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January 18, 2017

There’s nothing as frustrating as not having enough space to move. We weren’t created to exist in tiny spaces crammed full of our belongings. The problem becomes even worse when you have cats, which are naturally mischievous animals. This is the problem that a homeowner in central Taipei, where space is limited, faced. That is, until Taiwanese based design company, ST Design Studio transformed the small space into a sleek, functional loft. This loft is now an open and integrated space that caters to the homeowner’s lifestyle. Providing light and organic beauty against an urban backdrop, while accounting for the habits and activities of his two cats.

To achieve the design concept, and most of the walls have been removed to extend the line of sight, creating the illusion that the space is bigger than it actually is and removing the cramped atmosphere. The original windows have been left uncovered to allow light from the street to permeate the room, incorporating the city scape into the decor.

One of the most important design aspects is the series of custom white tubing fixed onto the walls with either storage or display functions. The main function of the tubing here is as a substitute for a wardrobe. The lack of a wardrobe clears up floor space, and incorporates the homeowner’s personal style into part of the room’s decor. The tubing in front of the French windows provides space to hang the plants, where they are easily noticed, easy to maintain and out of reach from kitty’s curious paws.

The loft’s color scheme is very light, relying on contrasts and accent pieces to give the room personality. Choosing to make the walls white makes the room look clean and seem bigger. The gray wall prevents the white from becoming overpowering and looking clinical.

Shelves are an ingenious way of storing belongings in a way that is aesthetically pleasing. By attaching the shelves to adjustable irons allows the homeowner to rearrange to wall when inspiration strikes and is a fascinating play area for furry roommates.

A variety of books and collectible toys furnish color to the room and reflect the homeowner’s personality, turning the shelves into an accent wall.

Taking care of all the cats’ needs and lending itself to the sleek layout is the stylish Modkat Litter Box. If you’d like more upscale feline furniture, be sure to check out our stylish cat furniture post.

The hanging plants compensate for the lack of green outside, allowing the homeowner to come home to a refreshing oasis in the middle of an urban jungle.

The room has many industrial elements that make a daring statement without being too obvious. From the custom tubing to the paint-splattered step ladder, the room has a subtle current of antique industrial chic.

A large black lamp ensures that the room will receive enough light after dark and changes a simple table into an ideal place to work or study should the need arise. A small table and chairs set doubles as a dining space and a work table. Two different types of wood also make it a unique aspect to the room.

An independent black cabinet divides the bedroom from the living room, affording the bed area a measure of privacy, by separating the bed from the living area. This is a good idea for a person with an active social life. A light sofa with wooden legs ties into the natural feel of the room reveals more floor space, and doesn’t clutter the room.

The bedroom is located to the side, from the right to the left so that the more direct line of sight is focused on the living area.

A white chest of drawers doesn’t draw too much attention, allowing the room to retain it’s simplicity and gives the homeowner more storage space. By attaching a light wooden sliding door to the wardrobe saves space and prevents the white from becoming overpowering without detracting attention from the view.

A wooden board painted blue with adjustable wooden pegs is a fun way to not only add color to room but to also store personal items and make them part of the decor. Personal items used in place of chunky ornaments for decoration uses up less space.

The custom white tubing extends to this area to create more wardrobe space, combined with the vintage lamps continues the industrial vintage theme.

Simplicity in the bed area draws the eye to the window, which is the focal point of the room and unites the bed area with the rest of the loft.

To conserve space, the designers worked with the angles provided by thee original walls. The slanted bed side table is a sophisticated piece that works with the space. A mirror with a wooden frame adds subtle depth to the room keeps it from looking incomplete.

In order to prevent the white-gray color palette and rough industrial elements from making the space look too cold, designers chose a natural oak island-type flooring to balance the overall texture and makes the room look more warm and detailed.

Materials and furniture with an industrial approach along with the tubing and antique-class industrial lighting bring this clean space more in line with the owner’s personal adventurous taste.

White tiles are a classic Custom white tubing attached to the wall. equips the bathroom with towel rails.

A custom black shower and industrial hand-washing sinks with chrome fittings carry the industrial concept into the bathroom. Floating vanities ensure additional floor space, making the bathroom seem bigger.

The simple black hexagonal tiled floor adds color to the bathroom, and contrasts pleasantly with the white walls. The hanging plants and wooden shelves add organic warmth to what would be an otherwise cold and impersonal room.

Before it’s renovation, the apartment had been divided into four different rooms making an already small space seem smaller and restricted the movements of the occupant and his two cats.

After it’s renovation, the now mini-loft has a total of two rooms. The apartment is now more spacious and adaptable to the needs of the owner. A stylish, modern retreat in a cluttered and hectic world.

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January 18, 2017

The bedroom is a retreat. A place for relaxation, pampering and most of all sleep, its walls are often forgotten in tired wallpaper and outdated skirting boards. Make your bedroom inspirational with a new look – an exposed brick wall. Beautiful when distressed, there’s no need to fear their instantly-stylish and hardy exteriors. Give your room a Scandinavian twist, with a full brick wall behind the bed in red. Make your headboard one of brick, in natural, distressed or painted tones. Make your brick a feature wall in an eclectic room, levelling up to a rich and personal design. Take a look at our top forty brick picks.

Source: Target Point  

Floored on a newspaper rug, this charcoal-painted brick wall provides a strong background for an industrial palace. A low-lying futon and bevy of chandeliers add finishing touches.

Visualizer: Alex Koretskiy  

Pops of purple and blue rise against this feature wall. Clad in charcoal with lighter brown dripping through, it creates a cosy yet artistic feel amidst simple wooden shelving and wicker cane.

Source: Molteni  

Make your bedroom a place for play with abstract decals and furniture. A wall of grey exposed brick leads to the rest of the interior, providing a muted and edgy backdrop.

Visualizer: Oksana Mukhina  

Exposed brick doesn’t have to be red. This white and grey bedroom uses textured white brick to line its wall. Concrete floors, bold typography prints, black drop lighting and a navy duvet mark out focal points.

Visualizer: Peter Ang  

Make the most of a curved skylight with a white brick wall underneath. This beautifully-lit room sets the scene with an abstract painting, oscillating wooden floor patterns and an easel to the side.

Designer: Pikcells  

The hipster would love this bedroom centred around distressed white brick. Paired with a ladder leading to a deconstructed wardrobe, its canvas chandelier marks a sleeping space beside a deerhide and record collection.

Designer: One London  

A triangle marks the spot, in this brick feature wall marked with pure white. Set in an attic space, a low-lying bed draws the eye with a grey throw and black bedside lamp.

Photographer: Carl Wooley  

Want to widen your bedroom? Take a cue from this square space using beige brick around the window. Lined with white walls, a simple copper curtain rod and minimal accessories, it makes a small room seem large.

Visualizer: NB Studio  

Add texture to your bedroom with a white feature wall. Matched with wooden floors, a playing-card chandelier and metallic cushions, the look is contemporary, chic and eclectic.

Visualizer: Elena Zhulikova  

Create a room with a glow, with a hanging light over a brick wall. This subtly-dramatic space lined with brown-coloured curtains leans an abstract canvas against brick, inviting in the tired viewer.

Visualizer: Curly Studio  

A brick wall is perfect for a unisex space. Holding a row of white cabinets, it sits perfectly with a carved-out feature, three black-and-white prints and a gingham bedspread.

Visualizer: Oleg Rasschepkinj  

A calm, peaceful bedroom is supported by brick in muted tones. Holding a host of greyscale photos, a spotted blue-and-grey duvet with a beehive light holds attention amidst wooden furniture.

Visualizer: Zrobym  

Bring the outside inside with a headboard in brick. A green living wall to the side harks back to the garden; a low-lying bed a simpler type of living. With a typographic canvas and standing photographer’s lamp as features, the whole room screams art nouveau.

Visualizer: Svitlana Petelko  

Grey brick can help background pops of colour. This bedroom heroes terracotta and turquoise amidst a black bookcase, quilted grey block bed and monochromatic elements.

Visualizer: Index  

Unsure how to integrate many different elements? A distressed brick wall, like the one in this bedroom, can blend black, white and grey. Mixed with portrait canvases, a standing lamp and brown rug add a feeling of home to a glossy concrete floor.

Visualizer: Uglyanitsa Alexander  

Use brick as a canvas for individualism. This bedroom features The Beatles, a wood-engraved tree painting, London Underground collage and telescope out to the stars. Three dramatically-thick ceiling fans tie the tones in.

Designer: Josephine Hurley   Photographer: Tom Ferguson  

Red brick walls are always a classic. Pair yours with white chiffon curtains, bedding, pod chairs and a headboard cabinet for a fresh look that never dates.

Visualizer: Nordes  

A background of brick can pop out other features. Spiderman fans would appreciate this simple room of grey and white, with their hero to the right.

Visualizer: Juliya Butova  

Designate a place for a rest with a column of brick. Drenched in stone, taupe and light wood with a side of teal, this simple family room points to its feature with a clock.

Visualizer: Juliya Butova  

A wall of brick shines beside competing elements. Plywood, painted charcoal and rough-shod panels cover the floor and walls, in a room of differing colours and oscillating patterns.

Visualizer: Isadhora Omar  

The industrial bedroom is not complete without an interior brick wall. Faced by an aluminium cylinder and steel piping, a wall of square windows shines light onto red brick. A distressed wooden headboard and furry black rug finish the look.

Source: Target Point  

Want a bedroom that truly looks exterior? As if on a deck chair, this unique bed design sits with a poolside table and lush fern to either side. A skylight from the top bathes the room in light.

Visualizer: Yarko Kushta  

The urban loft has a perfect partner in exposed brick. This bedroom features blocked-out window panes, orange leather bedding, wheelable tables and building frames in a space far from conventional.

Source: Target Point  

Even the space age can carry a wall of brick. Lifting off in a Jetson’s style flight, this all-white bed and table integrate with potted cacti, leaning abstracts and a column of brick.

Designer: Barasona  

This light-hued bedroom with exposed brick wall mimics an industrial palace. Lit by an antique chandelier, square frame piping guards a space filled with hanging wooden furniture, tones of grey and soft bedside lighting.

Visualizer: Andrey Novosiolov  

More of an artist’s palace, this low-lying bedroom wows in exposed brick, wood and white. As a chandelier and silver bath sit to the side, the backing wall masks a close stairway.

Visualizer: Anna Fedyukina  

Another low-lying dream, this bachelor’s bedroom gives off good taste. A rough-shod wooden wardrobe leads to a suitcase-stack table. On a red brick wall, a monochrome horse rears its tail. A geometric mat holds a space for sleeping, while metallic lamps make for comfort.

Designer: Emma Persson Lagerberg  

Relaxed and functional, this small bedroom uses brick to full effect. Lined with a tumbling bookshelf, a floor lamp in copper and antique map look creative beside a red brick wall.

Visualizer: Garza Camisay Arquitectos  

Another smaller space, this room ensures red brick doesn’t close it in. Set on concrete with a full wall of windows, a multi-coloured bedspread helps tie it together.

Designer: Union Studio  

Make it classy with many windows interspersed with brick. Headed by a textured feature wall, thick black joinery and muted beige furniture give prominence to striking red brick.

Designer: CTA Architects  

Infuse Japanese culture, with a black and red bed headed by brick. This interesting space shows off a sea view in large window panels, while adding a roll-mat mattress and cubed ottoman to dreamtime.

Designer: Pillar 3  

Sense the forest, with an outside wall inside. Lined by sensational views, this large, square sleeping space makes bright blue stand out against red.

Designer: Luiz Fernando Grabowsky  

Want to make your bedroom space your own? Red brick can hold all your trinkets, books, paintings and office accessories, like it does in this modern bedroom.

Designer: Crescent Builds  

Comprised of a bedroom and lounging area, this space uses red brick to join the two. High chiffon curtaining and a tropical bedspread add light to white furniture and wooden floors.

Source: Douglas Elliman  

Hints of the tribal can work with red brick. This bedroom uses a lotus-patterned headboard to introduce the sleeping space. Roman blinds and a pearled hanging bulb are separated by brick and wooden tones.

Designer: Lena Lalvani  

A distressed brick wall can make quite a feature. Peppered with finds from around the world, it sits beside a blue and gold Florentine design and tribal headboard in perfect harmony.

Designer: Tropical Space  

The four poster bed fan can’t go past this Swedish sauna-inspired space. Eco-designed to let in cool air and light, it’s a man-made wonder.

Source: Environment Furniture  

Dotted with cross-incisioned brick panels, this unusual looking bedroom lets in light in one snazzy design. A wooden slat bed adds functionality and simplicity.

Designer: Bauhaus Custom Homes  

A softer, sleepier approach is awarded to this bedroom. Juxtaposing a red brick wall against leather, fur and a multi-textured rug, brick helps ground and solidify the design.

Designer: Alterstudio  

Create a simple beach look, with a brick wall in muted colouring. This bedroom plays with a denim-hued bedspread, red zigzag sheets and a cane basket table for a light, airy feel.

Buy It: From $14  

Don’t have the brick wall or budget to utilise? Choose from these cheaper options, easy to peel on and off your bedroom wall.

Several faux-brick options are available, if your budget and current home design won’t stretch. Try brick veneers, dry-wall, wallpaper or decals for a short or long-term solution to a beautiful bedroom.

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January 18, 2017

Grey is not usually equated with exciting. Evocative of boredom, it is nevertheless finds expression in many contemporary designs – and there is a reason why. Grey is versatile. The colour between black and white, it finds depth of shadow to enhance traditional and modern living spaces. Compatible with a range of themes, it adds finesse without boldness. These three living spaces use grey to achieve greatness, in three very different interiors. The first is art-deco, inspired by the raw nature of the rainforest. The second is industrial, perfect for the polished couple. The third is more brutal, more masculine, stark.

Visualizer: Olia Paliichuk  

Our first apartment, at 80sqm, was designed for a couple passionate about travelling. Inspired by rainforests and the exotic, the outdoors is brought indoors, with ‘60’s detailing and south-east Asian gold thrown in. In the living room, unpainted corrugated iron sits stark upon a grey wall, a surprising backdrop for a chic wooden bookcase. Beige block sofas and one-piece wooden chairs open enough space for gold statuettes and a leaf-shape chair. Low-hanging idea lights light up black-potted cacti, while a golden kitchen panel acts as a hat for green-marble. Multi-panelled black windows and a soft green rug circle off the area.

The bedroom feels more dragon’s den, less apartment with lengthy potted cacti climbing up high-ceilinged windows. Taupe wallpaper adheres to an elongated oval mirror. A grey headboard printed with sea lions stretches to a mat and stone chaise longue below. Thin, low-hanging lights balance out the elements.

The TV area looks ornate with a gold-feature wall, accentuated by a marble-clad palm. Mid-wooden floors hold black shelving underneath and to the side.

Looking through the bedroom, the bathroom appears a jewellery box. Top-to-toe glass and gold panelling gives off luxury whilst increasing space.

Inside, the bathroom wows in speckled marble. Mimicking the bedroom’s mirror, an oval turns sideways to reflect white-tiled walls. Rounded porcelain fixtures trimmed with gold give a taste of the ornate.

Architect: Martin Architects   Visualizer: Olia Paliichuk  

Our second space uses shades of grey, along with wood and iron, to create an air of the industrial. In the living room, a grey-speckled rug matches with grey curtains and a grated wall, playing off bolder colours. Starting with a brown leather chair, the room winds around in thin stencil lighting. A stone L-shaped couch and wall provide a frame for a stencil-and-wood table, straight off the manufacturer’s block. A diagonally-tiled wooden wall holds a TV, bookcase and bust, adding a hint of the informed. Factory lights peep from the stark black ceiling.

An iron deer’s head lurks above the entrance, kept company by a wooden sheet wall. Metal grating holds a chair lit by factory lighting. Grey walls hold wire coat racks; grey flooring the rest.

An iron and wood staircase acts the central element of the space, adding structure. The dining room mimics its zag-zagging, thin lines in high wooden stools. Featuring a communal stove and dining table, a low-lying fanned light mirrors over the table. Around the corner, metal grating meets the stairs on a grey concrete finish. Towards the elevator, the stairs show diagonal wood tiling, as grey doors assimilate to its black frame. The stairs are matched at every angle.

From the kitchen, the stairs present another view. Led by a grey wooden dining table and kitchen bench, their shape zig-zags over the top, providing colour inspiration. Lit by factory lights in the kitchen, the chairs shine wood and gold at different times. Grey matte walls soften the glow.

The bathroom presents grey again, but in a new capacity. Grey beehive tiling clothes the floor and central wall, with taupe covering another. Feature green-grey marble hangs porcelain blocks on its sides, creating a staircase effect. Metal stencil shower framing and chrome polish off an industrial space.

Visualizer: Landusheva Nastia  

Designed for a bachelor in his 20’s, this 124sqm apartment was designed as a bachelor pad – in a brutal, masculine style. Here, grey alternate-slanting tiles shine beside a grey concrete ceiling and linen curtains. A white canvas hangs down for movies and laptop work, a young man’s dream. Natural wooden flooring holds taupe and quilted brown block couches. Black metal stencilling in the standing lamp, hanging lights and tables add structure, as reflected in the grey Venetians behind.

Further behind, a stark kitchen takes effect in top-to-toe wooden panelling. Holding an LED-lit black matte inlet and another stencilled-frame above, a cylindrical fan completes the bachelor’s kitchen. A steel pod chair watches on.

Through the kitchen, another catching-up space opens up. Lit by an LED-stencilled ‘Stronger than yesterday’, grey beanbag couches slouch on a wooden floor, met by an oblong and grey wooden table. Light grey industrial fabric strains the room, pairing with slatted wooden entrance panels demarcating the space. A view from the outside shows white squared windows filling the room with light.

A dining room space is small enough to look functional, and big enough for four. Grey tiling covers a feature wall, as four drop lights grounded by thick fixtures centre the table. Nestled next to grey floor-to-ceiling curtains, multi-shaded wooden floors and a table are greeted by velvet teal chairs. A stencil table to the side harks back to the industrial.

The kitchen ties in the central space, as it leads visitors away. A stencilled ceiling feature, black-framed kitchen panelling and block benching closes off the space.

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January 18, 2017

Ever wanted your own book-lined wall? This 1,937sqft home in Mexico City, Mexico, is both book and nature-smart. Designed by Paul Cremoux Studio, 70% of the year is dedicated to outdoor living in a light, bright, and natural indoor-outdoor flow. Rain water is drained through two filters, eliminating dependency on the grid. Direct sunlight enters from the south, east and west, while a halved home conversion decreases household costs and lets in the forest. Take a walk with us as we explore, with the help of working drawings and renders, an eco-friendly dream with the most breathtaking of bookcases.

Walking through an open-framed sliding door, a Scandinavian living space awakens. Wide-leaved ferns lead into a wall of books, zig-zagged over by a stunning white staircase. Kept in a wooden block frame and leading past the eye’s reach, the myriad colours in the shelves provide a scintillating backdrop for muted furniture. A view towards the space at night turns the exterior panel dark; the light glowing inside like a beacon.

Spaced on similarly-hued floors, the lounge and kitchen create a relaxed space. A powder blue couch offers a few pastel cushions, as it faces two wooden school chairs, a table and two-lighter hued cabinets. Facing a window around a corner, the dining room sits neatly in simple wood. As the day turns dark, a mounted light spreads out like the rays of the sun, a design feature all its own over a light grey rug.

As the dining room dominates the other corner, a view outside shows a clever joining of plaster and wood panels. Showing as far as the bookcase and as near as the dining table, a peek directly inside shows a simple white dome light and MOMA bowl marking the space. Surrounding lush greenery gives a view from the inside.

An outside area bathed in wood and plaster makes the most of outside plants. Hedges and ferns tumble over an outside garage, as wooden decking leads the way to paths. As the stony walkway around the house extends, large trees give off a forest feel and view to the main interior.

On the second floor, large steel frames create perpendicular grates. A wooden-floored balcony with a small, rounded light extends into the home, while wide window joinery offers a view for rainier days. The overall construction maintains a block effect, adding interest at the intersection of wood and plastered white.

From the front, a slatted wooden door opens to plinths in tiled white. As stony paths hold plants, the sunlight dapples over the open-roofed space.

Another white-tiled space, the bathroom also beckons with a wooden door. Oblong furniture shows off a wooden-hued double sink and mirror panel, while a magnifying glass shows a closer view. Its LED-lit frame leads to a rainforest shower, a perfect match for a forest-look setting. Separated by a misted glass panel, the toilet views the outside, maintaining privacy within a light and bright feel.

A step away shows a space in the forest need not be far from the roadside. Two trees create shade, a plaster wall privacy from the neighbours.

See our sets of 3D models and house, levelling, bookcase and staircase plans below, for a more intricate lesson on creating a book lover’s forest home.

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January 18, 2017

How do you create a contemporary, scenery-led home within an existing building? This forest-hidden gem by architect Rado Iliev and photographer Assen Emilov splits the original exterior in two, creating a wide-windowed corridor that brings the outside in. Flowing from north to south, the corridor feature is built around a compass, ensuring North, South, East and West face the right areas, at the right time. The interior folds the forest in with views permeating the lounge and simple black, white and wooden elements that let nature be the hero. Take a tour with us to see this contemporary forest retreat.

The two-storey plaster home opens with an aluminium corridor, letting in the forest with stunning tinted-glass panels. Extending and enlarging the home, it juts out at just the right angle, affording a lounge view that soaks in the sunlight and sunset.

As the dining room looks over the forest, the lounge beside uses green to penetrate three of its four walls. Muted grey block couches sit on simple, dark wooden floors that echo the landscape. A copper grasshopper lamp leans over a black glass table, while a textured black ceiling adds interest. A partition wall behind acts as a sleek bookcase in black and grey, holding colourful ornaments that dot themselves around the room. Based on a silver stand, the TV functions for night-time while blending into the background, letting the scenic forest location shine.

Just past the inbuilt fireplace, the dining room catches the eye with a bright bouquet of flowers. Led in by a deerskin rug and the black-panelled ceiling, it acts as a sophisticated setting for dinner, and a relaxed location for morning coffee. Stark black and white tones in the chairs, hanging light and table provide a classic look set apart from the pop-of-colour lounge.

A look through the corridor shows a hint of the kitchen, another monochrome dream. Lining one wall with a full-white bench, a landscape window focuses the gaze on the outside view. Its dark wooden floors hold glass-and-white cabinetry to the other side, as greenery peeks in from the dining room. A central panel in an extractor fan and stove make a design feature muted, classic, and complementary.

Back through the lounge, a set of monochrome stairs lead the way down. Framed by glass banisters and white walls, their almost-floating appearance looks light, contemporary and ultra-modern. The colour contrast between the stairs, iron railing and white wall makes a statement, a statement further deepened as two wooden block stairs lead to stone patios. The journey obscures the forest view only momentarily.

The view from the patio shows two storeys of levelling. As stone leads on to a grass lawn, steps lead up to another dark-wooden deck. The central fireplace from the living room reappears on the outside, while glass railings show its many levels from the top floor.

The ground floor too holds beauties up its sleeve. Using thick, black-framed windows, an office uses a wall to hold books and a desk in charcoal wood. A mustard-hued bedroom sits on lighter-wooden flooring, as a large window illuminates yellow-golden bedding and a panelled feature wall. The bathroom hides away in white and beige tones, as a striking agate feature wall and floor bring nature’s elements inside.

Leading down from thick-framed sliding doors, the path away from the home shows its easy-play front lawn and unique sloped location. Enveloped in a tree-laden thicket, its green, scenic attributes are a sight for sore eyes.

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January 18, 2017

Are you looking to embrace a medieval theme for your garden or interior? Attractive dragon-themed decor isn’t exactly a common find – but this post compiles 50 of the most useful, unique, or simply beautiful dragon decorations we could locate. It’s all here! There’s something for every room, from the kitchen to the office. Consider using this post as a go-to resource for your next themed party or just in case you need a gift for a friend who loves fantasy novels. Which dragon-themed decoration is your favorite? Stop by the comment section and let us know!

Buy It: From $30   

Dragon Welcome Plaques: Perhaps even more fearsome than a guard dog, these dragon-themed welcome plaques are the perfect way to tell guests to “enter, at your own risk”.

Buy It: $398   

Dragon Wall Clock: The detail on this cast wall clock is beyond brilliant – guests will look up to check the time and won’t be able to take their eyes away. The hands look like swords to complete the medieval theme.

Buy It: $90   

Dragon Wall Clock: The detail on this cast wall clock is beyond brilliant – guests will look up to check the time and won’t be able to take their eyes away. The hands look like swords to complete the medieval theme.

Buy It: $85   

Past, Present & Future Sculptural Dragon Wall Clock: Famous dragon artist Gary Chang created this design to represent the three dragons of past, present, and future. It’s a functional piece of art that any fan of the fantasy genre would love to have.

Buy It: $25   

Dragon Desk/Mantelpiece Clock: No game room or medieval living room would be complete without this menacing clock on the mantle. The mechanism ticks just like a classic clock for an authentic feel.

Buy It: $37   

Dragon Pendulum Clock: Gothic interior decor isn’t easy to find, but this piece certainly hits many of the thematic details to tie your chosen motif together. A castle, a full moon clock face, a guardian dragon, a skull, and a pentagram pendulum offer lots to look at.

Buy It: $45   

Dragon Table Lamp: At 20 inches tall and covered with a 12-inch diameter shade, this clock is a nice eye-catching piece for a nightstand or a side table. The black shade ensures nice soft lighting to keep your dungeon nice and mysterious.

Buy It: $22   

Medieval Dragon Candle Holder: Here’s a great piece for a fantasy-inspired interior. Three castle towers are the perfect size for votive candles. If you’re worried about charring the wings with taller candles, rechargeable LED options would be ideal.

Buy It: $30   

Dragon Oil Warmer: Oil warmers make great ambiance-defining decor and are always a nice choice for a useful gift. Unlike other oil warmers, this one uses an electric light and includes a dimmer switch so you can control the brightness and heat.

Buy It: $150   

Dragon Hanging Lamp: Detailed, creative, and certainly unlike any other lamp, this piece is a great alternative to tabletop options. It does weigh a moderately hefty 11lbs so be sure to mount it carefully.

Buy It: $89   

Dragon Light Fixture: This wall-mounted dragon extends 15″ inches from the wall to create a striking and elegant impression. Consider hanging one lamp in a centered location, or pick up a pair to go on either side of a sofa or bed.

Buy It: $85   

Dragon Wall Sconce: Beautiful from every angle, it’s easy to see why this piece deserves a coveted spot on the wall. And just look at the lighting effect on the detailed interior portion! Note that it does not include the wooden frame, but you could easily add your own.

Buy It: $21   

Medieval Dragons Wall Plaque with Dagger: Sword collectors, dragon fans, and medieval enthusiasts alike are sure to enjoy this decorative plaque. The small dagger knife that comes with it is heavy and very shiny, easily removed from the plaque so you can show it off to friends.

Buy It: $24   

Purple Dragon Plaque With Mini Swords: Each sword that comes with this purple-pink dragon plaque is made from polished metal, and though they’re not sharp, they work great as letter openers. The rest of the plaque is made from durable resin.

Buy It: $14   

Dragon Display Knife: Are you more interested in decorative knives than miniature swords? This detailed blade is a great display piece and makes a bold first impression.

Buy It: $23   

Dragon Knife With Holder: The neck and wing make up the handle of the knife, which fits seamlessly on the dragon body to form a complete sculpture.

Buy It: $23   

Dragon Show Blade With Stand: Here’s something even more unusual. This distinctive blade remains unsharpened for safe handling as a display piece, but it retains its daring aesthetic and fierce composition.

Buy It: $17   

Dragon Snow Globe: Snow globe collectors and dragon fans alike can appreciate this fun and interactive piece. The dragon and base are hand-painted to enhance the lovely depth of detail.

Buy It: $198   

Dragon Chess Set: Detailed pewter chess pieces take on the form of an army of dragons. The transparent glass board reveals a dragon graveyard contained within the crumbling remains of castle walls.

Buy It: $27   

Dragon Trinket Box: What could go along with a mythical fantasy theme better than a box of hidden treasures? Simply lift the dragon to reveal what’s inside.

Buy It: $33   

Dragon On Orb Sculpture: Here’s another handy vessel that doubles as a catchall for little objects around the house. It could work great in a dragon-themed living room, bedroom, or even the bathroom or kitchen.

Buy It: $23   

Dragon Topped Mechanical Box: Finding steampunk home decor isn’t always easy, but this piece is cool on several levels. This decorative box would work great for jewelry, office supplies, dice, or other odd objects.

Buy It: $80   

Dragon Hour Glass: Time is an interesting theme for medieval decorations. This hourglass sculpture is 10 inches long and almost 7 inches tall, sure to make an impression sitting on your mantle or shelf.

Buy It: $16   

Dragon Stapler: Whether you work from home or want to bring a bit of personal flair to the office, this dragon-shaped stapler is fearsome and individualized.

Buy It: $17   

Dragon Utility Holder: Pencils, pens, rubber bands, and paperclips – this 4 inch tall utility holder is a nice addition to any desk.

Buy It: $31   

Dragons & Gargoyles Pen Set: Bold writing utensils are a great way to make a memorable first impression. This set of 5 represents a variety of gargoyles and dragons for an unforgettable writing set.

Buy It: $21   

Dragon Bookend: These lightweight polyresin bookends make it easy to emphasize medieval influences on any bookshelf. Each dragon features intricate detail and measures in at over 10 inches tall and 7 inches wide, with a manageable width of just over 3 inches.

Buy It: $109   

Game Of Thrones Dragon Eggs Bookend: Dragon eggs are a great low-key way to show love for dragons and especially dragons as they relate to Game of Thrones. This is an officially licensed set replicating a wedding gift to Daenerys, each dragon egg standing 7″ tall.

Buy It: $5   

Dragon Bookmark: Whether you like to work on beadwork projects or want to add something simple like ribbons, this metal dragon bookmark makes it easy with a little loop hanging from the dragon’s mouth.

Buy It: From $5   

Dragon Keychains: These keychains would make great gifts for Game of Thrones fans who want to rep House Targaryen.

Buy It: $28   

Dragon Bottle Opener: Bottle openers can be simple affairs, or they can serve as a decorative and delightful fixture in the home. This dragon-shaped bottle opener attaches to the wall to add big personality even when it’s not in use.

Buy It: $15   

Solid Pewter Dragon Bottle Opener: Here’s a smaller bottle opener more appropriate for hauling to parties or keeping around the house. The detailed dragon is cast in solid pewter, and the opener is made from durable stainless steel.

Buy It: $30   

Dragon Wine Bottle Holder: What a thirsty dragon! Here’s a lovely gift for somebody who loves to sip wine while reading their favorite fantasy or medieval themed books.

Buy It: $79   

Dragon Claw Goblet: Game of thrones fans might recognize this dragon claw goblet from a memorable scene between Melisandre and Master Cressen. Its glass bowl holds 12 oz. of your favorite beverage.

Buy It: $15   

Dragon Goblet: If you’re looking for an inexpensive goblet for decoration or for sipping small beverages, this handsome piece will draw compliments from any dragon fan.

Buy It: $17  

Dragon Chalice: This chalice holds 5 ounces (150 ml) and the stainless steel insert is removable for easy washing. It stands at a full 7 inches tall to make a grand statement at your table.

Buy It: $20   

Dragon Mug: Although the manufacturer states this mug is for decoration only, the stainless steel interior ensures it will hold up for everyday use as a penholder or just as a neat decoration for the home.

Buy It: $16   

Dragon Salt & Pepper Shakers: Your seasonings are sure to remain safe in the hands of this intimidating guardian. Like many of the cast resin pieces in this post, the detail is unbeatable.

Buy It: $40   

Dragon Cake Pan: The detail in this cake pan is almost astonishing. This one holds 8 cups of batter to accommodate larger guest counts, great for a birthday party or other dragon-themed event.

Buy It: From $8   

Dragon Moulds: Yep, there’s a whole world of dragon-themed baking accessories out there! It’s always nice to have just the right shape to suit themed parties or to treat a loved one to something out of the ordinary.

Buy It: $52   

Dragon Egg Cookie Jar: Is your home a House Targaryen home? This ceramic cookie jar doesn’t contain a soon-to-be hatchling but instead can hold your favorite knickknacks, cut flowers, or of course, cookies.

Buy It: $118   

Dragon Wall Art: While an ordinary canvas of this detailed dragon would catch the eye on its own, this unique multi-piece print takes it to the next level. The total size comes to just under 60 inches wide and 40 inches tall to make a big impression.

Buy It: $9   

Dragon Wall Decal: These neat decals make it easy to create the visual effect of a flock of dragons soaring across any wall. The included adhesive tape allows you to hang them flat, or you can fold the decals for the cool 3D effect like in the photo.

Buy It: $110   

Dragon Bedding & Pillow Set: It’s hard to find dark purple bedding sets in the first place, especially ones with dragons! This bedding set with artwork by Anne Stokes would be the perfect way to tie together a dragon bedroom theme.

Buy It: $25   

Dragon Toilet Paper Holder: Bathrooms are great places to embrace distinctive decor. This dragon toilet paper holder would make a great Halloween addition, or could serve as a great thematic addition for a general medieval or gothic theme.

Buy It: $30   

Dragon Shower Curtain: Decorative shower curtains offer an instant way to transform the entire look of the bathroom. This one features a distinctive dragon on a washable, waterproof, mildew resistant polyester.

Buy It: $43  

Dragon Faucet: If you’re looking for an artistic faucet that doesn’t sacrifice on quality, this piece is certainly a contender for fans of Chinese or Norse dragons. It’s brushed brass construction ensures longevity and style.

Buy It: $10   

Oriental Dragon Gong: This cast metal gong is a unique desk topper or decorative item sure to draw comments and interaction from guests. Simply pull back the hanging gong to ring.

Buy It: $20   

Sleeping Baby Dragon Garden Statue: What a peaceful little addition to any garden or terrace! This sweet sleepy dragon is sure to stand up to the elements quite well – some have even repurposed this piece as aquarium decor.

Buy It: $85   

Dragon of Falkenberg Lawn Statue: Divided into three pieces, this dragon statue looks like it’s swimming through water or diving through the earth. This piece is an obvious choice for garden decor but creative types could likely find a place for it indoors as well.

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January 18, 2017

Love books? Love stairs? These fifty unique designs make the most of that tight little cranny under your staircase. Use a block frame to hide books beneath, as they line sturdy shelves your feet walk over. Wrap a winding steel staircase around existing walls of bookshelves, immersing yourself in the reading experience. Put books within the stairs, as each level hides a few simply gorgeous reads. These creative, innovative and artistic features make the most of a good book collection and the most of awkward spaces left unutilised. Cater to stylish home décor for book lovers with these sets of book-hugging stairs and staircases.

Designer: Dreihausfrauen  

Conjoining two apartments in Dusseldorf, Germany, this multi-functional white and wooden staircase lets you pick a book from beside the stairs and say hello to the neighbours. Its clever ceiling-height stretch creates a feature for two apartments and residential space-saver in one.

Designer: Maxwan  

Matching the wood of the ceiling rafters, this floating staircase matches bookshelves above and below the stairs. A few drawers and a desk let you hide away and study in a light yet secluded space

Designer: Studio Mieke Meijer  

Dutch designer Just Haasnoot found inspiration from industrial building photography for this floating design. Halved into two oak and steel parts, the top half carries shoes, books and ornaments; the bottom half a desk, pot plants and a space for morning coffee.

Designer: NC2 Architecture  

Steep and zigzagging, this unique wooden structure lets you reach over for a read mid-thigh workout. Doubling as a feature artwork, its vertical design makes a visual impact without impinging on room space.

Designer: General Assembly  

Natural and black-painted wood coalesce in a block stairway with inbuilt shelves. Hide your books and knick knacks inside, for a stylish storage option.

Designer: Veran Émilie  

An innovative use of space is awarded to this conjoint bedroom, bookcase, desk and staircase. As small wooden stairs lead up to the loft, books in oscillating partitions aid a good night’s sleep.

Designer: Fujimatsu Architect  

Afforded more space, this desk, bookcase and staircase alternative oozes sophistication. White plaster and varnished wood lets you stop mid-climb for a scintillating read.

Designer: Gordon Walker  

Mimic the lines of your staircase with wooden partitions holding books. Hanging over a nifty desk space, this design looks kitsch and study-friendly with extra cabinets for filing.

Designer: Wild Rabbits Architects  

Connecting two separate apartments, this wood and steel creation offers a library of knowledge for two sets of tenants. The bottom and top of the staircase allow both dwellers to make the space their own.

Pleasing to the eye and book collection, this ascending wooden structure houses reads between each level of stair. The result is a polished, multi-functional feature without the slightest trace of clutter.

Designer: Marc Koehler Architects  

A white pyramid bookcase doubles as a stairway to heaven in this minimalist design. A large chandelier dangles over, adding sophistication with a difference.

Photographer: Pia Winther  

Bookcases are not just for books. This clever under-the-stairs unit hangs portraits, sit lamps and houses cabinets for all your storage needs.

Designer: Farrow Arcaro Design  

Make a bookcase level with your staircase, making two seem like one. White and wood tricks the eye into seeing simplicity, whilst hiding display fans, kettles and novels.

Designer: Koch Architects  

A rustic feel can be achieved with a conjoined staircase and library. Framed by wooden rafters, walls and railings, it evokes a wood cabin with a twist.

Designer: Kerr Construction  

Abstract storage spaces combine art and functionality. Using two different wooden shades, books, ornaments and stationery are displayed, as a family staircase pops over the top.

Designer: Stephen Moser Architect  

Make your staircase seem minimal, with overlapping library shelving. Simple Scandinavian panels hide books and vases, offering a seat to visitors before the climb.

Visualizer: Design+Weld  

Fit for an art gallery, this winding, floating London staircase looks ethereal beside a column of books. Aspiring to a glass-railed loft, glossy white floors and concrete walls give it added prominence.

Visualizer: Jianxiong Liu  

A library concept is the perfect avenue for stair ideas. This proposed concept creates a virtual treehouse complete with curved wooden bannisters, slatted railings and building-frame bookshelves.

Visualizer: Design+Weld  

Don’t have room for a full-scale library? Extend the space you live in with simple white stairs framed by a wall of books.

Designer: Dekleva Gregoric Arhitekti  

Another great use of space, these wooden blocks house books within steps. A block black desk gains access at an arm’s reach.

Designer: Process  

Whichever way you look at this staircase, it serves two purposes. Books, ornaments and trinkets are offered from the side, back and front; an artpiece and staircase from the short road up.

Designer: L'atelier miel  

Long wooden panes create a stable staircase with a few hidden inlets. A drinks cabinet to the side works well in the corner.

Designer: Studio Farris  

The Jenga fan can’t go past this decidedly different design. Leading up to an office, interlocking blocks create a canopy over the entrance space.

Architect: Jochen Specht  

Maintain simplicity by slotting colourful reads within wood. This light-coloured solution lets the bookcase be the hero, while the room fades into the background in muted, natural tones.

Visualizer: Studio 25  

The die-hard hipster has everything they want in this under-stair library. As a metal bike hangs beside glass railings, simple nut bolts lead to a triangular space dotted with trinkets.

Designer: Moon Hoon  

Wide, space-filled stairs leave room for a library. This ascending set marks the stepping zone with blocks; a place for books and filing in the spaces inbetween.

Designer: PAUL CREMOUX studio  

A feature wall bookcase makes an inspirational interior. Framed by pastel and Scandinavian finds, a white metal staircase zigzags over a high wall and wooden column filled with great reads.

Designer: One Girl Interiors  

Only have a few books to display? This small set of stairs keeps it simple, as a wooden bookcase fills an awkward space with a nifty solution.

Designer: Platform 5 Architects  

Create a piece of art with an unexpected shape. This wooden staircase mimics the stairs – atop an almost-full wall bookcase.

Designer: Andrea Mosca  

Mimicking stairs, this compartmentalised bookcase completes the ultimate rumpus room. White walls, floor and a mirror hold white and mustard couches amidst two sets of wall-held reads.

Designer: Drexler Guinand Jauslin  

Go for the smaller option in this mini wooden bookcase bathed in white. A juxtaposing staircase and railing emphasise the build-up to a dreamy reading session.

Designer: Rebecca Naughtin Architect  

For the staircase with no space, two walls of books will do the trick. A simple design with sloping elements affords enough room for a library to shine.

Designer: Chioco Design  

The high-ceilinged home adds a touch of luxury with a top-to-toe bookshelf. Metal railings echo a leaning ladder and window out to a view.

Designer: NC2 Architecture  

Inject the Scandinavian with an exposed brick bookcase. Slatted wooden shelving mirrors the staircase for an integrated experience.

Designer: Design42  

Create an aura of mystery with a book-lined stairway. Shuttered from adjoining rooms with an inside window, debate and dining is sought in the inlet below.

Visualizer: Design+Weld  

Minimalism reigns king in this steel-frame structure. Its thin panels hold stairs to the right, a place for ornaments to the left.

Designer: Oliver Fourny  

Suspended by cascading iron wires, this white and wooden staircase uses art to effect, without taking up space. A high bookcase to the side rises below the top step, for an interesting walk up and down the levels.

Designer: Craft Design  

Jutting out beside the bookcase, this set of stairs creates an optical illusion for guests. Wide enough to fit a person walking beside it, the destination is a hidden sleepout atop a storage box.

Visualizer: IFJ Architecture  

Skilfully utilise a cramped corner with a bed beside the staircase. Interspersed between each level, a row of books decorate a room swathed all in wood.

Source: El Meuble  

An attic roof comes with its challenges. Meet them at full throttle with a sloping bookcase that walks beside guests on their journey down.

Designer: Siemasko + Verbridge  

A two-storey bookcase has the perfect partner in this stairwell. Bound by wood and iron railings, a journey up or down greets the eye with walls of books and ladders, as if by chance.

Designer: Sergey Makhno Architects  

Disrupt tradition with a black bookcase. Floating wooden stairs are supported by black pillars underneath, making two structures seem like one.

Designer: Stone Horse Design  

The smaller library is hidden beneath this fusion staircase. Mid-wooden tones keep it industrial; thick steel railings industrial.

Designer: Edouard Brunet & François Martens   Photographer: Dennis De Smet  

Geometry plays with these stairs folding into squares and hexagons. A wooden storage space provides a seeming platform, grounding the design.

Designer: Jarmund/Vigsnæs AS Arkitekter MNAL  

Fly into the sky with this bookcase-staircase hung as if by balloons. Two-stringed ropes pull up each level, while a large Chinese lantern illuminates the space.

Designer: Marc Cowan  

Don’t need a staircase? Put your books in ascending display, for an easy pick of the right title.

Designer: Papazian R.A. - doon Architecture  

Contemporary with a classic twist, this structure provides enough room for ample reads. Clad in white upon a wooden floor, its light hue doesn’t dominate the space.

Designer: Zminkowska Boise Architects  

Lead up to a nook with books beside and beneath the stairs. Its comfy end point lights up pages with four beautiful French windows.

Designer: Stephen Moser Architect  

Reward a stair climb with a few ravishing reads. This simplistic bookcase hides under the railings, maximising white space.

Source: Lighting Design International  

Three walls of books remain light and airy, on walls lit by LEDs. Matching furniture and a block staircase provide several white spaces for book immersion.

Are you a book lover? Check out some more unique wall shelves, home decor for book lovers and unique bookends to complete the look.

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January 18, 2017

Open concept apartments offer a sense of openness and visual freedom but certainly present stylistic challenges for designers and residents alike. Much like studio apartments, these spaces require a certain level of aesthetic cohesiveness while marking each functional space with its own sense of individuality – it’s all about balance. This tour presents three open concept apartments that get it right, each one beautifully visualized by Ukraine-based architect and interior designer Artyom Bezfamilniy. From casual to retro to minimalist, each one demonstrates how even restrictive layouts retain lots of opportunity for expression.

With a carefully planned layout and a refreshing interior theme, this apartment manages to feel bright and spacious despite its limited size. And that’s an impressive feat considering the dark accents used throughout! A living space occupies the larger portion of the room with a low-profile kitchenette tucked away near the entrance, each functional area managing to coexist peacefully with the next.

Architectural photography is a great accent for a home like this one, where exposed ceiling beams and contemporary materials demonstrate a love for the craft.

Contrasting materials help solidify the visual divide between each area. The kitchen embraces a high contrast theme of wood cabinetry with matte black accents, yet the living room adopts a more casual style with comfortable mid-range tones.

While some open concept layouts employ a kitchen island as a physical barrier, this home instead uses a dining table. Pulling away the chairs from the interior side instantly expands usable work space.

The living room is emphasized even further by the abrupt transition between ceiling and wall materials, with actual dimensional variation rather than a simple texture or color change.

Meanwhile, the kitchen is defined by more of an industrial aesthetic. Yet it doesn’t feel cold, thanks to the knotty wood cabinetry there to offer up warmer color accents.

The wooden cabinetry further serves to transform the utilitarian necessity of storage into an artful addition to the room.

And finally, a quick peek at the hallway that wraps around the bedroom and leads to the entry. One of the doors, of course, opens to the bathroom.

To maintain the minimalistic appeal of the apartment, the hallway offers abundant storage both high and low. A convenient sliding ladder allows access the higher shelves.

This next home is a little smaller and significantly more colorful. The color theme of wood, powder blue, and olive green give this space a cheerful retro atmosphere – rounded lighting and furniture act as subtle throwbacks as well.

Because the wood paneled accent wall grabs so much attention, it makes sense to keep things a little more simple on the other side of the room. These masks make a huge impression without feeling like visual clutter.

The cool thing about the accent wall is that anybody can achieve this look at a reasonable price, either by arranging authentically weathered reclaimed wood or by distressing new lumber by hand.

All decor choices tie back into wall color palette with ease.

The little kitchen takes the same color palette but takes turns heightening and subduing the colors within. The bright breakfast stools draw immediate attention, for example, but the inner cabinets take a subtle approach.

Wood utensil holders hang from a rail that runs the length of the backsplash, a creative and space-saving solution suited for a kitchen as compact as this one. A homeowner could even recreate the functionality with magnets!

And here’s a quick peek at a sleek classic style. This home foregoes the increasingly common approach of using a kitchen island as a divider, instead including the kitchen in an organic and inclusive way, almost like any ordinary appliance or piece of furniture.

The more utilitarian kitchen features line the wall near the entryway, clean and minimalistic. It offers plenty of storage but doesn’t look bulky thanks to the elimination of external handles in favor of modern hardware.

Subtle geometric themes inform every aspect of the design, from the gorgeous floorboards to the unique bookshelves and even the elegant angles of the floor lamp.

Contrast plays another important role – contrast between angles and curves, light and dark, openness and division.

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January 18, 2017

Grey and white are often used as background or complementary colours. Muted, easy to design around and pair with Scandinavian style, they are often the supporting act, not the feature. What if your dream interior combined just those colours – just grey and white? These three Scandinavian-inspired homes show that grey and white need not fade into the background. Whether adorning kitchen tiles, comforter sets, living room walls, luxurious couches or simple wall streaks in the bathroom, grey can amplify white, and white can lighten a touch of grey. See more grey and white in our three house tours below.

Architect: Thai Quang  

Our first space is an apartment decorated in grey, white and green. Green peoples the space in an array of potted plants and canvas artwork. The lounge opens up, offering a Swiss Cheese Plant, cacti and a mini tree against an exposed brick wall painted in grey. Sleek concrete flooring holds a worded rug, making grey and white almost monochrome. A gorgeous quilted couch and banquet chandelier in white match blowing chiffon curtains, providing a level of contrast. Two leather ottomans make the contrast sharper, by pairing solid grey and white in two comfy items.

Towards the other side of the lounge, a TV emerges betwixt two plants. Backed by a range of leaning monochrome abstracts, a white cabinet alludes to the dining room beside it, with a row of dark-wooden handles. The space parades many different species of flora and fauna, including the Fiddle Leaf Fig in the bedroom to come.

The dining room offers an eclectic array of furniture, interspersed with plants. A spray of black and white LEDs create a monochromatic chandelier. A circular glass mirror and leaning ladder add a hint of the kooky; a stencil black bookcase, wicker cane baskets and a plant in a lightbulb-vase the hipster. Beside a beige panel wall, an all-wooden dining table and chairs allude to nature, while grey and white portraits create more contemporary chatter.

The bedroom is a sensual feast in grey and white. A standard design without the little details, the complexion of the room is easily changed by a white and grey comforter set, boldly-patterned rug and banquet lamp from the living room. Looking from the bed, artistic letters, pictures and numbers hang above another erotic work, TV cabinet and desk. The result is minimal Scandinavian with a natural twist.

Designer: Hoàng Long  

Our second Scandinavian space makes a statement with a grey wooden floor extending through its rooms. Surrounded by white walls and grey kitchen cabinets, the main living space oscillates between grey and white, grey and white in a striped rug, grey couch and cushions. Coloured features pop out alternately, in white tables framed with gold and a mixture of lamps in differing colours. A few potted plants, a dangling copper lamp and deer hide add elements of difference.

Turning towards the bedroom, a large, winding Japanese partition window makes a stand across a large section of wall. Set off beside the copper lamp, the black-framed panel opens up the room and reflects natural light, setting off an array of coloured wall frames.

The bedroom, beautifully partitioned on the other side, is lit further by the window. Full white walls with a white-tiled panel juxtapose the painted wooden floor and matching cushions. A brown fur throw and patterned rug combine the two hues, while two simple wooden shelves hold trinkets.

The warm gold of the dining room adds warmth to the kitchen, a wall of grey with shiny appliances. Inlaid into a custom-made inlet, the wooden bench affords ample room for preparation, without encroaching on the wider room. Rough-shod metal chairs and a red-legged wooden cabinet add detail to the white dining table.

Photographer: Anders Bergsted   Source: Entrance  

Our final space draws on lighter-toned grey to bring monochromes and greyscale elements together. No place is this better exemplified than the lounge’s six frames, a compilation of dreamy fades and illustrations each different in their artistry. A woollen grey rug foregrounds the scene, as a white leather sofa and matching tables hold roses below glass bubbles. The space opens to show a ceramic fireplace and greyscale kitchen with five-piece white chandelier. Two brown leather chairs shrink back the space, echoing hot air balloon decorations on the wall behind.

Three portrait windows across the main space’s wall let in light and hold on to modernity. Bathed in grey with white joinery, they unite the kitchen, dining and lounge areas. Beautifully-crafted cornice mouldings bring a French Renaissance feel, mirrored by a black antique mirror in the entrance.

The dining room and kitchen add a Scandinavian twist, as a wall of brick and idea lights populate the room. High, black wooden chairs sit around a grey slatted table, while white cabinetry makes a splash in a kitchen otherwise grey. A stack of three shelves hold crockery for guests; chrome, copper and living accessories add a natural touch.

A walk around the corner shows a decorated ceramic fireplace, hot air balloon ornaments (available on Amazon) and a silver hot rod – an entrance for a nursery. Its corridor space is made bright by grey paint and white joinery, alongside small white wall shelving and a matching cot.

Cute hipster accessories like the race track rug and cute bear storage basket are found from Amazon, while the wall bunting and name-branded cupboard join in a soft and sophisticated design.

The master bedroom offers a pretty place for relaxation. Pastel mint walls and cabinetry play with white, grey and berry hues upon the bed and across the room. A large window to the side lights up personal finds in photographs, cheesecutter hats and antique chandeliers, while a simple white bedside table rests candles and plants.

The bathroom echoes the kitchen in a wall of tiling with a stroke of grey. White amenities, shower curtains and cabinetry offer just enough space for a simple wooden stool and two mirrors, reflecting a glass-vased plant.

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January 18, 2017

Design themes are often touted as be-alls and end-alls. Minimalist tones must be in eggshell, white and with inbuilt decorations. Scandinavian interiors mark eclecticism, where tiled walls meet light wooden floors and smooth, wide panes. This clever design visualised by Maxim Nizovkin mixes a few of your favourite design themes together. Block-colouring wows in block furniture and feature walls in muted, charcoal tones. Polished light wood clothes the dining room furniture and segue floors, creating a soft palette for a glass-walled fireplace. Minimalism echoes through the space, in an eerie feel holding subtle furnishing. Take a peek to see how its many themes blend together.

The space opens to floor-to-ceiling white walls, peppered with leather block couches in the lounge. As Roman blinds wait to down, an array of rose-wooden panels create texture, designating a space for the TV. Two couches back onto one another, nestling a white mushroom lamp and extending the space into a jigsaw of couch and wooden components. A wood-stack column to the back adds a point of exclamation.

Turning towards the left, a couple of monochrome abstract canvases catch the eye. Dominating the space beside a muted grey bookcase and low-lying roller bench, the alternate wooden lines behind draw parallels with the TV. A few simple gramophone and coral reef finds on the table below, and a striking fireplace inlet to the right, take the space steps away from minimalism.

Hinting at a new room from the lounge, dramatic-yet-muted filigree lights hang low over the wooden dining table. As single lightbulbs flicker in their centres, two ottomans provide a view across the table and L-shaped window area. An unusual wooden ceiling takes this Scandinavian-influenced area through to the kitchen and lounge, while matte grey school chairs almost blend into the background.

A look to the kitchen reveals a look that feels minimalist – but with striking features. A pair of large silver extractor fans hang over the island bench, opening up the kitchen. Large-format white cabinetry mirrors the floor, while a similarly-hued inlet holds a simple stack of black necessities. A couple of light-wooden stools are matched to the right by one for a toddler.

Further on, the first bedroom is formed. Clothed in a mixture of light and dark wood, charcoal and stone, it lets in light with oblong windows from the lounge and kitchen. Two splattered abstracts headboard the sleeping space, framed in lighter wood from the dining area. As a long panel acts as two side bedroom tables, the feature wall behinds cuts geometric shapes. The opposite side holds trinkets, a TV and mirror, which elongates the space.

Following a similar style, the second bedroom sleeps lower atop a purple rug. An abstract seascape headboards the bed, with two small square crates as bedside tables. A corrugated wooden wall acts a feature, while dark-tinted wardrobe doors add drama beside a bookshelf. Perfectly punctuated by an unusual acrylic column, LED strip and ornaments in enamel, two idea bulbs with birds atop make a plunge, adding a finishing touch.

Lights sit above amenities in the bathroom, Scandinavian-influenced in tiny grey tiling. Separating functions with black and grey closing off the toilet, a sauna-esque wooden panel highlights the shower. A slate feature wall lined by LEDs makes a minimalist stand amidst pops of light wood, showing the minimalist and Scandinavian in the most functional of spaces.

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January 18, 2017

The Lofoten Modular Sofa System from Casmania was designed by Luca Nichetto as a way to allow inspiration on the part of the product owner.   People have such varying preferences that by allowing them to be part of furniture configuration can ensure that each person can have a comfortable seat at the table.   I found this ensemble to be particularly interesting.   The colors are striking and that alone can make for interesting arrays of hues and tones.  The fabric patterns also add some vibrancy to the collection providing a backdrop that is not mundane or plain.

The word Lofoten has its roots from Norwegian islands using that same name.  The geography there has lots of sections that come together to form an archipelago.   The area is highlighted by mountains, inlets and sheltered coves.  In some way, that makes me think of privacy or a personal space.  So perhaps Luca drew upon that for design inspiration.

Lofoten Modular Sofa System

I like the example above which would make for a wonderful sitting area for a contemporary office.  The colors are bright and fun helping shape a positive outlook for patrons waiting to be seen.  I did find the high back cushions of interest.  It reminded me a little of wall panels since in this arrangement, they would not be serving as backrests.

Waiting Room Furniture Ideas

furniture that can be reconfigured

Use in a Private Home

The picture above illustrated more of what could appear in a home.  Often we associate modular with only public places and not private.  The truth is that you could have great space that is inviting using the same concepts, but in a different way than seen in the “waiting room” style shown earlier.

I could see children having so much fun on the above Lofoten modular sofa system configuration.  They could run and play and do lots of activities and burn up the extra energy they have.  You can also reconfigure when you have company over and want a more traditional style seating for family and guests.

The post Lofoten Modular Sofa System by Luca Nichetto appeared first on Furniture Fashion and requires written authorization to be republished on another website.

January 18, 2017

What a fresh new design the Cu.Bed from Bolzan Letti brings to the home!   I think about all the boring designs that rehash shapes and themes of the past.  Here we have some new and fresh to look at.  The choice of colors is great too.  Whether you want to have a neutral color like the gray seen here, or mix it up with more variety you can do that as well.

I cannot be certain, but I have to wonder if it is a play on words.  Could it be the word, “cubed?”  I am thinking the meaning is something different though.  The overall shape and visuals do not support that idea.

Bolzan Letti Design

There are a few ideas that popped in my head regarding possible inspirations for the furniture design.  One is a pipe organ that you may see in a church.  The pipes often have different lengths supporting what this looks like here.  Though I do not see colors as bold as the yellow Cu.Bed pictured above.

Another idea may that of a fence.  I think this is less likely since fences are normally symmetrical and follow a similar pattern of height.

Could another play be the keys of a piano?  Imagine this ensemble in black and white?  That would closely mirror what you see in the ebony and ivory of a piano and how they interact with one another.

Cu.Bed Pictured in Modern Bedroom

Bolzan Letti Furniture Designs

Besides fabric I can see this in a leather though it would be challenging to make.  One concern I do have is with keeping this wonderful piece clean.  It would be easy to wipe something on it and a spill of a drink would be such bad news.   Nonetheless, it is a gorgeous and fun design that would befit many a contemporary themed home.  Storage is also a bit limited in this style as well, but is likely addressed by sizable closets.

Yellow Contemporary Styled Bed

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January 18, 2017

Italian furniture company Bolzan Letti brings the Tulip Bed to our eyes in this latest article from Furniture Fashion.   How about the great colors?  That is the first thing that strikes me is the choice of the sheets and blanket and how bold they are.   The backdrop of the room has a very neutral paint hue which really makes the bedding come to life and be the center point of my focus.

The Tulip Bed has two choices for a headboard.  One is the same mesh that is also used to support the mattress and frame.  The other choice is a brightly colored abstract painting reminding me of a Jackson Pollock but with much brighter paint hues.  It is great how the bedding has some of the same pigmentation as the headboard.  That is one of the hallmarks of decorating is tying a room scheme altogether.

Tulip Bed by Bolzan Letti Furniture

I do like the narrowness of the supporting legs.  Steel always gives a modern feel which works well in this ensemble.   It would be so easily to clean under the furniture hear with the clearance and birth given by the supporting frame.

Colorful Painted Headboard

For my preference I like the example pictured below.  The design is very cool to look at and has so much life to it.  The challenge I do see and recognize is that I could become tired of the print in a few years.   It would be great if I could change it out or even paint my own to supplant it.  That way I could have a new looking headboard all the time.

Abstract Painted Headboard

Slim Designed Bed Framing in Metal

The framing pictured above is so efficient and clean.  As mentioned before tidying up would be so very easy.  Also, there is not much in the way that can accumulate dust.  I can tell that the construction is very solid and would have no issue supporting the weight of the mattress and two adults.

The post Tulip Bed by Bolzan Letti Furniture of Italy appeared first on Furniture Fashion and requires written authorization to be republished on another website.

January 18, 2017

Today we are showing a small bar cabinet in a wonderful Italian style that was designed by Andrea Lucatello.   The fist thing that catches my visual is the contrast between the wood grain and the gray.  Now, I like pieces that are often considering non-conforming as they can make a person stop and do a double take since it does not fall into their normal expectations.   This piece is done in a Canaletto walnut which is clearly striking as the top most pieces.  To the left ad below is matt graphite painted wood which can also come in a white.

Small Bar Cabinet by Andrea Lucatello

Inside the small bar cabinet, you can see the mirror lined walls and also a storage rack for glasses.  Surprisingly, quite a few bottles can fit inside.   Most people like to keep the booze out of sight and Andrea delivers that capability in this distinct design.   One thing that be missing for some families is a locking mechanism should you worry about your kids getting into bottles and replacing them with water.  I admit that I did a little of that in my youth so let us not think that is not going to happen.

glass walled mini bar

Lighting inside is such a great touch.  Portos creates great ambiance and you can imagine that if most lights in the home are off, how striking it would be just with the doors open as you and your friends or family enjoy an adult beverage.  I also love the metal work in the shape of the legs which again depart away from the norm and create a nice geometrical shape.

Still Pictures Highlighting Design

Take a look at these following images and you can see the various angles and features of the product.  The opposing size shapes look great adding interest and depth to the overall portrait.  Also remember that other colors are available so as you think about your own living room, imagine other colors.

Portos by Andrea Lucatello

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January 18, 2017

There is something to be said for the details of a home and the things you feel and touch on a consistent basis should be of quality. When choosing elements to decorate your home think about how much interaction will be made between you and that part of the home. Doors for example are just such a detail. We interact with them all day long and they are almost always the same typical thing, flat boring planes with no detail or imagination. The Graffiti and Décor Slim collections of designer interior doors from Laura Meroni are obviously different and really make a statement, literally!

The Graffiti collection is so cool and features the names of rooms you will be entering like the Studio, or Bath for example. Of as we all know it may just as well be the artwork of the artist as seen in the more ornate engravings. My favorite is the contrasting two tone in light wood which allows the lighter woods to stand out. Designer Paolo Rizzatto with graphic input from Paolo Rizzatto created a doorway with a strong jamb that protrudes and puts emphasis on the passageway.

designer interior doors

The Décor Slim collection features a unique minimal design and a totally flush door jamb that becomes one with the wall. This is a much more understated look and perfect for super modern interior design schemes where a less is more plan is in order.

interior doors with name of room

sliding porta

For larger entrances that you can choose a set of sliding doors which look so nice. Here the Décor Slim collection shown in a nice medium wood tone adds so much rich character to the look that would be wasted on typical sliding doors. See the rest of the offerings from Laura Meroni which include some great looking furniture items for all rooms of the home and many more doors here.

graffiti door by laura meroni










The post Designer Interior Doors by Laura Meroni appeared first on Furniture Fashion and requires written authorization to be republished on another website.

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