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February 19, 2018

If you are a looking for a super easy way to illuminate hard-to-electrify spots in your home, check out Mr.Beams’s series of stick-anywhere lights. These lights have their own sensors and can detect movement as far as 15 feet. Easy to stick on with the provided double sided adhesive, and designed to last about 1 year without any battery changes these lights offer a hassle free way to light up your home.





Get it on Amazon.

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February 19, 2018

If you loved our other cat owners apartment then you’re going to lap this up like a fresh saucer of milk. This cat friendly apartment, thoughtfully designed by Talispace, has obvious consideration for a feline companion in just about every aspect. In this photography by Hey!Cheese, we can see an open space glowing with warm afternoon sunlight, where furniture and shelving are mapped out like an agile furry friend’s playground. This peaceful little world reveals many secrets known only to the whiskered one and her owners – including a secret litter tray, a cat ladder in disguise, and a high up sleeping platform overlooking the master bedroom itself.

To quote TV’s cat expert Jackson Galaxy, cats are either ‘tree dwellers’ or ‘bush dwellers’, and tree dwellers like the one in this home need plenty of vertical space. This isn’t always easy to achieve in a way that is aesthetically pleasing, so it can be difficult to strike a balance of happiness for both feline and human inhabitants of the home. This house design strikes such a balance perfectly thanks to subtly placed shelves that provide paws with opportune climbing platforms, like the two small ones mounted between the large windows – did you spot them?

Over on the wood clad TV wall we can find a trendy arrangement of staggered shelving but it’s not all about the visual. This staggered arrangement allows a cat to comfortably leap and climb from the base console all the way up to the top of a run of storage cupboards, then onto another platform that is spanning a soffit. Alternatively, Tiddles can stop and nestle for a while (as we know cats love to do) in a cosy cabinet cut out.

Shelf accessories are kept to a minimum so as not to hinder kitty’s ascent (and to minimise unfortunate breakages!) The dual material finish and thickness of shelf confuses the human eye so that the layout doesn’t read like an obvious or cumbersome cat ladder.

The open end of a low level console reveals a small round entryway into a neighboring cabinet. This presents an opportune placement for a concealed litter tray. A covered litter tray provides a cat with a feeling of security, plus has the bonus of screening litter from the general population.

All wires are hidden away from reach, teeth and temptation.

The wooden shelves are warm and wide enough to lounge on for a cat nap.

On view items in the console are kept clean, fur free and untampered with behind clear glass doors.

A floor fan is on hand to cool down a hot furry friend from the afternoon sun.

The soft round area rug is a particularly cosy spot to curl up…

… Or flick-up with claws – which is a why a loop free pile is most suitable for a cat populated household.

The footstool of the modern sofa forms the first step in the ascent to a ceiling track…

… The next part of the journey is over a side unit and up the two shelves that climb the space between the two windows…

… A quick pit stop on the ledge over the window and a nimble return up onto a platform that runs the entire length of the open plan room. A tree dweller’s paradise.

Lots of interesting nooks and crannies await a cat’s curiosity in the storage unit that backs a home office area.

The wooden desks in the home office are pushed together to allow a little journey along the top here too.

It can be nice to have a little friendly distraction from the daily grind.

A feline friend isn’t the only animal in the room, check out the fun designer table lamp. This is the Rabbit Table Lamp by Moooi – not sure if kitty is impressed though!

The colours in this home are all very natural, creating smooth soothing surroundings. It’s a common misconception that cat’s see only in shades of grey, they are in fact thought to be trichromats (meaning they can see red, green, and blue) though not in the same way as humans.

Of course it doesn’t matter how many cat ladders, sleeping shelves, platforms and hiding places you give a cat, they will still go where they are not supposed to be; ie. the kitchen bench. Keep that antibac spray to hand people! The litter tray is literally opposite.

The home storage unit extends all the way to the ceiling, and no doubt kitty will find a way of climbing each and every part of it too.

Glass panels protect the more delicate collections and possessions from being batted off the shelves by mischievous paws.

Only easily replaceable items are placed on open shelving.

Above the closets in the master bedroom we find a platform for play by day and sleep by night – or the other way around if we know our nocturnal friends well enough!

The floor to ceiling windows provide plenty of sunlit spots for indoor sunbathing/grooming/purring.

But let’s face it. You can give your cat the whole world and they will still be at their happiest crouched in a random little box!

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February 19, 2018

If you haven’t heard of Airbnb by now, its a website that allows people to rent rooms, apartments or homes of residents living in the specific location travelers are visiting.

Airbnb Rental in Iceland

The beauty of this service is that it allows travelers to stay in unique locations for extended periods of time while gaining a fuller experience of the city, town, state or country they are staying in.

Airbnb creates a more personal and intimate feel where travelers can stay in places and with people with whom they would be less likely to encounter like that of a foreign exchange program creating a broader experience than if they just went the commercial / tourist route.

Airbnb Rental in Iceland

Many of these rentals can be much less expensive and even more accommodating than staying at a high rated hotel.

To give an idea of some of the locations where Airbnb hosts house travelers, below is a list of the top 10 most beautiful Airbnb rentals –

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands – Rent the inside of a furnished windmill in Amsterdam. The windmill is fully furnished and comes equipped with all amenities. You can experience an “original Dutch countryside feeling” only 15 minutes outside of the city.

2. Medina, Morocco – This exquisitely designed rental gives guests the royal treatment with its palace-like feel and traditional Moroccan decor.

The terrace

The Cozy Palace aka Bamileke Suite!

3. Cairo, Egypt – This beautiful stone loft has a mosaic terrace with a breathtaking view of the Pyramids of Giza

It's easy to get distracted while working the barbecue.

Apt 4

4. Kiev, Ukraine – Ultra contemporary chic home in the heart of the city with an amazing Jacuzzi and modern artwork lining the walls

This wonderful apartment is in very centre of Kiev- in pedestrian part of Khreshchatyk street - Passage.

Big jacuzzi and fresh towels. What can be better after great day of adventure through the city.

"This is a great apartment, very well appointed, everything you could need, including two televisions with very many channels, and the apartment was spotlessly clean. It also has s small balcony."- by Jonathan. View from the balcony to Horodetskogo street. 3 minutes till Independance Square and subway station.

5. Cusco, Peru – Beautiful view of the mountains with a rustic design with hints of Inca design influences

Relaxing on the terrasse.

A large suite for the price of a room

6. Kolsstaðir , Iceland – More of a secluded location in the hills of West Iceland – cozy, warm and a vivid view of the Aurora Borealis.

We had such a special time staying in this lovely home. A perfect place to start our Honeymoon. Kristjan made us feel very special by going out of his way to leave us some lovely gifts, which truly touched us. Leaving our car down the tracks due to the high level of snow added to the adventure. Making fresh tracks made us really feel like we were the only ones experiencing this: we were individual, not just one in the crowds! The advice Kristjan gave us prior to our visit was invaluable. We ended up going to the Viking hot spring (which you can see in the pics). Again we were the only ones there! Making fresh tracks knee deep! So so romantic! If you are looking for non-standard touristic place to stay (be off the beaten tracks) this is the perfect location. I am a professional photographer - traveling the world for my job, and can honestly say that this location is in my top 5 of my best locations to take snaps! Thank you Kristjan

"We cannot say enough wonderful things about our 3 night stay in Kristjan's little cabin...a piece of heaven is a perfect description! It was the second half of our honeymoon and could not have been more romantic and exactly what we were looking for...and more. A lot of care clearly went into the construction and care of this "tiny house". Communication from Kristjan was perfect, the location, the cabin, cleanliness, amenities, charm, VIEWS, everything!!!...perfect. I recommend to anyone else without a single moment's hesitation. :-)"

5 stars are not enough. The location was exactly what we were looking for in choosing to stay in West Iceland: beautiful, scenic, and peaceful. The cabin is well-appointed for being a perfectly cozy home base and the stove kept the place plenty warm. The mountains behind the property were coated in snow, making for a gorgeous backdrop and on top of everything, we got to enjoy the Northern Lights from the front porch, all to ourselves. Thank you Kristján for providing such an amazing experience!

7. Montana, United States – Sleep under the stars and among the trees in this rustic treehouse with a brilliant view of the mountains

View from the Treehouse trail of the Bridger mountains and Bridger Bowl Ski Resort

8. Viana do Castelo, Portugal – A beautiful and cozy stone home close to the mountains and the beach with lake side swimming and breathtaking natural surroundings

Backyard with good shadow.

9. Yui Valley, Japan – Traditional Japanese style home with a view of Green mountain and close to Kyoto / Tokyo


Living Room with view to the Green Mountain.

Traditional Japanese house in the mountains.

10. Hemmathagama, Sri Lanka – Absolutely gorgeous oasis in the middle of the jungle with a pool and stunning views of the surrounding landscape

The Living area

Rambutan Chalet bedroom

Mangosteen Chalet at dusk


February 19, 2018

Four Spaces, visualised by Hung Le, serve as great inspiration as to how a blank white canvas can be layered upon to create a joyous homey living space. Using isolated sections of breezy colour, modern artwork and clever furniture layout, the modest scale of these four homes become irrelevant. Small wall spaces are dominated by bold typographical displays that feature quirky mindful quotes. Furniture fits flush to its location but does not overbear. Accessories are patterned and plentiful but surfaces do not appear overly cluttered. It’s a balance that’s not easily achieved, but these four home tours will guide you through it, one intricately styled room at a time.

The accent colour in our first home tour has been lifted straight from the house plant, with scatter cushions on the sofa matching its green waxy leaves. A subtle thread of blue runs through accessories here too.

Boiserie decorates the white walls, giving the place an air of sophistication. A polyptych nestles within one of the panels with a dreamy swirling fish design. The furniture in this space is also predominantly white with just a few wooden accents pushing through, like the base of this contemporary sofa.

In front of the sofa, a small round coffee table is finished in a darker hue, but is brightened by a white serving tray holding a clear glass pitcher. Beneath the table a monochrome rug brings interest to a white floor. The patterned rug is complemented by a geometric art print on the far wall by the indoor plant, which is a Fiddle Leaf fig.

The wall art and dining room pendant work to anchor the eating area in place within an open plan scheme.

One black Eames armchair has been selected in offbeat contrast to three white ones.

A slim console table in the living room is crowned with a large round mirror and two wall sconces.

By the home entryway we find a small shoe bench adorned with a couple of cheerful scatter cushions. A quote decorates the wall above, dramatically lit by a spotlight. Built in cupboards with louvre doors provide a neat storage spot, and feature a small recessed shelf for stowing keys.

The second space follows a muted green scheme too but this time with a pop of cheerful yellow. Picture frames, overhead light and swing arm wall lamp create a network of black lines over a plain white wall. The Serge Mouille style double swing arm wall lamp makes the sofa into a practical reading spot for two bookworms, without cluttering up space with an additional floor lamp.

Despite limited proportions, this lounge doubles as a music room. To define the dual use of the area, wood tongue and groove planks have been installed behind a television, console unit and an in-line bookshelf. A picture and house plant sit above the keyboard to give it a standalone look.

To separate the dining spot and lounge in this small open plan living space, two entirely different styles of pendant lights have been used. In addition, one side of the dining table is actually a storage and display unit, which works to divide the area by creating a visual stop point.

The wooden unit gives the white dining table a cool asymmetric look. Two of the four Scandinavian style chairs at the table, these being the Salt Chair by Tom Kelley, have a ‘dipped’ paintwork effect that marries well with its quirkiness. Behind the dining area a sitting nook has been created within a bank of storage units. It’s clad in wood that matches with the table feature, and harbours a positive message in decorative wall letters.

The solid sides of the dining table help the room to appear simplified.

Base units in the kitchen have been given a lick of green paint to tie in with the colour story.

A black refrigerator adds weight to the light scheme.

Our third home interior has a dominant black and white design with just a hint of pale blue.

This is a slightly more minimalist look as the large black base notes need more space to ‘breathe’.

The dining table is ebony black with four white dining chairs, which are an About A Chair by Hay Replica.

The herringbone wood floor emanates a visual warmth over the room.

A mirrored panel increases the look of light and space.

Wooden bedroom pendant lights lift the look of monochrome decor.

The geometric look of the pendant shades is very sculptural, demanding as much attention as the wall prints.

The bedroom looks out over the living room through an interior glazed wall and door.

A second double bedroom is decked out with teal bed sheets, charcoal display unit and a set of white nesting tables that hold a bedside table lamp.

The doors of the wardrobe look like decorative wall panels.

The same wood runs through into the bathroom.

Lastly, this home blasts you with a cool splash of turquoise, like seaspray from a tropical ocean. Sandy hues are here too via a plentiful selection of light wood elements.

Geometric prints are a strong feature of this interior. Angular shapes are juxtaposed by large circles applied here and there over the walls.

A duo of coffee tables in a mid century modern triangular design nestle together to create a larger surface area.

The dining chairs are a selection of light turquoise and dipped wood and white finishes.

Patterned floor tiles make a feature of the home entryway.

Soft turquoise wall cabinets make a stunning addition in the kitchen.

Although different, the dining room pendant lights and the geometric living room light make a beautiful grouping thanks to a common wooden theme.

A window seat cushion carries the turquoise accent through into the master bedroom.

The home office uses a painted panelled wall to bring in colour.

Driftwood adds an easy breezy look to a bookcase.

A small plant pot brings the geometric theme into the room.

Hexagonal mosaic tiles cover the shower area.

Potted plants complete the look.

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February 19, 2018

You’ve probably seen them at the gym or in a spa, saunas are those small rooms or buildings where people go to sweat. The health benefits of saunas include relieving hypertension or high blood pressure, reducing stress and flushing toxins from the body.

Saunas, steam rooms and bath houses have been around for centuries. Saunas are said to have their origins in Finland, where today almost every Finnish home is said to come with a sauna built in to the home or somewhere on the property.

Saunas can be used with dry or wet heat sessions, traditionally, saunas are heated by having a container filled with hot stones. The hot rocks have water poured on them to regulate humidity and to generate steam and heat. There is a thermometer in the room to be sure the temperature does not go too far below or too high above what would be considered to be a healthy temperature to sweat in.

Saunas are traditionally built of wood and some choose specific woods believed to have additional health benefits such as cedar or cypress.

While saunas have been used as places to gather socially, the benefits of having a sauna built inside of the home or as a small separate building on your property will allow you to use it in privacy (as most of the time nudity is recommended due to high temperatures), you can use it as often as you’d like and you will always have the best seat in the house.

Some saunas have benches built inside of it where you can choose to lay on the lower benches or the raised benches. You will experience a greater intensity of heat on the higher benches or if you are directly next to or facing the hot stones. Additionally, the more you use your sauna, the greater the benefits to your health.

Saunas increase body temperature which can cause blood vessels to get larger which helps blood to flow more easily. This also creates sweating which removes fluid and releases toxins from the body. It relaxes muscles and eases mental stress which can help reduce hypertension and make it easier to stretch and sleep at the end of the night.

February 19, 2018

You don’t need to have bags of space to live comfortably in style. This collection of four apartment tours has interiors that are all of modest proportions but that each have their own fabulous attributes. A large dose of their design boosts come from a scattering of small feature walls that either stand alone or butt up against each other for contrasting effect. Some are bespoke partial dividing walls that separate and conquer. By picking out small sections and dividing up wall space, a limited area is broken in a way that makes it appear larger, and rooms that were once devoid of architectural features become packed with interest.

Visualizer: Z.Design architecture  

Our first home design, with an area of 66.3 square metres, is the most minimal of the four. Despite its minimalist aesthetic, the home still shows character through an installation of wood that extends from across the floor to cover an entire wall behind the television in the lounge. This feature wall brings a lot of warmth to the scheme, which is otherwise made up of large areas of white and scattered grey accents.

This transparent modern coffee table design keeps the area looking spacious, and shows off the wood tone beneath. Below the TV a concrete hearth brings a hint of industrial style to the scheme.

The sofa is of a modular design that allows for fluctuations in layout. It has deep seats but a low back and no armrests attached, which prevents the large piece of furniture from appearing too bulky for the small space. Behind it a section of concrete ties in with the hearth opposite.

In contrast to the wood covered lounge, the kitchen and dining area are decorated completely white. White floor and walls, white kitchen units and white table and chairs.

Behind the white table and modern dining chairs, a pillar of concrete breaks the stark white canvas.

A small dining table light creates an interesting feature as it ascends the wall beside the eating area.

Minimalist kitchens work well in an open plan layout as they always look clean and uncluttered. This plain white handle-free design benefits from some soft lighting located underneath the wall cabinets.

White panels make up the backsplash in the kitchen and extend all the way up to the ceiling. The effect of this treatment is that the matching white cabinets appear as though the are extruding from the wall.

The bedroom is of an incredibly unique and bespoke design, where a platform bed manifests almost like a drawer that has been pulled directly out of the wall. A huge spherical bedroom pendant light glows like a full moon above it.

At the head of the bed a glazed panel is installed as a transparent dividing wall. On the opposite side of this clear divide a study area has been created, where a computer desk and chair is pushed up to the glass. A generous built-in closet covers the back wall from floor to ceiling.

From above we can see how the extended side of the platform bed and the white linear desktop complement one another. The bedside table is of a contrasting circular design, which matches a nearby pouffe and the overhead orb pendant shade.

The minimalist bathroom has a pure white scheme.

Just a couple of wooden accents pepper the look.

Designer: Konzept Architekci   Visualizer: Nika Buzko  

Modest size apartment design number 2, covering 42.4 square metres in Krakow, Poland, introduces a strong accent colour that is used liberally around the space.

Green inspiration has been taken from beyond the windowpane, and the black window frames inspire dark notes throughout the scheme too.

A black slatted wall and botanical artwork blends the indoors with the outdoor view.

The breakfast bar is backed with a green glass panel and the home entryway is an emerald hallway.

In the master bedroom suite a green headboard has been softly lit along its edge beneath a circular wall design.

Botanical art appears in this space too, continuing the theme.

Although not huge, the bathroom fits double bathroom vanity sinks and a walk-in shower.

An interesting lighting feature extends up one wall and across the ceiling.

Visualizer: Mottu  

Our third tour is a modern concoction of grey, white and beige.

Concrete elements add an edgy feel to a cosy palette.

Just a singular small accent wall painted in a warm colour transforms an icy space.

Sliding doors are a good idea for small spaces, so that they do not encroach on limited floor space upon opening.

Cool concrete over the bathroom floor is juxtaposed by a warm beige ceiling.

A white vanity unit extends to include a set of drawers at one side for storing cosmetics, toiletries and spare towels. A wide full-length mirror on the door visually doubles the space.

Visualizer: Mariya Alferova   

Our last home is a tiny studio apartment that has a strong monochrome theme running through, lifted by a good dose of rustic wood tone.

Beneath two industrial dining pendants, a wooden bar table runs directly into a wall decorated with chalkboard paint. The treated wall makes a handy place for scribbling grocery lists and meal plans.

The kitchen is just three grey units and two wood shelves that are matched by a wooden countertop. A console with a geometric patterned front provides extra interest and divides the cooking space from a desk area.

Four industrial bar stools provide a very sociable eating area in the tiny kitchen. Mirrors on the opposite side of the room reflect the kitchen to help the living space appear larger than its actual proportions.

A partial dividing wall has been created with a combination of vertical wood slats and horizontal shelves.. These let the natural light flow through from the lounge window into a second home office area. String lights provide ambient lighting over the lounge wall, which becomes a bedroom by night.

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February 19, 2018

Mehndi is the name used for the body art known as Henna. This beautiful design is used to adorn the hands and bodies of both men and women for traditional, social and holiday celebrations.

Similarly to a tattoo, the dye is applied to the skin in intricate, interesting and meaningful patterns and designs. However, unlike the tattoo, henna is more temporary and will eventually disappear overtime as the cycle of the shedding of your skin.

Henna is a special dye that has been used for thousands of years for body modification such as changing the color of skin, hair and fingernails as well as for the dyeing of fabrics such as silk, leather and wool. Henna is prepared from a plant called Lawsonia inermis or the Hina Tree.

It’s exact origins are unclear but it is believed to have its roots in places such as  the Arabian Peninsula, India Carthage and Africa. However, today the actual body art and traditions that go along with it are done all around the world.

The most well known tradition is applying henna to the bride (sometimes the groom) just before the wedding day. Some places due this in a ceremonial fashion, where the mother will present jewelry to her daughter and paint the henna on her hands on the wedding day while other places will have gatherings where a group of close friends and family members will come together and paint henna on each others hands and feet.

There are many different colors of henna but the most common color used especially among westerners is the reddish brown color.

Henna is a natural dye that comes with a rich history and adds a beautiful touch whether it’s for your wedding day, holiday party, next performance or anytime you want to feel extra lovely.

February 19, 2018

Bedroom views are sometimes more important then the interior design itself, because they manage to offer a live relaxing environment. In this article we are going to view ten examples of amazing exotic bedroom views that will make you dream.
amazing interior designs
Investing in a property is always a challenging business where you need to take into consideration many factors that will increase or decrease the value of that property. From the kitchen space, bathrooms to the area where its placed.
We’re only going to focus here on the exotic views, most common for vacation homes. These types of properties, realistically speaking, are a far away dream for many of us. Owning such a piece of property that’s close to the beach, its a limited and expensive “hobby”, but also one of the best investments one can make. In the case of beachfront properties, the bedroom view is actually very important and you should always look for the best view you can find. Even if you think that is not worth paying a difference in price for that, or that you don’t have time look over the window, in time you’ll feel sorry for that because not only represents a very good investment, but also for the relaxation that it can provide.
asian inspired interior
In case you have or just purchased such a dream home, decor is very important also. As you can see, you need to match the interior with the exterior as much as possible in order to create the best place to relax. Wide windows and light colors combine together with big beds in order to capture the exotic spirit and create a very relaxing and calm environment. At the same time accessories are a big plus: pillows are never too many, carpets and lights should be combined with travel cases for storage and very small furniture items that are not too obvious and intrusive.
bedroom with large windows

bedroom with mountain view

exotic bedroom views

hawaii vila view

panoramic ocean view

relaxing bedroom views

relaxing interior design

stunning bedroom view

The post 10 Of the Most Exotic and Relaxing Bedroom Views appeared first on Furniture Fashion and requires written authorization to be republished on another website.

February 19, 2018

You can’t go far wrong in applying a modern neutral grey as a base for your decor scheme – or can you? Actually yes you can. Too much of a good thing can become monotonous or dull, too little and your interior design may come across as half-hearted and wishy-washy. So, what to do? These two beautiful attic apartments have achieved the perfect balance, using high volumes of grey balanced out with brightest white and base notes of black. Accessories have been carefully curated into interesting collections to make the schemes appear anything but boring. Take these two home tours to look and learn how to hit it just right.

Visualizer: Rohit Aurora  

The visualizations of our first interior were made based on an actual home. A grey gallery wall has been created down one side, where a flat screen television blends in with a menagerie of frames that are each a different size and depth. The picture frames contain monochrome art prints and photography to meld with the palette of the room. At the end of the gallery wall a concrete planter adds another shade of grey.

To balance out the shade, large areas of white have been used on walls, ceilings and accessories. A couple of chocolatey tones warm things up a little here too. Over the sofa, a small mirror reflects natural light from an adjacent large window.

Indoor plants provide the only splash of vibrant colour, and they are threaded at regular intervals throughout this apartment layout.

There are many, many home accessories inside this apartment; from the large gallery of pictures to random decorative vases and stacks of books. The smooth grey colour scheme holds all of these items together neatly as one cohesive and sophisticated collection.

Between the busy living room and a kitchen/dining area there is an area of calm. This is a home office spot, equipped with a simple black desk and chair.

The kitchen itself is made up of modern flat-fronted charcoal coloured cabinets, with a grey countertop and backsplash.

The dining suite comprises of a round black table encompassed by six light wood Scandinavian style chairs. The Wegner style Wishbone chairs sit atop a textured grey area rug to clearly define the eating area.

Above the table, a wire framed dining pendant light further anchors the eating zone in place.

Another flourish of light wood tone is found in the form of a full length entryway mirror and a small bench. Around the corner is the master bedroom.

Inside the master suite we’re greeted with more grey and black with live green accents.

Heavily patterned wallpaper over one small section adds a little flourish to the scene. A bedroom wall sconce introduces a flash of metallic at each side of a classically tufted and winged grey headboard.

Grey tiles provide durable flooring at the front doorway.

Grey kitchens are a great base for contemporary white fixtures like this solid white faucet.

The kitchen sink has a matching white finish too.

Gold fixtures add richness to a grey and white scheme.

A neat nook holds a set of coat hooks.

The wood flooring has a greyish hue to the grain.

Designer: Design Rocks  

Attic apartment number two gets added oomph from a large dose of honey coloured wood tone over it’s industrial grey base. Concrete living rooms provide a strong and edgy approach to a grey palette.

A ceiling mounted fireplace acts as an unusual focal point at the head of the room, but a bespoke storage unit with wooden cabinet doors competes for attention. The unit holds a stack of logs for the adjacent wood burning stove.

Two swing arm wall lamps stretch out over the dining area creating an unusual look.

A long breakfast bar is installed as a second eating area, above which a length of wood tone disguises the underside of an overhanging mezzanine level.

The wood cladding continues down over and around a door.

The bathroom is a more subdued affair, to promote relaxation.

Beyond the black and grey breakfast bar, the kitchen has notes of brown.

Beyond an glazed wall we can spy a multitude of indoor plants.

A few plant specimens have made it through into the main living area to become part of the scheme.

The indoor garden makes a tranquil sitting area with the introduction of a bright teal accent chair.

This lighting scheme draws attention to a textured wall and a set of handy wall mounted storage cubbies. The bathroom basin also has an interesting texture to its outer edges.

A wooden hallway takes us to a wood staircase, guarded by lion head wall art.

The balustrade is a wood and glass combo.

The staircase leads up to the mezzanine balcony where we find an extensive row of white gloss closets beneath black ceiling beams.

At the end of the closet run, a master bedroom reveals an interest in the equine, with monochrome horse murals applied over concrete walls.

A series of wood panels have been applied across the headboard wall to create an attractive feature. The same design has been implemented on a partially dividing wall at the foot of the bed, which also holds a built-in TV screen. A simple black wire frame table acts as a bedside unit. A trio of industrial lights are suspended above it.

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February 19, 2018

Touch pads are electronic music and sound devices that come pre-programmed or you can program them yourself with different noises, sounds and /or instruments.




The device has a series of 3 or more individual pads in a line with 5 or more rows. By pressing the different pads with your fingers you can create a variety of different beats and sounds. Some devices allow you to mix directly on the touch pad, meaning you can record a beat and loop it then record another beat on top of it and another and another until you have the mix you want.

You can even upload your own live instrumentals and vocals, then record them through a recording device and upload them to the computer program associated with the touch pad or directly to the touch pad itself.

The touch pads light up when you press them down and in order to help players become more familiar with the device, some come with games, similar to the one created in the late 80’s, called Simon, where buttons would light up and you would press them in the order which they lit up, then remember the sequence afterwards.

Unlike vinyl records where mixing and sound manipulation is done on turntables where hand meets vinyl or Ableton and Serato where the majority of the mixing is done directly on the computer and through the program (sometimes the computers arrow keys can be used), the device takes a little of both worlds allowing the user to actually “play” and mix live and in real time but where hands meets touch pad.


February 19, 2018

This high-end home is something quite out of the ordinary. Created by Millimeter Interior Design, the 435.0 square metre house in Hong Kong is a car lover’s dream. It comes with a glass box garage that can be viewed from the living room as though the car was just another piece of lounge furniture. Despite its motor motivated design, the rest of the place is light and tranquil with a clean crisp style. White walls and a light wooden flooring are a staple in this space, with hardly a dash of colour present. The overall look is inviting and surprisingly warm despite its stark surrounds and generous room proportions.

Instead of going for the obvious industrial-chic concrete staircase, the designers have opted for iron stairs that allow a less obstructed view of the homeowners treasured car in it’s glazed garage. The staircase also connects with the look of an angle bracket feature wall, which holds a huge flat screen television – the only item in the room that competes for attention with the motorists prized possession.The Lamborghini is raised up on a concrete stage, a feature which runs along into the living space too, linking the two spaces together.

The main lighting in this living area is all recessed into the ceiling for a minimalist look. A unique coffee table in front of a long grey sofa appears as though it is a multitude of separate articles sprouting directly out of the floor, like flowers from the earth, but it’s an interlocking design balanced on multiple legs to give this effect. Vases of white flowers on the table and a nearby plinth add to the organic influence. A low level side table flanks the four seater sofa, displaying a small selection of family photographs and art.

The living room is a highly minimalist design, but the length of the sofa suggests this is a friendly sociable space. A heap of scatter cushions ranging through a monochrome spectrum of black, grey and white make this a cosy place to crash out and watch a movie or enjoy a game.

A glazed wall that runs off the glass garage at a right angle reveals a zen garden, which runs alongside the driveway into the house.

After passing through the long living room you will find yourself in a spacious kitchen diner. The white dining table runs directly into a black central island. Suspended over the six place dining table are two oversized white pendant lights to flood the huge area with plentiful bright light. On the opposite side to the kitchen a bank of bespoke storage units conceal any household clutter whilst allowing a couple of opportunities to display a selection of treasured items and a limited book library.

A second kitchen space reveals a minimalist design of flat-fronted handle-free white and stainless steel cabinets. A stainless steel backsplash bridges the gap between the white base and wall cabinets, whilst the metal units are full height larders and house the fridge and freezer. Lighting in the kitchen is the same recessed ceiling spots used out in the living room, plus LED strip lighting that runs beneath the entire length of wall mounted cupboards.

Going upstairs a glass balustrade allows natural light to flood through over the treads. It also allows us to see directly through into the home office area of the master bedroom at the top.

The master suite comprises of a walk-in closet, an ensuite bathroom and an open study area that has a breathtaking countryside view. The desk is a large and chunky L-shape layout that cuts right across floor to ceiling windows; clear glass legs let the the light and stunning view to be enjoyed to its fullest, from sunrise to sunset. Heavy taupe curtains can be drawn around when nighttime finally falls. On the opposite side, cupboards fill the horizontal and vertical space. A cut through design makes way for display shelves to hold more books and pictures. A solitary black ergonomic desk chair sits in command.

At the opposite end of the bedroom is the sleep space itself. A tall grey headboard anchors the bed in position. Low simple bedside units keep the look uncluttered. A chrome swing arm wall lamp provides reading light over each side of the bed.

The display shelving along the centre of the home office cabinetry harbours its own lighting, which gives just enough of a soft glow to gently showcase the contents of each well organised cubby. A couple of plants placed on the desk top bring a little of the greenery inside from the countryside view beyond the glass.

The walk in closet conceals the homeowners collection of garments behind closed doors. The space also incorporates a dressing table that has been accessorised with a bright yellow ceramic Chinese drum stool – the first and only pop of strong colour in the entire home. At each side of the dressing table there is a column of handy shelving.

The master bathroom suite holds a twin vanity arrangement, made up of two contemporary pedestal sinks of a cuboid design. The basins are situated in front of a window, so the two vanity mirrors have been hung from the ceiling line. Glass doors and screens to either side transparently section off a shower area and a WC.

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February 19, 2018

Loose magazines, children’s clothing, dog toys, bathroom supplies – whatever it may be, wicker baskets are perfect for organizing items in your home and they look better than plastic bins and are more readily available than stuffing things away inside of drawers.

Sizes, shapes and styles vary making it even easier to match them to your interior’s motif.

White, black and tan wicker baskets with cotton inserts and a little charming bow are perfect for storing linens or a place to keep clothes, toys and diapers for baby

Matching sets of wicker baskets for storage in varying size and color


Wicker basket with lid for storing toys and stuffed animals

Large wicker baskets with handles are excellent for storing items you want to transport from room to room

Oval shaped wicker basket with handle

Wicker baskets with handles also make great storage for fire wood and logs

Wicker baskets with dividers for storing books, magazines or paperwork

Wicker basket with handle and divider

Wicker baskets in cube shapes for organizing toiletries and other small loose items


They look nice and fit perfectly on open shelving units

Tall and round wicker baskets are excellent for storing large blankets, pillows or as laundry hampers

Wicker baskets also come in handy when organizing and storing items in the kitchen

Wicker baskets don’t have to be limited to only rustic chic or country living style homes, the weaves vary in design and they come in many different shapes and colors. You can easily spray paint wicker baskets in any color you want to fit in with your homes decor. I’ve spray painted wicker baskets in metallic colors like bronze, silver and gold to give it a metal color with a wooden texture.  Wicker baskets are easy to find, will keep your home well-organized and will only improve the look of it’s design!


February 19, 2018

February 19, 2018

Walnut is a hardwood with a rich and inviting tone, and can range in shades from mellow to dramatic. It has long been a popular choice for flooring. It’s also prolifically used as a style of veneer over kitchen cabinets, which can be either matte and understated or luxuriously glossy. Walnut is highly versatile and increasingly used not just for floors and furniture but as interior wall cladding too. We’ve sourced three beautiful modern homes that are abundant in walnut finish, which also demonstrate how this warming wood tone can be complemented by other room decor. Let’s explore walnut friendly upholstery and paint colours and carefully considered lighting schemes.

Visualizer: Andrey Kabanov  

First up is a 140 square metre apartment that uses wide panels to create walnut accent walls. The rich dark tone is extremely striking and has been balanced out with a generous amount of white space around the rest of the room. A mid-grey sectional sofa sits in front of the wall, teamed with a gold floor lamp. The precious looking metal adds a lovely warmth to the setup. A peppering of black accents complement the weighty wood tone.

The interior doors of this home are of a matching dark walnut tone to the wall panelling.

A large wall clock add interest to a pale expanse that spans the upper half of an entertainment wall. Beneath this is a light grey marbled section that backs a black wall-mounted console unit.

The window blinds and curtains are a deep bottle green, and these are matched by a throw pillow on the sofa and various plants and flower foliage around the open plan living scheme. This natural tone works beautifully with the earthy walnut.

The flooring here appears to be a lighter walnut heartwood. The light floor keeps the home looking spacious and airy despite having large areas of deep brown over walls and a large walnut dining room table.

Six beige chairs with dark legs surround the long dining table. Over in the kitchen, flat fronted handle-free walnut cabinets hold an integrated mirror finish oven. The reflective surface works beautifully against the woodgrain.

Base cabinets, kitchen sink and countertops are black in contrast.

In the master suite, the contemporary design of the bedroom pendant lights looks sharp against a wooden accent wall.

The opposite wall is a soft and relaxing shade of grey.

A home office continues the quiet grey palette across walls, desk and a stylish ergonomic chair. We find a pop of green brought through from the living room scheme here too.

One more green cushion is resident in a sitting nook in the hallway. The nook is completely covered in dark walnut, making it stand out from surrounding white cupboards.

A floor to ceiling mirror adds light and sparkle behind a small white console.

The bathroom scheme is predominantly charcoal grey marble tiles, paired with softer grey.

An espresso coloured heated towel rail echoes a walnut door.

The cloakroom pulls from the same look book as the master bathroom.

Visualizer: Hilight  

Wonderful walnut infused home number two is a predominantly white scene with just a sprinkling of black to keep things sharp and anchored.

The accent colour in this home is a bold teal, seen here in the area rug beneath the monochrome modular sofa and oversized white floor lamps.

All of the walnut in this open plan has been applied across only one side of the room.

The wood cladding encompasses two separate volumes.

The volume on the left hold a fireplace on one side, and continues around to form part of the kitchen.

A chunky white dining table sits below a white dining room light.

The wooden volume to the right is the hallway. A built-in seat and a cool lighting scheme make this a truly bespoke space.

A new colour is introduced in the games room. Three deep red bean bags sit ready and waiting in position.

A set of bookshelves behind make this a reading area too.

There is also book storage in and around stairs in this home. The staircase has beautiful walnut treads and sides.

Up in the attic space there is a home office decorated in teal and white.

The master suite has chocolate brown woven bedroom pendant lights. These ones are Random light.

The bed is upholstered in charcoal grey.

In the bathroom, soft lighting illuminates the perimeters.

Light lifts the edges of a textured wall.

Visualizer: KK Architects  

Our last walnut rich interior is lifted by the introduction of mossy green, like this velvety sofa.

Beige curtains work well with the warmth of the walnut feature wall.

White cabinets lift the look of walnut in a kitchen, as does a clever LED lighting scheme.

Adjacent pale concrete gives walnut an edgy look.

The black cut-through design across the kitchen is echoed by an installation of black shelving.

Perimeter lighting showcases natural woodgrain.

The bed in here repeats the mossy look of the sofa out in the lounge.

A gold planter adds a fun yet sophisticated feature, as well as a touch of visually warmth. The plant itself adds a little colour and life.

The bathroom is a pale, clean scheme with no dark walnut present at all. Though the soft lighting around the mirrors over the vanity does provide continuity with the rest of the apartment.

A second bedroom introduces a splash of red, via a large piece of artwork. The vibrant tone gives a much needed blast of heat to pale grey and white decor.

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February 19, 2018

We don’t see them as often anymore, but vanities and dressing tables were a common household furnishing at one time – they are designated for primping, pampering and getting ready to start the day, to go out in the evening or right before bedtime.

The beauty of these furnishings is they stored everything in one location while making it a comfortable experience. Vanities and dressing tables often come with a spacious top, mirror and a seat or bench to apply or take off makeup and / or jewelry, to brush and style your hair, put on shoes, give manicures, groom and take care of some of our personal hygienic wants and needs.

Below are some of the best brilliant vanities and modern dressing tables

Nightfly Dressing Table comes with a flip up built in mirror with overhead lighting and ample storage space with multiple drawers and a modern cube seat

Allure Vanity comes with an enclosed mirror and storage, it can double as a desk

French chic dressing table is white and wooden with two drawers, a cushioned stool and 3 sided mirror

Antique blue dressing table with a shabby chic style, ample storage and a spacious top

Ultra contemporary vanity dressing table, shiny and bright covered fully in mirrors with a contrasting black cushioned stool

Round mirror dressing table with large oval mirror and white finish

Hollywood glam style dressing table with lavender color upholstered chair, built in lights and full mirror covering

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