooms. This origami-inspired crane would be easy to recreate with a small roll of colorful painter’s tape.

Check out this boundary between the entrance and the rest of the home! A sharp transition from wood to white-on-white brightens the space despite its distance from any windows.

In fact, the white surfaces actually make the rest of the living room look brighter too.

The kitchen mostly follows the wood and white theme, but also adds a border of gray tiles for contrast.

The gray helps hide the shadows cast by the kitchen’s recessed position.

Using the same tiles as the kitchen, the bathroom also keeps things simple and dramatic with a grayscale theme.

The vanity is enclosed by the same light wood found elsewhere in the home. A bar of recessed lighting keeps things bright.

What an adorable litter box niche! With a hole shaped like a cat’s head, it helps hide the box while remaining easy to open and clean.

Visualizer: Zinaida Zagurska  

And finally, a compact apartment that bucks the trend of minimalism and embraces a comfortable homey aesthetic that showcases the personality of the resident. Numerous instruments serve as music themed home decor, just as fun to use as they are to look at.

One room that does remain relatively minimalistic is the kitchen – aside from a few plants atop the counters, most of the contents is purely functional.

Tucked away from the rest of the home, the bedroom hides behind a slatted interior wall with curtains for privacy.

Its walls are clad in wood, the lighting low and warm for relaxation.

A large graphic mural adds a touch of industrial character to the room.

And the brick wall, though it’s painted white, continues the industrial theme.

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April 24, 2017

Remember the Seychelles, where cobbled paths led to a tree-lined shower? Or that hotel in the Philippines, where the presenter showed a bath, lotus pool and sink area covered in lush forest? Create a cleansing haven of your own, with these fifty outdoor shower spaces for inspiration. Take a rainforest shower over polished wood decking, watering flower beds simultaneously. Sip a glass of wine in an armchair before washing, watching the fire roar and warm the area beside you. Look out through a window to the place where you soak, with an outdoor ensuite. Get inspired while you wash with these fifty opulent, outdoor shower spaces.

Photographer: Dan & Luiza  

Wedge your wooden waterfall between two slabs of rock. This shower in Kayumanis Private Villa and Spa in Ubud, Indonesia, surrounds your shower time with a stony-pebbled floor, wooden platform and array of luscious ferns and plants.

Source: Villa Belong Dua, Bali  

Get that spiritual feeling during your morning cleanse. Villa Belong Dua in Bali boasts ivy-covered walls, a stone plinth and platform and a mystical tree sprouting out of its bathroom. A stone statue of Buddha adds a final accent.

Source: Banyan Tree, Seychelles   

Travel to Banyan Tree in the Seychelles, to experience a shower that looks like a trebuchet. Gushing from a wooden pipe on a triangular tower, this shower waters the plants, the tiles, and you.

Source: Villa Des Indes, Bali  

Experience a sanctuary all your own in Bali’s Villa Des Indes. Intricate, traditional patterns engrave the soap and shampoo holder; a bevy of draping ferns and Buddhist court dancer add a touch of the mystical.

Source: Villa Karma Cantik  

After a less-pebbled look? This white fixture complete with latticed wooden drainage sprays a rainforest shower that lives up to its name.

Photographer: Andre Martin   Source: Australian House & Garden, Sanctuary  

For a shower that could be replicated at home, this Australian creation proves a winner. Make a clearing along your pebbled pathway to house a large urn, rhododendrons and a full, sand-blasting shower.

Photographer: Dennis Anderson   

Find an outdoor stone platform to cleanse your form upon. Opening through a gorgeous bamboo thicket, this fern and flower retreat uses wood and concrete to take your shower full blast.

Source: Villa Bugis   

Get amongst the greenery with this tropical stone shower. Set atop a lawn with a pebble-lined platform, you can literally smell the freshness from surrounding fauna.

Source: Sarinbuana Eco Lodge, Bali   

Why not bring the whole bathroom semi-exterior? This tiled enclave in Bali’s Sarinbuana Eco Lodge features potted plants, a stone wall, toilet and shower upon its tiled floor.

Source: Villa Atas Ombak  

Twisted trees greet the eye, through this bathroom’s beautifully-detailed doors. A stone urn in the centre grounds this room of ivy-covered posts and walls, while a single stream of water bathes customers to the left.

Source: Chandra Villa, Bali  

For an ensuite doubling as an outside shower, look to Bali’s Chandra Villa. Painted with Balinese characters, five wooden plinths lead to a modern shower in full view of your lover.

Source: Villa Atas Ombak   

Surrounded by open-slat windows, stone walls and a bath filled with petals, this outdoor shower is the definition of retreat. Wash two sets of hands in its standing bowls, alongside a marble statue, frangipani-filled vase and rolled hand towels. Take a bath looking up at the forest, or a shower amongst plants embedded in stone.

Source: Villa Atas Ombak   

Source: Villa Maridadi, Bali   

To create a more relaxed feel, try Villa Maridadi’s approach. Take a marbled corner wall and add a stone-clad shower plinth, wooden dresser, standing basins and an easel hanging towels.

Source: Bali Lani   

Bathe with Balinese dancers in this stone-walled shower sanctuary. Framed by the tall trees of the outside world, polished black stones create an entrance to a pod full of plants.

Source: Selasar Villa, Bali  

For those desiring a truly private shower, shroud it in high concrete walls. Give it an edge with borders etched in the standing plinth and wall.

Source: Five Elements, Bali  

Bali’s Five Elements has built a truly tropical paradise. Lined with bamboo walls and an unusual oval mirror, varnished wooden floors lead to a shower headed by a thatched roof. Patches of stony path, cane furniture, trees and fernery polish off the look.

Source: Vila Vita Parc, Portugal  

Ever wanted to shower within a cave? You can in this Portugese resort, which created a tile mosaic shower in the middle of a rock shaft.

Source: COMO Shambhala Estate, Bali  

Bali does it again with this single stream shower. Pouring over a wall of brick, this cleansing space meets a thatched roof, tree view and traditional wood and bamboo furnishings.

Source: Tadrai Island Resort, Fiji  

For an outdoor shower that screams luxury, Fiji’s Tadrai Island Resort has the answer. An open slatted roof lets in palm trees outside, while an unusual tree grows in the centre. Take a shower underneath its branches, while a stone spa awaits.

Source: Areias Do Seixo Charm Hotel, Portugal  

Sit beside the fire after your relaxing outdoor cleanse. Go to Areias Do Seixo Charm Hotel in Portugal to enjoy a bath that meets the shower, stone walls that meet indoor trees, and a traditional wooden chair before a glass of red wine.

Source: Janni Delér  

Take a shower between wood, rock and stone. Chandra Villas in Bali makes simple, bold shapes work in a refreshing outdoor haven.

Source: Janni Delér  

Janni Delér designed another Chandra Villa shower. Based off circular geometric discs, this one-piece wooden fixture cleanses your body beside hanging ferns and a tree. A leaning towel rail adds functional interest.

Source: Maya Ubud Resort  

Take a romantic shower for two in this joint stone shower. Two rainforest heads meet wooden panelling on the floor and sides, for a shower that makes you feel jungle-bound.

Source: Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa, Philippines  

Differing sizes of circular tiles lead to a shower shrouded in bamboo. This Filipino resort offers a petal-filled bath for a glimpse of a wall in flower.

See your shower wall literally burst with life. Place a simple varnished plinth upon a bed of stones, for a shower that takes you closer to nature.

Photographer: Hanh Merriman   

Prefer the stream to come direct? This brick and plaster creation meets a wooden deck laden with ferns and cleansing trinkets.

Source: Calistoga Ranch  

For a man-made look, take a leaf out of this ranch’s shower. Housing a sloping tree within its panelled wooden walls, a sliver of tiling marks the space for a downpour.

Source: One & Only Le Saint Géran, Mauritius  

Half indoor, half-outdoor, this shower in Mauritius lets water fall down a stony path. Framed by stone seating and potted flora, enter the garden or the room through matching wooden doors.

Source: Architectural Digest  

Writer Judy Blume showers in this flower-laden sanctuary. With open sliding doors and a rock-embedded fountain, a hot bath for soaking awaits inside.

Source: Realtor  

Judy Blume sure loved her outdoor showers. A different setting in the same location, take her shower upon a wooden plinth between the trees.

Designer: Erin Michael  

Looking for something simple you can build at home? Take the bottom of your back entrance, add a plant-climbing wire and fit in a fixture for a shower out of doors.

Designer: Madeline Stuart    Photographer: Roger Davies   

Feel floral after your morning shower, amidst a bed of roses. A rainforest head pours down to a deck laden with pots and a French metal door.

Source: Shangri-La’s Rasa Resort & Spa, Penang, Malaysia  

Feel the shower above your spa, in Malaysia’s Shangri-La Rasa Resort. Planted ferns and lacquered urns set the scene for a culture-infused bathing ritual.

Designer: Rolling Stone Landscapes  

Make your inside shower feel exterior. Varnished wooden planks lead up to a bath lit by drop lights and shrouded in greenery.

Designer: MM+ Architects  

Beach lovers see practicality in this outdoor shower. Wash off the sand in its stone enclave, before migrating to bathe in the interior.

Visualizer: Viz Pix Studio  

Increase your indoor-outdoor flow by removing your bathroom door. This perfectly-preened bathroom walks you to a wooden-plank pool and seat amongst the greenery.

Designer: Outdoor Establishments  

Make your outdoor shower easy to clean. This wood and tile fixture meets potted shrubs and a hedge, for soap suds that can literally be hosed away.

Designer: Chateau Construction  

A wooden lattice can hold roses, ivy and ferns. Place large slabs of stone before a strip of wooden shower for a spot of self-cleansing.

Source: Birmingham Home & Garden  

Create a natural oasis along your fence. This Birmingham outdoor shower features shrubbery beside a classic rainforest shower head.

Photographer: Michael Woodall  

Rather make your wall entirely out of trees? Make concentric brick circles around an array of pebbles, for an exterior shower that seems truly in the open.

Source: 137 Pillar House, Chiang Mai, Thailand  

For the outdoor shower that feels indoor, this Chiang Mai, Thailand haven does the trick. Pebbles and patterned mosaics foreground eight candle cubbies and a modern rocking chair.

Source: Fella Villas  

Segment your garden off the side of your shower. This tiled and planked plinth offers yuccas, moss, lily ferns and shrubs for viewing.

Designer: Khosla Associates  

After a more minimalist look? Open a concrete shaft and fill it with pebbles, a dug-out bath and potted tropical fern.

Architect: Breathe Architecture  

Brass fittings make all the difference. Effusing an antique vibe, this shower winds round in an industrial fitting connected to a double wall and door.

Designer: Tocha  

Make a path to sensual cleansing in your home. This bathroom opens up to a shower on the lawn, an elegant steppe bath and twin showers in marble.

Designer: Allure Design  

This shower defines the modern urban jungle. See palm trees tower over a modern chrome shower, aisled with twin ferns and a tree on the inside.

Designer: Spell Designs  

The home of fabulous DIY ideas, Spell Designs has designed a bathroom we all would muster. A gorgeous pink standing tub sits on a plethora of pebbles in this bamboo-walled, pot-planted paradise.

Source: Makarios Houses, Macari, Italy  

Often have a family drenched in mud or sand? Develop a shower they all can enjoy, like this stone path chrome shower in Macari, Italy.

Designer: Diego Granese  

For the truly modern shower experience, you can’t go past this circular design. Perfect for a rectangular, minimalist home, the Loop Shower is the perfect way to wash off after the pool.

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April 24, 2017

Amadeus bed is a modern piece of timeless beauty, is versatile and suitable for all rooms, but perfect to furnish a modern and refined bedroom with a touch of elegance.
The Amadeus bed was conceived by Manzoni and Tapinassi for Cattelan Italia and it is a design meant to be used both in private and public areas. Two Italian designers that work together with the best international brands have introduced this amazing design in Catellan’s 2016 collection.

Amadeus Bed by Manzoni and Tapinassi
Amadeus is an upholstered bed characterized by a large headboard with elegant quilting, available in soft leather or synthetic leather, with matt bronze, white or graphite embossed lacquered steel feet. Beautifully crafted, and one of the most sophisticated beds from Cattelan Italia, this piece has a quality you can feel, whether it is covered in leather or synthetic. Slightly rounded headboard design of the Amadeus bed gives it an elegant and ergonomic look and at the same time it is able to suggest a strong sense of comfort.

Cattelan Italia bedroom collection

Designed for those who want to feel unique in their home, the Amadeus is not only intended for sleeping, it is a modern element of decoration with a strong personality; a piece of furniture that flirts with decorative elements and comfort. Bold and stylish, the design will transform any master bedroom into a work of art. The attention to details, excellence of work and careful selection of materials shows once again Cattelan Italia’s great artisan tradition.

modern italian furniture inspiration

Cattelan Italia is a company founded in 1979 from an idea of Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan. Today it is an icon in evolution creating functional and beautiful pieces in metal, wood, marble, crystal and a wide selection of leathers and fabric. Cattelan Italia’s core business has always been associated with a global pool of famous experienced and talented designers that have propelled the Italian company to the forefront of modern contemporary design.

upholstered leather bed

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April 24, 2017

Mermaids boast a rich history rooted in folklore and fiction, and continue to serve as popular characters in modern media to this day – from Disney movies to Harry Potter and other beloved franchises. Are you a fan of these beautifully mysterious creatures, or looking for a gift for somebody who is? This post includes over 50 mermaid-themed items ranging from stylish kitchen accessories to garden decorations and more. Even better, there’s something here for every price range. Do you have a favorite item from your own mermaid collection? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

$429BUY IT

Mermaid Table: This elegant mermaid holds an impressive cast triton shell and supports a transparent glass table. Standing at 24 inches from top to bottom, this low table is perfect to cap off the end of a sofa or to hold coffee near a reading chair.


Mermaid Welcome Doormat: Want to let guests know about your love for mermaids before they even knock? This welcome mat is a cute and functional way to do that. Plus, funny doormats like these always make great housewarming gifts too!

From $45BUY IT

Mermaid Themed Rugs: Amazon has a surprising variety of mermaid-themed rugs to match your nautical interior decor theme. Whether you’re looking for a small bathroom rug or a huge centerpiece for your living space, there’s definitely something out there for you.


Mermaid Tail Blanket: How cute! These woven mermaid tails are a great way to stay cozy while looking absolutely whimsical. And if you’re planning a themed birthday party or sleepover for the kids, consider picking up multiple colors so everyone can have fun getting into character.


Mermaid Themed Bedding Sets: Complete your mermaid themed bedroom with one of these 3-piece duvet and pillowcase sets, available in any size from twin to California king. Choose from a variety of color schemes and patterns – glittery scales, hipster mermaids, elegant gold and blue, and more.


Kids Mermaid Duvet: Make bedtime more fun with a duvet and pillowcase set that can make your youngster feel just like a real mermaid. This set is constructed from 100% polyester microfiber, durable and easy to wash.


Seashell Throw Pillow: Accessorize your mermaid decor or nautical interior with this adaptable seashell-shaped pillow. These pillows are printed on front and back to look great from any angle.

From $15BUY IT

Mermaid Artwork: Prints are another easy way to extend unconventional decor themes. If you don’t feel like shopping around for a print that matches your color scheme, simply choose a nice black-and-white print you like and add a coordinated frame.

From $6BUY IT

Amazing Paintings Of Mermaids By Victor Nizovtsev: Russian oil painter Victor Nizovtsev is known for his whimsical depictions of jesters, playing children, and of course, radiant sirens and mermaids. While the originals are highly sought-after, reproduction prints are easily accessible.


Large Mermaid Art Print: Sheila Wolk’s “Metamorphosis” is an iconic work that goes great in any fantasy-themed or tropical style. This large print measures at 24 by 36 inches to make a dramatic impression in any room.


Mermaid Metal Wall Art: These detailed metal sculptures are handmade according to Haitian tradition, impressively repurposed from a metal drum and sculpted with a hammer and chisel. Each piece of fair trade artwork is signed by the artist. Standing at 17 x 17 inches, this beautiful mermaid is sure to make an immediate impression on guests.


Mermaid String Art: Who couldn’t relate? This cheeky rustic ornament would make a great gift for the mermaid devotee in your life.


Beautiful Mermaid Wall Decor: Rustic, colorful, and infinitely charming, this mermaid sculpture is cast from lightweight resin and measures at over 20 inches long – ideal for placement over a mirror or mantle or anywhere that needs a little aquatic whimsy.

From $23BUY IT

Cute Tiny Mermaid Figurines: Individually crafted and painted by hand, these sleepy little mermaid figurines would make great anytime gifts for collectors of fantasy-themed decor. Each one measures at approximately two inches tall and four inches wide.

From $22BUY IT

Beautiful Mermaid Figurines: It can be difficult to find nautical decor with such a simple color theme, making these delicate mermaids a rare and wonderful find. If you love this figure, Amazon carries other pieces from the series to help you complete your collection.


Mermaid Statue For Poolside/Garden: Bring beauty and mystery to your poolside with this heavy cast iron mermaid sculpture, sure to last for years outdoors with proper care. This substantial piece measures at 26 inches long and 9 inches high.


Outdoor Mermaid Statue: This siren’s verdigris bronze finish is a great way to bring color to your patio. Thanks to its lightweight resin construction, this piece is easy to move between seasons – simply unscrew the hidden plugs to fill with sand or stone to add weight for protection against the wind.


Mermaid Light Switch Cover: Meticulously decorated with individually-formed clay scales and finished in iridescent teal, these one-of-a-kind light switch covers would make a wonderful final touch for an aquatic-themed space. Do you need a different style? The artist offers a wide variety of switch covers including outlet and switch combo plates.


Mermaid Night Light: Equipped with a remote to switch between twelve different colors and four brightness options, this night light is sure to match any bedroom decor theme. Of course, kids night lights are useful for other areas too – like bathrooms, hallways, and entrances.


Paper Cut Mermaid Themed Lights: Are you looking for a more sophisticated night light option? These beautiful works of art are created by layering intricately cut paper for a three-dimensional effect. Each one comes with a remote control to adjust brightness level.


Ocean Wave Projector & Speaker: Although it’s not specifically related to mermaids, this ocean wave projector might help you feel like one. It casts a relaxing glow across the entire ceiling, with options to cycle between multiple colors to match the rest of your nautical home decor. Attach your phone to the speaker to enjoy your favorite songs or calming ocean noises for a gentler rest.

$220BUY IT

Mermaid Accent Lamp: Soothing illumination filters through the colorful crackled glass tail of this elegant mermaid. The lamp stands at 20 inches high and 15 inches long, just right for a side table or shelf.

$683BUY IT

Mermaid Floor Lamp: If you’re looking for something a little bigger, this full-sized floor lamp is sure to start conversations! Each one is hand-cast and hand-finished to bring out the tremendous character of this sensuous mermaid.


Mermaid Tea Light Holder: While unique tea light holders always make fabulous housewarming gifts, this fantastic find is a great choice for the mermaid enthusiast in your life. It has a great rustic finish to suit interiors ranging from cottage chic to Scandinavian and many styles in between.


Mermaid Mother & Baby Desk Clock: A great gift for the new parents in your life, this mermaid and baby desk clock is sure to make a useful and thoughtful impression. Unlike other decorative desk clocks of its size, the timepiece portion is understated so the sculpture itself can take center stage.


Mermaid Wall Clock: Here’s another handsome timepiece to match your mermaid-themed decor. This creative wall clock is made from a repurposed vinyl album, a great way to showcase your love for music and the ocean all at once.


Mermaid Jewelry Tray: Practical and lovely, this beautiful mermaid will keep guard over your favorite jewelry whenever you’re not wearing it. This piece would look great on a bedside table, bathroom vanity, or atop a wardrobe cabinet.

$156BUY IT

Mermaid Round Mirror: And here’s the perfect complement to the jewelry tray! This mirror is a wonderful piece for collectors that put functionality first.


Mermaid Earring Holder: What a creative idea! The tail of this peaceful siren is a great place to hold and display your favorite earrings right within reach.


Mermaid Decorative Box: Let this dazzling siren protect your most favored treasures with this hand painted and polished keepsake box. Use it at the office to conceal small supplies like paperclips, in the bathroom to store hair ties or bobby pins, or next to your bedroom vanity to hold jewelry and other small objects.


Mermaid Baby With Pearl In Shell: Hand-painted with expert detail, this adorable mermaid figurine carefully clutches a single realistic pearl. This piece would make a lovely symbolic gift for somebody you love.


Mermaid Shelf Sitters: Crafted from aluminum with a distinctive vintage flair, these shelf decorations would make a wonderful addition to any rustic or traditional interior style. Each one measures roughly 8×3 inches.


Mermaid Bookends: For a more functional addition to your shelf, unique bookends are always a useful choice. Consider this set to complement your Scandinavian or cottage chic decor. Of course, be aware that these bookends can only hold a handful of thin books before breaking the illusion of continuity.


Cast Iron Mermaid Bookend: Weighty cast iron bookends are great for holding a large number of heavy books in place. This beautiful teal mermaid will dutifully tame even the most unwieldy volumes.


Cast Iron Mermaid Wall Hooks: This small, sturdy cast iron hook is a stylish way to hold small objects indoors or out.


Golden Mermaid Hooks: These cast iron mermaid hooks enjoy a luxurious coat of gold paint, sure to add sophistication to any interior style. Unique decorative wall hooks are great for a variety of areas, from kitchens to bathrooms, bedrooms and beyond.


Mermaid Salt And Pepper Shakers: Whether you collect novelty spice shakers or just want to extend your ocean-inspired decor theme to the kitchen or dining room, this neat ceramic set is sure to prove a hit with guests.

$16 for 2BUY IT

Mermaid Tail Glass Set: Get guests talking at your next cocktail party with these gorgeous mermaid tail shot glasses. Large enough to hold 100ml of liquid – just a little more than a double – these would be a great way to kickstart a themed event.


Mermaid Wine Glass Set: This mermaid themed wine glass set is available in 10oz or jumbo 20oz varieties, along with a 17oz stemless option. Each set contains four glasses.


Stemless Mermaid Wine Glasses (Set Of 4): Stemless wine glasses are a more durable alternative to traditional stemmed options, and these neat tropical designs are too cute to pass up. If you’re looking for a kitchen-related gift, unique wine glasses are always a fun choice.


Cute Mermaid Tea Pot For One: Tea-for-one sets and other smaller unique teapots make fun decorations, but they’re also a useful item to have around whenever you feel like sipping a hot cup of tea in your garden or at your favorite reading nook. Each set includes a teapot with lid, a teacup, and a mesh strainer.


Mermaid Tail Coffee Mugs: These sturdy 16oz mugs are crafted from thick glazed ceramic, sure to keep your beverages warm and your cupboards stylish. Each set comes with two mugs – one white and one sea foam green. Keep one for yourself and gift one to a best friend!

From $25BUY IT

Mermaid Tea/Coffee Mugs: Such beautiful detail! Of course, these are just for decoration only – the inside is filled with a semi translucent substance to give the illusion that the mermaid is bathing in milky tea or coffee. On the other hand, these would make a great gift for somebody who collects unique coffee mugs for display.


Antique Brass Mermaid Coaster Set: Crafted from durable lightweight resin but finished with a lovely antique brass color, these unique coasters and holder set will keep your tables looking nice for years to come.


Mermaid Bottle Openers: Bottle openers are often an understated but indispensable part of any kitchen, so why not have some fun with them?

$119BUY IT

Mermaid Themed Flatware: Crafted from quality pewter, these salad servers would make a neat party favor or housewarming gift for somebody with an ocean-inspired interior – they even arrive complete with a decorative gift box.


Mermaid Cheese Spreaders: These pewter-finished cheese spreaders would make a wonderful companion to the salad serving spoons mentioned previously. Fun and unique flatware is always good to have around!

From $20BUY IT

Mermaid Bathroom Shower Curtains: Let’s move on to some useful bathroom accessories! Bathrooms are often the first choice for nautical decor themes, naturally following the close connection with water. A distinctive mermaid shower curtain would be a great way to tie together a whimsical oceanic theme.


Mermaid Bathroom Floor Mat: Feel glamorous every time you exit the shower! Of course, comfort ranks right up there with style – this mermaid bath mat includes memory foam padding and nonslip grip.


Mermaids Soap Dish: Mermaid fans and art deco enthusiasts alike are sure to appreciate this elegant soap dish, crafted from resin but polished by hand to look just like durable brass.


Mermaid Toilet Flush Handle: Are you the type of decorator that appreciates fine details and total coordination? Now even your toilet handle can boast tropical flair.


Mermaid Toilet Paper Holder: Decorative toilet paper holders are another creative way to work your favorite motif into your bathroom decor. This piece stores up to three extra rolls, both useful and versatile.

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April 24, 2017

Balancing efficiency with comfort is a constant challenge for designers – but these three single bedroom apartments serve as inspiring examples of success. Each one focuses on organization and openness as a first priority without sacrificing that all important sense of “home” thanks to their warm and welcoming natural neutral color schemes. You’ll also find ideas for storage and organization, streamlined furniture designs, minimalist decor motifs, and each apartment tour even includes a floor plan to help you visualize how the entire home comes together.

Visualizer: Mariya Chmut  

Let’s begin with a modern apartment renovation designed for a bachelor who desired a more relaxing and uplifting place to decompress at the end of the day. The project began by banishing restrictive interior walls, updating the dark interior with a fresh springtime color theme to take advantage of the light that pours in through its large windows.

The tour opens to an airy open-layout living space, decorated in dramatic forest greens and golden hued woodwork. Brass accents immediately catch the eye thanks to the central placement of the smartly cantilevered Cliff Suspension light from Lambert et Fils.

Furniture sticks to clean lines and straightforward materials for an uncomplicated aesthetic. Similarly, artwork remains minimal and echoes the subdued black-and-white theme of the walls.

A compact breakfast table with kitchen bar stools separates the kitchen from the rest of the living space and conveniently doubles as a functional kitchen island for food preparation and other everyday tasks. Overhead, low kitchen pendant lighting provides focused illumination.

Black on black finishes help to expand the perception of depth granted to the work area, while the variation in matte texture prevents the surfaces from looking too minimal or undefined.

The client specifically requested ample space for bicycle storage, which the designers accommodated not only with a convenience but with attractive display options as well.

Now, not only can the resident easily grab a bicycle before heading out for the morning commute, guests are also greeted by a distinctive reflection of the client’s personality and values – functional decor at its finest.

Brass accents and soothing colors appear once more in the bedroom, this time playing a more central role in the composition.

While the rest of the home makes extensive use of dark and light juxtapositions across a horizontal plane, this bright bedroom instead keeps the darker elements low as a grounding element to the design.

On the other side of the room, a smooth and sculptural chair offers flexible seating at a compact table ideal for writing or working at a laptop.

In the bathroom, richly veined tile lends an almost wood-like texture and tone to create a warm and comfortable place to clean up and unwind with a hot shower.

Ample built-in storage helps keep the narrow room uncluttered. A single linen basket tucks away easily beneath the sink vanity.

A second bathroom takes a bolder approach with a high contrast color scheme and patterned flooring. Adorable wooden birds serve as simple coordinating decor.

Visualizer: Polygon  

This 78 square meter apartment combines strong modern prints with warm earthy tones, two themes rarely found together but beautifully executed here. Low contemporary furniture helps preserve line of sight across the multipurpose living space while its composition easily marks the boundary of each functional area without making any particular area feel too closed-off.

Living and dining areas stand side-by-side to share a generous view out the windows. While the seating arrangement is rich with prints and textures, the dining space takes a more trim approach that uses focused color blocking to balance the visual weight between both areas.

Nearby, a small desk takes advantage of its bright spot to lend energy to the resident while working. Thanks to its protective niche, it’s able to enjoy its own unique accent wall without distracting from the cross pattern behind the sofa.

The other side of the room is defined by a storage system on one end and a dark and moody kitchen niche on the other.

A breakfast table doubles as extended workspace for meal preparation, illuminated from above by lights from the Shadows collection by Dan Yeffet and Lucie Koldova.

Textural variation defines the material palette. Wooden drawers, distressed cabinetry, herringbone backsplash tiles, neat rows of wine pegs – these uncommon combinations create tremendous character.

In the bedroom, patterned wall tiles make an immediate impression of energetic contemporary style despite the room’s subdued neutral color palette.

Furniture remains simple, putting ambiance first. Both the cantilever desk and platform bed rely on the most streamlined forms, forgoing elements like legs and drawers altogether.

The bathroom layout is quite interesting. While many homes boast exceptionally spacious showers, this one keeps things narrow to make room for a luxurious bathtub and highly functional vanity arrangement.

Sticking with the same geometric theme as the rest of the home, the bathtub certainly draws the eye with an elaborate tile wall as its backdrop.

Architect: Paulo Martins   Source: Behance  

Formerly the attic of a 70s-era home, this updated apartment occupies a floorspace of only 46 square meters but gains a greater sense of spaciousness thanks to its smart layout and uncomplicated aesthetic. Color blocking helps divide functional spaces without the use of restrictive interior walls. Smooth textures banish any hint of shadows for a bright and welcoming environment at any time of day.

Interestingly enough, the furniture isn’t even especially compact but creates a small form illusion thanks to low-profile design like thin chair legs and simple smooth edges.

Monochromatic finishes help the kitchen maintain a sense of unification – it coexists with the rest of the room effortlessly, reducing the risk of contributing visual clutter.

Colorful books line the top of the cabinetry, adding a cheerful splash of color to the interior while offering an out-of-the-way storage space.

Even the doorways remain spare with details, disregarding obvious frames and using only the most streamlined handles.

In terms of foot traffic, the layout is straightforward and very reasonable. Guests enter at the dining room, the bathroom hides in the volume behind the kitchen, and the bedroom resides just a few steps beyond that.

The bedroom is too narrow to contain much furniture, but it makes great use of the necessities like adjustable task lighting and integrated storage.

Much like the way the kitchen volume does not quite reach the ceiling, the door also slides to conceal the room without fully closing it off from the rest of the home.

Its interesting color palette offers inspiration as well. While the rest of the bedroom remains stark with white and charcoal, the bed seems to beckon sleep with its warm tan hue.

Dramatic! Matte black finish embraces the walls, ceiling, floor, and every accent except the fixtures and the porcelain.

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April 24, 2017

An urban homeowner has a lot to deal with. Annoying neighbours, out-of-order elevators and noise pollution. So it only makes sense that their homes need to be a haven of comfort and style. With such hectic lives- coming home to anything less is nothing short of unacceptable. These three studio apartments are the definition of a home worthy of an urban citizen. The homes are stylish and comfortable, never sacrificing comfort for fashion while still maintaining a pleasing aesthetic. Take note of how the designers united the apartments with different elements and created a cohesive space throughout. Think of ways to do this in your own particular space.

Visualizer: Lugerin Igor  

Our first apartment is found in Central Park, and showcases a wonderfully soothing color palette and functional layout.

The floor panels are a warm color and ease the mind. The apartment is delightfully simple yet still glamorous, as is fitting for a Central Park studio apartment.

The kitchen island is tiled, a simple design feature that adds depth to the entire room. Timber barstools soften the dark grey of the tiles and gives an organic vibe.

Simple, but by no means boring. Geometric prints on the floor liven up a plain floor design, while accent colors brighten up the overall aesthetic.

The bedroom is nestled behind a slightly industrial looking black frame door. Its aim is to be relaxing- and it hits the mark. Lush houseplants add a little nature to the urban view and some color to the room.

The bed is a subtle contrast, grey sheets with white bedding. A geometric print blanket adds dimension to the room and a colorful chair is a pleasant bright spot. The light fixtures add a subtle hint of industrial style.

The bathroom door is made out of a white mesh type material and turns a necessity into a unique design feature. A light blue color ties the room together and is a nice departure from the monochromatic color scheme.

This bathroom is sleek and functional. The amenities are state-of-the-art and means that the homeowner receives only the best bathroom experience.

Visualizer: KDVA Architects  

This Muscovite apartment is smart and effortlessly sophisticated. It’s a dream right in the heart of Moscow. What more could you want out of a studio apartment? Let us see, shall we?

The apartment is sleek and utilizes an eternally chic monochromatic color scheme. The overall picture is one of organic and industrial comfort.

Brown leather will forever be classy, pair that with a contemporary art piece and you have one sophisticated picture.

Paired with a glossy white floor, the black shelves add industrial chic into this residential building.

The area behind the bookshelf has been left open to highlight a gorgeous wall that has been perfectly styled to add to the industrial undercurrent.

The kitchen appliances have wisely been left white, this is makes the room seem bigger and clean.

The kitchen table is large enough for guests and the black color matches the fittings to complete the room’s design.

The room is minimalist, but it is comfortable and homely at the same time. All the different elements come together to form a unified space.

The bedroom and study use a pastel pink to brighten up the color scheme and it works wonders for the overall appearance of the spaces.

In these pictures we can see just how unified these spaces are. The bedroom matches the bathroom in subtle ways, such as the complementary colors and fixtures.

The bedroom is a bright, cheery space with a gorgeous view. The room blends several colors to enhance the flood of natural light from the uncovered windows.

A study area is stationed close to the bed, which is a wise use of space. The bed’s headboard doubles as a bookshelf, turning it into a multi-functional piece of furniture.

This room proves that pink isn’t reserved for little girls and Disney princesses. The color can be used in any room, without looking tacky or childish.

The apartment makes use of bold elements to carry the decor, with minimal adornment to showcase these bold design features.

Glass is an easy way to take your room to the next level making it look refined and tasteful. Wooden elements in the bathroom keep it from looking like something off of a spaceship.

The bathroom is a masterpiece of modern design. The sleek amenities and monochromatic color scheme makes it a space for the ages.

Visualizer: Emil Dervish  

This last apartment is a vibrant gem that can be found looking over the city of Kiev, in Ukraine.

Bold colors set against a monochromatic backdrop look stunning and take center stage in this home.

The furniture in itself is very simple, it is the combination that makes the individual pieces truly special. From sleek and modern, to cosy and colorful- the combination works!

The green sitting chairs brings out the subtle hints of green in the patterned carpet. A grey coffee table is stylishly simple and doesn’t detract from its surroundings.

Wide uncovered windows allow in a lot of natural light that brightens up the whole room and allows the view to become a framed work of art.

Thick blue curtains are a vibrant feature to the room that brings everything alive. The kitchen provides a solid base for the curtains, and are an understated design aspect. The tropical leaf in the vase provides a dramatic effect too. You can get artificial leaves from Amazon that mimic the same effect.

Here, we can see the designer’s original vision in the design for the apartment. If it doesn’t look good on paper, then it rarely translates well into physical reality.

In this picture we can see the vision realized, it takes true talent to create a design that doesn’t need to be changed much.

The bedroom was designed so as not to clash with the rest of the apartment. Instead it is like a little bubble that mirrors the rest of the home’s design. The Ikea Frosta Stool serves as a nice side table in this this very minimalist bedroom.

Chrome amenities and a lush green plant prevents the bathroom from being too white. While a mirror adds dimension and reflects the true accent piece: a forest green ceiling.

The hallway was by no means forgotten, and ties different elements together to provide a pleasant preview for those who are about to enter the apartment. .

Every designer needs a palette, with an idea of which colors and textures they need. Here, we can see just how well all the apartment’s elements work together.

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April 24, 2017

It’s after 9pm, and it’s that time that all parents dread at one stage in their lives. Bedtime. It sounds simple – and it can be easier, with the right night light as your little helper. Round, cutesy and shaped in the form of characters or animals, we’ve put together a list of the top fifty night lights we’d choose for our children. Keep a row of lit-shell tortoises, to entertain guests at your kids’ sleepover parties. Place a glowing elephant beside your child’s bed, gifting a friend they can safely cuddle to sleep. Help your son fight night monsters, with a Hulk or Batman light warding off evil. Help all of the household get to sleep faster, with our kids’ array of night lights.


Book-Shaped Rechargeable Night Lamp: Have a kid eternally nosing in a book? Simulate the look of their favourite reads, with this white maple LED casting light 360 degrees.


Portable Spherical Orb-Shaped Night Light For Kids: Nifty and looking like they’re straight from the moon, this nightlight with portable balls can work plugged in or plugged out.


Cute Touch-Sensitive Kids Night Light: Leave your kids in distress when its time for separate beds? Gift them a new friend, with this touch-sensitive, squeezable light on the bedside table.


Big Hero 6 Night Lamp: You might not know this white fellow, but your kids will. Baymax, your personal healthcare companion, has a moveable head and hands officially licensed by Disney.


Star Night Light For Kids & Babies: Combine a night light and dance prop, in this star LED kids can carry in their hands. Glowing in multi-colour, use its USB charging cable to bring its joy to the car.


Moon-Shaped Wall/Ceiling Light With Phases: This remote-controlled night light takes your toddler through 12 phases of the moon. Hang it on the wall, or stand it on their bedside table, for a night time trip to the stars.

From $100BUY IT

Space-Themed Moon Lamp: A handy night light for kids and adults alike, this luna lamp is a creation of 3D printing. Its layered PLA form is non-toxic, odourless and environmentally-friendly.


Rocket-Shaped Night Lamp: After some space-themed home décor for your child’s room? This Apollo rocket night light also acts as an outdoor flashlight.


Triceratops Dinosaur Night Light: Go back to the Jurassic period with this triceratops night light. Cast from polyresin, its geometric lines house a softly-glowing LED.


Brontosaurus Night Light: BPA and lead-free, this brontosaurus is safe for kids and soft to the touch. Change his colours with one big button for alternating blue, red or green-hued light.


Giraffe Night Light: A gorgeous gift in ceramic, this budget-friendly decorative giraffe doubles as a night light.

$109BUY IT

Modern Minimalist Giraffe Night Light: A touch more expensive than the ceramic version, this minimalist giraffe would look as much a treat in your living room as on your child’s bedside table.


Wolf Night Light: Create an optical illusion in your child’s bedroom. This 3D fox made of acrylic glass reflects light and illuminates etched lines. Choose from seven different colour modes to suit you or your child’s bedtime mood.


Fox Night Light: Intricate polyresin detailing lets this LED fox emit a soft glow around the bedroom.


Cute Dog Night Light: Activated by touch, this rechargeable dog comes with a USB charging cable.


Dachshund Night Light: Barking mad for your kid to have a dog? Try this moulded plastic dachshund night light out for size.


Cute Cat Night Light: Get 16 hours of unplugged night light, with this cute silicone cat beside the bed. Soft, light-weight and portable, it’ll become a fast favourite with your little person.


Hello Kitty Night Light: Suitable for kids three years and older, this classic Hello Kitty auto-shuts off without a plug.


Cute Panda-Shaped Night Light: Kong Fu Panda kicks away the bedtime blues, with his LED exterior and easy-touch off button.

Elephant Night Light: Tired of your kids carrying and breaking portable night lights? Find a more durable alternative, with this flexible plastic lamp that easily toggles on and off.


Cute Elephant Night Lamp: Want a boost to your elephant home décor collection? Take your pick, with this lamp of five different colours and three modes of dimming.

$267BUY IT

Anana Cloud Elephant Lamp with Dimmer: Coloured in cloud-white, this elephant provides five levels of dimming in a light made in the Netherlands.


Polar Bear Night Light: Tilt this LED polar bear on each of its sides to turn it on or off.

From $33BUY IT

Birdhouse Night Light: Bring the outside inside, with this gorgeous birdhouse adhered to the wall. A spot in your little girl’s bedroom could make the thought of birds magical.

Cute Bird-Shaped Night Lamp: Bird home décor fans will appreciate this little blue warbler. Place its environmentally-friendly self amongst its added bonus stickers, for a natural scene that plugs into the socket.


Voice-Activated Owl Night Lamp For Kids: Wish you had a helper when your child wakes up? This owl home décor piece is voice-activated, turning on when your child awakens. Switching off automatically after thirty or sixty minutes, it’s a hassle-free way to save on sleep and the power bill.


Nightlight With Projector And Music Player: Find your baby sleeps faster to the sound of music? Combine sound and light for a full hour, as beautiful patterns light the room through projections on the wall.


Cute Octopus Kids’ Night Lamp: More interested in octopi? These octopus home décor lights in either yellow, blue, pink or purple add a cute baby soother with a rechargeable battery.


Deer Night Light: Create an artistic dreamland for your little one’s sleep time. This Chinese paper-cut mirage is run by remote control, giving easy access to eight LED effects.


Deer Bottle Night Lamp: Fairy lights, wood and a glass bottle make up this simple and elegant night light design. Perfect for an older child through to adult, its cute form adds quirky brilliance to any bedroom.

From $58BUY IT

Polygonal Wildlife Night Lights: Stencils steal the show in these opaque night lights. Find the outline of a unicorn, penguin or running deer greet your eye, as you and your child drift off to sleep.


Bunny Night Lamp: A bunny’s tail is an interesting helper for a good night’s sleep. This LED light of illuminated fluff is energy-efficient in porcelain.

$199BUY IT

Miffy Dimmable Light: Can you tell this bunny from the one before? Miffy the night lamp is a Dutch legend of the 50’s, the hero of more than 30 books and her very own film.


Turtle Kids Projector Night Light: Combine a soft toy, light projector and night light into one. This turtle can change blue, green or amber on its 45-minute off timer.


Unicorn Kids’ Night Light: If you can be anything, always be a unicorn. Your child’s choice of 16 LED hues meets five different light displays from a wireless remote control.


Narwhal Night Light: What’s a narwhal? A medium-toothed whale that brings LED softness to your child’s bed time.


Whale Night Light: Pat this friendly whale to change its LED light mode three times.


Shell-Shaped Night Light: Add a real sea shell to your nautical home décor. This plug-in night light is easy to use with a replaceable bulb.


Dripping Faucet Night Light: Why can’t industrial-style lighting grace your kids’ bedroom? This portable light can be pasted or placed on your little one’s wall.


Cloud LED Night Light: There’s no clouds over your child’s sleep time, when these cute LED lights abound.

$135BUY IT

Cloud Children’s Wall Night Light: Prefer a cloud as a frontage for the sun? This cloud-shaped projector slivers out light through handmade birch plywood.


Wooden Lighthouse Night Light: Drilled by hand, this small-lamped lighthouse creates spiralling patterns around your sea-mad child.


Tent-Shaped Night Light: Take a trip to the American Plains, with this travel-themed home décor item. Stand it on a chest of drawers to send your child to sleep.


Fairy Girl Night Light: Have a little girl just crazy about fairies? Send her to a magical land, with this papercut light box with adjustable brightness.


Pac Man Color-Changing Ghost Light: Let your kids chase ghosts, not sheep, to sleep. These official Pac-Man lights with sixteen colour changes are remote-controlled.


Pixelated Pac Man Ghost Multi-Colored LED Night Light: Want the pixelated look they show on the game? These Pac-Men can change into the same sixteen colours in the look your kids will recognise.


Super Mario Mushroom Lamp: Are you a bigger Super Mario fan? Your kids will love rescuing this mushroom during their night’s sleep.

From $29BUY IT

Marvel Superhero Night Lights: Need a good guy to fight the baddies at night? These Marvel superhero home decor lights save the day and help send the kids to sleep.


Batman Logo Night Light: Batman’s classic powers can never be forgotten. Pass down a superhero legend with the image of his wings on your son’s wall.


Star Wars Death Star Night Light: Fans of Star Wars home décor can’t go past this Deathstar-style optical illusion. Changing into seven different colours, its acrylic base is sensitive to touch.

If you would prefer a more standard lighting for your kids’ room, do check out these great pendant lights for the bedroom.

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April 24, 2017

What is a family home? It is a place of encouragement, and warmth. A place where you can be with your loved ones. Where you can be yourself without the fear of being judged. This is a place where you connect with those who are closest and dearest to you. For OFD Architects, it is all those things and where you can retreat into the embodiment of luxurious comfort. This home is more than an ideal or a dream- it is a place where a family can live in absolute comfort. That is what they wanted to create. And that is what they did? Come, see for yourself…

We begin our tour in the living room. The home is a mix of organic and luxury, which all works together to create a cloud of relaxation and luxury.

The organic elements in the room play a large role in the creation of a soothing and leisurely environment. As humans, nature will always soothe us. We can use these elements to create something stylish, like the coffee table for example.

The triangular shelves with stacked wood looks incredible, and the black wall is a bold contrast against the light color palette. The double height living room provides a light and airy aura that takes the room to the next level.

Wide wooden boards work well with the white walls and the matching wall creates a unified aesthetic.

A white ceiling that is open and tall with strategically placed windows creates the open and relaxing atmosphere that defines this home.

Life is incredibly boring without contrasts, and this staircase is an engaging feature to the room. An indoor garden is always a good idea, and creates a small paradise for all to see.

Wide sliding doors incorporate the garden into the home, and adds depth.

The dark wooden dining room table looks luxurious and has enough space for everyone, including a few guests. You don’t need to incorporate many design features in a room that has such a panoramic view.

Bowl like dining pendants look smart and sophisticated in this room, this aesthetic is heightened when paired with a contemporary painting.

Big windows are always a good idea, as they provide an ever changing scene to grace your home, provided that the view is worth it of course.

A black kitchen bar is both modern and the perfect place for the family to congregate in the morning.

A comfortable chair in a dark black cupboard looks incredibly soothing, proving that dark colors can also put the mind at ease.

This garden wall is pure genius. It is such an innovative contrast that immediately captures the attention.

You can’t make an entire room black, because you’d never find anything. So a white contrast in this walk-in closet is a good idea.

Ceiling to floor mirrors are an absolute necessity in this glamorous closet, that also make the room look bigger.

The minimalist main bedroom is a little darker than the rest of the home, and looks incredible nonetheless. A dark accent wall and light headboard create an effortless focal point to the room. The bedside adornment also adds a luxurious feel to the image.

The room comes with entertainment, artwork that is casually propped up against the wall, and enough space for the family pet to enjoy himself.

The best part of the room, though, is the amazing view. Thick curtains also ensure that the homeowner will be able to sleep to his/her heart’s desire without the morning sun branding the eyes.

The main walk in closet is a work of art and looks more like an upscale clothing store than an actual private closet.

Everything has been perfectly ordered, and the make up table is a nice touch that the lady of the house no doubt appreciates.

In this bathroom you can have your pick of an invigorating shower or relaxing bath, all within a few inches of each other. The bathroom looks unified, something to calm the mind.

His and hers amenities are a must for every couple. While modern fittings are a need for any individual.

A ladder-like towel rail is practical and chic. Textured walls paired with white glossy walls are a good idea because they add depth to the room.

This bathroom’s design is reflected in this one angle. Nature, and bold contrasts paired with sleek design.

The clean cut lines of the bathroom looks sleek and polished, turning an ordinary bathroom into a refined room fit for the highest class.

A panel of glass showing the frigid conditions outside makes the homeowner grateful for his/her warm surroundings.

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April 24, 2017

When you look at the white laser-cut metal base of the Cyclone Lounger from Uhuru, your mind goes to a roller coaster, Coney Island’s famous Cyclone roller coaster.
Is not often we talk about US furniture manufacturers or designs but when we do, we introduce you to a design which you can also find exposed at the Smithsonian Museum.

Cyclone Lounger from Uhuru

The Cyclone Lounger is crafted from reclaimed Ipe wood from the demolished iconic boardwalk in Coney Island and only 10 pieces have ever been made. Jason Horvath and Bill Hilgendorf, the designers of the Uhuru’s Coney Island Line of furniture, took in the landfill-destined wood and used it to manufacture functional pieces for the home. Each piece is built to order, signed and numbered by its creator in Brooklyn. And unlike just about any other rollercoaster, this one just might put you to sleep.

The wood was first installed on the boardwalk in the late 1940’s, has weathered in the sun, salt, and snow for over 75 years, while the laser cut metal base represents the complex framework of the rollercoaster, covered in a low-VOC powder coating.

Reclaimed Wood Lounger

The Cyclone Lounger with a white metal base and wood surface doesn’t come cheap! If you want to own one of the few lounge chairs ever built, you have to be ready to spend around $15.000 even if the original price was $7,200.
The prices for the Coney Island Line of furniture skyrocketed, even if Uhuru’s idea is not a 100% original one, when it comes to finding new and interesting uses for old Boardwalk planks. Manhattan company Olde Good Things also has used Boardwalk wood to make furniture items.

iconic american furniture design

Taking their brand name from a Swahili word which means freedom, Uhuru is a company that started with absolute zero cash in 2004 and managed to become one of America’s most innovative design firms, an icon of Brooklyn and a renowned worldwide furniture manufacturer.

collectable furniture pieces

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April 24, 2017

Every house needs a garden, and every garden needs a watering can. Whether you’re watering a few indoor plants on your balcony or hallway table to drenching a full-scale botanical garden, we’ve got the right watering can for you. Reach those hanging plants or small pansies in the centre, with an extra-long can spout. Decorate your garden with a painted metal bird, pig or chainmail-dressed elephant. Hold a can that’s easy to handle, with devices designed with ergonomic equilibrium in mind. Take a nose through our top thirty-six picks for unique watering cans.


Alessi Diva Watering Can: Made from thermoplastic resin, these twisting and turning watering cans steal the show with their unusual spouts. Buy them in black, white or green for a funky can that’s easy to clean.


Alessi Kiwi Watering Can: A unique shape and stainless steel spout make this can hard for New Zealanders to resist. Mimic the shape of their national bird in this thermoplastic find.


Eva Solo 2 Liter Water Can: Tired of watering cans that water your pants and shoes too? This Danish-made can provides a pointed plastic chrome spout, for a directed stream to your plants only. Place it on your patio ledge for a functional and artistic addition to your garden.


Ikea Ps Vållö Watering Can: Designer Monika Mulder had the fluid shape of water in mind, when she created this easy-on-the-eye garden fixture. Store water or your plant nutrient mix inside its form for indoor or outdoor use.


Brushed Steel Modern-Style Metallic Watering Can: Want a watering can in a truly durable material? This stainless steel beauty provides a good-looking and eco-friendly alternative to plastic contraptions. A reusable non-woven pouch ensures its frame isn’t scuffed during delivery.


Small Modern-Style Stainless Steel Watering Can With Long Spout: Take an artistic approach to watering, with this elegant can of stainless steel.


Master Craft 1.6 Liter Copper Watering Can: Employ the ease of a rounded handle to water your hanging baskets. This copper-plated find of stainless steel features a curved spout to reach those high-up places.

From $67BUY IT

X3 Watering Can: Even product innovators wouldn’t believe this can is made from a single metal tube. Bent and soldered three ways, this functional find comes in five colour-ways and placed first in the Best New Product category for NYIGF 2013.


Aguo Modern Metallic Watering Can With Long Spout: Want to water the lilies without trampling on the dahlias? This long-reach watering can tackles the distance in stainless steel.


Blomus Planto 1.5 Liter Stainless Steel Watering Can: Prefer your handle on the side? Find a similar model in this 1.5-liter can.


Stylish Brass Watering Can: Pretend you’re in the gardens of Turkey or Iran, with this round watering can made of solid brass. It’ll look a picture delivering plant-quenching water, or acting as a decoration on the garden ledge.


Dainty Copper Watering Can: Some of the earliest watering cans were hand-hammered in metal. Go back in time and forward in style with this can of hammered solid copper.


Antique Decorative Copper Watering Can: Protect your can from the elements, with a finish of galvanized metal. Hold up to 1.8 liters in its antique-look, detailed exterior.


Haws Copper Watering Can: Know a gardener notoriously hard to buy for? Package up a beautiful pure copper watering can, complete with removable fine brass oval rose and delivered in a brown cardboard gift box. Made in England, its original 1886 design ensures the unlacquered copper will achieve a rich patina with age.


Galvanised Steel Watering Can With Copper Accents: 1.9 gallons of water fits in this heavy gauge galvanized steel can. Use its removable rosette diffuser to create a gentle shower for flowers, or take it off for a gush that can water trees.


1.5 Liter Black Watering Can: Made in lightweight resin with a classic design, this small-spouted item is perfect for watering your plants indoors.


Stylish Indoor Pearl Watering Can: An imprinted flower marks the side of this recyclable plastic can. Use its long-stem spout to reach the hanging baskets in your indoor patio.


Elephant Watering Can: Get the kids into gardening with this cute elephant can. Holding two quarts of water, it’s a small and light introduction to elephant home décor in your garden.

$220BUY IT

Metal Chainmail Elephant Watering Can: Own a truly unique watering can, with this metal elephant and chainmail of 1,000 rings. Taking 16 hours to make, he’s a handcrafted addition to your steampunk home décor collection.


Pig Watering Can: Want your watering can to be part-time? This hand-painted pink pig is designed to hold the water for your plants, or act as a cutesy vase for your indoor garden area. Choose from a green or red rooster, hen, goose, duck, owl, bluebird, bee, turtle or cat design for variation.


Minimalist White Swan Watering Can: The fluid shape of water follows the natural shape of the swan. Invite a new bird to your garden, with this plastic watering can in tow.


Goose Watering Can: Feeling like a goose when it comes to watering your garden? Get the matching watering can with this plastic design holding one gallon.


Duck Watering Can: This lucky duck is another plastic friend for your indoor or outdoor greenery. Made of high-density polyethylene plastic, he’s made with the aim of withstanding the elements.


Hen Watering Can: From the same collection as our pink pig, let this rooster run wild in your garden. Fill him up to the brim with plant-quenching water, or stand him on a table or ledge for something pleasing to look at while pulling the weeds.


Owl Watering Can: Feel a couple of eyes peering through the back of your head? Never fear – it’s your hand-painted watering can in the likeness of an owl.


Blue Bird Rustic Metal Watering Can: Squirt a solid stream of water through this bluebird’s beak. A fetching ornament on the ledge acts as a watering can in handcrafted metal.

From $27BUY IT

More Bird-Shaped Watering Cans: Want a few options for metallic feathered friends? Take a gander at these folk-art inspired creatures, each a functional example of bird home décor.


Ladybug Watering Can: Love insects coming to visit your plants? Arrange the visit yourself, with this handcrafted ladybug watering the flowers.


Mouse Watering Can: You’ll want a mouse in your house with this cute watering can. Hammered steel with a rust-resistant finish means it’ll look a dream in your indoor or outdoor plant setting.


Translucent Plastic Indoor Watering Can: This handy green design is a perfect match with your fertilisers. A translucent plastic finish with US and metric measurements makes it easy to work out your mixing ratios.


Plum-Colored Novelty Watering Can: Want to own a watering can that looks different to the rest? This elegant plum design features a circle in the middle, a handle on the top, an elongated spout and 1.5 gallons’ worth of watering capacity.


Orange Water Can and Spray Bottle: For those after a water-holding all-in-one, look no further than this orange-coloured plastic contraption. Holding up to 40 ounces of water, it features a spray bottle up the top, a long spout down the bottom. Simply pour the water down the spout to avoid opening the top for refill.


Plastic Watering Can With Transparent Spout: Often wonder how much water you’re really putting in? Watch the water drain out of the transparent spout of this 47-ounce container. Paired with an ergonomic arch handle, long spout and large-fill opening, this green and white dream can fulfil all your indoor and outdoor watering needs.


Space-Saving Watering Can With Rotating Spout: Save space in your home or garden, with this watering can that allows you to fold up its spout. Complete with a non-slip handle, three quart capacity, translucent spout and removable rose attachment, it’s the total package no matter what size your garden. Choose from green, pink or blue colourways.


Small Plastic Watering Can: Go back to basics with these small 28-ounce watering cans. With a long spout, over-body handle and three colour options, it’s a cheap and cheerful option that fulfils the essentials.


Umbra Shift Stainless Steel Watering Can-Cum-Pitcher: Feel like it’s not only your plants that need a drink? These unique pitchers double as a watering can in white-clad stainless steel.

Looking for easy to maintain indoor plants? Do check out our post: 32 Beautiful Indoor House Plants That Are Also Easy To Maintain

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April 24, 2017

Locus Solus sun lounger is an outdoors lounge chair designed by the Architect Gae Aulenti. Gae Aulenti designed a series of pieces of garden furniture for Poltronova that were called Locus Solus back in 1963.
This collection of seating, tables, lamps and sunbeds for the pool and patio its being reproduced today with exclusive rights under license by Italian furniture manufacturer Exteta.

Locus Solus outdoor furniture
With Locus Solus sun lounger, the designer explores the expressive potential of color applied to metal and cloth to create a fresh and relaxed setting composed of a single winding piece of tubing. The loungers are made of painted tubular steel in anything but sober colors: orange and lemon yellow, pistachio green and eggplant.

white outdoors lounge chair

Fabric printed covering with the exclusive Red or Green Locus Solus artwork or available in all the Exteta’s book fabrics. Original cushions were padded with polyvinyl and covered with a cotton-jute mix printed with a pattern and were designed in collaboration with students at the Art School in Pistoia.

yellow patio furniture

The Exteta loungers are ideal to stay eternally outdoors. Colors and lines of the collection adapt themselves to the environment with vivacity and personality and the materials used are specially conceived for outdoor use. Locus Solus sun lounger will perfectly integrate with all sorts of environments. All coverings are fully removable and washable.

outdoor italian furniture design

The curved lines of the Locus Solus sun lounger invite you to relax in comfort and offer the space they are set in a youthful atmosphere.
The unique set of oversized wheels incorporated that also serve as a sort of armrests, are not only the main feature of the design but also bring functionality, making the lounge seat easy to move around.

orange sun bed by Gae Aulenti

Exteta is a leading Italian brand in the production of very high end outdoor furniture and cabinetry. Their goal is to offer innovative systems designed to dress and decorate outdoor spaces with the same care reserved until now for inside. The Locus Solus is a product that fully integrates their philosophy.

Locus Solus Sun Lounger

green sun lounger design ideas

Gae Aulenti furniture design

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