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July 1, 2016

Compact spaces are a satisfying source of challenge for interior designers. When you can practically see every room from any location in the home, it immediately becomes obvious why many small apartment residents opt for safe and neutral decor. The homes featured in this post take a daring approach – embracing bold color themes and creative decor despite their limited floor plans. Whether you need inspiration for your efficient apartment or just want ideas for a single room, these interiors offer unique ideas to consider.

Architect: KDVA Architects   

This small apartment definitely doesn’t shy away from the adventure of a bold decor theme. Violet, lavender, and bright fire engine red define the interior – thanks to careful decorating techniques. Bright colors are difficult to work into a constricted space. So even if you don’t personally love the colors, the composition techniques are still worth studying.

Risky design decisions really paid off. Textured walls, bright furniture, and extensive contrast all command admiration.

The gem tone inspiration isn’t understated – the central rug says it all.

Purple-tinted acrylic panels separate the kitchen and dining areas from the living room proper. Decals featuring a cherry tomato and a silver fork embrace pop art influence.

The black divider in the open living space helps to conceal the bedroom. A purple cushion serves as the perfect backrest, making this space just as comfortable in the daytime as it is at night.

Architect: Stanislav Kaminskyi   

This open layout living room works around a unique arrangement: the dining table sits directly between the sofa and the television. Low-profile furniture makes it possible to enjoy the television from anywhere in the living area.

Some may find the table’s arrangement too distracting, but it might be a nice choice for residents that entertain dinner guests more often than they watch television.

Plush but also sculptural, the incredibly unique dining chairs are from the Serpentine Collection by Éléonore Nalet.

A sliding door conceals the bedroom for privacy and to reduce the appearance of visual clutter in the small living room.

The kitchen also enjoys the privacy of a sliding door. Its charmingly imperfect tile walls are a wonderful complement for the smooth wood panels.

As far as compact kitchen layouts go, this design is especially functional and totally worth of emulating.

Low-profile design ensures the bedroom furniture doesn’t look too “out of place” next to the living room selection.

It’s the definition of coziness with a wall-to-wall mattress. The accompanying padded platform extends its function as a seat, a table, or just a step up to the bed.

Do you remember the unique grout work in the kitchen? The same purposefully imperfect wall tiles transform the bathroom into an interesting crossover between modernism and urban industrial.

Varied textures enliven an otherwise very straightforward bathroom design. Wood cabinetry jumps out from the greyscale decor to anchor the design.

Designer: Alexander Yukhimets  

Warm interior lighting and comfortable furniture plays a defining role in this modern urban apartment design. While a concrete cladding might otherwise feel too severe in an apartment as small as this one, glass walls allow each area to interact with the others for a more spacious and carefree aesthetic. Curtains accommodate privacy when needed.

Smooth wood floors make the interior feel more welcoming. The office skips the wood floor in favor of a fully greyscale theme.

Decorated with glass and concrete, wire and wood – perfectly industrial but surprisingly cozy.

Visualizer: Viktor Kuznetsov   

With a floor plan of just 39 square meters, this apartment interior has to accomplish a lot of functionality with very little space. Even with a compact floor plan, the designer didn’t back down from an interesting decor theme – striking textures and dramatic lighting makes the interior feel flashy but approachable.

Lighting bathes the concrete walls and smooth cabinetry from all sides. Paired with linear architecture, the light becomes an organic decor staple in its own right.

Designer: Roy Fredy  

This interior fits the living room, dining room, and kitchen into a floor plan the size of a medium bedroom. A lovely variety of smooth wood tones makes the apartment feel warm and welcoming – a natural decor theme that remains easy on the eyes.

In such a small space, every decor object carries an even greater weight. This home uses simple colorful prints to great effect.

Many designers naturally shy away from large artwork in a compact apartment, but this apartment’s chalk-art style mural was too fun to pass up.

The kitchen layout is especially inspiring. The dining nook doubles as extra workspace while preparing meals, extending the functionality of existing prep surfaces.

It could easily transform into a handy work desk too, especially if the resident isn’t the type to get distracted by the presence of a television.

Light wood, white countertops, and a matte black backsplash make up the surprisingly bold kitchen palette.

You could practically reach any surface from the center of the room. For small living enthusiasts, this space makes perfect sense.

Personal spaces like the bathroom and bedroom all reside down the hallway.

With a partial headboard wall, the bed enjoys a touch of comforting privacy even while the door is open.

It’s small, compact, efficient, and still remains stylish.

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July 1, 2016

The 550 Beam Sofa System from Cassina and designer Patricia Urquiola is new for this year and offers a range of compositions and looks so you can customize for your room.  The system includes three sofa sections, one with a traditional two arm configuration in two or three seats, a sofa with one arm in both two and three seats and a chaise lounge with one arm.  They can be used on their own or in conjunction with each other as seen here.  The one arm pieces are available in both right and left configurations. Other elements include an ottoman and center or end low tables. The style gets its name from the beam base that the structure relies on to become the cohesive sitting arrangement.

The set has such a sophisticated look and reminds us of a look back into the 70 at what the future was supposed to look like. The exaggerated soft shapes and pillows must be comfortable and it’s fun to look at even if it’s not. The handy configuration with the table between the two seating sections is extremely useful and rather creative in the part of the designer who is no stranger to some awesome modern furniture designs.

Even the most basic combination can offer such an interesting look and usability. I can totally picture this in a penthouse apartment with some dazzling artwork and a great view.

The two distinct patterns of the fabric include with or without vertical seems, personally we like the non seem version her at FF.

The soft sided arms, super stuffed seats, extra pillows and curvy back really conform to the user offering a most comfortable and relaxing experience. See the rest of the awesome all original modern furniture from Cassina of Italy.







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July 1, 2016

These simple interiors are a nice palate cleanser after a long day of looking for more complicated design ideas. Each one is unique but they all share a common theme: a fresh and light atmosphere bursting with the energy of a few colorful accents. If you’re lucky enough to have a neutral interior, you’ll find this strategy easy to use – especially if you have an eye for placement, contrast, and color theory. But what if you don’t have the well-honed intuition of the designers featured in this post? Worry not, because these bright homes offer plenty of flexible ideas to help you get started.

Visualizer: Anton Sukharev   

Pale yellow and deep blue are a great choice for decorators who want to incorporate nature-inspired colors without giving up a refined sense of modernity. Sunshine and soulful skies rule this interior, and the result is well worth emulating.

A calming background of varied wood tones keeps things soft and light, helping the more energetic elements stand out with emphasis.

Because the open living area occupies a relatively small footprint, the designer worked to keep furniture simple and streamlined in form.

The intricate Heracleum Pendant Light by Bertjan Pot is one of the flashiest pieces of decor in the home, and even it remains subtle compared to possible alternatives.

Outside of the playful color accents, the rest of the decor remains minimal and mostly emphasizes texture and composition.

Partial dividers help break the line of sight without making any area feel too closed off from the rest. This thin wall proves to be the perfect place for an oversized clock.

The other side serves as a mounting point for the television. Because the kitchen and dining areas share this space, residents can continue their movie will preparing a meal or catch up on the news during dinner.

Color becomes even more rare on this side of the open layout. A blue-grey chair punctuates each end of the dining set while beautiful flowers bring their own accent colors to the table.

Simple forms and materials play an important role in a space as compact as this one. Even the pendants above the dining table play their part without becoming an immediate focal point.

Glossy worktops and modern stools ensure the kitchen remains bright and looks clean. Warm stone-tiled walls break away from the greyscale theme, an inviting and comfortable backdrop in an otherwise minimalist space.

Varied textures make up for the lack of ornament. Smooth wood cabinetry, concrete-effect drawers, mottled stone tile, and reflective cabinetry are just a few of the major players.

Architect: Nott Design  

Light-colored lumber and forest green upholstery infuse this urban home with organic charm. The concrete floors, routed wires, and scaffold-like shelves hint at industrial design influence but the overall atmosphere says “home” loud and clear.

The tessellated rug directs the eye toward the seating arrangement, its lovely middle tones bridging the gaps between the color palette choices.

These tall shelves are especially interesting – thin framing and unfinished wood give it a rough and rugged look, perfect for an industrial theme.

Texture reduces the severity of the concrete floors, giving them a softer and more approachable aesthetic suitable for a comfortable home environment.

Anywhere you look, linear forms are so important in this interior. Each angle directs the eye to another functional space, making movement just as crucial to the design as the colors are.

A sliding door glides open to reveal a spacious and sophisticated office.

Industrial elements remain tame, but the same emphasis on sharp lines continues. The swivel wall lamp is from designer Daniel Rybakken.

Kitchen shelving peeks out from around the corner.

Blending flawlessly with the worktop, the sink and range serve their function without distracting from the home’s efforts toward minimalism.

In fact, the impressive shelving seems to work as the anchor of the design. Careful dish coordination is the most important skill for anyone who wants to adopt this striking style.

Did you notice that this lovely kitchen doesn’t have its own window? This mirror helps reflect some of the light from the living room.

Of course, smart sources of indirect lighting do a great job of banishing harsh shadows on their own.

Architect: Nott Design  

Finally, a look at the last home – this one has the most reserved color strategy of them all. The living room basks in its relaxing greyscale color palette, with the only dash of color coming from an unassuming side table near the sofa. This interior proves that even the most utilitarian object can fill an important aesthetic role.

It’s a compact space – not much room for a bolder color theme, really. The wooden media wall serves as a central axis with functional areas on either side.

Through the wide doorway, a small office and library enjoy their prized spot overlooking the world outside.

The living room also shares its floorplan with a combined kitchen and dining area.

Layered and functional, the work area revolves around a long central island that reverses the form of a more traditional kitchen. Patricia Urquiola’s stylish Nub chairs surround a built-in breakfast table on the right.

Natural lighting can transform a dark hallway. The dining arrangement, pendant light, and even the entryway bench all feature airy structures to let the line shine right through.

The master bedroom hides behind a sliding wall to the left of the media center.

Voracious readers take note: this bedroom not only includes its own personal library but also accommodates late-night reading with adjustable pendants on either side of the bed.

Parchment-like lampshades continue the literary theme quite well.

Extra storage finds storage within the wood unit for a clean and cohesive look.

This guest bedroom doubles as a multi-purpose space thanks to the foldout sofa. It also reintroduces the single-red-accent strategy from the living room.

Sweet and simple.

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July 1, 2016

Here is another great looking modern dining room table from the folks at Belfacto of Germany. The recent winner of the Interior Innovation Award and the German Design Award keeps on coming with their series of tables that totally go against the typical four legs or center pedestal style that has been worked and reworked numerous times. Here we see the York with an elegant sculpted base in a variety of woods including Walnut which is our favorite, Natural Oak or Natural Cherry. The designer really managed to give the table a fine balance and it has been described as a “tug of war” as each side seems to be pulling away from the other.

One key feature to any dining table is the usability factor and the placement of legs and support especially for the visually attractive ones can get more focused on looks than function. Often the people at the end have a support of some sort interfering with their position but the York addresses this poor design feature that so many style do not take into consideration. The sizing is as follows with top shapes of balanced, convex, oval, classic also available.

Standard size:
L 300-350, B 115-120, H 75 cm /
L 118-138, W 45-47, H 30 inch
Custom tables on request.

modern dining room furniture

light natural oak dining table

So what type of chair would you use with the York The all-natural wood construction makes us think a solid wood char with clean lines may be the best choice or even a leather chair with wood legs. Whatever you choose it has to be a design that will compliment and not take away from the obvious cool factor this one has. See more awesome and unusual styles here.

Here is one style of chair but it is not a favorite, we think you can come up with a better solution!













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July 1, 2016

Adventurous decorators can find endless inspiration in dark color schemes, a choice that comes with more creative constrictions than lighter or more conventional palettes. Making a dark home design feel comfortable and accessible requires careful attention to lighting, composition, and contrast – without these considerations even the most well-intentioned black walls or grey floors could quickly become overbearing. The six luxury homes profiled in this post demonstrate dark interior design done right. If you’re ready to embrace dark hues within your own home, these inspiring spaces should help you get started.

Visualizer: aTng 糖   

Let’s start with a nice casual style. Matte black walls feel powerful but don’t drown out the more subtle brown tones used throughout, making for a nice comfortable place to relax with friends and family.

Soft neutrals define the sofa and sitting area, whereas the attached dining room takes a risk with stark industrial accents.

Dark colors work well in wide-open layouts like this one. Large rooms still allow light to traverse the interior, whereas smaller spaces can feel suffocated by the sheer “bulk” of dark walls.

These gorgeous stools are the iconic Backenzahn Stool design by Philipp Mainzer.

Mood takes priority in the bedroom. Black-on-black fabrics ensure the textural experience is just as powerful as the visual one.

Indirect lighting adds yet another layer of aesthetic complexity, casting complicated gradients across the silken black walls.

Designer: LOGOVO Design Group   

Designed for a competition coordinated by the Keramin tile and ceramic company, the decorator started with a generic Minsk apartment and created this soothing black and lilac wonderland.

It’s dark, but definitely not dull. Furniture alternates between cutting clean lines and embracing mysterious curves. The result offers a different visual experience from every angle.

Many details blur the lines between classic and contemporary. Good examples include the charming parquet floors and the blown glass Lindsey Adelman chandelier above.

In the hallway, frosted glass glows with purple backlighting – a clever way to transform an everyday storage feature into an unmissable focal point.

Essential areas remain simple. This kitchen cuts straight to the point and doesn’t clutter the design with unnecessary decor.

Even the skull painting ties back into the soothing color theme. Those soft pink horns are a visual and conceptual contrast to the image.

“KEPAMEH” is a transliteration of the KERAMEN brand, from Russian. This cute little mascot is just part of the scenery for the contest.

Moving onto the bedroom reveals a dark and soothing retreat, luxuriously appointed for a relaxing evening with a book or a movie.

Layers of texture make this space special: the variety encompasses a distressed matte wall, silky wood paneling, sharp floor tiles, and the plush headboard.

Vaporwave is a contemporary music genre that spawned its own art movement. Lavender is a popular color, and classical busts a common motif.

Visualizer: KUOO Architets  

Dark and light tones set the stage for a dramatic interior full of contrast and change. Silky grey floors reflect every ounce of sunlight that filters through the floor-to-ceiling sliding doors, while gauzy curtains maintain the atmosphere even when drawn.

Ample seating can accommodate a large number of guests. The doors slide open to reveal additional recreation space outdoors.

Here, a central fireplace divides the primary living space from the private areas like the theater. The rest of the home takes advantage of lighter flooring for a brighter but more cheerful look.

With the dividing wall to the right, the open dining and kitchen areas feel cozier but still enjoy the convenience of a doorway to the hall.

Black rules the dining room as well. Two white pendant lights punctuate the dark theme – it’s hard to ignore the oversized beacons of white among an otherwise monochromatic interior.

Shade variation continues to shrink at the end of the room, where the kitchen terminates in a geometric black accent wall.

The array of pendant lights crisscrossed over the countertop is from the MATCH collection by Jordi Vilardell & Meritxell Vidal.

Downstairs, just a short walk from the kitchen, guests will surely find this area to be one of the most exciting rooms in the home.

The wine cellar is fully stocked and easy to navigate thanks to soft lighting within each shelf.

A good movie is a good companion for a glass of wine with friends. This darkened room contains the home theater. Curvaceous furniture looks comfortable and appealing for long screenings.

Soft mood lighting illuminates the grey furniture yet the black walls fade into the background to give the illusion of a spacious theater.

Check out the size of this projector screen – ideal for full immersion. It retracts into the ceiling to transform the room back into a social area or small personal library.

If only life consisted of nothing but leisure. But when it’s time to get to work, this office has enough room for two. Co-working is great motivation.

An abstract mural provides some decoration, its fluid shapes pleasing but not distracting to the eye.

Private areas occupy the upper floor.

Natural sunlight doesn’t play nearly as important a role in the bedroom as it did in the living room. Although light is limited, the glossy accent wall attempts to reflect as much as possible.

The image of dramatic leaves stands out as the only color in the entire space.

Glossy closet doors reflect the artwork and brighten the hallway.

Each bathroom is a little different from the others despite sharing a similar color theme. Geometric tiles and sharp fixtures keep things fresh.

It’s a stark and minimalist space with no ornament except carefully-balanced forms.

Even the showerhead and pipe cut a razor-sharp line.

A matching faucet stands out against black wall cladding.

Stone accents and glossy surfaces make this bathroom a little more welcoming, more conducive to a relaxing bath.

Natural materials always have a way of calming the mind.

Designer: Anna Kolezneva   

So simple! So warm! This black and white interior meets in the middle with a grey rug and beige sofa. Dark interiors don’t have to be severe.

Black walls always make a nice backdrop for a television. The screen blends right in when off, and doesn’t distract the viewer during movie time.

A fireplace warms the room from the left, and a corner library offers entertainment for quiet evenings.

Pop art influences bring the kitchen to life. Bright color accents can completely change the effect of a neutral interior palette.

Bright red chairs really stand out against their grey backdrop.

Cabinetry remains on the natural neutral side, with the white cabinets picking up a tinted reflection of the wood floors.

Dark brown color schemes are a little easier to work with than the black and white examples that dominate this post. This room is accessible, beautiful, and still very creative.

Cheerful yellow shelves continue the natural theme – the sunshine to the earthy palette.

Walk-in closets are an art of their own. Wood gives each one a sophisticated personality of its own.

The tour includes two bathrooms. This one is decorated in rich coffee hues for a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The second bathroom is a little more luxurious. Marble floors and stone tile walls offer invaluable texture.

The steam room looks incredible. What a fantastic way to wind down after a stressful day! Its bright wood cladding certainly stands out from its black and white surroundings.

Visualizer: Mauricio Machado   

Can you believe the breathtaking floral beauty just outside this living room? With such an expertly tended vertical garden, it makes sense to keep the interior palette as simple as possible. It does borrow select accent colors from the verdant wall to enhance the effect, but very sparingly.

The open layout ensures that the wall remains a primary focal point that energizes the spirit throughout the day.

Violet and teal make up the bedroom’s sultry color palette. Like the living room theme, these deep colors reflect the view outside.

Enviable walk-in closets are a great place to find organization inspiration. This greyscale closet is certainly no different – everything has its place.

Visualizer: Vlad Kislenko   

Textural wall panels can transform flat black into a playground of light and shadow. This panel definitely draws the eye despite its subtlety. It’s an artful addition to an otherwise subdued home design.

A hazy glass door separates the kitchen from the living area, minimizing visual distraction in both spaces.

Clever lighting makes the kitchen look sharp and bright despite its dark cabinetry. The chandelier above the table is poised to impress.

White worktops are a wonderful compliment to dark cabinetry. Not only does it stand out, but it also makes the crucial task areas feel more brightly lit.

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July 1, 2016

The modern Dining Room has really evolved over the years and the simplicity of the furniture has transitioned with it. The Chorum modern dining tables from Blefakto are a perfect example of the less is more interior design scheme that seems to work so well with the high rise vertical housing boom and smaller dining rooms often present in today’s newer homes.  The Chorum really offers two totally contrasting visuals that really work quite well together. Such an understated top with a clean linear plane that almost goes unnoticed if you see it from the profile atop theses sculpted bases that are literally the exact opposite.

large thin wooden dining tables

chorum by belfakto

It is truly the bases here that draw such interest from this design and they really catch the eye. Choose from a variety of sizes and shapes including Round, Square or the Rectangle as shown. I think I would like a round table with a glass because it would be in proportion to the size of the surface and the glass top would allow you to see the base all the time.

Standard sizes:
Rect L 280, B 120 – 160, H 75 cm /
Rect L 110, W 49 – 67, H 30 inch
Round with 1 frame from Ø 49 – 67 inch
Square with 1 frame from 49 – 63 inch
Custom tables on request.

wooden base

Belfakto is no stranger to cutting edge designs and you should see their entire collection that has evolved over the past 50 years into one of our favorite collection. The ”dedication the wood, the passion to create something extraordinary and the pursuit of technical perfection motivate us” and we can see the love coming through in the final products. You can choose your personalized solid wood finish in extravagantly oiled or finely lacquered. Each is available in “natural” without color, “stained” with color or with a unique “raw wood effect” or with a protected surface.







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July 1, 2016

Designed by Dmitry Sheleg and ZROBYM Architects, this 280 square meter interior in Minsk attempts to shatter the stereotypes associated with industrial-influenced interiors while still embracing the features that make the style so popular with modern design fans. It maintains the mainstays of industrial decor such as the extensive use of unfinished concrete and exposed ductwork but makes a more comfortable impression thanks to its warm color theme and comfortable furniture choices. If you’ve been looking for a way to combine urban sensibilities and traditional accents, this interior is definitely work a look.

Texture rules this home design. Concrete cladding captures the eye with a mottled finish, while the distressed wood floors imitate the effects of age. Unfinished wood offers up organic warmth and soft textiles comfort the resident without sacrificing an ounce of contemporary style.

While many industrial inspired interiors stick to greyscale themes, this one embraces warm tones with a rich and layered oxidized finish. It’s a nice way to bring classic style to an otherwise ultra-modern theme.

The occasional spot of greenery also helps make this space more comfortable than the typical minimalist-modern industrial loft. Houseplants don’t overwhelm the original intent but rather soften it.

Chalkboard cabinetry looks so great here! Even without the writing and illustrations, the textural matte black surface looks right at home.

Tall ceilings are difficult to decorate. This space makes good use of exposed ductwork, smartly routed conduit, and creative lighting fixtures.

Wheels aren’t just a convenient choice for the dining table – they definitely contribute to the utilitarian industrial vibe as well. Midcentury chairs from Eames and Pauchard add just a touch of vintage charm.

Even the staircase gets on board with the theme thanks to stylish yet sturdy support cables.

Upstairs, the bedroom makes a strong first impression with chain link fence over exposed brick. A vertical garden reinforces the urban aesthetic.

The opposite side of the room remains simple to minimize distraction. The eye naturally rests on the soothing flicker of the fireplace, sure to lull the resident into a comfortable slumber.

Chain link even wraps around to the ceiling, providing a brilliant scaffold for moody Edison bulb pendants.

Overall, the bedroom remains surprisingly calm and versatile despite its bold industrial influence.

The office absolutely takes a few risks to achieve its technical aesthetic – the result is creative and engaging, but doesn’t overwhelm the eye or distract the resident from the important work to be done.

Geometric chairs clad in wood provide a comfortable meeting point for family or business guests, set against a dramatic backdrop of chain link over exposed concrete.

Colorful accents and artwork draw attention to the work area where a rivet-effect desk almost brings to mind an aeronautic aesthetic.

Storage begins on one side of the desk and wraps around top. The high areas might not be easy for just anyone to access, but it makes a nice out-of-the-way space to store rarely used materials.

The tour winds down with an extensive look at the innovative bathroom areas. The tub luxuriates between wraparound windows, seeming to float above the raised platform thanks to LED strips below.

Exposed brick, an oxidized barrel trash bin, and cinderblock-influenced shelving drive the theme home in a big way.

Despite the lack of artwork or obvious ornamentation, it would be difficult to call this bathroom minimalistic.

Do you remember the oxidized panels in the living room? The warm tone returns to smooth the transition from concrete to brick.

Although the interior architecture is impressive throughout the entire home, these spaces where the ceiling pulls away from the wall are especially inspiring.

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July 1, 2016

Wood is such a classic material, it might seem like there aren’t many ways to innovate anymore – at least not without embracing something completely outside the comfort zone of most decorators. This post hopes to challenge that concept by introducing eleven bedrooms that use creative wood walls to their advantage while remaining perfectly approachable at the same time. Whether you’re interested in textural wall panels, sleek contemporary designs, or something with a more traditional influence, this post should have something to inspire your next big renovation.

Visualizer: Basem Mohsen  

Romantic staging brings out the atmospheric potential of wood cladding in the bedroom. While many designers prefer varied or knotty wood varieties, this space makes good use of smooth rich tones that blend seamlessly.

Smart backlighting only enhances the effect, while the woven side table pendants offer a touch of contrast for a more organic appearance.

In fact, mood lighting can completely change the attitude of any material.

In some ways, metal is a natural contrast to lumber. One is wrought and machined from deep within the earth, while the other easily lends itself to decorative purposes with its organic beauty.

It’s hard to ignore the dynamic influence the lighting has over the headboard as well. Textural materials absolutely relish the interplay between shadow and light.

Visualizer: Phan Nguyen  

This next bedroom does embrace the variety of natural wood tones. Waves alternate between chocolate and honey. The sense of contrast and vertical alignment guide the eye toward the more decorative headboard wall and bed arrangement.

Blue-tinted geometric prints are a fundamental opposite to the wood cladding – it’s a striking effect.

It’s easy for floors to steal the thunder from wooden walls, but this desaturated choice ensures the emphasis remains where it belongs.

Visualizer: Max Solomka  

Thin vertical panels are another way to take advantage of all the textural possibilities wood cladding has to offer. It’s deep, modern, and likely to remain relevant for years to come.

Accent lighting draws even more attention to the depth, even in the daytime. Notice how the small interior window to the left uses a similar pattern and material choice.

Visualizer: Julio Cezar Pires   

Glossy wood walls are not a common choice, but it’s an effective and unique way to highlight the more translucent qualities of amber-toned varieties.

White cabinetry continues the glossy theme without flaw. The good news is that a highly polished wood finish would look just as lovely next to matte materials as it does other glossy selections.

Moving on from the wood elements, this director’s clapperboard alarm clock is a fabulous touch.

The headboard wall yields to reveal a spacious closet. The transition looks seamless from every angle.

A light wood desk and dark molded chair complement the wall panels perfectly. Enjoying a wide range of furniture is much easier when the room is based on a mixed palette.

If you thought high-gloss wood was risky, just remember how successful white gloss surfaces have been these past few years. It’s all about the effect.

Visualizer: Lê Hoàng Nhật Nam   

Designing a uniquely modern interior with such a traditional material requires a strong dose of creativity – and this bedroom has it. Industrial-inspired elements like the ceiling panels capture the eye with urban influence, while the variety of wood tones instills a more casual and classic aesthetic.

Headboard walls are always a great candidate for innovation. These vertical panels make a good match with the horizontal panels of the headboard proper.

Note the variety of tones found in the ceiling: black, gold, umber, russet, and more. It pulls together the varied shades found throughout the room.

The bed and central rug punctuate the room with a central oasis of relaxing teal and grey.

Visualizer: Olga Kondratiuk  

If you thought the previous bedrooms made great use of texture, check out this extremely creative application. White light catches the boards from above, while warmer tones from the pendants illuminate from below.

Matching wall-mounted side tables almost appear to float thanks to the voids behind them. It’s an interesting concept that does require some planning and construction, but it’s an unforgettable look.

Visualizer: Pavel Alekseev  

Many people are afraid to go with traditional wood tones in a cool-themed room because of its inherent warmth but this bedroom demonstrates how the right color proportion can change the effect of any accent. The wood offers a subtle contrast that helps the otherwise subtle greys pop out to great effect.

Do you live in a hot climate? Cool tones soothe the eye and the soul. Next to the blues, even the grey elements look frosty and comfortable. But what about cold climates? In this case, the blues become part of a nature-inspired palette.

Visualizer: Gunay Abbasova  

Back to simplicity – wide panels with thick borders draw attention to this headboard wall with ease. It’s clean, effective, and one of the less-expensive options of all the wooden bedroom themes so far.

Visualizer: Alexey Gulesha  

These wide panels have an even thinner border for an even more streamlined appeal. The wood bed platform and cantilever side tables pull the entire composition together.

Visualizer: Stoimen Mutovski   

Diagonal boards are much more difficult to install than the typical vertical or horizontal choices but the effect is so much more dynamic. The entire room seems to tilt and move.

Visualizer: KO+KO architects  

And finally, a mix between several styles highlighted here. Vertical and horizontal panels tilt and turn to play with the sunlight, with neat typographic artwork overlaid on top.

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July 1, 2016

Nordic home designs are just as diverse as any other style – the foundational elements definitely leave ample room for individuality, experimentation, and growth. Minimalism is more popular than ever but it’s not the only option out there by far. This charismatic interior by Koj Design demonstrates this important sense of aesthetic versatility extremely well. Take a quick scroll through this inspiring house tour to gather some fresh ideas for your own Nordic-inspired decor aspirations. Each room is different, so there are plenty of great techniques to enjoy and adapt.

Visualizer: Koj Design   

Although minimalism is a staple of “magazine Scandinavian” design, this home takes a more natural and realistic approach with interesting geometric themes and creative accessories that bring the interior to life.

Nothing about this interior feels too plain: from the geometric lights to the textile patterns, you’ll find plenty of character anywhere you look.

Many of the furniture choices are undeniably Nordic, like the Wishbone chairs by Danish designer Hans Wegner. Other pieces come from around the world, like the Modo chandelier from the Jason Miller design studio.

Eclectic artwork totally works in a home like this one. They stick to a primarily neutral palette to match the rest of the home, making the colorful artwork choices even more effective.

Here’s a peek at the tidy and well-organized entryway.

Although this home obviously has the flexibility to add built-in features, the leaning shelf is a great solution for renters and indecisive decorators. They’re versatile, quirky, and always fun.

Typographic details always draw the eye – like faces, text grabs attention immediately. The sign pointing toward the kitchen is an especially charming touch.

The compact kitchen benefits from smart organization techniques. Aren’t those spice and noodle jars attractive? Containers are a great way to free up space in the cabinets without compromising aesthetics.

Jar lights, tin planters, and wooden cladding create a rustic atmosphere on the cozy balcony.

Unique plants – although sometimes difficult to care for – always make a spectacular impression.

This bedroom has a lot going on – but in the best possible way. It has a tabletop garden that doubles as a bench, a study desk that doubles as a vanity, and a reading chair that doubles as space for guests to sit.

Grant Featherston may have been an Australian designer, but the sleek and smooth style of his Contour chair fits well within a Nordic-inspired interior.

Pegs and long cords make for the beginnings of a wonderful modular lighting system. This resident has added photographs for an even more personalized touch.

Serious work takes place in the office. It’s compact, but the expansive storage system ensures everything remains right within reach.

The shelves feature open backs to prevent the workspace from feeling too closed off from the world. Ambient lighting in the background surely calms the soul.

Blue and white is a popular color combination in Nordic-inspired design. In this bedroom, this palette pairs well with wood details to weave a free and natural theme.

Lacking storage space, this room makes great use of hanging racks to replace a bulky wardrobe or space-consuming closet.

Simple nature-inspired artwork completes the casual theme.

No home tour is truly complete without a quick look at the bathrooms! Wood and white make for a simple theme.

The second bathroom takes a more modern approach with hexagonal floor tiles, a smoothed concrete-clad tub, and eclectic wall patterns.

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July 1, 2016

It’s always a shame to cover up traditional features during a renovation – but the allure of fresh modern design is hard to pass up. This post looks at two attractive interiors that embrace the best of both worlds by preserving classic architectural details while decorating with stylish modern furniture and lighting features. The color themes and materials transcend eras for a totally integrated style that pays homage to the history of the buildings in which they reside. Both interiors are the result of collaboration between architects Slava Balbek & Artem Zavarzin.

Architect: Slava Balbek & Artem Zavarzin   

This living room is a fine example of modern decor within a subtly classic interior. Many of the traditional elements have been updated to suit the home’s new aesthetic – for example, the ceiling medallion is painted white, and the wall paneling is only preserved in select places (the grey wall to the extreme right, for example).

Even the floors are a crossover: the chevron arrangement is a timeless throwback, but light coloration and wide boards bring it right back up to speed. The chandelier is a midcentury design by Serge Mouille.

Harvest gold enjoyed its height of popularity in the 60s and 70s, but this modern kitchen demonstrates its potential staying power. It’s hard for any color to feel “outdated” within such a creative contemporary interior.

Desaturated artichoke green offers a cool contrast to the darker wood floor in the bedroom. This space also makes good use of traditional wall paneling, this time combined with industrial-inspired decor.

Glass panes integrate strong structural beams reminiscent of skyscraper windows, perfectly in line with this gentle approach to industrial appeal as embodied by the metallic wall lamps.

Just out of sight, beyond the glass panes, a freestanding tub awaits to wash away the worries of the day. The print imitates the ever-popular vertical garden effect. The pitch-black chandelier is easy to overlook but adds incredible ambiance.

Dark wood, luggage-style boxes, and gorgeous green glass add vintage charm to this beautiful walk-in. The chest of drawers is actually a more convenient alternative to deeper drawers when it comes to organizing accessories.

What an adorable bedroom! This is perhaps the most up-to-date room of them all; the paneled door is the only remaining hint of traditional interior architecture.

The cute chandelier, on the other hand, is a playful take on the early 1900s De Stijl color theme popularized by Piet Mondrian – except this design uses circles rather than Mondrian’s iconic squares.

Simple framing transforms an ordinary bunkbed design into an adorable little house with storage and room to play on the ground floor. Two beds occupy the first floor, and a bassinet keeps baby cozy near the wall.

The neat climbing wall must be a fantastic motivation for the young ones to finish homework so they can play and exercise. It’s an adorable room all around, and uses space so efficiently it’s hard not to take note of the layout.

Here’s a peek at the unique and stylish family bathroom. The shower and bathroom are distinguished by the transition from white to olive green, blurred by a rough strip where the colors mesh.

Black fixtures keep things simple yet undeniably dramatic.

The same black fixtures appear in the other bathroom as well. It has the same exact layout – in fact, this image could be an alternate design for the first bathroom.

It’s interesting to see how much of a difference a simple material and color swap can make. Almost everything else remains precisely the same.

Finally, the first tour ends with a look at the stylish laundry room. Broken tiles serve as a fascinating counter to the pristine new surfaces.

Designer: Alena Makagon, Artem Zavarzin, Alexander Ivasiv  

Classic wall paneling plays an even more important role in this otherwise contemporary interior. Decorative corners add just the right amount of ornament while colorful modern furniture really steals the show. Dramatic light fixtures are another recurring theme – here, the Full Moon Lamp by Cedric Ragot occupies a space in front of the large abstract print propped against the wall.

Curved shapes soften the bright and modern dining arrangement. The chairs are from the Ginger Ale collection by Roberto Lazzeroni, the same design from the first home featured in this post.

Glass doors and highly polished stone wall cladding flood the kitchen with light. It’s interesting to see how the classic elements like the chevron floor and paneled ceiling grasp more attention than the more restrained modern furniture.

Quirky colors and unique design bring this staircase to the next level. Held up by an Atlas-style statue, it follows the current themes popular in the alternative Aesthetic movement.

The interplay between tradition and contemporary design is strongest in the bedroom. The tiled fireplace almost blends into the white walls but holds its own as a stunning if subtle focal point.

A freestanding wardrobe conceals storage cabinets and provides a little privacy for the small office to the left. Encased by glass on all sides, it remains transparent enough to avoid casting excessive shadows.

The wall lamps continue the brass accent theme. The scissor arm is a classic touch, and makes it easy to adjust the direction for reading before bed.

Careful proportion is an important part of this interior decor composition. The off-balanced rugs, the perfectly sized artwork, and the low bed and side tables all work together beautifully.

Gorgeous! The bathroom definitely does transitional style exceptionally well. Art Deco inspired lighting combines with a classic vanity and freestanding tub in this fresh retreat.

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July 1, 2016

A master suite is your retreat. Where you rest your feet after a long day – curl up with a good book, or flick through the tv channels until you fall asleep. This space is more than a bed, it’s reflective of who you are. Here, we’ve put together 6 very different but equally stunning bedrooms that we’re sure will inspire you to revamp your space. It’s time to make your master suite your own – so scroll through, take some ideas, and run with them.

Visualizer: Olia Paliichuk  

The herringbone floors are a wonderful feminine touch in this space – and we love how the soft pink wall in the back reflects the undertones in the wood.

This space is clean, airy, and minimal. The tv stand is white and with clean lines, and the lamp is also very minimalistic. This really allows for the focus of the room to stay on the wood walls, flooring, and those giant windows.

The green rug is a great pop of color. This is a wonderful way to reenergize a space – a splash of color adds freshness and can revive some of your older pieces.

And take a look at this bathroom. We love the tile-work – which is also familiar and feminine like the bedroom space.

From here you can see that incredible soaker tub – and you can barely see that stunning glass show enclosure. It keeps the room nice and wide open and lets some of that warm light bounce off the surface.

Architect: Martin Architects   Designer: Olia Paliichuk  

This space relaxes you the moment you walk in with soft lighting, an airy feel, and beautiful finishes.

One of our favorite finishes in the room is on the walls – this beautiful texture that looks cracked and dripping paint is subtle yet a statement piece. We love how the light interacts with it, and how the chartreuse in the rug pops against the gray undertones.

We love the hanging lamps over the bedside tables. They are simple and have a bit of an industrial feel which really plays off the walls nicely.

We love the creation of nooks in this bedroom space. Whether it’s the nook that surrounds the bed, this reading area by the window, or that tucked away little vanity in the corner. They’ve gotten very creative with the space at hand.

This wonderful tile variation mimics that in the bedroom – and we love it. Very zen and relaxing.

The rest of the bathroom is clean and simple. We love how the vanity is minimalist and these big round sinks become the focal point.

While much of this space is geometric they’ve broken it down and made it softer with the round lamps, mirrors, and sinks.

Visualizer: I Max Studio  

Now this is a master suite. This room is absolutely decadent – from the plush furnishings to the gold flanked walls, and the massive gold leaf mirror.

Modern and opulent – this room ties in the old world charm of gold and brocade pattern with the geometric headboard, and minimalist bedside tables and dresser.

Besides the gold, this room is quite muted and subtle. From the gray-washed walls to the purple curtains and white accents – everything is light and airy.

Architect: VAVO Studio   Visualizer: Olmo Vlahovljak  

This place is very modern and minimalistic – and we love it. They’ve even ditched the idea of having shelves or even a dresser to hold some of the rooms details up – like the vase of the frame with candles. Instead they’ve opted for the floor, and we have to say – it works.

The painting, flanked by two bulbs with red hardware, is the focal point of the room. The bed is quite subdued and the white walls and just a canvas.

We love how the low to the ground bed is met with these objects on the floor. Everything about this room is very accessible and comfortable – despite being ultra modern. The approachability is refreshing.

Visualizer: Sequoia Design Studio  

The panels in this room are extraordinary. We love how they’re cut into different shapes, and how some are backlit. It adds a surprise element to the room, and warms it up.

The walls are a rich brown with this golden undertone, but the rest of the room is quite cool. The contrasting color pallet makes this space airy yet cozy.

The natural light pouring into the space is phenomenal. It brightens the entire room -which from here looks like a totally different space than when you look at the bed head on.

And finally – a closet you can only dream of. Spacious, organized, and filled with light – this would be the perfect place to get ready for the day ahead.

Visualizer: Lê Hoàng Nhật Nam  

This room is masculine yet comfortable – with plush finishes and cool colors, this master retreat is a great place to kick back and relax.

We love the lighting here at night – it’s got almost a purple-pink hue to it, and it really adds some dimension to this otherwise cool toned space.

During the day the natural light totally fills this room. We love how crisp and white the walls and shade are -because the blues and grays really pop off of it.

This lounge at the end of the bed looks super comfortable for reading a book, or just getting ready in the morning. Plus, it looks very sharp and we love how the lines mimic the accent wall in the back.

The closet space is roomy – and we love the built in shelf next to it, and besides the bedside table. It’s a great place to store your books or any treasures from your travels.

Looking towards the bed this room looks quite colorful, but looking out you see how those crisp white walls bounce all of that natural light back into the space.

It’s in the details. From the linens to the rug this space was designed down to the very last vase.

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July 1, 2016

To a child, even an ordinary bedroom can become a jungle, castle, doctor’s office, or anything in between. A blanket becomes a cave, a chair becomes a mountain… imagination is limitless! But these fun kids’ bedrooms go even further toward encouraging creativity and exploration with places to hide and things to climb, plus super-cute themes. Even parents are sure to find some of these ideas popping up in their home design sketches or renovation wish lists, especially some of the storage solutions and play areas. If you’ve been looking for unique bedroom inspiration for kids, you’ll love these five innovative examples.

Visualizer: Landusheva Nastia  

Let’s start with an incredible loft conversion designed with an adventurous little one in mind. The exposed brick and vaulted ceiling are enough to capture the attention of adult design fans, while the climbing rope and fun details will make kids beg for a bedroom renovation.

A tipi and train track offer endless opportunities for imaginative play, while the climbing rope encourages exercise and adventure.

Other parts of the room look sophisticated enough for adults to enjoy as well – parents can likely use this desk to catch up on work while watching the kids play.

A nook near the window looks out onto the city below. Little ones can use the inspiration they see to complete fabulous works of art on the chalkboard to the right.

While the rest of the room is wonderfully open and airy, the bed nook feels much more cozy and private – it’s a little darker than the rest of the room so the young resident can sleep in on the weekend.

Visualizer: Max Shpak   

Two children, one bedroom, but plenty of style to go around – this space uses a creative layout to accommodate both kids while preserving as much play space as possible. Plus, who couldn’t love a comic-themed kids’ room? Batman and Superman are such a fun theme, especially considering the super hero renaissance.

Almost all of the built-in furniture pieces include hidden storage areas to help keep the room neat and tidy. The overhead cabinets work well for seasonal storage, while the under-bed drawers are ideal for school clothes.

This adorable Captain America themed jungle gym offers several ways to work out some energy. Kids can climb the ladder, the rope, hang from the handles, or jump down and start all over again.

Of course, life isn’t all about super heroes and jungle gym time. This neat dual desk ensures both youngsters can complete their homework side-by-side with an inspiring view of the yard.

Visualizer: Oleh Vynarchyk  

Bold colors and cool built-in features make this kid’s room special. Even though it’s not as spacious or as extravagant as the previous bedrooms, bright colors and comfortable furniture make it feel like a welcoming place to a child rather than just a place to sleep.

Is this curious little frog the inspiration for the color theme, or did the theme influence the frog choice? It’s just too cute! He matches so well! Choosing art for a room this bold surely isn’t easy, but kids probably aren’t too picky.

An adorable white house shape surrounds the television and the clock, its white picket fence continuing along the wall to serve as a creative row of shelves.

Visualizer: FINE DESIGN   

Pink decor and pretty accents are sure to inspire envy in parents who may have never fully outgrown their inner princess. It’s a very sophisticated space for a young child, complete with oversized pillows and sparkling gold accents for just a subtle hint of luxury. The stripe of LED lighting surely sets the atmosphere for amazing sleepover parties.

Tall cabinets make storage and cleanup a breeze. One of the doors is clad with a full-length mirror, surely a favorite feature for costume making or fashion shows.

With very little distraction, the desk is sure to offer a peaceful environment for study. The child-sized floor lamp is an especially cute touch.

This young occupant just might grow up to appreciate classic design just as much as the parents do – especially with this rocking chair designed by Charles and Ray Eames.

Finally, after all the homework is completed and packed away, it’s finally time to enjoy a little television time before dinner. This media cabinet is just the right size for the room.

Visualizer: HOMESTYLER .VN   

What an incredible bedroom! This space transformed a central support beam into the perfect little treehouse for the young resident to play inside. In fact, the entire bedroom seems themed around a neighborhood motif, with potted trees and mock storefronts and even a lush rug made to look like verdant grass.

The tree house covers three stories, with private rooms and open decks to facilitate all types of fun playtime scenarios. Lights hang down on all sides and mimic the shape of wild vines or dripping rays of sunlight.

Even the storage wall implements creative and whimsical details. Toys reside in their own little shopfronts, with room for just about everything else stretching to the ceiling above.

As if the room didn’t inspire enough creativity on its own, this chalkboard wall allows the young resident to draw or write out some of the stories after a play session.

It’s not just a display of architectural ingenuity – precious teddy bears, precious objects, and plenty of cheery plants surround the young resident.

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July 1, 2016

How many ways could you think to decorate the same 24 square meter apartment? Martin Architects set the stage with a tidy layout, and designer Landusheva Nastia took to the drawing board to explore a range of styles that would work well with the interior. The results are fun to see! The first interior employs bold retro and industrial themes in bright colors. The second enjoys a casual, cute, and Scandinavian-inspired style with plum accents. Both offer worthwhile design and organization ideas on their own – but these studies make an important point about how flexible even the smallest apartments can be.

The first interior design makes waves with a bold tangerine accent wall – an adventurous style for such a small apartment. Organic decor like floral prints and wicker lights bring a little nature into the interior, a fun contrast to an apartment with otherwise urban and industrial background.

Retro-inspired furniture takes queues from the adventurous “atomic era” side of mid-century design, a playful throwback to the days of exaggerated angles and almost cubist forms.

The bed is tucked away into a cove with a tall curtain to provide privacy when needed. A single step leads up to the platform, upholstered to double as a comfortable bench for guests.

In fact, the entire rear wall of the bedroom luxuriates in rich rolled fabric. It must make a comfortable backrest for late-night reading.

Rather than opting for a studio layout, the designer chose to divide the living room and kitchen with a thin wall and sliding door – this provides a mounting point for the television on one side, and artwork on the other.

Same apartment, different personality and atmosphere. This charming interior features strong Scandinavian influences like clean white walls and painted floors along with plenty of warm details. It’s a more laid-back style – notice how this interpretation includes a knit pouf rather than the stylish chair, paintings on the floor rather than the walls, and table askew rather than perfectly aligned.

It still has a touch of industrial flavor by way of carefully routed cords along the ceiling, showing that even building-specific details aren’t enough to override such a complete decor transformation.

Just look at the gorgeous layering of texture! Chunky knits are a fun and versatile trend to consider. Knit fabric even adorns the headboard wall in the bed niche. This would be a wonderful place to snuggle up on a cold day.

The chandelier is an amazing work of art by Lindsey Adelman – an amazing focal point for an otherwise simple apartment design. The gorgeous sliding door to the right leads to the kitchen.

Despite its layout remaining identical to the previous apartment, the Scandinavian influence shines brightly in this one thanks to white painted cabinetry and light floors.

This pegboard wall is such a neat idea! With plenty of DIY potential, it offers a configurable solution to storage and decoration. All you need is pegboard, dowels, and some repurposed pieces of wood to serve as shelves.

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July 1, 2016

It has always been said that the two rooms that are the most detailed and decorated in pretty much any home are the kitchen and bathrooms. Now every home has only one kitchen but often 2, 3 or more bathrooms including full and partials. Doing a unique concept in each one is a great way to show off your personal likes and hobbies and theme rooms have really become more and more prominent. With that some awesome high style bathroom furniture and vanity combinations have graced the list of awesome options at your disposal when doing your interior scheme. The Music Vanity from Devon&Devon is one such piece and is set in the time of the Roaring Twenties when elegance was far from being displaced by the cheaper and faster furnishings we see too often today.

classic bathorrm vanity

retro furniture designs

The color combination and art deco shaping of the Music vanity reminds us of a time of distinct design, music, frivolity and the dreams of success where the rage as outlined by F S Fitzgerald. This elegant style includes rounded corners, slim legs, rich black granite and smooth surfaces that mimic the shape of a vintage piano. The contrasting black and white is timeless and perfect for the visual statement that has been made here

birchwood bathroom furniture

The vanity s also available in a birch veneer cabinet in deep black, warm grey, pure white, cream, blue violet, red, fango or prune that also offers a classical fascination and glamour. Other quality features include spacious large drawers with soft-close, top and back splash in deep black granite, and  Rose white ceramic under counter wash basin that is also available in black. See more awesome things from Devon&Devon of Italy here.

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July 1, 2016

In our past we have certainty revealed our fair share of stunning kitchen designs and most of them modern, but we really love a well done traditional style as well. The Kelly from Snaidero is a marriage of old world charm and modern practicality that incorporates some of the fixtures from the new Passpartout collection. Nice finishing touches include detailed corner decorations, inner shelving equipped with back lighting that illuminate both up and downward. This collaboration with designer Massimo Iosa Ghini  who has worked with Snaidero in the past weighed the stylistic choices like the framed door with integrated channeled ledges that is clean cut and chiseled to represent the old world craftsmanship of the past.

The contrast of the black marble counter tops and back splash really pop and create visual definition especially off of the white cabinetry and flooring. The underlying accents of gold in the corner decoration, vent hood and other appointments adds a nice touch of class and breaks up the black and white. I will say the floor here is absolutely gorgeous and ties the entire room together in a well-orchestrated look that extend right to the ceiling which features a contrasting finish that definitely offers a nice touch of class.

white room designs

island with black marble top

This look needs a great light to do it justice and the chandelier style seen here over the island is a bit bold for a kitchen setting unless you have a high style design like the Kelly. This hanging light looks right at home here despite its rather ornate and formal appearance which may usually be reserved for a formal dining room. The right lighting can make or break a room and should include dimming capability so you can set the right mood for every occasion. For more inspiration see a recent post we did on 100 Kitchen Design Ideas here.

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