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June 23, 2017

Every home needs a bit of color. Even the most minimalist designers will include a splash of yellow, a touch of red, or a spray of leaves for their bright green. In this home, from visualizer Plasterlina, we get perfect pops of color without being overwhelmed by brightness. The design actually utilizes quite a bit of neutral colors and bare wood paneling, making the areas where bright colors are used stand out even more. Further, the entire home has a unified feel, with certain elements carrying the design from room to room, making the house feel like a home for a tight-knit family.

Though percentage-wise there is not a tremendous amount of color in the main living space, the eye is immediately drawn to the colorful carpet and bits of red on the unique wall shelving.

The design takes “clean lines” to a different level, using intersecting lines to create interest everywhere from a sectional sofa to a geometric light fixture.

Over the sofa, unique wall shelves make it look as if the books are going to slide right off.

The soft gray color of the furniture is a cozy alternative to cream or white, making the space automatically feel more lived in.

Unique floor lamps make a cool addition to a space that already embraces unique lighting. There is no shortage of artificial or natural light in this spacious living room.

To carry on with the lighting theme, modern dining pendant lights make a sleek addition to the creatively designed eating area.

As always, white and wood kitchens are both modern and classic in their welcoming design.

Atop that clean, white kitchen counter, unique planters are right at home, bringing some natural color into the room.

Kitchen bar stools are not necessarily the most exciting choice for any home, but these get the job done.

Natural grain wood paneling that extends from the wall to the ceiling (in some parts of the home) is warm and welcoming.

Of course, we can never forget about storage. This wood close with decorative wall hooks is perfect for placing coats at the end of a long day.

Here you get a peek of some more unique shelving, made from wooden pegs and flat pieces of wood carefully stacked.

Another nook by the door makes for the perfect place to put on and take off shoes, while an old-fashioned clock lets you know when you’re running late.

This large bedroom is plenty spacious to serve many different purposes.

Dividing bigger rooms into smaller spaces is an important skill for any designers. The creative use of colorful rope here is a truly ingenious solution.

Light fixtures in black and white have a bit of DIY flair to them.

In one room there is a reading nook, bedroom, study space and lots of open floor.

The geometric theme carries throughout the house with triangular speckles fluttering across one wall.

In another bedroom, we see how dark colors can make for a really comfortable sleeping space.

Dark bedrooms like this one are perfect for sleeping when the curtains are closed.

During the day, natural light floods in from floor-to-ceiling windows.

In the bathroom, we return to some of the playful elements we saw earlier, like faux deer heads and cute, matching soap and lotion dispensers.

The bright green shelving in the bathroom is cute without going too far into whimsical.

A cluster of hanging lights adds a modern twist.

In fact, the geometric light fixture is quite reminiscent of the larger fixture in the living room.

Between the fixture, the wood, and the color, this bathroom is he perfect culmination of this home’s design.

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June 23, 2017

Redesigning a room in the house or maybe a recording studio? Microsoft may have just solved the search with the newest innovative design.

– – In the designing of a room, normally the things focused upon are the overall aesthetic including decor, specialty and lighting. Specifically with recording studios, acoustics of the room including how sound travels throughout it become a major factor. In this case, the creation of the design was entirely the opposite and less about these properties.

Microsoft has created a room to capture the absence of sound. This room is claimed to be the quietest room in the world. Recently inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records

Microsoft Sourced Photo

Microsoft shaped the walls and flooring geometrically to act as a powerful sound absorption catalyst.

Microsoft Sourced Photo

This In-between gap between the room and the outside world is used to negate any potentiality for sound to slip through. A portage to the soundless world!

The quietest sound theorized by Robert Brown in 1827 is called the Brownian Motion which is equivalent to 23 decibels of sound. Microsoft’s Anechoic Chamber is equivalent to 20 decibels of sound. Holding the record for lowest recording of a sound and is the best place for sound testing of any kind in the world.

Microsoft Sourced Photo

Microsoft will study the sound within the absence of sound, deepening the science of sound and design of rooms like this in the future. For those searching for the optimal recording space or maybe even a sensory deprived room for meditation, taking a few pointers from Microsoft’s An-echoic masterpiece may be a good place to start.

June 23, 2017

Drinking beer is an activity best enjoyed with friends – and a handy bottle opener. With such a range on the market, why have a boring black, white or metal opener in you drawer – when a bear with snarling teeth can lurk inside your pantry instead? Our top forty bottle openers are innovations that are part drink fixers, part talking points. Collect all your bottle caps, with a magnetic opener that magnetically gravitates towards them. Shoot a gun at your wine bottle to open it – without causing a leak. Drinking a Guinness? Get a Celtic Greenman to take the top off with his mystical glare. Quench your thirst and your appetite for the fun with our nifty list.


T Rex Bottle Opener: Take your bottle opener back to Jurassic times. This cast iron figurine clasps your juice or beer bottle cap between its mighty teeth.


Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet: Forget about travel souvenirs and advertising magnets – buy a fridge magnet you can actually use. This non-scratch applique attaches to your fridge and magnetically removes your bottle cap, saving you hunting around.


Elephant Corkscrew Bottle Opener: Beechwood and stainless steel combine in this Scandinavian piece of elephant home décor. Flip its corkscrew round to signify a tail, and elevate its trunk to lift the cap off your bottle.


Minimalist Elephant Bottle Opener: Own a bottle opener you’d be proud to show off. This minimalist piece by Jørgen Møller was inspired by a safari in Africa, where the elephant’s sturdy form inspired flicking caps.


Bull Bottle Opener and Corkscrew: You don’t have to engage in animal cruelty to run with this bull. Black-painted steel and a corkscrew tail ensure your guests won’t be waiting for drinks.


Alessi Diabolix Bottle Opener: Feel devilish with this cheeky bottle opener up your sleeve. Available in six colours, its 1994 Biagio Cisotti design is crafted from stainless steel and PA resin.

$6.5BUY IT

Open Here Magnetic Bottle Opener: Rather be sitting in an American diner? This retro bottle opener helps you crack open a cold one, whilst magnetically attaching to your fridge.


Star Wars Millennium Falcon Metal Bottle Opener: In a galaxy far, far away, a Star Wars Millennium Falcon comes to save the day – and your thirst. Wrap up this zinc alloy opener as a treat for a friend.

From $5BUY IT

More Star Wars-Themed Openers: Rather have Darth Vader, a Stormtrooper, R2D2 or a frozen foe in your hand? These Star Wars home décor openers are the perfect accessory for a nerdy get-together.


Mermaid Bottle Openers: Dream of a different life under the sea, as this nifty piece of mermaid home décor opens your next drink. Hand-crafted in pewter, her mythological form is good-looking and lead-free.


Fish Corkscrew And Bottle Opener: Need an under-the-sea creation for every occasion? This feisty fish acts as a corkscrew, foil cutter and bottle opener in white oak and stainless steel.


Octopus Bottle Opener: Handmade in the USA, this clingy octopus home décor opener is made anew every time. Sculpted in bronze-powder infused resin, it’ll be sure to make a splash at your next dinner party.


Moby Whale Bottle Opener: Add to your nautical home décor collection by housing a whale in your kitchen. It’s crafted from pewter and opens your bottles with ease.


Shark Cork Screw & Bottle Opener: Plated in either copper, silver or gold, this nifty accessory surely earns its name as a ‘Hammered Head Bottle’. Take off its top to uncork your wine, and soar it towards your beer bottle to lift off the lid.


Kate Aspen Antiqued Bird Bottle Opener: Looking for something more dainty? This song bird adds refinement, in an antique silver finish with bottle opener tail.


Modern Style Bird Corkscrew & Bottle Opener: For those who like the traditional look, this bird décor bottle opener is only a step ahead. A foil cutter, corkscrew and bottle opener take flight in stainless steel and oak.


Eagle Bottle Opener: Inject fun into your work drinks with an eagle at the table. This cast iron flyer is sure to beat your colleagues’ poker face.


Dragon Bottle Opener: Breathe fire into your bottle, with this dragon home décor piece astride your wall. Foundry cast iron and a faux pewter finish give it a truly menacing look.


Crocodile Bottle Opener: Opening a bottle in Australia? Make like its native creatures, with a hand-buffed crocodile made from aluminium.


High Heel Bottle Opener: Love drinking beer, but all things feminine too? Open your bottle with the toe of this heel.


Spectacle Bottle Opener: A nerdy get-together isn’t complete without a set of spectacles. Add intelligence to your Sunday session, as the rims of these glasses remove the lid.


Wall-Mounted Bear Bottle Opener: A grizzly is something you want to see – but only in the right circumstances. Watch him remove your soda cap, with this cast iron head mounted on the wall.


Wall-Mounted Skull Bottle Opener: Want to see skulls instead? This zinc alloy, chrome-plated gem adds shine to function.


Gothic-Style Skull Bottle Opener: For a more gruesome look, this designer resin skull fits the bill. Nail it to your pantry door to give your Mum a fright.


Celtic Greenman Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener: Confirm you really are seeing things, with this Celtic Greenman beside the fridge. A bottle or two of Guinness won’t stop his cold-cast resin glare.


Wall-Mounted Wooden Bottle Opener With Cap Catcher: Want to designate a place for drinking? Hang this hardwood bottle opener and cap catcher in your man cave or she-shed.


Magnetic Bottle Opener & Cap Catcher: Looking for a place to display the caps? Measure how many you’ve downed, as this magnetic bottle opener forks off and catches the lids.


Luchador Bottle Opener: Show your bottle-opening strength with the help of a super-strong Mexican wrestler. This bright blue luchador looks like he’s using his arms – but a handy bottle opener tab hides beneath.


Personalized Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener: Provide a perfect stop for guests at your wedding or special occasion. This wooden plaque bears you or your celebration’s name, as a metal cup catches the lids.


Fleur De Lis Bottle Opener: Place your bottle opener next to your soup spoons and ladles, as this Fleur De Lis home décor piece graces the table. Stainless steel and zinc alloy make the standard look elegant.

From $2BUY IT

Vintage Key Bottle Openers: Worried your kids will get into your stash? Disguise your bottle opener as a vintage key, complete with gold-look finish.


Celtic Bottle Opener: Celebrate your Irish heritage with a Celtic claddagh aside your soda. Perfect as a gift, its metal form comes gift-boxed in faux felt casing and paper.


Airplane Bottle Opener: Don’t know what to pack in your loved one’s suitcase? Give them travel-themed décor they can use, in the form of this bronze finish plane.


Game Of Thrones-Themed Bottle Openers: Get your Hand of the King in a durable gold finish. This scintillating addition to your Game of Thrones décor might not remain in your possession for long.


Modern Bottle Opener: Remember the days you opened bottles with twigs? Enter the 21st Century, with this bottle opener in polished stainless steel.


Modern Minimalist Bottle Opener: Open your bottles in style. Soft to the grip and polished by hand, these next-level bottle openers carry a one-year warranty.


Arne Jacobsen Cylinda Bottle Opener: Looking more like a designer flute, these stainless steel dreams look a catch beside your beer or soda bottle.


Multipurpose Card-Shaped Survival Tool With Bottle Opener: Want a bottle opener that can fit in your wallet? This nifty card removes caps, measures length, acts as a flat screwdriver and will never rust or bend.


Powered Gun-Shaped Wine Bottle Opener: Want to get trigger-happy? Place a pink or grey gun nozzle over the cork of your wine, for an easy and humorous way to greet guests.


Personalized 50 Caliber BMG Bullet-Shaped Bottle Opener: Gun fanatics will love this bottle opener in the shape of a bullet. Personalise it as a gift for the hunter in your life.

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June 23, 2017

Ever wonder where the idea for tile flooring came from? It certainly wasn’t meant to be in everyone’s house in the beginning stages of civilization as we know it. In the early 1900’s only the most prestigious of buildings were adorned with the luxury of such flooring.

Hexagonal Tile Floor

In addition, the art of tile was found in Ancient Egyptian findings, depicting history and knowledge through hieroglyphics and other imagery. The Egyptians, leading by example, allowed for many civilizations to follow in suit. From Egypt and Rome to China and Italy to eventually North and South America, tile became a global artistry that has spread as a present day craft.

Ancient Egyptian Tile Ancient Chinese Tile

Firstly, the craft involved materials such as mud and clay. Other than the common use of flooring, decoration and depiction of story, roofs were created with such tile. The reflective properties allowed for efficient heating and cooling of the building. The clay and mud tile roofs were also resistant to all rotting and molding. These roofs could withstand all kinds of weather patterns due to the overall durability. The only true disadvantages of this kind of roof is the weight and in that, it has a history of being a very tedious project.

Ancient Clay Roofing

Modern Ceramic Tile Flooring

Other ancient archetypes of tile were created through the use of other natural elements such as sand, quartz and water. Thus creating a variety of different ceramics, leading us to our common tile flooring today.

– – Everything has an origin and a story. A series of bricks or shall I say tiles, stacked upon the one before it to create something entirely new but equally as unique. .


June 23, 2017

Ah summer. What a wonderful time to be alive! It is the time when nature is at its finest and the best vacation plans can occur. To have a truly special summer vacation, you will need a few things. A great destination. Some plans. And, last but not least, a beautiful home to spend it in. Sound great? Of course it does. Well, KYDE Architects has something that fits the description of a perfect summer home in their vast and stylish arsenal of designs. In fact, this home is perfect for any summer vacation, or even the homeowner who wants to capture the essence of summer year round.

To enjoy the summer scene, the house uses wide open windows to make the most of panoramic views.

The monochromatic complements the natural views and make it able to incorporate organic elements.

A beautiful and contemporary fireplace that makes a beautiful focal point- the stacked firewood completing the picture.

The home entertainment system means that you won’t always need to leave the house for something to do, and the indoor plants give you a taste of summer without having to go anywhere.

The black and white dining room is sleek and sophisticated. The hanging pendants are delicate touch that adds to the aesthetic.

The unique staircase design takes centre stage in this area of the home, giving the house a certain artistic chic.

A designer chair looks more like a contemporary sculpture than a place to rest, and is joined by various other artistic pieces that give this room an effortlessly stylish finish.

These creative seats are perfectly nestled under the hallway cupboard, they’re a creative touch and an innovative place to rest.

The houseplants are a breath of fresh air in this refined room.

Do you like these chairs? These amazing pieces of design are Patricia Urquiola’s popular Last Minute Stool and are perfect for every kitchen. The unique kitchen stools are a nice touch tha makes this kitchen all the more modern.

The wooden cabinets add to the sleek aesthetic, giving the kitchen a warm and homely appeal.

The main bedroom is an idyllic retreat, the monochromatic scheme making it look warm and inviting while the furniture finishes the cosy aura.

The unique bedroom pendants are a whimsical way of adding flair to the otherwise sophisticated room.

Black and white kitchen designs are efortlessly stylish and look incredibly unique. The natural features add dimension to the room and prevent it from becoming boring.

The bathroom is a marble marvel, every part is designed to be absolutely opulent and comfortable.

Contrasting walls add depth to the room and makes the small bathroom look bigger.

The built in shelves are a subtle way of adding storage space, and he luxurious amenities make the bathroom look like a summer retreat all on their own.

The shower looks more like a resplendent waterfall instead of a traditional shower. This is arguably the most luxurious aspect of the whole house.

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June 23, 2017

Color Therapy or chromo-therapy is an old form of healing used in traditional chinese and indian medicine. While western culture understands the fundamentals of color in design, art and landscape, this holistic method uses colors to provide more than aesthetic value.

Through research and experimentation, it is believed among some eastern practitioners that specific colors can affect different organs in the body linked to our emotions, moods and physiological conditions. When the natural health and efficiency of an organ is disrupted by disease, sickness, or distress, exposing the body to a specific color aligned with the wavelengths of that particular organ will restore balance.

There aren’t many spas and treatment centers offering this ancient healing modality yet, however, you can create a similar effect in your home with the use of colored lighting (led lights, light bulbs or shades that change color lights color) or painting the walls of  different rooms specific colors and placing lighting strategically to amplify wall color.

If you experience any mild discomfort whether it be physical or emotional, consider giving color therapy a try!

June 23, 2017

Move modular sofa designed by Francesco Rota for Paola Lenti is a seating system consisting of different elements. Move series is composed of sofas, chaise longue and a pouf is characterized by thin and very wide shapes. The element dimensions and the possibility to vary their height, thanks to different typologies of feet, allow for classic or informal compositions.
The sofa offers high customization possibilities: it is available in three heights and two depths, for a personal relax.
Move modular sofa is made on a steel structure provided with elastic belts and covered with removable upholstery covers available in a wide selection of fabrics offering original solutions suitable for domestic living rooms but also for wider contract spaces like waiting rooms, hotel lobby’s or office areas.

sofa for large spaces
A modular sofa system with a light and sophisticated vibe that is open to free stylistic interpretation thanks to the selection of coverings and finishings available in the collection.
The multi award-winning Move modular sofa system is a versatile, functional and luxuriously comfortable piece of furniture that adapts to any surroundings. A modular system that is open to the most comfortable of configurations and an invitation to relax.

Paola Lenti livingroom furniture
Move is an authentic island of wellbeing where you can leave your worries behind you and rediscover your own time and rhythms. Every Move composition can be completed with the addition of a pouf, a chaise longue or both in order to match tastes and settings with highly differing characteristics both in terms of usage as well as style.
Francesco Rota is an interior and product designer, born in 1966 in Milan where he lives and works. He won the German Design Award 2016 in the Excellent Product Design category, the RED DOT Award 2015 in the Product Design category and the Good Design Award 2015 for the Move collection created for Paola Lenti.
sofa design ideas

move modular sofa

modern livingroom furniture

modern living room seating solutions

Francesco Rota sofa design

contemporary lime sectional

contemporary furniture Francesco Rota

contemporary designer furnishings

award winning sofa collection

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June 23, 2017

When designing a kids room, it is easy to slip into the old tropes of blue, pink, and yellow. The designs featured in this post take a different stance. By incorporating dark navy blue, black, and red these designers do not take away from the youthfulness of their designs, they just add a bit more personality to them. Each room featured here is a retreat for a specific child or teen, giving them space to slumber, to study, and to live. Take a look inside these rooms and rethink your own approach to kids room design and decor.

Visualizer: Archi Studio  

This room is clearly dedicated to instilling a work ethic in its occupant. By choosing multiple person work desks, a simple bedroom becomes a collaborative study and creation space.

But the room is not without its personal touches, like Star Wars home decor in the form of a Storm Trooper helmet on display.

If you wake up each morning with you walls commanding you to work hard, it becomes impossible not to.

A small television is built into the wall, but clearly it is only put to use for work purposes.

While a wall declaring that “sleep is for the weak” may not be the best lullaby, it certainly is motivating.

The use of a black and yellow palette only furthers the frenetic pace of this room.

While there are spaces for sitting, none seem to beg for you to relax there.

Even the bed looks firm, flat, and somewhat like an afterthought. Because who would even need it when sleep is for the week?

Visualizer: Maryan Ahmed  

Of course, not every young person needs their bedroom decor to be quite so motivating.

The navy blue and coral pink motif in this teen’s room is certainly soothing while design details throughout show a lot of personality.

One simple way to bring some artistic elements into a kid’s room design (even if you’re not so crafty) is to use clever wall decor as seen here over the bed.

Any child (or teen) would be lucky to drift off to sleep underneath a sign wishing them sweet dreams.

Dark curtains that can be drawn closed on the weekends are perfect for teens as they get into their “sleep all day” phase.

Lots of clothes storage becomes a feature when mirrors and colorful panels incorporate it into the design of the rest of the room.

While the bedroom may not be the most practical place to display a bicycle, it does get it out of the living room.

A cosy bed with striped bedspread is cute and playful, but could still grow with the child and not feel too childish.

In addition to classic bookshelves, some cute storage options bring texture and life to the room while letting the child display things that she cares about.

Sleep eye decals are just one more way that this lovely room encourages rest.

A nameplate display over the desk is highly personal. Every child deserves to feel like they have their own space that’s just for them.

The bedroom really isn’t that big, but the use of contrasting colors and cute, comforting elements make it feel like home.

Visualizer: Elshad Kerimov  

It is not so often that we see industrial home decor elements brought into a kid’s room, but this dark, brick design does just that.

Clearly celebrating the occupant’s love of cars, the entire room has the feel of stepping inside a race track. From a unique car-themed seating area to the tire pendant lights over the bed.

This is a cool, dark space that some lucky teen would absolutely love.

Visualizer: Roxolana Abramiv  

The rooms we have seen thus far have had quite a bit in terms of accoutrements.

But this room, with its black, white, and red color scheme, shows that you don’t need a lot of space or a lot of stuff to create a cohesive design.

A bed, some storage, a desk and a television is enough for most kids.

The pop of blue in the bedspread and the drawable wall give the room a bit more creativity.

Visualizer: Alina Vagapova  

We saw a bit of Star Wars decor, but what about space themed home decor?

This blue bedroom takes a love of space and turns it into something quite beautiful with its oversized moon light.

A small desk still leaves room for a telescope, letting this room be a place of rest as well as learning.

A chalkboard wall over the bed is always good for inspiration and fostering creativity.

Architect: Kupinskiy & Partners   Visualizer: Elena Sedova  

The romance of this room is immediately apparent – from the cool color scheme to the delicate lighting.

The patterned wall behind the bed is subtle and lovely.

The room isn’t all that big, but the use of color and light make it feel bigger than it is.

Unlike some kids rooms, this design uses only very subtle pops of pastel pink.

A unique seat next to the window is a perfect spot to curl up with a good book.

A very simple desk with strung bistro lighting and a cool gray chair is pretty and calming.

Visualizer: Beata Pawluk   

Finally, a wood heavy, music-themed room is an awesome retreat for a teen that loves to jam.

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June 23, 2017

Don’t settle for any sofa or sectional when searching for the perfect fit. Comfort unites with contemporary style with mid century modern sofas and mid century modern sectionals.

If you are looking for a sofa that looks good with nearly all living room decor, there are plenty of mid century modern sofas with simple, clean lines that offer immaculate comfort and stability.

Many mid-century modern sofas feature comfortable upholstery in soft leather or luxurious fabric with plush cushions. Made of durable frames with sturdy bases they are an easy investment because they last for years to come. Mid century modern sofas have interesting accents like button tufting or unique patterns for added style.

Whichever room you choose to accent with a mid century modern sofa, you will experience a transformation of that space instantaneously!

June 23, 2017

Nook single bed is a structure with a thousand uses besides what is initially intended for: sleep.
Product designer Carlos Tiscar created the Nook single beds collection for Spanish manufacturer JJP and dedicated his design to the late Bruno Munari’s 1971 ‘Abitacolo’ bed. Starting with the traditional four-poster bed, the designer creates a structure that serves much more than hanging curtains.

nook single bed
Carlos Tiscar is a Spanish designer whose expertise is home, office and contract furniture, as well as urban furniture and home ware better know internationally as the former vice-president of the Designers of the Valencian Community Association.

Integrating all the elements of a room in a single design, Nook single bed is a composition intended for sleeping, reading, writing, watching TV or even use as a storage solution for you bicycle.
Tiscar reveals a contemporary interpretation of the well known canopy bed, offering a space of seclusion and tranquility to its young customers.

bedroom storage solutions

Nook offers small and useful optional accessories to cover a wide range of youth’s needs. The famous all-in-one system features among others built-in LED lighting, cloth-hanging accessories, an integrated desktop and even a specific module for video games. And the options don’t stop here, Nook comes in a wide variety of fabrics and twenty colors for the melamine surfaces to choose from or even mix and match, helping customers create a unique piece adapted to their needs. The other attractive feature of this collection, is the single hex key needed to assemble the entire bed as well as its accessories, making it differentiate from traditional furniture and more attractive for inexperienced buyers.

Nook is a comfortable bed that gained international attention in less then a year from its launch. A piece that will become timeless thanks to its ability to transform, be robust, multi functional, unisex and even accommodate another guest if needed.
carlos tiscar canopy bed

kids space saving desks

canopy bed with bookshelf

multifunctional furniture for youths

space saving bedroom ideas

white canopy bed with TV stand

JJP singular bed collection

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June 23, 2017

June 23, 2017

Buying furniture can sometimes be a quick pick but, knowing what materials are used to create those products is a growing essential to not only furniture but, for the vast majority of all products bought in totality. Some materials are ecologically good for the environment than others.

Bamboo is one of those materials! Bamboo is said to be the fastest growing plant in the world, recorded at a maximum of 36 inches in a matter of only 24 hours! Running bamboo plant strains have a tendency to be a more aggressive plant that spreads like wildfire, because of this, it is essential to maintain a steady harvesting to eliminate excess from culminating.

If you buy bamboo furniture you are certainly taking a step in the right direction of being ecologically ethical and the bamboo furniture’s aesthetic itself is absolutely beautiful!

Some other Eco-friendly materials used for furniture are recycled or reclaimed materials. Additionally, furniture that can be easily disassembled to be repaired or to be repurposed at a later date is ecologically efficient as well!

Azara Nightstand
Azara Bamboo Platform Bed

Azara Nightstand
Azara Bamboo Night Stand is a wonderful source of bamboo furnishings with a variety of other Eco-friendly alternatives such as light fixtures made from recycled materials, upcycled to beautiful pieces to suit your green home.

June 23, 2017

Bamboo is a versatile plant that is strong, hollow and attractive. It can be used to create many different aesthetically pleasing decorations for your home.

Majority of bamboo grows in areas like china but many homes in the US also have backyards where bamboo grows. The natural color and markings on bamboo gives it a rustic and one-of-kind look to it.

In my home I have this beautiful black vase with red, tan and brown geometric patterns on it. A friend of mine had bamboo growing wildly in his backyard.

We decided to cut off 5 pieces about a little longer than the size of a walking cane (all the same size) and we put a clear glaze over top of them. Then, we used rope we purchased at our local craft store and twisted it around the individual bamboo sticks. We placed them in the vase and voila! We created a beautiful and unique decoration that fit nicely with my living room decor.

You can create a variety of interesting pieces like this for your home, bamboo serves as a great starting point in the do-it-yourself home decoration experience.

June 23, 2017

Every child deserves to have a space of their own in a house. Even when siblings have to share a room, it is important that the kids have at least some control over the look and feel of the space. The rooms featured in this post take from the idea of child-like whimsy and playfulness, then add a hefty dose of sophisticated style. The end results are rooms that, of course, beautiful, but also fun, colorful, and even practical. These rooms are more than a place for a child to lay her head, they are a slice of style that can grow with their occupants.

Visualizer: Alesya Kasianenko  

Children’s rooms often have more functions than adult bedrooms — they need a place to sleep but also a place to study and places to just lounge around.

This room has the advantage of being fairly large, but the designer still manages to make more space with elements like a recessed sleeping nook.

A mosquito net-style canopy makes for a perfect play area while bringing in its own dose of whimsy.

But from certain angles you cannot even tell this room is for a child. A comfortable and spacious study area is ideal for homework at any age.

Fun cloud lighting is both relaxing and creative.

Knitted poufs are a comfortable size for visiting friends or parents who just want to play.

It’s impossible to take one look at this gorgeous nook and not imagine the bedtime stories that will be told here.

Visualizer: Julia Borisenko  

In this next pair of rooms, we see how less square footage can still be turned into a gorgeous space.

The striped painting brings color into the design, but the muted tones keep the look sophisticated rather than garish.

A few carefully chosen pieces of art can reflect a child’s personality without giving over to the cartoonish nature of so many child room designs.

Again, we have a comfortable sleep space and a study desk with plenty of natural light.

This room puts seating front and center with a bed, desk, and cozy hanging egg chair.

Natural light adds extra oomph to the colorful accessories.

Visualizer: Imade Pastel  

When parents first have a child, the instinct is often to take the new addition’s room directly to one pastel or another.

This space for a young child eschews swaths of pinks and baby blues for cool gray blue and just a few pops of bright pink.

This classic color scheme and dramatic elements like a canopy bed make this room inviting and fun.

Storage and a few playful touches mean this lovely space is both stylish and practical.

Visualizer: Ira Harbaruk  

This next room offers another lovely take on classic pink and blue themes, with a custom study hutch as a focal point.

The adorable hutch calls to mind a whimsical barn and leaves space for a little girl and a study partner.

Natural light plays perfectly with the sky blue wallpaper that brings the outdoors inside with its cute, fluffy clouds.

Sleepy eyes painted on the door nestle up next to a pretty pink lofted bed with a cozy couch underneath.

And what little girl doesn’t want her own vanity for dress up?

Measuring 19.6 square meters (210 square feet), this yellow accented room skews a bit older than some of the other included in this post.

A comfortable bed, shelving, and unique accent wall make it a perfect space for an artistic teen.

A green take on a similar style measures 19.7 square meters (212 square feet) and also incorporates a lot of natural wood.

The accent wall gives a bit of an industrial touch to this simple, stylish room.

Visualizer: Viktoria Tsikhotska  

Turquoise can be a beautiful, youthful color to use in a kids room, as evidenced by this design.

A window seat is always a welcome element, perfect for storytime while kid-sized chairs make it easy for even the littlest ones to feel all grown up.

Built-in shelving is a practical and stylish element for a kids room, as kids seem to collect more books than would seem humanly possible.

The lighting around the headboard of the bed makes the occupant of this room feel like the star of his or her own show.

Polka dot wallpaper and lots of storage round out this functional and adorable room.

Architect: menna youssf   Designer: menna youssf  

The design of a nursery is mainly for the parents, since an infant won’t remember what you put on the walls.

This decorative room features lots of cartoon elements, perhaps some of which the parents wouldn’t want in the main parts of the house but that they enjoy nonetheless.

A chalkboard wall and graphic prints are colorful and creative reminders.

There is nothing stuffy about a nursery that features Felix the Cat.

Visualizer: Fedor Nikitenko  

In this speculative design for a boy’s room in a country house, comic book elements play a featured role.

Yellow, white, and blue are strong, masculine colors in this usage.

A fun collage on one wall means the rest of the room can stay a bit more simple.

A lovely desk and comfy bean bag chairs make this a great teen retreat.

Unique industrial lighting and an Eames-style chair are definitely grown-up elements for this growing boy.

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June 23, 2017

Advancements in technology have brought about a vast amount of interactive experiences, since the dawning of television to today’s virtual reality. Rejane Cantoni & Leonardo Crescenti have devoted their lives to creating fully immersive displays that allow the public to experience and experiment naturally with virtual, remote and hybrid environments. Rejane studied communications, semiotics and visualization of information systems and kinetic interfaces in Sao Paolo and Geneva. Leonardo studied architecture at FAU/USP in Sao Paolo. since 1987 Leonardo has released 13 short films.

In recent creations, Rejane and Leonardo have created the infinity cube.

From the outside the cube reflects all that surrounds it making it seemingly invisible but, inside the cube is a whole nother world. The cube is consistent of 9 mirror panels on each side. Suspended from the ground about 25 centimeters from the floor on springs. The walls and panels do not touch, to allow light to enter. Upon entering, there are infinite reflections of the individual in all directions.The springs beneath allow the cubes to rock as the individual moves about within the cube, creating a kaleidoscope effect. In this infinite space, Rejane and Leonardo claim that it is perfect for quiet contemplation of inter-dimensions and the universe. “A small space containing infinite dimensions creates an immediate shift in what is understood to be the dimension they live in.” says Leonardo.

Leonardo and Rejane inside the ‘Infinity Cubed’

Stay updated with Leonardo and Rejane’s work on their website!

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