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February 14, 2016

Visualizer: Pavel Pisanko   

Polka dots prevent this bright bedroom from seeming overly sterile. The simple accent wall print also helps to ensure the expansive walls don’t overwhelm the simplicity of the interior design. Of the wooden elements, the rocking chair is the work of Charles and Ray Eames and the bench is from George Nelson.

Visualizer: Hieu Doan  

Romantic typographical decals bring a touch of modernism to this classically inspired bedroom. Highly distressed wood on the side table, dresser, and headboard enhance the contemporary design with relatably chic appeal.

Visualizer: Claudiu Hanga  

Here’s some more typographic decor – the lettering in this bedroom sets up the design theme for a more mysterious attraction.

Visualizer: Anthony Kalambet   

While storage and art would normally occupy a headboard wall, here it takes a prominent position at the side of the bed. The adjustable ask lamp is a versatile touch.

Designer: Melissa Hegge   Source: Airbnb  

This space was decorated for a contest hosted by Airbnb, the interior accommodations created by Melissa Hegge using only Norwegian design objects – some of which are prototypes. The apartment occupied the uppermost point in the famous Holmenkollbakken ski jumping hill in Oslo as part of the limited-time contest.

Visualizer: Dima Zakharov   

Dark bedding and furniture offer up a cozy appeal, with the trademark white walls given personality with beautiful illustrations. This room features accessories from notable Nordic designers like Arne Jacobsen (AJ table lamp) and Hans Wegner (Wishbone chair).

Visualizer: Aleksandra Nuzhnaya  

Rather than using the large walk-in space for a closet, it boasts a classically decorated bathroom instead. The clothes racks serve as a stylish substitute.

Visualizer: Marcin Kasperski  

This spacious bedroom is minimalistic and charming at the same time.

Visualizer: Đình Dũng Hoàng   

A fantastic blue accent wall boosts this room and provides a lovely backdrop for the wooden side tables and high-contrast typographic prints. Artwork is simply propped against the exposed brick to the left: a good solution when you can’t drill or hammer into the walls.

Cheerful animal prints wearing warm winter clothes helps make this traditionally decorated bedroom feel a little warmer and cozier. A midcentury-inspired sideboard cabinet centers the arrangement with a bold geometric pattern.

Visualizer: Leu Khanh  

Expansive white walls required a few smart accents to check the sense of scale, readily accomplished by the tall balcony door and the abstract art print to the left.

Charming, subdued, quintessentially Scandinavian. Layered textiles and warm fur complement the spare and minimalistic space. The fascinating woven chair to the right is the iconic Flag Halyard by renowned Danish designer Hans Wegner.

Visualizer: Denis Krasikov   

Jar-shaped lights and a delicate canopy bed frame give this bedroom a taste of the Scandinavian countryside right in the middle of the city.

Visualizer: AIV Studio   

Strong organic themes give this bedroom a classic and natural appeal. The live edge table is significantly lighter in color than the floor, but the light brown bedspread helps to balance the distribution of tones. The ethereal lamps hanging above are the work of photographer/designer Mark Eden Schooley.

Visualizer: Julia Khamula   

Carefully chosen color accents energize this bright white-and-black room. Purple and blue aren’t the most common color themes for a Scandinavian interior but this application is quite modern and lively.

Visualizer: INT2 Architecture   

Soft cornflower blue and powerful reddish-orange make this bedroom stand out from the crowd. The theme is playful and colorful, perfect for a child or an adult.

Visualizer: Denis Krasikov   

Typography and geometric patterns bring this simply appointed bedroom up to date with today’s most beloved design trends. The bedframe and window shutters, on the other hand, demonstrate a charmingly traditional vibe.

Designer: Laura Seppänen   

Goldenrod, bright red, and blueish-gray tones come together to create an approximation of the primary color theme of the De Stijl style, a Dutch art movement founded in 1917.

Visualizer: Orange Graphics   

Distressed whitewashed brick and light wood give this Scandinavian bedroom a chic and urbanistic style balanced by classic ceiling beams and a playful canopy bed.

Visualizer: Vudu Motion   

This post has already highlighted plenty of grayscale bedroom themes but it’s time to examine what really makes those interior styles work. Without the layered textiles, this room might just look minimalistic – and without the chic accessories, this space would seem purely modernist.

Visualizer: Orange Graphics   

Light unfinished-looking wood helps this bedroom achieve an organic aesthetic.

Visualizer: MG Design UK   

Grayscale, typography, science themes, and geometric prints… this bedroom combines the best of modernist design trends with the classically subdued aesthetics of Scandinavian decor.

Visualizer: AIV Studio   

Exposed brick sets the immediate theme, somehow proving more of a focal point than the charismatic series of framed prints to its right. Note the vintage appliances as decor along the sideboard shelves – an affordable and easy to emulate style for any interior.

Visualizer: Michał Morzy  

Exceptionally weathered exposed brick embraces a Scandinavian theme with a cohesive coating of white paint. Muuto pendants hang in the far corner, and lifestyle decor occupies a selective variety of empty spaces.

Visualizer: Artem Bobrov & Андрусь Bezdar  

Ultra-compact, but filled with personality!

Visualizer: Nicolas JOUSLIN   

Suede and wood pair well with the distressed white paint and colorful watercolor accents used throughout this bedroom design.

Visualizer: Vic Nguyen   

Of all the minimalistic spaces highlighted throughout this post, this interior is one of the most streamlined yet doesn’t sacrifice an ounce of personality for its clean aesthetic.

Visualizer: ArchiCGI  

Light and weightless – this theme is embodied by the gauze-wrapped pendant lamp serving as the focal point in this simple blue and white room.

Visualizer: Daniel Reuterswärd   

The perfect mix between chic Scandinavian decor and industrial-inspired design! This bedroom boasts a grayscale interior pared with plenty of wire.

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February 14, 2016

Today a white modern sideboard caught the eye of our editors.  Called Musa, this beauty comes from Alf Furniture and is full of function, form and fashion.   There are many clever design elements which have been encapsulated into this one project by the designer.  Notice first the tiny metal feet which hearken back to vintage modern such as Eames and George Nelson.   They create a more delicate feel and help conceal the overall bulk of this piece.  The angle in which the metal hits the ground can be linked back to many memories from the past.  Two examples that come to mind are the antennae on an old television or the legs of a spacecraft landing on a planet taken from an old comic strip.

Unusual Shaped Doors on Furniture

In the above picture you can really see the power in this white modern sideboard.   The rounded edges are just so wonderful and make the flow of this design much easy on the eyes while at the same time make it safer for children.   The way the drawers open is just fascinating.  The angle that was chosen is so unique and different than that of standard cabinetry.  Notice too that there is no hardware on which to pull open the drawers.  As part of the design edges have been fastened into hand grabbing spots which also change the look of the front by creating a bit of depth in appearance.

Musa white modern sideboard from Alf Furniture

I like how Alf allows for different colors to be chosen as the storage drawers within the unit.  Above we see orange and what a contrast it makes to the white.   If one of your concerns is that white will be too muted once in your home, create visual appeal by having a bold color inside.  Then when the unit is opened, your guests will be amazed that the color contrast is so great.   Also too recognize that you can dress this up with accessories on top to give it extra color when the doors are not opened.

Living Room With Italian Buffet Table Against Wall

This room scene is great so that we can picture Musa with other accessories.  Notice that there is more color introduced from the lamp, picture arrangement and bowl of fruit.   The rug too also draws the eye away from the flow of the floor and yet we can still see how wonderful the piece is up against the wall.

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February 14, 2016

Visualizer: Render Taxi  

Our first interior starts with a concept for a renovation later completed by architects Anna & Eugeni Bach, visualized here by Render Taxi. It plays up the importance of light in Scandinavian design, but adds at least one striking modernistic twist: an amazing ceiling that weaves a narrative between the bright light and corresponding shadow.

The original tiles were recovered from the original restoration and later reconfigured in a series of distinctive stripes to outstanding effect.

Decorated with wood and white surfaces, the kitchen essentially personifies the most basic Scandinavian design ideals.

Visualizer: Duan  

This next space is a little more colorful, and integrates plenty of natural themes. Bright color is always appreciated during long those Scandinavian winters so it makes sense to include as much life and vibrancy as possible.

Storage is always a must – smart storage helps to keep things uncluttered, and these built-in solutions look especially natural here.

This home is a great example to show that Nordic influence doesn’t require that everything come from Scandinavia. The mirror is from French designer Jacques Adnet, and the rightmost stools are by Fabio Bortolani.

Decoration remains simple, and relatable.

Beyond the adorable classical storage solutions is a fabulous accent wall decorated with oversized newspaper print.

The kitchen is efficient and homey, with spice jars and extra dishes displayed on open shelves as a way to add extra character.

Red and black make up a slightly more definitive color theme for the kitchen. The print on the rug shows up in many Nordic-inspired designs.

Visualizer: Duan  

This next space shows a side of Scandinavian design that uses wood elements more sparingly. Even the floor is lighter and more subdued, and the color theme exhibits a bold but easygoing grayscale theme enhanced by colorful accents in carefully chosen places.

Here, you can get a good look at a few of the wooden accents used in the living room, including the legs of the open side table and the end of the sideboard cabinet in the back.

Up for a game? The chess set on the table is a famous design from the Bauhaus school. Each shape expresses the allowed range of motion for a beautiful example of functionality through design.

This casual overstuffed chair embodies “hygge” – the Scandinavian word that translates approximately to “cozy”.

Such a playful composition! The wooden dining chairs are a classic style all over the world, and the molded Eames chairs have worked their way into the global design lexicon as well.

Swedish designer Mattias Ståhlbom created the colorful series of E27 pendant lights pictured here. Notice how the cords route around and beneath the pop art prints hanging in the back.

Although many people conflate Scandinavian influence with minimalism, the two are not always synonymous. It’s always lovely to surround yourself with objects you love.

Visualizer: Duan  

Yellow and blue accents give this playful apartment an exceptionally sunny and natural vibe. Classic furniture keeps things simple, and the bright geometric rug boosts the modernist effect. This space is defined by its charismatic decorations and smart storage solutions.

Taken together, it would be hard to not feel at home in a space such as this one.

So many lovely plants! Scandinavian winters aren’t completely bare, but coming home to a house full of thriving greenery will always lift the mood.

Taxidermy doesn’t always fit well into modern homes, but it does bring to mind the hunting traditions of the north – the wonderful 3D deer head to the left offers a cool updated approach.

Colorful concrete and wire mesh pendant lamps seem to defy gravity. These are from the Pot-Purri line by 3 Dots Collective.

Check out the multi-tiered herb garden and the delicately painting nesting tables! Both designs help save a little space for a cleaner aesthetic.

Bright, white, and classic – the bedroom is simple yet full of personality, warmed up with layers of gray fabric.

Fun animal inspired artwork joins another indoor garden on the distinctive shelving system.

Two additional concrete lamps hang above each bedside table. These feature vivid orange cords to match the single colorful bedside table.

Visualizer: Duan  

While this interior doesn’t follow the magazine-pristine version of interior design known from the magazines, it does certainly seem to bring to mind the smell of pine and the feeling of a brisk springtime breeze. The transparent glass coffee table almost looks like a chip of ice – but the furniture itself is cozy as can be.

Strong textures beckon visitors to wrap up in a blanket and enjoy good conversation. Cable knit, shag, and bold fabric weaves reveal themselves in layers for maximum effect.

Vintage crates and rebar shelves demonstrate a break from the minimalistic storage solutions we’re all so used to seeing. There’s always a place for both styles.

White exposed brick and heavy wooden furniture provides a nice contrast to the minimalistic surfaces implemented to the right.

A peek out the window reveals a palm tree and a coastal view – Scandinavian design influence has truly established itself anywhere good design thrives.

Visualizer: Duan  

Opening with a dramatic portrait of John Lennon, this interior definitely takes the classic all-white-and-wood approach familiar to Nordic design fans. It’s chic and minimalistic, without ever feeling too cold thanks to the wooden elements and layered textiles.

Exposed brick also works wonders to warm the room.

The Flag Halyard Chair is the work of Hans Wegner, perhaps one of the most renowned names in Scandinavian design. The pelt is a must-have element to soften the effect of the metal and rope.

Chipped and grizzled, the cinder block wall adds an incomparable touch of character to an already incredible interior.

These stylish removable dining chair covers keep the seating fresh and clean all year round.

Although the zebra print and geometric pendant lights offer a distinctive aesthetic, the combination of layered materials is worth study as well.

Designer: Koj Design   Visualizer: Koj Design  

Welcome to the colorful side of Scandinavian design! This space packs a bright and vibrant punch, quite different from the sterile all-white spaces touted by magazines. This interior is bursting with energy and color, expressing the personality of the resident at every turn.

Nautical themes rule this aesthetic, with prints of sea creatures and anchors and more. The unfinished wood furniture is almost reminiscent of driftwood.

Molded wood furniture makes its appearance in nearly every Nordic-styled home. The chair to the left is an iconic design by Eames.

The cantilever lamp to the left is the work of designer Paolo Rizzatto.

Here’s a wonderful view of a selection of nautical decor that brings life to the open living area.

Bold and vivid! The kitchen is dripping with oceanic blue, reflected by the glossy appliances used throughout.

It would be hard to forget spending time with friends in a kitchen as distinctive as this one.

The lightest of blues pairs with golden yellow to create a bedroom aesthetic worth waking up to.

The classic Acapulco chair is beloved in Scandinavia and elsewhere. The small side table is a design straight from Demark, by the very talented Thomas Bentzen.

No matter where you live, a home isn’t a home without plenty of love. The neat arrangement of framed prints centers the bed.

This bedroom also makes good use of framed prints above the bed to compensate for the slightly off-center placement.

The birdhouse theme is exceptionally adorable.

Here, you’ll notice that the decorative birdhouse to the right is actually a convenient lamp to illuminate the work desk and cozy reading niche near the window.

As always, storage plays a crucial role behind the scenes.

Geometric themes dominate this ultra-modernist bathroom.

The few hints of color come from wooden elements, potted plants, and a few spare pieces of decorative ceramic.

Two-toned walls echo the grayscale tiles.

Architect: Kevin  

This cheerful home contains an open living space with one small bedroom and one bathroom – but these spaces host an abundance of personality between them. Robin’s egg blue makes up the primary accent color with splashes of verdant green drawing attention toward the light sources.

Eclectic furniture takes on a definite sense of Scandinavian influence, from the low-profile credenza to the wooden pendant lamp.

Of course, bright magenta flowers help to brighten the space too.

Rich fabrics provide the necessary sense of warmth needed to brave a long winter.

Black and white isn’t an entirely typical theme for Nordic-inspired homes, but it certainly works well here.

Cute! Classic entertainment and traditional cookware adds unmatched personality.

The shadow-effect side tables to the right are the work of Ukrainian designer Dmitry Kozinenko.

Wood, layered textiles, and plenty of sunlight – the bedroom gets back to the quintessential Scandinavian aesthetic.

Visualizer: ReFL Studio  

Have you ever wondered what Bauhaus-meets-Nordic design would look like? Now you have your answer – this home is simple and refined, but contains a touch of rugged industrial influence hard to find anywhere else. Color accents are subtle and diverse but tend toward blue and yellow overall.

Smeg refrigerators show up in so many Scandinavian-inspired interior designs, it’s easy to forget they were designed Italy. They seem to fit the Nordic aesthetic so well.

A lovely mixture of chairs demonstrates a variety of design styles.

In the kitchen, lovingly distressed tiles and a natural wood countertop balance the white minimalistic surfaces. The pendant is the Foscarini “Rock” light, made in collaboration with the Diesel fashion brand.

Architect: N-Gon Archviz  

This lovely home a concept for the “Cabin in the Woods” project, visualized here by N-Gon Archviz. Furniture choices include Scandinavian classics in addition to modern offerings, with plenty of fun decor and distinctive materials to keep a visitor enchanted for days.

It’s rare to see a Scandinavian home visualized at night even though the daylight hours are exceptionally short that far north. Night visualizations offer a wonderful opportunity to see the true effect of the interior lighting.

Smooth Coco Flip pendants cast light on the wooden dining set. Note the flat-pack moose head to the left – so perfect!

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February 14, 2016

Consider integrating crazy book storage ideas in your home design.  These wonderful arrangements provide quite a striking visual to family and guests while at the same time address a need for storage and organization.   Books are often a curse and a blessing.  They can be just fabulous to read where anything can happen in the story and you can get lost with the characters.   On the other hand it is a curse in placing them away neatly so as to not display a cluttered or unkempt look in a home.   Our editors found these suggestions to be the ultimate examples of creativity while challenging us away from our perception of the norm.  We hope that you enjoy and hopefully find a gem or two along the way that works in your living space.

Our thought here was to start off with one of the more basic models so we can get more progressive as the story goes on.  This is a fun piece in how there are cool shapes such as “L’s” that are way different than what is typically found in furniture stores in the form of rectangles, squares and right angles.

My first thought was honeycomb, but in truth this is more abstract.  Bees create similar symmetric sized hexagons and this one is way more obtuse.   You can see how the owner has crammed a lot of novels inside.  I would like to see this with some open space and imagine it would look very nice.  There is a much smaller looking one with open spaces in the back of the picture and I like that look for an accessory so much better.

Crazy Book Storage Ideas for Ultimate Home

Pictured above is a great example of minimalism in how the shelves are very narrow and there are not huge supports holding this structure together.  The amount of weight that can be born on this overall is less than some of the others, but the statement is powerful indeed.  I really like this in a small space.

tree inspired wall mounted home storage

Here is one of the more crazy book storage ideas drawing its design inspiration from that of a tree.  Nature is often a theme in art and you can see it here how artistic the arrangement is and the fact that there are novels on it does not even really strike me.  I see more just the form of the tree and the unique flow of its branches.

stacking storage cubes arranged in artistic way

The above picture to me screams sculpture.  It creates compelling appeal in how the storage boxes are stacked together in a very nonconformist way.   This is another small piece that certainly makes a statement and would be a wonderful addition in the right setting.

The theme in the above room is structure and organization.  To me each piece has a purpose and then the wall mounted trinkets are more for display.   Everything looks so planned and thoughtful in how it was put together.

orange color wall storage solution

Tree meets cube in the above example blending the architectural style of both of those elements.  The choice of orange will certainly be noticed in a room, but this could be any color of your choosing.

free standing unusual bookshelves

It is a nice touch in that these are more free standing bookshelves than the others and don’t need to be anchored against a wall.  This product has somewhat an unusual feel to it, but at the same time feels like it belongs.  Thus, to me this is a good transitional risk for a house.

DIY Project of Wall Mounted Storage Cubess

The wall mounted storage here features cubes arranged in various patterns.   What is striking is how many different angles and shapes were created even though the same size box was used over and over.  This could definitely be a DIY project so get inspired and create this for yourself.

This looks to be an inverted staircase or ladder of some sort.  This piece is hugely bold and may be too much for many of our readers.

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February 14, 2016

Visualizer: Javier Wainstein   

Our first luxury home is a concept for an apartment overlooking Central Park. Its strong Bauhaus themes contrast against a light and chic interior: natural materials, light textiles, utilitarian forms, and sharp angles come together to define a varied yet cohesive character within this stylish space.

Living room furniture includes Bauhaus-inspired pieces like the Brooklyn Chair by Jean-Marie Massaud, a contemporary answer to the iconic Barcelona design. The lounge and sofa are from the Kekke and Fedde collections from Piet Boon.

Three amazing chandeliers make an immediate impression. The piece in the foreground is by Brendan Ravenhill, the dining room light is from Workstead, and the far chandelier is from the Mimosa collection by Atelier Areti.

A visitor will never run out of charming details to explore, and every glance reveals something new. The intricate level of detail makes the space feel comfortable and appealing despite its refined styling.

Like the sofa, this side table is also from the Piet Boon collection – look for it under the name Klink.

More fabulous details! Note the famous Bauhaus chess set in the black-framed niche to the left. It’s an iconic and functional design, with each figure serving as a visual representation of the moves each piece can make, like the L-shaped knight and the X-shaped bishops.

Open and spacious, the dining room emphasizes its fabulous view of the park.

Seating comes by way of the iconic Wishbone chair, a 1944 design by Hans Wegner.

The cantilever theme works to create a sense of drama and movement, while light and classic forms offset the boldness of the artistic dining table.

Large framed artwork provides a strong focal point from almost any angle.

Who wouldn’t enjoy a view like that, especially from an interior as comfortable as this one?

The kitchen takes a different and more straightforward approach to luxury, delineated by a complete transition from wood and steel to marble and copper.

In a completely white-based space like this one, each metallic accent adds another layer of sophistication.

As with the other living areas, the light materials and clean lines offer the perfect frame for the Central Park view.

Stone, concrete, marble, brass, and white-painted exposed brick – the wide variety of materials seems to add a sense of layered complexity to create an aesthetic that leans just as much toward chic as it does luxury.

Glass, ceramics, and chrome serve as secondary accents.

Clever composition make it obvious that everything has its place – nothing is accidental. The result looks complete.

We’ll conclude our look at this first home with a quick peek at the bedroom. The paper note chandelier by Ingo Maurer is an especially cool idea, and wouldn’t be too difficult to recreate as a DIY project. Hang doodles, kid’s drawings, inspirational messages, meaningful notes, etc.

Architect: Tao Design   Designer: Azam Mohamed  

The next luxury apartment is a penthouse for an art collector in Iran. The living room is swathed in organic materials and neutral natural tones, framed by a dramatic hallway in unforgettable black marble. This space also features a stunning view – some of the interior colors seem to echo the beach tones of the landscape.

A spacious seating area spans almost the entire living area, the sharp angles of the furniture reflected by the paneled artwork and matching modular table set.

Artwork lines the stunning dark hallway.

A large floor-to-ceiling sculpture swirls around the curvaceous purple daybed, illuminated from the floor by recessed lighting.

Black marble ties the formal dining room back into its surroundings. Above, spectacular lighting directs the eyes toward the table – the lights are from the Match series by Jordi Vilardell & Meritxell Vidal.

This bedroom makes good use of subdued yet strong materials to create a dark and inviting appeal.

Imagine enjoying a nice read near the fire, with feet nestled into the textural carpet. Glass, steel, wood, and concrete come together to form a distinctive industrial motif.

Now this is an inspiring and tasteful arrangement, and certainly fits the luxury motif – an espresso machine makes it possible to enjoy a delicious brew first thing in the morning, to be sipped near the bookshelf or perhaps while cuddled up in bed.

To complete the theme of rest and relaxation, the bathroom even goes so far as to include a waterfall that cascades from the sink into the soak tub.

Visualizer: I Max Studio   

This tour of luxury ends with a gorgeous apartment in Beirut, defined by its contrast between classically inspired furniture and highly contemporary accessories. Built-in storage caters to the functional demands of a space as streamlined as this one, while the bold decorative elements serve as straightforward focal points.

Notice how the cabinetry and storage layout almost perfectly echoes the one used in the living room – a surefire way to unify the visual experience across the vast open living area.

A small social area occupies the space between the two main living areas, outlined by heavy marble. Its wooden floor offers a warmer and more comfortable aesthetic compared to the glossy tile on either side. The fabulously modern Lounge chairs are from the Tile collection by Jonas Søndergaard Nielsen.

This short home tour ends at the kitchen. A generous marble table could easily double as a kitchen island due to its convenient location.

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February 14, 2016

Let’s start from the beginning – the living room offers a welcoming first impression with natural materials and bright yellow accents, creating a comfortable atmosphere within a sharp composition.

The low-profile media console is definitely a style familiar to many mid-century fans but its layered construction is a perfectly modern interpretation, as is the black stripe of geometric panels.

You might recognize the shade of yellow (harvest gold) as the star of every 70s interior, looking very fresh and current as used here.

This rounded triangle table style was very popular in the era that inspired this interior! The chandelier is a modern piece, designed in 2005 by Seyhan Özdemir and Sefer Caglar.

Charismatic accents bring the resident’s personality into the mix. Skyline pillows – like the one featured here – are always a cool way to show love for a hometown or favorite travel destination.

A peek at the entrance reveals a sliding door with a signature geometric pattern, giving way to a pristine white hallway with clever storage niches.

Isamu Noguchi designed the cyclone table in 1957 and it still stands as a strong staple in modern design to this day.

Suede chairs offer the ultimate compromise between simplicity and luxury.

Bands of yellow brighten the sleek and modern kitchen space while adding a touch of that imaginative retro charm that makes this home stand out.

Details make all the difference – within such a streamlined design, every inch matters. The precise layering of the cabinetry encourages the eye to linger and appreciate.

Don’t you just love the bookshelf integrated with the kitchen island? If the resident decided to store the cookbooks elsewhere, it would serve as a handy place to store decorative dishes that guests could appreciate from the dining table or living room.

Note the royal blue accent wall in the background. It’s rich and dark enough to blend with the black details used elsewhere in the home, but it helps the yellow accents pop with even more energy.

Strong horizontal lines draw the eye toward the decorative door or draw the eye into the home, depending on whether a guest is entering or leaving.

The bedroom takes a bold approach with tessellated geometric wallpaper, while the rest of the furnishings remain simple.

The side tables and bedding fabrics offer the only hint of mid century influence – subtle and charming.

Round mirrors are making a comeback, loved for their vintage appeal.

Other round elements, like this playful pouf, stand in contrast to the sharp lines and crisp patterns found elsewhere in the room.

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February 14, 2016

Looking at the stunning oak kitchen cabinets reminds me that design is not dead and wonderful ideas are still being created such as these and the island fashioned by Smallbone of Devizes.  Take a look at the great grain of the wood which is so evident on the island counter.  This is the Brasserie line whose inspiration was deliberate in using slats of oak and fashioning them together.  It’s not a bowling alley by any shape of the imagination, but you get the idea.   This unique grain was chosen due to its expression of knots and other imperfections which in truth are character as if the wood is telling its own story to a crowd.   I thoroughly enjoy visiting Brasseries in Paris and you can see how that inspired the use of wood and then pots and utensils hanging up.  To me the most intriguing element is the amount of seating and how the whole space fits together.  A person could almost be “tending bar” if you look at the configuration.  The amount of seating is spaced out and very comfortable and yet remains in the center of the action.   The experience and mood is just like you might imagine sitting down for a cup of coffee in the morning at a bar and watching people come in and out to get their beverages.

Smallbone of Devizes Brasserie Kitchen

There was so much thought in the entire layout of space as you can see in the picture above.  It’s a great functional space that can be used for many things.  Notice how great the grain is on the island.  The oak kitchen cabinets are wonderfully constructed and arranged to accomplish storage and showcasing decorative items.

five seat kitchen island in oak

I found that this angle really shows just how large the seating and kitchen island are.  This setup could easily replace a dining area if that were the choice of a home owner.  I too love how the family could gather around and perform any activity such as conversation, homework, computing or cooking and remain together as one unit.

You can see the copper pots and pans which draws back to the amazing coffee machines found in Brasseries.   It does require some polishing to keep the metal this bright, but you can see how great the results are if you do.

stunning oak cabinets in a kitchen

The grain on the cabinetry is just spectacular!   There are so many swirls and striations that make nearly every drawer unique.  Smallbone of Devizes can also paint these in any color if that is preferred by the home owner.  Custom paint design is also available if you really want to make a different statement.

separate storage cupboard in kitchen design

The black counter top goes very well and adds a bit of darker hue to the overall feel of the product.

I like being able to see the storage since I want to know how useful that may or may not be to me.  Think about your own cooking style and where you like to have things handy so you can know if this is a good solution for your needs.

Some people many not like the color here and metal tops, but I think it adds a lot to the overall design.  Mixing metal together with wood seems so unusual, but look how great it works here.  I can say that if the whole room were wood it may appear too muted out and not have enough contrast.  Also, the colors you can add here can go from neutral to contemporary creating an effect that fits your personal decorating tastes.

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February 14, 2016

Architect: Ivan Yunakov   

This lovely 110 square meter apartment is the work of architect Ivan Yunakov and consists of a semi-open living and kitchen arrangement with two private bedrooms accessible through the hallway. The living areas feature bright natural colors – blue, yellow, olive green, and just a hint and mauve – against a backdrop of sleek wood and light gray paint.

While the colorful interior leans more toward eclectic than minimalistic, it does remain uncluttered by electronics and peripherals thanks to the projector and blank white wall.

Note how the focal points in the dining room and living room use highly saturated colors while the sofa and hallway feature soft pastel tones for a more relaxing appeal.

But the sense of contrast goes beyond just the color choices – frame and panel cabinetry add a chic touch within a space defined mostly by its sharp modern furniture.

Extra color accents spice up the kitchen. Red and pink join the other colors to create an even more diverse theme, bringing a playful character to an otherwise all-wood kitchen design.

Lovely organic lines and natural colors help the dining room embrace a soft and welcoming aesthetic, embodied in the live edge table. The dining chairs are by designer Hee Welling.

Chic and relaxing – the master bedroom changes up the color palette to a more analogous theme ranging the spectrum from blue to purple to lavender. It’s charismatic but not overly “hyper”.

Shades of brown and mocha help tie the color theme back to a more organic and natural aesthetic. Think potted cornflowers. Soft colors can do amazing things for the ambiance of a bedroom.

Geometric themes also give this bedroom some added flavor. The cube bedframe, checkered rug, and complex chandelier offer a classic take on form-based design. The chandelier is from the Modo collection by Jason Miller.

You may have noticed the glass-walled closet tucked away in the far corner in one of the previous photos of this room. Here’s a closer look! Black and white shelves allow the clothing to make its mark on the design.

Now for the child’s bedroom – a cheerful space decorated with a mix of bright pastels with vivid yellow accents. Fun geometric themes appear in the hexagonal rug and fun wood block shelves.

Artwork includes a collection of small white animal figures on the left with Minion toys below. Geometric artwork on the right complements the blue and yellow theme with a dash of pastel red.

The compact bathroom makes a dramatic impression with large patterned tiles. These colors are far more subdued than the other interior accent themes: an appropriate choice for such a small space.

A section of robin’s egg blue brightens the space above the mirror, and the mirror itself reflects the blue from the opposite wall.

Designer: Aleksandr Svyryd  

Next, we’ll be examining a private house with two bedrooms and two bathrooms designed by Aleksandr Svyryd. This space takes a completely different approach to color than the previous home did – rather than utilizing widespread color throughout, this home relies primarily on neutrals to make the sparingly used accents stand out even more boldly.

In an open living room defined by dark charcoal and grayscale tones, the dining area makes its mark with bright teal accents. The vivid colors make even more of an impact because of their scarcity within the design.

Yellow on the inside of the lamp provides a little bit of extra contrast with the blue.

While the kitchen remains almost entirely grayscale, a handful of highly glossy tiles reflect the blue of the dining room curtains. Transparent spice jars, potted plants, and typical kitchen supplies add their own color.

From this view, the effect of the dining room color blocking stands out even more clearly. It’s like a bright beacon to entice and stimulate – surely a popular gathering spot when guests arrive for a chat.

Grape and lavender seem like the most natural choice for this bedroom’s light gray palette. A single wall of dark charcoal tiles provides a focal point amongst the softer colors.

Check out this skillful implementation of color theory! Purple, yellow, and teal come together to create a triadic split complementary theme – a very bold and engaging combination. Not everybody is brave enough to attempt a combination this exciting but this execution is perfectly inspiring.

Classic boiserie painted with textural charcoal and white provides a sophisticated canvas for the room’s ultra-contemporary accents. Bedrooms this expressive and strategically decorated don’t come along very often.

Both of the bathrooms take a different approach, utilizing relaxing natural themes rather than vivacious colors. Here, oxidized tiles and brushed concrete set an industrial tone.

The other bathroom embraces an oceanic theme with a distinctive blue tub and flowing stone tiles. Dreamy!

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February 14, 2016

Storage wall modules are wonderful in how they can organize a house and provide a great visual other than paint.  Veneta Cucine offers five examples that our editors picked out which are electrifying making us want to share these with you today.   Each of these concepts covers many design styles from super contemporary to a more clean and updated traditional look.  I find it helpful to think about the current use of walls in your home when you consider products like me.  Many of us simply have paint, wallpaper and some framed pictures.  In other words, we don’t have anything too exciting.   Transforming that ideal can really liven up a living space and make a home more beautiful.

storage wall modules by Veneta Cucine

Isn’t the crimson just stunning in the above picture.  Even for people that are not too bold in their color selection this hue has great appeal.  The darker stained cabinets and shelves are wonderful too.  This would go great in a large open room such as one that may be found in a high rise or loft.   Books are always a problem and it’s nice there is a place to tastefully present them.

bright orange and dove gray shelving system

The clear lacquer coat really causes these to pop above.  Orange creates a bold statement and here it is softened by being offset with Dove gray.  Notice too the spacing where the television goes.  This could easily be increased to allow for a larger TV to be placed there.  I do like the geometry created in the pattern of how the angles intersect in a design that is full of purpose and precision.

red and white wall unit

Of the five storage wall modules this one perhaps offers the most robust color combination featuring red and white.  The handles on the cabinets create a nice white trim that also mesh with the tops.  What a great idea the home owner had adding that same shade of red as the back drop in the open shelves.  The bottom pair arrangement is superb in how one is placed on top of the other.  To the very right you can see what appears to be a clock underneath, and I wonder if it serving as a stabilizer as well.

This example from Veneta Cucine really shows if you cover the majority of wall space how that may look in a room.   They did a fine job in doing so, and also in not making the room look crammed and cluttered.  Some examples of home libraries with floor to ceiling bookcases can really take over a room and detract from the overall appearance.

contemporary decorated living room

small space wall unit with storage

This tasteful model features the same crimson with a slightly different color combination.  The shape is very interesting of the background as it is not rectangular or square.   This small format piece would do well in a small space and being very fun to enjoy.

The post 5 Electrifying Storage Wall Modules from Veneta Cucine appeared first on Furniture Fashion and requires written authorization to be republished on another website.

February 14, 2016

Visualizer: Aurélien BRION  

Color matching often proves to be the most straightforward way to incorporate artwork into the home. This space benefits from neutral basics, with the colorful accents easy to change out in case the artwork changes.

Visualizer: Andrew Sokruta  

This bold painting stands in contrast with the sharp and precise angles of the tables to great effect.

Visualizer: Julia Borisenko  

Here a mixed-media canvas plays into the structural interior features, like the transition between darker and lighter wood between the living room and kitchen. Gray highlights draw attention to the textured wall and deconstructed forms contrast against the straight lines of the furniture.

Visualizer: Adrian Iancu  

This home doesn’t base its interior around the artwork, but instead remains relatively neutral – a sort of blank canvas that accommodates any style the residents want to achieve. The single yellow pillow ties back into the overall theme.

Visualizer: Innovattio Architektura  

Photographic prints lend themselves well to this eclectic living room interior. A monochromatic art collection is less complicated to work with, easily adaptable to any style.

Designer: Nikita Ryazhko  

A sketch of Steve Jobs joins a stunning abstract ink print, both with organic influences to balance out the strict geometric theme used throughout this living room.

Visualizer: ARTSTUDIO Design   

Light and shadow provide the overarching theme in this apartment living room – and the stunning artwork in the background enhances the effect. Even if the image weren’t perfectly coordinated in terms of color, the theme itself would still help to carry the interior.

Visualizer: Sequoia design studio  

In this interior, classic materials and furniture play against a dramatic industrial background enhanced by modern pop art.

Visualizer: Nicolas JOUSLIN  

Grayscale themes allow the stark black-and-white artwork to pop out from the background. The tiny golden accent springs to life thanks to the pair of dandelion yellow chairs.

Visualizer: Gutarev Vlad   

A great example of a print that matches both the aesthetic and the attitude of a room – it’s youthful, fun, and playfully aware. Nobody can frown near a pop art likeness of SpongeBob, right?

A great example of a print that matches both the aesthetic and the attitude of a room – it’s youthful, fun, and playfully aware. Nobody can frown near a pop art likeness of SpongeBob, right?

Gorgeous! Here, the light tones on the abstract prints stand out against their neutral backdrop. Rich furniture textures seem to complement the artwork rather than the other way around.

Visualizer: Azovskiy & Pahomova Architects  

Gorgeous! Here, the light tones on the geometric prints stand out against their neutral backdrop. Rich furniture textures seem to complement the artwork rather than the other way around.

Although this living room has a solidly-defined color theme, the bright rainbow sofa pillows completely change the overall look.

Designer: Azam Mohamed  

This living room switches up the common aesthetic of paneled walls and smooth artwork in favor of paneled artwork and smooth walls.

Visualizer: Anton Kostetskiy  

Decorating an atrium or other tall room is rather difficult. While procuring a large vertical painting might prove difficult, the result is well worth the search.

An unforgettable interior style – this living room pairs a full wall mural with a floor so polished it reflects its surroundings like glassy water on a calm day. This is a thematically comprehensive interior for those dedicated to art but who have a separate space to display individual pieces.

Visualizer: Pivot Studio  

Striking but not overwhelming; this choice complements the aesthetic of the resident’s book collection but stands alone as a fine piece to appreciate.

Visualizer: Studio DEnew  

In this living room, the artwork makes the first impression without a doubt. Colorful furniture complements the print without completely emulating its style or color palette.

Visualizer: Denis Melnik   

Ever wondered how to coordinate an interior around two very dissimilar art styles? This space provides welcome inspiration. It’s an eclectic interior but pulls together around the ambiance of the artwork chosen.

Visualizer: Ricardo Ferreira  

Playful pop art prints featuring Michael Jackson offer a charming response to this rustic-meets-industrial living room theme.

Visualizer: Razvan Barsan + Partners  

This living room does away with traditional conventions altogether. A dramatic impressionist ship joins a group of carefully arranged frames on the right, with functional wall art in the form of a clock to the left.

Visualizer: Azovskiy & Pahomova Architects  

Bold and beautiful! The furniture continues the spectrum of color used in the floral wall art, rather than acting as a direct continuation. Thematically, the curvaceous furniture pairs well with the blossoms that thrive on the central volume.

Visualizer: Koneksign  

At the end of a long open floor plan, a colorful pink and blue painting gives the eye a place to rest and focus.

Visualizer: Pavel Petrov  

Primary colors aren’t the easiest theme for a designer to adopt. This painting defines the overall theme while the bright furniture accentuates the yellow accents.

Visualizer: Le Anh  

A patchwork miniature bulldog brings out all of the most delicate patterns used within this chic blue-toned interior. Even without the sparing accents, the artwork would still stand on its own as a charismatic focal point.

Visualizer: Ricardo Ferreira  

Such an interesting living room! The interior-themed artwork adds a layer of meta awareness that makes its presence quite novel.

Visualizer: Bray Artist  

Portraits with fluid organic lines compliment the curved shapes found in the table, rug, and potted tree. Sharp geometric forms stand in contrast.

Visualizer: AX2 Studio  

Although the painting centered above the sofa could certainly stand alone, its visual impact is enhanced by the natural wood tones and light brown accents used throughout the living room.

Visualizer: Alla Kogan  

Dramatic, minimalistic, and perfectly coordinated – this large print does well to center the living space and blends seamlessly with the rest of the interior accents.

Visualizer: Javier Wainstein  

Where a television would normally stake out its territory, a dramatic black and gray painting makes its mark instead. Its weighty tone draws the eye immediately.

Visualizer: Svyatyuk Stanislav  

And a look at our last interior – this warm hued painting pops out among the cooler greenish-gray tones that make up this modernistic living room.

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February 14, 2016

Visualizer: ARTSTUDIO Design  

Let’s start with a black and white home that tends toward the darker side. This home concept avoids middle grayscale tones within the overarching theme and instead uses them as subtle accents whenever possible. Even the artwork features a stark transition between dark and light – and the same goes for most of the furniture. Light gray stripes on the rolling shades offer the only variation from this angle.

Vertically striped chairs and wire-framed table legs echo the look of the rolling shades.

In the kitchen space, a distressed concrete backsplash adds another touch of gray.

Notice how the chairs make up their color variation through texture alone. The arrangement of silver to black bars on the far shelf is fabulously inspiring.

The hallway has a variety of functional details, ranging from the low-profile waiting bench to the diving wall made of matte black storage cabinets.

A wider variety of gray shades appear in the bedroom design. Although minimalistic in terms of decoration, this space feels warm and comfortable with its dark wood floors and generous use of layered textiles.

Sliding doors hide the television when not in use.

Brown blown glass bedside lamps bring out the warm tones of the rugged wooden floors.

Like the living room, this space features artwork that embodies the full range of monochromatic tones used nearby.

The tripod candleholders are a 2005 design by Naoto Fukasawa.

Here’s a look at the guest suite. This space incorporates a bright accent color – orange – in contrast to the homogenous themes found elsewhere.

The small sectional sofa arrangement could double as a convenient guest bed.

Adjustable task lighting projects far into the room. This lamp is from the 265 collection by Paolo Rizzatto.

The oversized candles to the right were designed by Jean-Marie Massaud.

Here’s a look at the exterior balcony, outfitted with the same matte black treatment as the rest of the home. The lamp is a design by Knut Bendik Humlevik and Rune Krøjgaard.

The dark theme makes this space feel close and comfortable even with an unbeatable surrounding view.

This home tour ends with a peek at the bathrooms with their immensely sophisticated dark interior design.

Golden indirect lighting imbues this space an air of luxury that guests are sure to remember.

Note the carved surface on the interior of the bathtub.

Here’s the secondary bathroom – this design features a more industrial aesthetic than the previous one.

Here, the lighting is toned down and the metallic accents are played up.

Architect: Andrzej Chomski  

This next home takes a completely different approach, with bright white surfaces allowing the modest 75 square meter interior to feel as open and spacious as possible. Light wooden floors lend a sense of warmth and the textural sofa beckons visitors to sit down and soak up the positive ambiance. Talented architect Andrzej Chomsk designed this space for a tasteful middle-age couple.

Note how the bedroom parallels the living room theme with precision, with the main piece of furniture embracing high texture and the walls maintaining a pristine white treatment.

A look at the hallway reveals classically styled paneling in contrast to minimalistic storage solutions.

Streamlined accommodations allow the kitchen’s bold contrast to stand out as its defining feature.

The breakfast bar is especially clever – ideal for serving directly from pan to plate. The geometric breakfast stools are from the Chair One series by Konstantin Grcic.

A small container herb garden adds a dash of color no kitchen could do without.

Architect: Andrzej Chomski  

Glossy white surfaces and abundant lighting give this compact apartment a rather surreal quality. Crisp clean lines are perfectly in line with the ideals of minimalism – no unnecessary elements, very little extraneous decoration, perfectly streamlined for functionality. It’s compact and efficient without looking like an efficiency apartment.

The bedroom area is tucked away in its own little cove, surrounded by integrated storage on all sides. Rather than a headboard, the low-profile bed centers on a black and white photo of a natural scene.

Black lines carry the eye along the path of the hallway, raising only to meet the doors.

Natural decor brings organic elegance to an otherwise stark environment.

Greenery always makes a fabulous accent.

Before we move on to the next home, here’s a peek at the bathroom. Minimalism clearly takes precedence here, with only a simple arrangement of supplies for color.


Architect: Andrzej Chomski  

Brilliant! This home prioritizes its surroundings with spectacular floor-to-ceiling windows. The interior doesn’t compromise an ounce of design to suit this need – instead, it creates a comfortable grayscale oasis that complements the urbanistic themes found in the exterior courtyards. Expertly shaped trees draw the attention outward while smart interior stylings satiate the soul.

Marble floors make an incredible first impression.

Here, the marble floors continue along the hallway flanked by windows on one side and matte black storage units on the other.

Even the exterior wall seems like part of the interior, its smooth white surface providing the perfect canvas for verdant expression.

Smoky mountains and a potted centerpiece bring the organic influence indoors.

Here’s a better view of the kitchen in full, with the black cabinetry and geometric chairs making a definite statement.

A view from the exterior reveals the all-encompassing minimalism that defines this home inside and out.

Architect: Andrzej Chomski  

This home also features a bold emphasis on the surrounding view – this time the nearby apartments provide the decorative backdrop to the interior’s dedicated sense of minimalism. Marble floors set a sophisticated tone and stylishly simple furniture allows attention to focus on the exquisite architecture outside.

A row of open shelves allows the occupant a little room for self-expression and color. Although perfectly coordinated white-bound books seem popular in minimalistic interior design, this arrangement looks much more realistic.

It’s nice to see some eclectic influence in a home as sleek as this.

When working within a minimalistic interior, every detail matters.

Even the doors seem to blend into the background without a single flaw.

More colorful books appear in the bedroom. Like the rest of the home, this space features dark furniture against a backdrop of pristine white surfaces.

Open shelves occupy a higher place on the wall to counterbalance the low-profile bed arrangement.

The smooth bed platform continues across the headboard wall to serve as side table with plenty of space for decoration.

Carefully chosen textiles are undoubtedly luxe but give off a surprisingly humble attitude.

Architect: Andrzej Chomski  

Within this apartment, you’ll notice many details repeated from the previous homes. The same matte black cabinetry, the same versatile furniture, and even some of the same furniture makes another appearance here – a great example of how a new arrangement and setting can completely change the overall feeling of a space despite similar influences.

Remember this distinctive kitchen island setup? Here, it’s part of an open floor plan rather than residing in its own separate area.

Stylish recessed lighting reduces the need for decorative fixtures.

In the uncomplicated white bathroom, marble floors and blank white walls focus all attention toward the excellent outdoor view.

A full mirrored backsplash makes the sink area feel infinite in scope.

Note the simplicity of the fixtures – it’s impossible to have a fully streamlined space without giving due attention to such small yet crucial details.

Visualizer: Jelena Stojanović  

Compared to the other homes in this post, this space definitely embraces the full range of grayscale possibilities. It’s not traditionally minimalist, but rather a minimalistic take on traditional interior design. Classic and modernistic elements combine to form a space that is visually engaging without overwhelming the eye.

Deep textures, wire accents, and bold patterns draw the eye. Each element is carefully implemented with balance as a top priority.

Exposed brick is extremely popular, and these walls translate that desired sense of weathered authenticity with carefully coordinated shades of gray paint and black mortar.

A very occasional pop of natural wood helps to warm the space, and stands in bold contrast to the cooler gray tones used throughout.

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February 14, 2016

I found these futuristic bathtub taps from the Elemental Spa collection by Dornbracht to be exceptional.  If you want something that will blow your mind and dazzle your guests, then these are the products for you.  Contemporary design is all about innovation and pushing the boundaries of what is considered normal and acceptable.   I like to think beyond that and see what the human mind can come up with.   The first takeaway for me was how the Elemental Spa collection makes water the focus of attention.  I had imagined something like this on a decorative fountain, and not hardware to conduct water for a bath.

Futuristic Bathtub Taps by Dornbracht

The above product is the KATA which is intended to be wall mounted.   A nice feature here is the home owner can decide where to mount it and therefore change the appearance of where the water flow begins.   If you look closely you will also see a handy wand for bathing that is streamlined and tucked off to one side.  That is a feature I always look for as it makes rinsing so much easier.  The white tub would create quite a contrast in a darker themed bathroom.

Waterfall into a Tub for Bathing

Here is more of a close up view where you can really see the detailing on the Kata.  What a wonderful profile it makes once affixed to a wall.

single handle super modern faucet

Above is pictured the ITA which features a single handle and smaller flow of water.   I can also see this working well for just a wash basin so that you can pair up a similar set in a bathroom design.  The water just looks effortless as it trickles down into the basin.   Now imagine if the color were something brighter say a red or sage green?   That would really change up the appearance and make the room so much more dynamic.   That is a reason I am drawn to these futuristic bathtub taps by Dornbracht so that I can get very bold in my own room creation.

Uber Contemporary Water Dispenser with Wand

Now this a nice unit that is not mounted to a wall.  This is called the NOTA and is another product that would go well with a sink or has the flexibility to go with a tub.

The post Futuristic Bathtub Taps by Dornbracht that will Blow Your Mind appeared first on Furniture Fashion and requires written authorization to be republished on another website.

February 14, 2016

Visualizer: Elena Zhulikova  

This first bedroom utilizes an ecological theme contrasted with perfectly contemporary styling. A lush vertical garden and angled wood panels create an atmosphere few would be soon to forget – and while these features might be the most difficult to emulate, they’re certainly not impossible to adapt.

The dichotomy between organic materials and refined forms is even more apparent from this angle with the smooth white paneling, knotty wooden door, and distressed matte black wall.

Every surface reveals an unparalleled attention to detail. Note the layered paneling on the entertainment wall and how it seamlessly conceals the extra storage space hidden inside.

Backlit panels bring out the deep grooves of the accent wall – gorgeous even in the daytime.

This geometric rug ties the space together nicely, and the chair offers the perfect splash of cheerful yellow.

Visualizer: N-Gon Archviz  

This is a proposed design for a sophisticated apartment in Bucharest, its amazing urban view framed by a relaxing natural interior with lots of varied wood tones. Smooth round forms mingle with the primarily straight lines and precise angles for a very balanced aesthetic overall.

Unique features include the open marble-walled bath area to the left, and the concrete-framed windows to the right. The centerpiece is a headboard wall composed of backlit wood panels, a fresh take on the strategy employed by the first bedroom.

Visualizer: Penint Studio  

Here’s an updated take on the chic cottage style decorated in soft gray with lavishly layered textures, the cool tones illuminated by yellow light for a warm and inviting atmosphere. The horizontal wood paneling in the background creates an undeniably luxurious feeling despite the humble textiles and uncomplicated decoration.

Simple wooden furniture and cool vintage-inspired lamps offer a subtle mix of Asian and Scandinavian design influence.

Bicycles hung in lieu of headboards seems to be a hot trend these days: ideal for a vintage bike too precious to ride, or an attractive bike that just doesn’t fit your riding style

The opposite wall drops the vintage facade and reveals an ultramodern wall treatment, glossy white with a perforated effect.

An occasional pop of orange and a handful of copper furniture adds just the right amount of color.

Interesting materials allow the far wall to express a very distinctive style, falling somewhere between minimalist modern and a streamlined interpretation of art deco.

Visualizer: Le Anh  

It’s hard to find a color palette more comforting than a dark and smooth grayscale theme like this one. While darker colors are harder to incorporate into the more public areas of a home, they’re perfectly suited to a private and intimate space like the bedroom.

A dramatic curved window bay and classically styled furniture create an interesting juxtaposition against the ultra-modern features like the geometric floor design and contemporary wall paneling.

Subtle blue stripes in the rug bring out the coolness of the gray tones used throughout. A very soothing theme overall!

Visualizer: Svetlana Nezus  

Textured wall treatments require some investment of both time and money, but the results are incomparable. This bedroom is centered an incredibly intricate headboard wall illuminated by cove lighting on all sides for a fabulous drama of lighting and shadow. The rest of the space remains simple and streamlined so the main focal point can enjoy the attention it deserves.

Here, you can easily see the effect of ambient lighting on the deep valleys and ridges of the wall panel. The warm lighting pairs well with mauve interior accents, although the mauve would be easy to change since the surrounding palette leans toward the neutral and natural side.

Visualizer: Zoe Tee  

This bedroom suits a very eclectic and classical taste, designed for a young couple that collects art. Incorporating artwork is a little easier with a grayscale or neutral color theme but these residents took their chances with bright hues that reflect the tones favored by their artist of choice: in this case, Picasso.

Picasso reproductions featured here include Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (1907) and The Dream (1932). Even the shapes of the furniture seem to reflect the gorgeous curves so famously captured in the paintings.

One of the neatest features is the lovely little tea table for discussing the day ahead. The chairs are from the Contour series by Grant Featherston, shown here in cheerful robin’s egg blue.

A thin partition wall houses a dramatic stone fireplace mantle. It gives off a classic and artistic vibe well in line with the rest of the room.

Visualizer: Guilherme Alexandre  

Our final bedroom is spacious, light, and airy, enhanced by its tall gable ceiling and expansive skylight window. The stark white theme is especially striking because of the functional storage wall in the background – the black shadowy lines seem almost like a contour drawing just waiting for the imagination to draw in the details.

The bed makes a distinctively warm impression with its smooth wooden frame and mocha textiles. The yellow pendant lights hanging above are from the E27 collection by Mattias Ståhlbom.

Because the room has such a large amount of extra storage cabinets, the resident can get by with a sparse amount of furnishings. This room pares its furnishings down to a simple set of bedside tables with convenient adjustable task lighting.

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February 14, 2016

This first apartment concept centers around an incredible view of the city outside, but the interior accommodations are equally worthy of admiration. Exotic wood floors make an immediate first impression of luxury and good taste with the dark and light tones offering an excellent analogue to the variety of grayscale tones used throughout the home. Our tour beings with the living room, perfectly framed by the square patterned rug.

A freestanding faux fireplace marks the transition from the main living area to the private areas of the home. The wood storage niche underneath enhances the realism of the fireplace in addition to looking quite stylish.

This casual dining/writing table is the perfect height to hide behind the sofa. It’s made from a similar wood as the floor for an ultra-cohesive aesthetic.

Geometric busts emulate the polygonal figures used in 3D modeling and video games, a very fitting accessory for a modernistic space like this one. The stepped cantilever shelving is a cool touch.

Distinctive textural panels on the walls and ceilings create a sense of variation and depth. Note the distinctive ceiling panels on the ceiling in this view, with light filtering through between the gaps.

A minimalistic white volume houses a television that seamlessly blends in with the sliding black panels. Bookshelves are hidden on each side for a clutter-free look.

Rough concrete enhances the urban aesthetic. A band of indirect lighting draws attention away from the electronics.

Hovering near the window and surrounded by skyline on two sides, this hanging daybed offers the best view in the house.

Now for a look at the kitchen, an elegant space made exceptional through the application of innovative and functional features.

Now for a look at the kitchen, an elegant space made exceptional through the application of innovative and functional features.

Oversized pendant lamps are extremely fashionable right now. Here, they help make the table area feel weightier and more substantial.

Counter heights vary suit the activities for each area, like the high counter for cooking and washing and the lower cabinet for using appliances or decorating cakes.

In the bedroom, the grayscale color theme is made exciting by using diverse textures.

It even includes an integrated shower area with nothing but a thick glass wall standing between it and the bed.

A lovely wooden bench provides convenient seating for two.

It would be exciting to see how this integrated shower concept would translate to a real interior application.

The guest/child bedroom foregoes the grayscale theme of the rest of the home in favor of a neutral palette infused with a variety of brown and mauve tones. The lights to the left are from the SET collection by Josep Lluis Xuclà.

On the other side of the room, adorable decorations lend the bedroom a charming and comfortable personality.

The plush red beanbag serves as a comfortable spot to read items taken from the cool crisscross-patterned bookshelf.

At first glance, the bathroom may seem like standard fare for a modernist home – but its winding layout reveals something new from every angle.

Around the corner, a pair of potted plants reveals a verdant complement to the streamlined grayscale theme.

Perhaps the most unexpected and engaging feature is tucked away in the most relaxing spot in the home. This incredible full wall mural turns an ordinary bath into a retreat away from city life.

This next apartment enhances its grayscale palette with green accents and organic details – note the vertical indoor garden, the stump-carved bowl, and of course, the rich wooden furniture used throughout. It’s a little smaller than the previous home but uses its space wisely with a compact layout and sensible furniture arrangements.

Floor to ceiling shelves create a nice home library with a comfortable chaise for reading nearby.

Paperlike panels offer ambient lighting and engage the eye with their unique optical illusion. The lights are from the Fold collection by Arik Levy.

The kitchen reverts to a grayscale design with a heavy emphasis on white. Unique geometry makes this space stand out, especially the clever use of folded forms.

Two styles stand side by side in fascinating contrast – the pristine white sink and stove area, and the natural rugged wood of the dining section.

Strong vertical lines make up an important part of the clean and organized aesthetic. Tall paneling continues the lines of the cabinetry, perfect for a room with such tall ceilings.

While one side of the room focuses on vertical structuring, this side of the room focuses on horizontal lines.

Floor to ceiling doors make a huge impression, with tall cabinetry offering plenty of storage space, and the slatted door offering a peek into the next room.

The bathroom adopts a darker grayscale theme compared to the rest of the home. Enhanced by the abundance of natural lighting, the dark theme proves quite serene and inviting.

Stone cladding stands out at varied depths for a very sleek yet organic appearance.

In the same vein as the bathroom, the bedrooms embrace deeper gray tones for a more relaxing aesthetic.

Bright orange chairs offer a dash of color accent at the double office desk.

Note the characteristic knotty floors – while the rest of the apartment utilized polished concrete, the bedrooms benefit from the warmth of classic hardwood.

Here’s a look at the secondary bedroom, outfitted with a wealth of plush upholstery.

Traditional materials and classic textiles contribute to a very comfortable feel.

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February 14, 2016

The living room makes an immediate impression with distinctive interior architecture. Rather than installing an interior wall, the designers chose to divide the living room and kitchen with an open wooden structure that doubles as housing for the media center.

It’s easy to see the intended resident is a traveler – the world map to the right is pinned with photos to mark past visits. With a few boxes of small cork tiles and a laser level, this might be a worthwhile project to recreate at home.

Neutral colors and simple decor are easy on the eye and allow the more adventurous features to stand out even brighter.

Each functional space is divided and well defined yet maintains an open line of visual communication with the others.

In line with the Scandinavian influence, the dining chairs are the work of Denmark-based designer Hee Welling.

The other side of the dividing wall hides extra kitchen workspace.

It’s hard to ignore these pendant lamps! The outer surface features a concrete texture for a heavy and substantial look, but the shades are actually quite thin and elegant.

In addition to providing much-needed storage, this countertop offers a convenient serving station for the nearby dining area.

Matte kitchen cabinetry is definitely a hot look right now.

The integrated lighting solutions are quite inventive. The thin strip over the left countertop illuminates the work area, while the indirect lighting on the wall to the right energizes the yellow backsplash.

Here’s where the huge contrast kicks in. While the main living spaces enjoy a touch of traditional design, this hallway marks the transition to a highly modernistic and experimental style.

While chalkboard walls aren’t new to the design world, pairing them with a black floor and ceiling has a very dramatic and surprising effect.

The rich darkness makes an even bigger impact from this angle – guests will surely never forget the experience of traversing through a deep black void only to see such a luminous hallway area.

With an entryway so stark and powerful, the living room seems very tame in comparison.

Extra storage space hides behind the matte gray panels.

The bedroom takes us back to the simple Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic of the living room, but wood elements are used a little more sparingly.

Lightweight fabrics make for such a welcoming atmosphere.

“Karaluchy pod poduchy” is a Polish bedtime phrase similar to “don’t let the bedbugs bite” in English.

Of the two bathrooms, the first has a very minimalistic style – except for the lighting solutions, which are out-of-this-world amazing.

To the left, a Herr Mandel Lampframe pendant alludes to a subtle geometric theme. To the right, pegs guide the lamp wires across the wall.

You don’t need a special system to create this type of lighting installation, just lots of patience and very long cords. These fixtures were designed by Mattias Ståhlbom and you can find them by searching for the model name E27.

The second bathroom has a brighter look, very colorful and full of life.

A hanging towel holder eliminates the need for a complicated mounting system, the perfect solution for a bathroom with a glass shower divider like this one.

Like the other bathroom, this space also makes creative use of Mattias Ståhlbom’s pendant lights, this time with a cool geometric arrangement.

In the age of smartphones, the lime green alarm clock offers a whimsical yet functional appeal. Among all the incredible big-picture features, these little details add the spice of life.

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