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September 27, 2016

Apartments are often designed with couples in mind. Housing small-to-middle size families, a range of styles from across the world show how your kids’ bedrooms, and your own, can be clutter-free and brimming with stylish simplicity. The only question is: how do you design well, with only one person in mind? These four apartments are designed for one-person households – specifically. Whether for gaming fanatics, lovers of inspirational quotes or space-saving minimalists, each of these designs has something thoughtful and functional to offer. White space, light wood and Scandinavian-style designs predominate, allowing room for each and every single person’s design personality to shine.

Source: gyunexX  

Our first apartment is the bachelor pad of GyuneXX, a well-known Reddit user. His bachelor-friendly living room shows his love for gaming and anime, blending light wood finishes and black leather together to form the ultimate gaming zone. Measuring only 39sqm, the space is designed to fit a comfy desk space and several DVD compartments, combining functionality with a Scandinavian-style design.

Further extending the space, a film calico drops down to reveal a cinema room, perfect for displaying movie favourites.

Light-wood panelling continues throughout the space to the kitchen, which mirrors the TV cabinetry. Touches of light wood on the kitchen table and armchair fixtures create cohesion throughout the space, while a panoramic print behind the sofa creates a focal point.

Visualizer: Afina Portobello  

The virtues of interior design make themselves clear in the alternative options for this space. Using the same 39sqm, the space is transformed from bachelor pad to light and dreamy studio home. In the living room, geometric patterns hint to a gaming background, which are reflected in the cushions and rug. Mustard in-panelling in the kitchen draws the eye between shafts of white in the kitchen and brick wall behind. A second option is provided for the same space below.

Another two options for the living room mimic the same themes. Geometric patterns dominate in the first, with stone-coloured curtains alternating amongst Nordic-style furniture and mustard finishes. The second option shines lighter, with dreamy chiffon curtains and cane chairs inviting a more worldly seat.

The view into the bedroom shows the two themes carrying again. The first predominates in teal, with lemon accents showing in small round tables and couch cushions, the bed hiding behind stencilled white bookshelves. The second hones in on the bedroom, with chiffon living room curtains leading to stone bedding and light-wood hues. Zigzag patterns avert the eye.

A straight view of the kitchen offers a shifting gaze. The first option points to mustard cupboards, with subtle white tiling and lightwood groundings. Option number two uses white tiling as the feature, illuminating its sheen while white cabinetry fades into the background.

Textured white walls personalise both spaces. Minimalist bedding lies behind a two-walled entrance, one sketched in abstract, the other clad in white brick. Scandinavian school chairs offer a view.

Visualizer: Lệ Hằng Lê  

A more feminine apartment is shown by our third design. Measuring just 48sqm, this space-saving beauty has character and cosiness in one bold little number. The living room exemplifies this trend, with pops of teal and charcoal lighting up animal and landscape prints on a clean white wall. Hanging bauble lights add elegance.

The view to the kitchen examples everyday elegance. Clean, simple décor is met by high-wooden stools in two colours, with the teal stool referring to the lounge table behind. Thin white Venetian blinds let in the light.

A feature quote in striking black hits the white wall, an impact felt throughout the space. Alternate white and teal school chairs offer a space to tired diners. Hanging wall shelves add functionality.

A mirror within the apartment makes the space seem larger. A matching quote continues the theme, while breaking the juxtaposed colouring.

Softer hues clothe the bedroom in pink and light blue, relaxing colours for dreamtime. Abstract prints framed by dividing curtains let the space come into its own, while clothes hide behind white-panelled wardrobe doors.

Visualizer: Elena Ovcharenko  

Last but not least, a 93.25sqm bachelor pad in Kyiv, Ukraine, offers a stylish shoulder to lean on. Using finishing touches such as a gradating tile-to-wood floor, this unique space can easily transition from boy’s night to family gathering. In the living room, a focal camel couch matches the shade of kitchen wood panels, while a potted plant and magnetic lights add contrast.

Circular elements in the dining table and plant leaves mirror each other, in a space more resort than inner-city apartment. Rectangular hovering benches and wall panels allow the mounted TV to blend in on earthen-coloured walls.

A view to the tile-wooden floor shows personality in a restricted space. Wooden elements reflect themselves in stove housing and wooden chairs, while beige kitchen tiles break the mould.

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September 27, 2016

Barcelona-based illustrator Cinta Vidal Agulló turns architectural drawing on its head with these surreal urban landscapes that reflect the idea that we all live in one world, but the inner dimensions we experience may not match the realities that others perceive. These clever plays on perspective are reminiscent of M.C. Escher’s impossible geometries, but this series goes beyond bare mathematics and delves deep into the human condition – each painting explores different facets of life, purpose, culture, and other existential subtleties. Each composition is painted in acrylic on smooth wooden boards.

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September 27, 2016

Did you think we would leave you #TeamWhite folks hanging after our extensive coverage on black bedrooms recently? Not a chance. Using light, white themes or those with muted undertones, these twenty examples of sleep-enticing bedrooms show how your bedroom can harness both calm and character. Soft textures and billowing curtains unfold to muted plains of light wood, granite and wallpaper. Whether industrial, boudoir, Japanese anime or Swedish minimalist in theme, each bedroom creates a sleeping space to unwind in a busy and bustling world.

Visualizer: Filip Sapojnicov  

Airy and light, this white-walled bedroom takes on femininity with touches of pink. Standing lamps, fluffy rugs and blush-hued portraits add a pampered feel, to whisk sleepers away.

Visualizer: N-Gon Archviz  

Nature often seems harsh, but doesn’t have to be in the bedroom. Leading towards the bed with flattened stepping stones, a standing wooden lamp and low-lying furniture invite calm in minimalist colouring.

Visualizer: Kateryna Senko  

Character can shine in a muted bedroom – if only one knows how to accent appropriately. This bedroom’s wooden feature wall and shafts of white allow striped laundry baskets and daring illustrations to dominate.

Visualizer: NUKO Studio  

Few accents also help create a mellow mood. Here, a low-lying bed aligns with a light wooden bedside table and simple potted plant.

Visualizer: Assembly Studios  

Cultural influences can take shape in a well-designed bedroom. Here, an elevated futon-inspired bed links to watercolour themes in the hanging painting and delicately-leaved potted tree.

Visualizer: M3 Architectural and Construction Group  

More masculine bedrooms can create calm in colour contrast. Using white, high panelling and an idea-balloon side light, black and grey stripe the room in simple furnishings.

Visualizer: M3 Architectural and Construction Group  

Simple patterns help keep a bedroom interesting and idyllic. A high granite wall breaks this room into parts of three, while light detailing in the granite, pillows and throw add focus.

Visualizer: lostbucket visuals  

Even simpler textures can take a bedroom to super-standard. A wave-textured wall draws the eye in this space, while a dark wooden floor and charcoal duvet ground the design.

Visualizer: Dream On  

More colour and design features need not break the feeling of calm. This multi-coloured bedroom, almost patriotic in feel, mixes bold colours with grey, brown and white accents to create a more relaxed feel.

Visualizer: ZIZA Visualization  

Bolder tones can help dominate a room, without overwhelming with colour. This bedroom’s navy feature wall and floor-to-headboard wall accents a space of otherwise muted hues.

Visualizer: Lada Kamyshanska  

Bright colours can also make features pop in a room, amidst simpler background tones. White walls and light wooden floors in this bedroom hero distinctive cylindrical hanging lights and shocking pink bedding.

Visualizer: Linee Studio  

Pops of colour can also contrast with one another – if they are amidst white space. Chinese porcelain, mustard-and-grey and art deco red and greens all contribute to this Scandinavian-looking space.

Visualizer: Julia Shatalina  

Cheeky elements can be hidden in less-bold colouring. Semi-Georgian white panelling holds a triptych series sexual in nature, while similarly-hued bedding introduces the serious.

Visualizer: Kateryna Senko  

Relaxed upon relaxed is the mantra of this bedroom, grey and white and brown in colour. A hanging hammock and unstructured ottoman invite a simple falling down into plush, dreamy cushions.

Visualizer: Jacqueline Ruivo  

Patterns can be bold and competing – if they are held well in the space. Beige-striped walls and a similarly wooden-striped floor hold no barriers to a pink poppy painting and zebra rug.

Visualizer: Andrey Vladimirov  

A minimalistic bedroom is a perfect place for artistic overtones. This almost-industrial room exposes brick walls and bird motifs hanging from Victorian wall patterning. Wood mesh textures and an italic ‘f’ bring modernity.

Visualizer: Freedes Studio  

Wood can feature as well as background. Wooden headboards, chairs, ottomans and dressing tables ground the distinctive wall motifs in this unisex bedroom.

Visualizer: Marc Canut  

A Japanese-style bedroom is a well-known way to imitate simplicity. A futon-style bed and chaise longue take centre stage in this white-walled and wooden-floored space.

Visualizer: aTng 糖  

A couple’s bedroom can add elements of play. Collected items line white stencil shelving, which mimics a wooden chair and chiffon-encased light in this easy-to-live-in design.

Visualizer: Sherin Hany  

A bedroom can, of course, be more feminine. A boudoir style in this bedroom matches perfectly with grey and violet accents and Florentine pattern backgrounding.

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September 27, 2016

While bedrooms are the perfect place to experiment with color palettes and decor choices that might seem too bold for the social areas of a home, these bedrooms take a more practical approach. Dark themes help to center the mind, creating an atmosphere of relaxation to help lull the resident to sleep each night. But not only are dark themed bedrooms practical, they are a great candidate for sophisticated design themes – restrained color palettes show a sense of discipline and targeted attention difficult to achieve with a more whimsical or playful approach.

Visualizer: Anastasia Andryushchenko   

Such a bold and limited palette can make almost any space feel minimalistic, but here, the smart use of subtle texture helps the bedroom remain interesting and immersive throughout. The clever use of artwork continues this practice of contrast by breaking up expanses of sharp angles with smooth flowing lines. Bold black and white meets greyscale only through the effect of light and shadow (with a few exceptions, like the carpet and details on the paintings). Overall, the room looks richly dark but not gloomy thanks to the abundance of pristine white surfaces to counteract the black features.

The directional pendant lights are from the AIM series by brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. It’s perhaps the only “sculptural” element in the room besides the wall panels, making it a perfect blend of ornament and function.

Visualizer: Evgenei Artemiev   

Comfortable mocha tones take on a luxurious personality paired with this bedroom’s dark palette. Bold natural materials stand in organic contrast to the matte black accent wall – rich striped wood features and stone floors balance the emphasis on clean lines with their own organic flow. These natural features also help to tie the interior to the small courtyard visible through the expansive sliding doors to the right hand side of the room, emphasizing the natural elements over the clean modern backdrop against which they stand. The black and white photograph? It’s the perfect finishing touch for a space like this one.

The versatile bed frame suits this simple bedroom quite well. It includes a table, drawers, and even a padded bench. The rug speaks to the geometric theme while maintaining the subtlety of a black-on-black theme.

Visualizer: Giorgos Tataridis   

Geometric paneling takes this dark bedroom to the next level. The black and white feature wall creates the illusion of middle greyscale tones thanks to the creative play of light and shadow, transforming an otherwise strict palette into a dramatic feature that draws the eye immediately. Indirect lighting on the white stripe makes this effect even more powerful. In the foreground, warmer neutrals make their stand with strong contrast in terms of both hue and texture – smooth woodgrain and organic brushstrokes versus sharp geometry.

These distinctive chairs are from the Tabano collection by Patricia Urquiola. In the background, the pendant lights are the work of Jordi Vilardell and Meritxell Vidal, from the Match collection.

Visualizer: Harun Kaymaz   

Classical features like intricate boiserie and a grand antique-style chandelier lend a sophisticated character to this dark and sumptuous bedroom. A triptych of black and white photographs fit into the panels directly above the headboard, almost like a window to another time and place, easily reflecting an old-warm charm this bedroom seems to personify. It’s hard not to love the little collection of curios beneath the window, too. Other features stand out as decidedly modern including the brassy geometric side table and the practical recessed lighting above.

The side table lamps are very similar to the iconic Jieldé style, or perhaps one of its many reinventions. Let’s also take a moment to appreciate the incredible ambiance the visualizer has captured with the floating dust motes.

Visualizer: Hasankhani Tabriz   

The designer dubbed this apartment “Hello-Yellow” and this beautiful bedroom gives a good example of the name’s intent. Artwork, accent wall, and even the floors are dark, lending even more drama and pop to the soft yellow accents like the lips on the painting and the dandelion gold throw blanket on the bed. The painting, of course, brings the distinctive color theme together flawlessly – its colorful details much more vivid than the textile palette it mimics. To balance out the room’s surreal style, straightforward industrial lighting and furniture remain relics of the world outside.

The lamp to the far left is the classic Fortuny lamp by Mariano Fortuny, designed in 1907. It’s always amazing how historical designs constantly reenter the realm of relevancy.

Of course, it’s hard to close out this bedroom tour without a peek at the enviable walk-in closet. This level of color coordination would definitely belong to somebody who would contract a bedroom like this.

Visualizer: Valium Studio   

To close out the bedroom tour, here’s a look at a room that is exceptionally dark in terms of both palette and theme. The matte black backdrop highlights a typographic installation that counts down the resident’s “days left to live”, presumably based on an average lifespan. The designers created this bedroom with a bachelor in mind, stripping down furniture and personal affects to only the most necessary objects and personally representative decorations. Decorative themes include motorcycles and vintage media – with a little creative planning even the most basic lifestyle staples can become ornament.

The countdown idea is reminiscent of the “Death Clock” webpage that became popular on the early web around 1999. The number of the counter works out to around 40 years and readily drives home the fleeting nature of life.

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September 27, 2016

Doormats are an often-underappreciated part of a tidy household – but they’re a necessity, so why not have some fun with them? We’ve collected 30 of our favorite humorous doormats to brighten the mood at your entryway. Mats like these are always a great conversation starter if you need a housewarming gift or birthday present for that friend who loves to laugh. While almost all of these models are durable and suited to outdoor use, others would look just as nice at an indoor threshold or inside of a dorm room or RV. Create the ultimate entryway by checking out our list of inspiring front door designs too.

Buy It: $33   

Welcome-Go Away Ambigram Door Mat: This doormat welcomes guests as they enter, and shoos them away as they leave. Or if you’re feeling particularly unsociable, you could always flip the mat around and let the world know how you feel.

Buy It: $20   

Here’s another doormat for those who don’t appreciate unexpected visitors. Maybe next time that door-to-door solicitor will think twice before knocking.

Buy It: $44   

Everybody has a friend that could use one of these. The seller also offers custom options in case you want to switch out Ryan Gosling with another celebrity… but who on Earth would want to do that?

Buy It: $10   

Ward off would-be thieves with this humorous mat – just maybe don’t let your neighbors see what you’re up to. The reviews state that this is a very thin mat so it’s better for a rarely used side or back door.

Buy It: $36   

This is definitely the perfect doormat for somebody who has a “way with words”. Consider giving this as a gag gift for somebody who has a darker sense of humor.

Buy It: $16   

If you know anybody who would actually fall for this trick, the rug becomes ten times better. But even as it stands, it will definitely bring smiles from passerby – it’s family friendly and innocently funny.

Buy It: $40   

Buy It: $65   

Hello From The Other Side Doormat: Adele fans will definitely get the reference and everyone else can at least appreciate its literal interpretation. These mats are painted by hand in Westminster, California.

Buy It: $16   

Hi, I’m Mat Doormat: Proper introductions are just good manners, and this mat sets a good example. Your neighbors might even wonder why their own doormats aren’t more polite.

Buy It: $20   

Warrant Doormat: The ideal gift for the anti-authoritarian friend.

Buy It: $13   

No Soliciting Sign Doormat: This sign has everything! It wards away the most common door-to-door nuisances but makes sure to let the Scouts know their wares are always more than welcome.

Buy It: $24   

Dog Can’t Hold Its Licker Doormat: Although perhaps not as frightening as a general “Beware of Dog” sign, this doormat does a good job of letting guests know that they might get greeted with big slobbery kisses from your four-legged housemate.

Buy It: $50   

Wipe Your Paws Doormat: If only dogs could read… this doormat is still a great gift for people who love their canine companions, or for parents who feel like their kids muddy the house like a pack of wild animals.

Buy It: $22   

Remove Your Shoes Doormat: This mat humorously urges visitors to slip off those dirty sneakers while doubling as a reminder to keep those sneakers where the pups can’t get to them. This one might make a nice gift to a friend with cutely mischievous pets.

Buy It: $18   

Not A Joke Doormat: No pooch could be happier than if a guest actually heeded this ransom note. The good news is that most of us are lucky enough to own dogs that wouldn’t trade us for even the most prime of cuts.

Buy It: $22   

Whom The Dog Barks Doormat: Hemingway fans and literature buffs will dig the reference, and guests will appreciate the humor as your built-in security alarms raise their voices at the first knock.

Buy It: $18   

Friendly Warning Doormat: One more doormat for the dog fans out there – this one is way too relatable for anyone whose best buddies are overly friendly with the guests.

Buy It: $10   

Sad Dinosaur Doormat: Poor t-rex can never join in on the fun and games. This would make a cool gift for a friend who has one of those inflatable t-rex costumes currently making the rounds on social media.

Buy It: $23   

I Will Not Be A Doormat: Sometimes it feels like this is how all of those inspirational daily affirmations end up working out, but at least this doormat has come to a place of acceptance. Hopefully guests won’t feel too bad for the rug.

Buy It: $40   

Bring In The Booze Door Mat: This mat says what every host is really thinking. This would be a great gift for a housewarming or bachelor/bachelorette party.

Buy It: $10   

House WAS Clean Doormat: We all know the feeling. Consider this mat as a gift for busy parents – or even new parents, since they’re bound to face the struggle eventually.

Buy It: $5   

Retro Cassette Doormat: Fans of the 70s hit song by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young won’t be able to help but burst out into song when they check out your rad new doormat. It also has that cool throwback aesthetic that even non-fans can appreciate.

Buy It: $17   

The Local Host Doormat: Are you looking for a gift for the hardworking IT technician at the office? This is a must-have for anybody who appreciates a little nerdy humor and knows his or her way around a home network.

Buy It: $15   

Moustache Door Mat: When you simply “moustache” somebody to wipe those feet before entering, this clever doormat is the way to get the point across. It’s a nice compact doormat so you can infuse some big personality into a smaller space.

Buy It: $10   

False Weighing Scale Doormat: Some guests might be alarmed at the thought that this doormat might reveal their weight to everybody nearby. Thankfully, it’s just an image.

Buy It: $23   

Retro 8-Bit Controllers Doormat: Microsoft and Sony fans need not apply – use this doormat to show the world that yours is a Nintendo household at heart.

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September 27, 2016

Home design magazines often feature clean, elegant spaces – showing satin cushions, white couches and spotless bedspreads that soon become the wreckage of children. How do you attain a gorgeous, minimalistic space that all the family can enjoy? These two modern apartments under 1200 square feet from Minsk, Belarus and Dnipro, Ukraine, show how colouring and neutral tones can be both harmonious and child-friendly. Using clever partitioning to divide spaces, competing colours in kids’ bedrooms can be loud – and work together. Neutral undertones and subtle texturing make features out of background tones, creating the illusion of more space. Unique elements set several spaces apart, creating harmony in the space that your family meets, greets, and eats.

Designer: VAE Design Group  

Designed for a family of four, this apartment in Radischeva, Minsk, covers 107sqm in a characterful fashion. Unusual features, split-colour schemes and monochromatics blend together in space well-used, well-partitioned and well-transitioned. In the living room, alternate chequered cushions sit before a game of checkers, atop a blue sofa and afront yellow accents. The result is a space that looks effortlessly cool, calm and collected.

From behind the couch, a monochromatic panel housing TV and entertainment essentials meets the eye. Light wooden flooring, muted grey walls and a lack of clutter help it dominate the space.

Muted hues add desirability to certain spaces, with little quirks to attract the eye. Hunger-inducing beige kitchen benches remind the visitor of coffee and bagels; light-wood slatted lights offer a warmth suitable for illuminating breakfast. Charcoal cabinetry in the kitchen reduces clutter in a busy family environment.

The master bedroom excels in muted hues, with a colourful art contribution above the bed. Dreamy chiffon curtains let in not-too-bright light, while muted light grey, dark grey and navy colours say sleep.

The kids’ bedroom and study injects more play. Lego-esque circles feature on cupboard walls and desk chairs in mustard and teal, tones bright but reserved enough for an office. Twin inlets framed by stone allow Batman and Superman feature walls to battle it out, while cross-matching duvet covers fit rather than match. Under-bed cabinetry hides away the toys.

The family bathroom harks to the marine in an understated way. Metallic silver panelling behind the mirror extends it, reminiscent of fish scales. Electric blue tiling says swim, and textured white tiling ties it all together.

The ensuite binds bathroom duties to master bedroom colouring. Charcoal cabinetry and light wooden features are combined in multi-hued tiling. Slatted wooden ceilings and clever inlets ensure the contemporary feel is maintained.

Designer: Aleksandra Nuzhnaya & Nastya Kravchenko  

Situated in Dnipro, Ukraine at 110sqm, this characterful home was designed with comfort and function in mind. Using neutral colours with a focus on being technology-friendly, it intermixes the needs of a young family with a multi-layered, contemporary look. The living room offers a glimpse into a space used for eating, watching television and socialising, mixing teal, mustard and black elements together with a hexagonal-patterned rug. A black opaque feature wall houses the television, easily hidden away for more formal occasions.

Tying in the hexagonal theme from the rug, the kitchen to living room segue uses geometrical outlines to create harmony. See-through shelving and rectangular wall art mirror each other, while neutral light-wood and plant life soften the resemblance.

The view to the kitchen offers a different perspective. Three black chairs pair with three black hanging lights, a perfect symphony for dining. Two interlocked black-and-glass tables work with new black features and previous rectangular elements. A light wooden cross-room wall and floor adds an unexpected feature.

Hued in light-wood shades, couch and table elements in the study look comfortable but practical. Wood-panelled elements and concrete tiling offer the contemporary, while side-lighting adds a modern elegance. A patterned rug and vertically-painted triptych break the beige.

Twin minimalistic backgrounds create space and interest in the bedroom. A thin, horizontal wall inlet provides the space of a bedside table without the clutter, while midnight blue covers and rich terracotta upholstery adds warmth.

The children’s room allows creativity – within good design. Midnight blue from the bedroom duvet translates to a feature chalkboard wall, for the kids to draw on.

A zen-like bathroom uses minimalist materials to create a feeling of calm for the whole family. A large round feature mirror reflects the wall behind, giving the impression of more space while adding a central focus. Beige and white elements intersect each other in the shelving underneath, and the layout of the simplistic shower.

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September 27, 2016

How do you blend Scandinavian simplicity with Taiwanese culture? This multi-storeyed home, designed by Taiwan’s HAO Design and photographed by Hey! Cheese has the answer. Using white walls, wood and block shapes, this home remains minimalistic while still showcasing Taiwanese anime culture. Using wooden blocks to separate out spaces, vast panes make small areas look spacious, and room intersections look seamless, while anime fixtures dot themselves around the periphery of the rooms. Interspersed plant life in the block design adds colour and vibrancy, while a Mediterranean concrete façade, complete with block windows, harks back to an intelligent interior.

A striking feature, the wooden block staircase is the first introduction to this bicultural home. Using three types of wood for shelving, tables and floors, the living space retains simplicity with clean, simple lines, retaining interest through muted-pattern throws and rugs. Potted and hanging plants add life.

As the day darkens, main living spaces take on alternate functions. The kitchen table turns into dinner. The bedroom’s low-lying furniture affords a view up a level, and lighting illuminates over surfaces, drawing attention away from their casing fixtures. A white rail ensures safety without structural interference.

Views up and down the staircase, the home’s central feature, make for a cathartic experience. Housed in a small space, white walls and solid wood lifts visitors to higher plains within the structure. Plant life greets and farewells each viewer from ceramic box holders.

A spark of colour with a bright, turquoise desk breaks the simplicity of the interior, afforded by the concrete flooring and toned-down wall colouring. Cute elements such as ceramic doves insert a Taiwanese quirk into random spaces.

The block theme continues seamlessly throughout the home. Reflected in the staircase design, French windows and fragmented wood panelling, each block elements tells its own story. Small spaces use the block design to insert light, such as the ceiling corridor French skylight design.

A pop of Taiwanese art finds itself on easels in enclaves and larger-than-life stones on grey wooden floors.

Lush plant life and a teardrop mirror in the bathroom add a Scandinavian cabin feel that feels both global and particular. Full wooden floors, ceilings and walls give the experience of being in another world, while wide-paned windows let the outside world in.

The block design carries through to the exterior, which is as strong by day as by night. Day shows distinct elements present inside, while night illuminates the block design. Extra partitions are made in steel against the concrete façade, mimicking the usage of different woods in a block pattern in the interior. A stone entrance marks a spot of difference.

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September 27, 2016

Located near Kiev, Ukraine, this home boasts a creative and effective 105 square meter floor plan to accommodate a family with one young child and one infant. Designer Yevhen Zahorodnii opted for a minimalist interior theme to suit the busy lifestyle of the residents – minimalism grants simplicity and convenience by erasing some of the material complication from the home, a practical choice with two little ones running around. Some rooms do boast a bit of color though, namely the child’s bedroom and a small office dedicated to study and play. Are you planning to adopt a minimalist style? This home will inspire!

Visualizer: Yevhen Zahorodnii  

The practical L-shaped layout consists of white walls that surround a freestanding volume in dark plywood panels, light floorboards guiding the eye along the length of the living space and toward the dining room.

Simple furniture combines sharp angles and smooth rounded forms. Geometric themes are most noticeable in the functional decor like this large geometric planter and cone-shaped floor lamp.

Even the entryway is effective and stylish. A full mirror allows last-minute checkups to make sure that outfit or makeup is still on point and the built-in seating leaves rooms to store shoes.

Around the corner, a beige-toned kitchen hides just out of sight from the main living area. A neutral take on color blocking works wonders to separate each functional space.

The kitchen is just as simple as the living room. Cabinetry hides behind sliding panels to avoid the need for overhead storage, allowing light to touch every surface.

Rather than ordinary handrails, the staircase makes use of white wires that run the length of the atrium. Large drop-shaped pendant lights illuminate the way.

Wires transition to mirrored bannisters toward the top of the stairs. The floors here are especially unique – white plywood offers a smooth uninterrupted plane of textural wood grain.

Upstairs is home to private spaces like bedrooms and two offices. We’ll explore those next!

One of the offices is for the child, complete with woodcut style wallpaper. Light blues and bright white create a comfortable atmosphere for study and homework.

The desk attaches to the wall on each side of the window for a clean and uncluttered aesthetic.

Attractive shelves leave room for books and study material in addition to toys and other inspiring decor.

Once all of the day’s homework is complete, the young resident can snuggle up in one of these big cozy poufs for some multiplayer gaming with mom or dad.

The main office is more professional. Concrete walls offer a hint of industrial influence, heightened by the strip of indirect lighting that emanates from the back of the cantilever desk.

Creative angled shelving makes it easy to browse the library selection right from the sofa. If the resident uses this as a meeting room, this arrangement would definitely ease the boredom of waiting clients.

Even the entryway is effective and stylish. A full mirror allows last-minute checkups to make sure that outfit or makeup is still on point and the built-in seating leaves rooms to store shoes.

Now, here’s the fun part! The child’s bedroom diverges from the home’s minimalistic theme with colorful walls and furniture, with playful characters like this whale to keep things interesting.

Illustrated jungle wallpaper fills the room with smiling animal faces. House-shaped bedframes are a popular trend for kids rooms, and this lavender frame fits especially well with this design.

Although the child does have a separate office, this desk allows for PC gaming or making quick corrections to homework before bedtime.

Overall, it’s a very fun space with plenty to do and plenty to keep the young occupant’s eyes and mind occupied.

The master bedroom doubles as a nursery for the family’s newest resident. Just like the older child’s room, the small crib includes a “roof” strung with adorable lights just out of the infant’s reach.

While decor remains minimal, the textures are impossible to ignore. An intricate accent wall, a stylish rug, and layers of blankets are a soothing contrast to the smooth surfaces of the main furniture pieces.

A simple glass door leads directly into a spacious walk-in closet.

Inside, a full-length mirror makes it easy to see the day’s outfit at a glance. Abundant natural lighting is a hugely important feature since artificial lighting can change the appearance of fabric sheen and color.

Wood drawers and shelves have classic appeal. Ever-so-slightly notched corners modernize the choice of materials to avoid seeming overly rustic.

The bathrooms are perfection. This low vanity rises to the occasion with a tall vessel sink, a focal point in an otherwise very consistent and minimalistic design.

Here’s a look at the second bathroom, this time with tiles that demonstrate a smooth stone effect rather than the glossy concrete of the other one.

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September 27, 2016

Sometimes it’s hard to find inspiration for simple interior design. When you’re working with a limited color palette or a spare furniture theme, every element makes a huge impression – one little detail can make or break the design. This post explores three modern homes with neutral colors and streamlined decor, each one taking a different approach. The first interior is smooth and sophisticated with subtle industrial themes, the second makes a bold impact with high-contrast tones, and the third home feels softer and more decorative. Each one is worth admiring!

Visualizer: OFDA  

This streamlined interior belongs to a modern one-bedroom home in Tenczynek, Poland, just outside Krakow. While the decor themes remain simple throughout, unique architectural features definitely catch the eye around every turn.

The furniture layout focuses on gathering with friends and family. Notice how the television is present but isn’t the anchor of the living room – in fact, it’s set entirely away from the seating arrangement.

Industrial elements bring urban character into the otherwise wood dominated decor motif. Metal lighting, textural concrete paneling, and linear furniture prevent the room from looking too rustic or cottage-like.

Design themes remain unified throughout the home. Here’s a peek at the kitchen, recessed into its own private cove. Wood floors transition to glossy white tile, the entire room warmed by richly grained lumber in strategic places.

This breakfast bar is especially interesting. One side extends the kitchen workspace with its glossy surface, a great place to work with ingredients that might stain the wood countertops.

Public spaces occupy the ground floor. The bedroom and office takes the high ground. Without access to windows, the wire mesh risers play an important role by allowing light to penetrate into the stairwell.

What a gorgeous bedroom! White furniture stands out against the eggshell-textured black background, simple yet attractive. Copper accents maximize the sense of luxury and capture the light wherever they can.

A large mirror also extends the effect of the room’s single window. The sideboard table makes a wonderful vanity complete with a simple sled leg stool. Additional copper decorations continue the sophisticated theme.

The other side of the room features distinctive cabinets, the upper and lower portions enclosed with the middle units serving as oversized open shelves. Clever backlighting draws the eye toward the decorations within.

Simple yet handsome, the office has plenty of room to accommodate both computer-based work and pen and paper tasks. An exposed brick wall sets a homey tone and geometric prints bring the decor up-to-date.

Another distressed brick wall caps off the other side of the room. The comfortable meeting area resides next to a distinctive series of shelves with plenty of reference material and books to read during work breaks.

And finally, the first home tour ends with a look at the bright and welcoming bathroom. Tiled stairs lead up to the enviable soak tub, perfectly positioned to enjoy a lovely view from the window.

Visualizer: OFDA  

This home is located in Krakow proper. Its modern high-contrast interior adopts a much stricter aesthetic, almost minimalist in its focus. Black and white make up the foundation of the color scheme but middling greys and browns help to soften the look.

Linear forms guide the eye along the length of the open layout living and kitchen arrangement. Strong horizontal elements echo the same of the room, with the diagonally focused print and lamp serving as a subtle focal point.

Bright white surfaces help stretch the effect of the single window toward the end of the room. Within a dark interior, the kitchen and dining areas would feel robbed of their brightness.

Private rooms exist in the portion of the home that hides around the bend from the kitchen. Here, wood floors and white walls transition to a solid palette of warm grey.

The bedroom decor introduces a warmer aesthetic with more middle-toned neutrals. It’s simple, sparely furnished, and makes good use of its narrow layout.

Dramatic black marble definitely turns the bed into an incredible focal point. Thin mirrors border the slab on either side, surely amplifying the effect of the Beat lights that hang in the foreground.

The same black marble reoccurs as the bathroom floor, with luminous Carrara on the walls. As brilliant as these materials really are, it’s the surprising dash of wood that serves as the primary focal point.

Visualizer: Agnieszka Graczykowska  

Designed for a young and growing family, this 150 square meter home has a softer aesthetic than the previous spaces. It introduces more variation in neutrals – a great range of the greyscale spectrum in addition to various light and dark wood choices.

The downstairs floor plan is primarily open but each functional area feels unique thanks to the creatively staggered layout.

While the living room focuses on greyscale design, the dining room is all about natural wood tones. A wide stripe of black paint visually separates the two spaces.

It’s hard to go wrong with the classics. The animal-themed prints are the work of Pablo Picasso, and the chairs are from Hans Wegner’s Wishbone series.

Line of sight persists from kitchen to dining room to living room. This makes it easier for the residents to remain in constant contact with guests while entertaining.

An attractive combination of textures makes the kitchen unique despite its simplicity. Smooth wood grain, composite stone countertops, and rough white walls feel homey yet modern.

Upstairs, the master bedroom feels more expressive than the common areas on the ground floor. Geometric decor feels modern, whereas the low-profile furniture keeps things casual.

Layering plays a huge role in the decor. Varied pendant lights, a mountain of plush pillows, an arrangement of art and mirrors… it feels like home.

And finally, a look at the adorable little nursery – it’s hard not to love the sleepy eyes above the bassinet.

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September 27, 2016

Even dedicated connoisseurs with fully equipped wine cellars or refrigerators still need an attractive way to keep a few choice bottles within reach. This post makes it easy to find the perfect wine rack to suit any style and budget – we’ve compiled 40 of our favorite designs to suit interiors ranging from industrial to rustic, artsy to minimalistic. Once you’ve picked out your favorite rack, make sure to find a spot away from direct sunlight and heat sources to keep your bottles as well conditioned as possible. Then, see our compilation of decorative cutting boards for your cheese and hors d’oeuvres pairings.

Buy It: $40   

Flow Wall Mounted Wine Rack: Curvaceous, fun, and attractive – this modern wine rack balances your favorite bottles on either side.

Buy It: $24   

Minimalist Wall Mounted Vertical Wine Rack: Kitchens decked out with abundant stainless steel or industrial decor could definitely benefit from a handsome wine rack like this one. It has a more rugged look than most decorative options available.

Buy It: $15   

Stainless Steel Wall Wine Rack: This rack is suitable for any kind of bottle up to 3.5″ in diameter. This model is available in 3- and 5-bottle sizes for those who need to save space in the kitchen or dining room.

Buy It: $10 per rack   

Wrought Iron Wine Bottle Rack: Traditional wrought iron always looks fabulous within rustic and classic interiors. These wine racks are modular, linking together to perfectly fit that empty space on your wall. Each rack is sold separately so you can add as you go.

Buy It: $104   

Elle Wall Mounted Wine Bottle Rack: If you want to make a lasting impression with your wine display, this uniquely shaped rack is sure to accomplish just that. The tongue and groove hanging system ensures a snug fit and a clean look.

Buy It: $68   

Contemporary Wall Mounted Wine Rack: With angled wire holders, this rack is one of very few models that allow a choice between vertical or horizontal positioning. The backing board is made of weathered oak for a nice organic aesthetic suitable for a variety of interiors.

Buy It: $79   

Small Wine Bottle & Glass Rack: Two in one! Keep up to 18 wine glasses and 6 standard wine bottles all within reach of your serving area with this attractive design. The flat shelf bottom is perfect for displaying collectibles when you’re down a few bottles.

Buy It: $50   

Hexagonal Wine Rack: Handsome weathered gold finish gives this geometric wine rack elegant appeal. The distinctive shape holds wine bottles of any size securely and fashionably.

Buy It: $51   

Contemporary Wine Bottle and Glass Holder: Combine art and function with this geometric wine rack with space for two of your most versatile glasses. The overlapping rounded frames have a subtly retro flavor ideal for designers who love a bold aesthetic.

Buy It: $86   

6 Bottle Table Top Wine Rack: Complement your industrial or geometric decor with this interesting piece. At three pounds, this silver-finished wine rack is sturdy enough to hold your bottles without worry.

Buy It: $25   

Rooster Steel Wine Holder: Every country kitchen needs at least one piece of rooster decor! Get that charming farmhouse look with this folksy hand crafted wine holder, crafted from recycled scrap steel to satisfy your eco-friendly side.

Buy It: From $40   

Dinosaur Wine Racks: Your guests will not be able to stop talking about these quirky dinosaur wine holders – the perfect focal point for the kitchen countertop or dining room. The artist also offers unfinished Wine-O-Saurs so you can paint your own.

Buy It: $40   

Horse Wine Holder: With or without a delicious bottle of wine, this stunning horse sculpture stands as a work of art you can admire every day. Consider this piece as a housewarming gift for equine aficionado.

Buy It: $24   

Lion Wine Holder: Accessorize your African style decor with this handmade metal lion finished to look like carved wood. The head and mane fit over the cap of the bottle, attached to the body by a chain so you won’t lose it. There’s a window in the lion’s back so you can still read the label with ease.

Buy It: $506   

Deer Wine Rack: Wouldn’t this look lovely in a Scandinavian inspired interior? Each one arrives in flat pack and assembles like a puzzle – this piece could serve as a fun DIY project with your wine friends or even the entire family.

Buy It: $25   

Antler Wine Rack: Imagine this wine holder in your lodge-themed den, or consider buying an extra as a housewarming or wedding gift for a couple who enjoys hunting or deer watching. Each one is hand-painted and crafted from durable resin.

Buy It: $30   

Knight’s Armour Wine Holder: People of Medieval times were no strangers to wine. This single-bottle holder would make a nice addition to a themed home bar, or would make a lovely gift for a friend who likes to sip while reading classical fantasy novels.

Buy It: $22   

Medieval Dragon Wine Holder: Serve drinks for your next Game of Thrones party or simply express your love for dragons with this exceptionally detailed dragon-shaped wine bottle holder. It’s made of cast resin but the incredible paint job makes it look like pewter.

Buy It: $13   

Mythical Dragon Claw Bottle Holder: Are you looking for a wine holder for your big Halloween party? This dragon claw is spooky and stylish, and hardcore Halloween fans might find it cool enough to display throughout the entire season.

Buy It: $22   

Gothic Skeleton Wine Holder: Perfect for Halloween or your favorite metalhead friend, this skeleton will get your next party started right.

Buy It: $24   

Skull Bike Bottle Holder: It’s hard to find a wine bottle holder just for bikers, but this piece could fit the bill. It would make a pretty sweet decoration for Halloween too!

Buy It: $49   

Antique Plane Wine Holder: Aviation fans are sure to love these next few wine holders! This one takes the shape of a vintage biplane, a neat metal sculpture that would look just as lovely without the bottle.

Buy It: $49   

Airplane Twin Wine Bottle Holder: Here’s another vintage airplane style, this time capable of holding two bottles of wine on either side. The nose swings up to reveal a space to tuck away a third bottle, perhaps a cheap wine that you don’t want your oenophile friends to see or an expensive vintage that you don’t want to share with just anybody.

Buy It: $90   

Jet Airplane Wien Holder: This jet plane is made of recycled scrap steel and crafted by hand in Germany.

Buy It: $21   

Antique Tricycle Wine Holder Elegant and chic, this bronze-tinted bottle holder comes to life with delicate flourishes and interesting details. We can just imagine how lovely this would look as a centerpiece at a wedding reception or on the shelf of a classically decorated home.

Buy It: $84   

Architect Wine Holder: It’s hard to find a fitting gift for the architect who has everything. This wine holder (more of a wine cover, actually) would certainly lighten up your favorite architect’s mood after a long day at the drafting table.

Buy It: $21   

Heel Wine Holder: Bachelorette party goals, right? This bottle holder would contribute attitude and style to any kind of gathering of wine-lovers. Other fitting party themes include Wizard of Oz, Halloween, or as a general gift for a shoe collector.

Buy It: $11   

Chain Wine Holder: Optical illusions are a quick way to create a focal point in any room. After all, it’s impossible to ignore something so unexpected.

Buy It: $12   

Lasso Wine Holder: Perhaps even more unexpected is to see a piece of “ordinary” string supporting a cantilever wine bottle with little effort. This optical illusion is so realistic, it’s bound to become a conversation starter.

Buy It: $10   

Ribbon Wine Holder: And here’s one more optical illusion bottle holder for those who want to add color to their wine and cheese spread in addition to turning heads. This one is available in every color of the rainbow.

Buy It: $15   

Balancing Wine Holder: No, this one isn’t an optical illusion. It’s all about balance. Getting the bottle and holder to maintain equilibrium takes a steady hand, but physics geeks are sure to enjoy the novelty.

Buy It: $19   

Arc Balancing Wine Holder: Smooth lacquered wood and careful construction make this one of the sleekest wine holders around. This piece is perfect for a minimalist interior. It comes in three colors, and look great lined up in a row in case you need to keep multiple bottles handy.

Buy It: $50   

Literal Wine Rack: There are wine likers, and there are wine lovers. This combination wine rack and glass hanger is for people who make a lifestyle of their oenophile tendencies.

Buy It: $102   

Baroque Style Wine Holder: Without investing in precious antiques, it can be hard to accessorize a baroque interior. This piece would make a neat addition to Art Deco themed homes as well.

Buy It: $59   

Swirl 6 Bottle Wine Rack: Modern, minimalist, and all-white interiors can definitely benefit from a sleek wine rack like this one. It holds six bottles (with one on top) but looks neat no matter how many you have.

Buy It: $89   

Curved Stainless Steel Wine Rack: This stainless steel wine rack is sure to stand up to the ages. It holds a maximum of five bottles but an especially motivated connoisseur could probably fit more on the sides or in the middle.

Buy It: $138   

Deco 79 Wood Wine Rack: Not only does this rack give off a wonderfully rustic and classic vibe, but it can store an incredible number of wine bottles on the long term – horizontal storage ensures the corks won’t dry out and ruin your favorite selections.

Buy It: $1144   

76 Bottle Curved Corner Wine Rack: If you’re looking to fill a hard-to-fit corner in your wine cellar, or have to work around a small wine cellar, this efficient rack just might work for you. It’s constructed from quality redwood and measures up at 25″ of width and depth, standing 72″ tall.

Buy It: $12 each   

Vino Styx 1 Bottle Wall Mount: Turn your favorite wine into decor with these stylish wall-mounted racks. Hang one in a handy place, like next to your cozy reading nook, or make a modular display by grouping several in any arrangement you’d like.

Buy It: $89   

Wall Mounted Wooden Wine Rack: Featuring a strip of metal against a sturdy pine shelf, this wine shelf and glass rack combination would suit any style of interior. It’s the ideal go-to solution for quality that can adapt to a changing interior.

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September 27, 2016

There is something to be said for the details of a home and the things you feel and touch on a consistent basis should be of quality. When choosing elements to decorate your home think about how much interaction will be made between you and that part of the home. Doors for example are just such a detail. We interact with them all day long and they are almost always the same typical thing, flat boring planes with no detail or imagination. The Graffiti and Décor Slim collections of designer interior doors from Laura Meroni are obviously different and really make a statement, literally!

The Graffiti collection is so cool and features the names of rooms you will be entering like the Studio, or Bath for example. Of as we all know it may just as well be the artwork of the artist as seen in the more ornate engravings. My favorite is the contrasting two tone in light wood which allows the lighter woods to stand out. Designer Paolo Rizzatto with graphic input from Paolo Rizzatto created a doorway with a strong jamb that protrudes and puts emphasis on the passageway.

designer interior doors

The Décor Slim collection features a unique minimal design and a totally flush door jamb that becomes one with the wall. This is a much more understated look and perfect for super modern interior design schemes where a less is more plan is in order.

interior doors with name of room

sliding porta

For larger entrances that you can choose a set of sliding doors which look so nice. Here the Décor Slim collection shown in a nice medium wood tone adds so much rich character to the look that would be wasted on typical sliding doors. See the rest of the offerings from Laura Meroni which include some great looking furniture items for all rooms of the home and many more doors here.

graffiti door by laura meroni










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September 27, 2016

The Kitchen Island 5 modular set up is super cool and has taken outdoor kitchen convenience to the next level! This ala carte approach to picking what you need and putting it where you need it seems like a no brainer for anyone who loves the refreshing modern style and the creature comforts at their fingertips while cooking. Roshults – The Luxury Lifestyle Brand for Indoor and Outdoor Living really got it right here and the collection of accessories available is quite impressive as well. Various grilles and storage unites round out the options and there is even a garden trolley perfect for serving some food and drinks pool side.

Here at Furniture Fashion we have a fondness for both indoor and outdoor kitchens as long as they are modern! And one addition we have seen growing are the counter height serving areas that were once bar height areas often to the side and rarely used. The Kitchen Island 5 incorporates a bar on the reverse side with ample space for your four favorite friends and allows you to use the island as a place to dine if needed. Up to 5 Backless low profile counter stools will work perfectly here and allow for tucking them away when not in use. The solid stainless steel base provides for a firm foundation and resistance against the element. I really like the solid butcher block shown in the center, this ads such a nice touch and it contrasts the black and stainless steel perfectly. See the entire collection of accessories here.

The sophisticated clean design can easily find a home in a nice setting by the pool or under a veranda.

Recommended retail price (ex VAT) for the selected configuration as illustrated: EUR 24 979  |  GBP 17 985  |  USD 30 700  Price for just the frame ex. VAT: EUR 16 667  |  GBP 12 000  |  USD 20 500)







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September 27, 2016

Here is the sleek and good looking Amadeus upholstered bed from Cattelan Italia made to order in Italy in your choice of synthetic or soft leathers. Their collection of incredibly awesome all original modern designs for both home and office are one to see in person if possible because the pictures are great but the real thing is even better. With the Euro Dollar being more on the agreeable side of the exchange rate for US consumers the Italian good are not only looking great from a design standpoint, they are currently affordable.

The attention to detail is what makes the Cattelan line so appealing as it exudes quality and style that the knock offs simply cannot duplicate even when they have been given the design to copy. With this style of fully upholstered bed that is light and minimal, it is best to choose a night stand that will compliment and not over shadow the bed. Here is one example that seems perfect and the metal leg structure mimics the feet on the bed for continuity of design. In addition this style of platform bed does not require a box spring and comes with the slats allowing for a lower profile yet comfortable night’s sleep.

Designer Manzoni e Tapinassi included a wide selection of colors from the most subdued to a fire engine red that may keep some people up at night. You can combine with the metal available in Graphite, White or Bronze to compliment your upholstery choice. The Amadeus is available in a wide selection of sizes and the widths in include 167, 174, 194, 207 and 214 cm which should cover most European and standard American sizes. For more of the Cattelan collection visit their website here and find a dealer in your area.










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September 27, 2016

Coming across a concealed wet bar in sideboard opened my eyes about the possibility of discretion.  There is a lot of truth in not drawing attention to oneself in front of friends, family and coworkers.  Alcohol consumption is frowned upon by many people and by others it is applauded.   It stands to reason that having a stash and keeping it away from a roaming eye is beneficial.   People should choose what they share with others.  As a result, that may require additional planning to ensure what is private, remains so.

Taking a closer look a this item shows quite a bit of craftsmanship and forethought went into the design and execution.  Pictured here is Ludwig by the furniture manufacturer Acerbis.  First blush for me was a very minimal and almost abstract piece that does not flaunt a bold color or shape.  Furthermore, when you take an initial glance, the product does not stand out as if the intention of the designer was to create a subtle piece that one must become better acquainted with to fully appreciate.  As a result of this intention and the fact that what lies beneath are spirits, I can see where that was the purpose.
Acerbis low sideboard storage unit

First of all what strikes me is how Ludwig opens up.  It is interesting how it folds down at the bottom and up at the top as opposed to most storage furniture examples that employ drawers to be pulled out.  In short, one can see how cool it looks when all the doors are open.  One simple pull will take the bottom door down, so a lot of force is not needed to open the piece.

Home Storage Example

Sideboard Wet Bar for the Home

As you can see above, the picture shows a concealed wet bar in sideboard concept better than all the rest.  It is a stunning example to see it at this angle.  I am a big fan of illuminating lights to help people see.   There are ample LEDs when the storage unit open which allow the home owner to see easily.  While the discussion focus is on beverage storage, I can visualize how the space could be used to store other possessions as well.

Low Console TV Furniture in Modern Room

low sleek storage furniture





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September 27, 2016

Finding contemporary sitting chairs is no small task.  Today we present Oyo a great concept from Aeris furniture that dares to challenge our spatial understanding of design.   Construction is meticulous and follows all industry standards of quality and safety.   Hence, it consists of a double tubular steel frame to give it added support and if needed, be able to handle a heavy load while offering long term durability.  For me comfort is so important and in this case there is 5 centimeters of foam padding.  I can see this piece being used as a desk compliment meaning prolonged periods of sitting.  The plastic shell is reinforced and now the technology is so good on making a lasting product.

Dining Room with Orange Seating and Lighting

Examples Inside Homes

This a great image with the corresponding orange hanging lighting.  Note how well the orange goes with a lighter colored wood.  This dining setting is fun and the splash of orange really adds a lot to the room setting. Even with a more conservative painting, this idea would work great.

lime green upholstery in study nook

Consequently, I find the lime green upholstery to be very cool.   I love the setting here in a study nook.  All the white is not washed out with the wood trim on the windows and the colorful seating.


The curve on the seat back had me originally a bit skeptical in terms of comfort.  Seeing the woman resting above shows that it is very workable and that the curves offer more of a geometric accent while the overall design still supports the spine.

contemporary sitting chair

It is hard to see, but the legs contain some non skid pads to prevent furniture movement while protecting the flooring.   The blue and shape offers a great view on these contemporary sitting chairs.   Most of us would not have picked a shade of blue such as this, but it works wonderfully.

Especially relevant is the neutral gray tone pictured above as shows a more conservative look that can be put together in nearly any home.   The animal hide rug is a statement piece and the backdrop of fireplace really warms up the scene.  Further, it’s great to see how the Oyo chairs can be moved around so easily giving a homeowner flexibility.

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