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August 30, 2016

Half the allure of modern work is a gorgeous office – wide, open-paned, light – a great space for thinking. Why would your home workspace be any different? These twenty-five inspiring workspaces can open your mind and your options, creating a view to look forward to each morning. Designed within space restrictions or as part of a bedroom, these examples from across the world have white space in mind. Think light, think airy, think IKEA. Think pops of colour that add focal points to clean spaces. Think functionality, drawers and ladders, workspaces that are both well-thought-out and daring. Find inspiration and clear the mind with these beautifully-productive workspace designs.

Visualizer: Michael Nowak  

Clear, white ceilings allow bubblegum red and ocean blue to dramatically border this minimalistic office design.

Visualizer: Diffuse Virtual  

Oscillating, near-clashing patterns add interest across bare white walls.

Visualizer: Leu Khanh  

Three wood variants, framed by black and white, introduce character to a light and airy space.

Visualizer: Bartosz Domiczek & Szymon Tworz  

A circle of rectangular, monochromatic portraits create a focal point next to a skylight.

Visualizer: Elena V Nedelcmu  

Three tiers of white shelving differentiate the workspace from a black-and-silver tripod stand.

Visualizer: Vasill Pastryhan  

Colour creates a calming feature wall in shades of teal, complemented by an earthy fawn chair.

Architect: Studio Wills + Architects  

Structured charcoal shelves and desks are made voluminous via Roman blinds and plant life.

Visualizer: Evermotion  

White-washed interiors with white, panelled flooring is reminiscent of times at beach baches.

Visualizer: Sasha Hamolin & ZROBYM architects  

A simple black-and-white screensaver can act as the central element of a minimalistic room.

Visualizer: Julien Stiévenard  

French windows and clean spaces highlight tiered pot plants, fur-laden chairs and woollen crop-ring mats, in this fresh-looking workspace.

Visualizer: Marcin Kasperski  

Two-roomed workspaces can create depth through mirroring similar elements. Square black bookcases frame the inner room and outer walls, with hanging glass lights and ornaments adding personality.

Visualizer: RNDR Studio  

Two angles of a room show how different shapes give different effects. White, rectangular spaces are peopled with colourful books and finished with a skylight.

Visualizer: Pixel Guardian  

Elongated surfaces give the illusion of space, bordered by black and white photography.

Visualizer: RNDR Studio  

Long, corridor-spaces can act as an office too, as this stone floor and mahogany-desked workspace shows. The bookcase creates both space and interest.

Visualizer: Anastasiia Andreichenko  

An artist’s workspace has different needs. Canvases can fit in the corner of this workspace, where monochrome inspiration fills the walls and white and wood creates breathing space.

Visualizer: helmie halim  

This office inlet allows the creation of a new space. Work necessities find their home in a grid upon the wall, reflected in the grain of the chair.

Visualizer: Thomas Deffet  

Offices for two can sit in a larger room. Mild charcoal walls and simple furniture are elevated by a complex-patterned wooden floor.

Light, bright walls and rooms can afford bolder patterns. In this workspace, bold black and brown chairs are grounded by a striking striped rug.

Source: Bolia  

Windows and ladders act as the sole feature in this compact, teak and white-walled office.

Source: Bolia  

A similar effect is shown in this wall-shelved workspace design, with a wooden hula-hoop introducing an element of play.

Designer: Nordico  

A background feature can play a central part in integrating a room’s elements. Stencilled birdcages and shelving are crucial to a seemingly standard design.

Visualizer: aTng 糖  

Workspaces next to beds can work, with the help of white space, inspirational quotes and a designated corner.

Visualizer: aTng 糖  

A pop of colour with a lemon cabinet transforms office staples into supporting characters, for artistic play.

Visualizer: Sachin Mahajan  

People portraits introduce the human into an often solitary task.

Visualizer: Denis Khramov  

Mirrored rooms with wide shaded windows offer green relief to a clear and mindful space.

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August 30, 2016

Organizing can be fun! Whether you’re searching for creative storage solutions out of necessity or decorative desire, this post can help you find unique pieces that you probably won’t find at your local furniture store. We’ve compiled a list of wonderfully distinctive shelves ranging from super-modern choices for minimalist or industrial interiors to charming rustic options for cottage styles and Scandinavian-inspired homes. You’ll find neat selections for every room in the house – kitchen, living room, office, and there are even a few geeky and novelty shelves for the game room or home theater.

Buy It: $257   

Fishbone Shelf: This collection is artistic, modular, and flexible. Rotate the shelves whichever way you’d like – the unique shape embraces books from any angle. These would look wonderful within a modern Scandinavian style interior.

Buy It: $35   

Supershelf – Superman Metal Floating Shelf: Do you need an extra shelf for your comic room? Books hide the shelf unit and the superman cutout attaches magnetically.

Buy It: $35   

Supershelf – Superwoman Metal Floating Shelf: Here’s a shelf in the same style, this time featuring a super tough super woman. Pair with your other comic book decor or give as a gift to show appreciation for the woman in your life who manages to do it all.

Buy It: $40 for 2   

Invisible Book Shelf: Have you ever wondered how these “floating” bookshelves work? Simply slide the shelf inside of a large and sturdy book, and slip the bottom cover into the tiny hooks that sit flush against the wall to prevent the cover from hanging.

Buy It: $49   

Adjustable Perforated Shelf: Combining chic Nordic influence with a slight industrial edge, this modular shelving system is an easy way to add color and expand storage at the same time. Each set includes two shelves but adding more is easy with the unique connection system.

Buy It: $139   

Diamond Cross Planes Shelf: Interiors designed around geometric patterns could totally make great use of this shelf! Three tiers offer plenty of room for small potted plants and books.

Buy It: $50   

Metal Shelf With Wood Planter: Planters and shelves always make a great combination! This simple framed-in shelf would add a nice decorative touch for a minimalist interior.

Buy It: $100   

Fire Escape Shelf: Are you looking for a touch of the city in your suburban home, or maybe want to embrace your industrial side? This fire escape shelf is a great place to start. Stack multiple shelves to create skyscrapers right in your own home.

Buy It: $79   

Peak Shelf: Gold accents add instant elegance to any room. This streamlined shelf catches attention from miles away while maintaining a low-profile form appropriate for smaller spaces.

Buy It: $159   

Brisbane Wood Storage System: Super-adjustable pegboard shelves accommodate accessories and electronics of any size. Unlike other modular wall systems, you could reconfigure this one on the fly.

Buy It: $89   

Hexagonal Wooden Shelves: This fresh honeycomb would look equally at home in a minimalist, geometry-themed, or Scandinavian modern interior.

Buy It: $96   

Triangular Floating Shelves: Asymmetrical decor is a great way to break up the rigidity of a geometric decor theme. As this image illustrates, it’s easy to further accent the shelf by tucking baubles or ornaments inside the triangle.

Buy It: $72   

3 Triangular Shelves: Clear oil finish brings out the grain on the outer edges of these adorable triangular shelves. The insides remain unfinished just in case you feel like adding a splash of color to your interior with a little DIY customization.

Buy It: $22   

Minimalist Square Shelves: It doesn’t get much simpler than this. These square shelves capture attention with their thick and attractive frames, with plenty of room to store items on top and inside. Each set includes all three sizes and they’re available in black too.

Buy It: $39   

Modern Intersecting Shelves: Do you love the bold framing of the previous shelves but want something a little more decorative? These intersecting squares offer just a little more visual interest. The smaller niches would be perfect for tiny air plants.

Buy It: $127   

Simple Modern Wall Shelf: Available in every color of the rainbow, these shelves are just what you need to bring your favorite color theme to the walls.

Buy It: $72   

Nexera Next Wall Shelf: Enjoy the look of open and closed shelving with a single piece thanks to this unique sliding door. This shelf is ideal for a messy entertainment area or home office.

Buy It: $415   

Floating Corner Shelf: There are two ways to hang this versatile shelf! Unlike other corner shelves, this one can also wrap around the corner itself – a great solution for complicated spaces.

Buy It: $286   

USA Bookshelf: Travelers can use this USA-shaped shelf to display keepsakes from every region they’ve visited. This piece would look right at home in a vintage or rustic style interior.

Buy It: $48   

Mountain Wall Shelf: This is definitely a great choice for a rustic or cottage interior style – of course, the wire backing could enhance an industrial interior as well.

Buy It: $48   

Kids’ Wall Shelves: Check out these adorable dip-painted teepee shelves! Available in a variety of pastel hues, these are sure to fit within any whimsical children’s room. But even adults might find these too sweet to pass up for a themed room.

Buy It: $299   

Storyline Bookshelf: Shaped like a skyline, this shelf would definitely add a touch of abstract interest to a minimalistic or futurist style home. Plus, perfectionists with a little extra time can make sure all their differently sized books form a straight line.

Buy It: $235   

New York Skyline Shelf: Here’s another skyline themed bookshelf for the New Yorker in all of us. This is definitely a statement piece. Each one is carved from solid wood and manufactured in Italy.

Buy It: $15   

3D Eagle Sculpted Wall Shelf: Incredibly detailed, this bald eagle wall shelf would make a lovely gift for a birder, conservationist, or an especially patriotic American. This might look neat in a rustic styled home or even a motorcycle shop.

Buy It: $130   

Whale Shelf: Cute! This artsy whale is made from metal and distressed wood with colorful patterns, awesome for a craft room or a cottage-style household.

Buy It: $90   

Rustic Floating Shelf: Complete with a wine glass rack, this shelf is just begging to complement your rustic kitchen or formal dining room. Grow small potted herbs or store your spices on the shelf above.

Buy It: $45   

Shabby Chic Shelf: Here’s another neat wooden shelf for the kitchen, this time with a distressed look. Hooks make it easy to display your favorite mugs proudly.

Buy It: $46   

Rustic Kitchen Wall Shelf: Another great multipurpose pick! This one includes a towel holder, but you could easily add hooks for mugs or utensils or other hanging items.

Buy It: $49   

Small Steampunk Shelf: Even the bathroom can benefit from creative shelves! This neat steampunk construction easily holds a roll of tissue, but the upper portion would be a nice home for spare rolls or a nice scented candle.

Buy It: $149   

Stylish Floating Shelf With Edison Lamp: Can you imagine a more perfect shelf for a small entryway or bedroom? Magnets serve as a low-profile key catch, the warm Edison bulb casts soft illumination, and the shelf features a convenient groove to hold your phone in place.

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August 30, 2016

How do you tie rooms in a living space together, without appearing kitsch or too-perfectly-matching? This apartment by Lugerin Igor of Lugerin Architects shows how a few well-thought-out design themes can lend balance and harmony to your room transitions. Interestingly-placed pieces, unusual materials in muted hues and stand-out details in each room lend your apartment the vogue of one in a magazine, without revealing the work behind the scenes. Undertone patterns and common background colours add a finishing touch, letting bolder colours take centre stage and contrasts take effect.

The first sight of the interior-designed living room is a unified example of how to bring several themes together in one space. Complementary orange and sky-blue tones are back-dropped by tones of living green, while a dark wood staircase adds grounding to the room. A lightly-patterned rug adds conversation between the elements. Round bauble lighting mimics the lines of the table.

To offer a breath between each space, the hallway is shown in muted tones, with a green vertical table referencing the dramatic colours of the preceding room.

The television room is modelled off the living room – bold couches, lightly patterned rug, and stencil features – but adds its own twist with oblong and square motifs. The artwork on the right exemplifies this approach – a similar frame can hold a bright orange theme, but only if enough white breathing space exists around it.

Further from the living room, muted whites with stencil artwork help the cupboards lend space to the bright orange and sky-blue couches. The light wood benchtop mimics the hallway.

The versatile theme of stencils continues across the master bedroom and bathroom, where it takes on a different nature. In the bedroom, softer hues and headboard patterns dominate, while the sky-blue rug adds a cloud underneath the place for dreamtime. The bathroom offers a soft green as a counterpart to the master bedroom’s blue, creating a segue between the two with a midway tile design.

Finishing touches throughout the apartment show how a level of detail can add the quality of afterthought to a home’s design. In another angle of the television room, a stencil light comes to greet visitors, while the box effect in the same room acts as a handy partition for the office. The office and lounge, two polar sides of the apartment, are linked by the same type of plant in their corners.

The cloud theme is also carried across the bedrooms. While the master bedroom only hints at the cloud metaphor, the child’s bedroom is more overt, with painted clouds handing above sleeping heads. ‘X’ motifs are the feature star in this room, and are replicated across detailing along the wide wall, bedside table and duvet, still linked to the remainder of the home through light stencilling detail appropriate for a child’s bedroom. Pinky, terracotta themes add character and softness to this room, and are easily replicated in the ensuite, which adds a touch of the same hue to a side wall, resembling the painting in the television room.

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August 30, 2016

Are you an oenophile? If you’re as obsessed with wine as these homeowners, you’ll soak up every last detail of these wine storage solutions. Some designers have incorporated the wine storage into the living spaces and use them as room separators. Other designers have gone all out and made the wine bottles the center of a kitchen or entryway. From hiding your wine collection under your stairs, to placing your bottles in a cabinet that blends in with other appliances, these wine storage ideas are inspiring. Keep scrolling to see basement wine cellars which can be seen from upstairs through glass floors!

Visualizer: Oleksii Karman  

This natural wood wine storage wall is the highlight of the dining room. The same material is used with the cabinets in the kitchen to bring it all together. Spotlights make it front-and-center.

Visualizer: E3A  

This living room and kitchen floor plan is separated slightly by the white wine tower. Circular holes are cut all the way through and hold bottles perfectly. The design is also followed through above the kitchen cabinets.

Designer: 081 Architects (Left) & Teresa Sapey (Right)  

A little bit different than the circular wine storage in the previous image, this wall doesn’t have holes cut all the way through it. Instead, rounded holes with backs hold more than one bottle of wine. The circles are in different shapes, allowing different sized bottles to be held.

Visualizer: Andriy Voskolovich  

The backs of steps don’t have to be bland. This wine storage solution illuminates the unique floating stairs while serving a purpose.

Architect: Kevin Howard Architects  

These wine bottles are stored alongside both sides of a wine cellar under steps in a loft-space. The exposed brick adds an industrial feel to the space and spotlights illuminate valuable bottles.

Architect: Brandon Architects  

The first thing you’ll notice when you walk into this entryway is the exquisite wine room. Glass and lights grab your attention to the stacks of bottles. The white sleek style of the stairs and design make the cellar even more dramatic.

Under the steps in this home there are lots of hidden treasures. The dark gray cabinets look unassuming until you open them. There is a freezer drawer and above it a space for wine.

Architect: PLASTE[R]LINA   Visualizer: Jan Wadim  

Wine bottles are artfully stuck between the different spaces of this honeycomb design. The wall makes a statement and also serves a purpose. The colors tie in perfectly with the abstract painting.

Visualizer: Le Anh  

Instead of keeping their wine bottles in a cellar or allowing them to separate a space, these homeowners allow them to be the center of their dining room. The back wall highlights the bottles and creates a fun texture up the wall.

Visualizer: Felipe Walter  

An ultra modern space like this is made complete with the towering acrylic wine tower. The see-through material keeps the attention on the wine bottles, which appear to be floating. This accent keeps the room open, but divides up the dining space from the rest of the design.

Visualizer: Sachin Mahajan  

Similar to the image before it, this wine tower is made of a see-through material. The wall separates the dining and living space. The tall element bring the eye upward and draws attention to the art around the room.

Visualizer: INT2 Architecture  

Wine doesn’t always have to be on display. This fun storage solution keeps your bottles close by and organized. The wine storage is hidden beneath the bar and there are numbers below each bottle.

Visualizer: Konstantin Kildinov  

This built-in wine rack looks like it’s within an ornate frame. The different “frames” around it draw your attention to the middle. Having the bottles face bottom first also creates congruency.

Visualizer: Alex Turner  

Wine racks can be created by using all different types of materials. Your only limit is your imagination! This fun rack is made of PVC pipes. The light from the window creates a fun hue when it hits the different bottles.

Instead of laying bottles of wine within a circular holder, this space has vertical shelves to hold them. The end result is wall art, which also serves a purpose!

Buy It: Anthony Kalambet  

Don’t see a wine cellar? Look harder. The glass floor leads you to the underground wine cellar. The use of greenery hanging above it creates a fun play on shapes. The straight lines in this modern home are broken up by the organic nature of the greens hanging.

Source: Spiral Cellars  

This wine space is one of the coolest you’ll ever see! The rounded glass window built into the floor lifts to reveal a spiral staircase. The staircase leads you down into the owner’s personal wine cellar. The lighting of the cellar in a dark room makes it even more inspiring.

Designer: Beckwith Interiors  

This may be one of the craziest living rooms you’ll ever see! Below the refined formal space is a glass floor. The floor reveals a wine cellar. The cellar has acrylic shelves which hold the wine bottles. It really looks cool when it is black lit!

Source: KBC Developments  

A kitchen continues to flow into the hall space when the glass-like wine wall is added. Other elements, like the skylights and floor accent make it flow with the aesthetics of the space effortlessly.

This wine rack isn’t from a video game, but it looks like it could be in one! The squares have a giga-bite affect on the wall. Different bottles are placed in the square holes.

Designer: Iron Design Company  

The curved flaps of this white wall accent fit bottles of wine perfectly. The end result is a wall piece that looks like the bottles are rolling down the wall!

It’s OK if you don’t have a lot of space to dedicate to your wine collection. Instead of redoing an entire wing of your home, purchase this Don Vino Winerack table. Holding just enough bottles for a starter collection, this table is fun and stylish.

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August 30, 2016

When designing a space how do you use bright colors while making the home cozy? These three apartments embrace unique color schemes but still look inviting and warm. Shades like red, blue, and green are all used in moderation against other neutrals. Two of the three apartments embraced wall colors. By painting the walls, the spaces were given a backdrop of color to build upon. The last home opted to add a colorful rug and other accessories. Materials used also added to the “cozy” factor. Leather couches, tweed furniture, and blankets make the living rooms a place you don’t want to leave!

Visualizer: Dmitry Tisnoguz  

This stylish living room is made up of two parts-the living space and the dining space. The metal pendents above the dining table zone it as a different space and so does the platform. The green wall matches the greenery in the corner.

There’s no need to add extra frilly accents in this apartment. The black television and red shelving above are simple and minimal. Red art pieces and trendy speakers make the room perfect for a man in his early twenties.

Looking from the kitchen to the living room and dining room, you can see there are stainless steel barstools and a wine rack. The barstools are worked into the rest of the room by having red cushions added to them.

A green wall is risky in a smaller space but it works in this home. By adding the light wood wall and white wall the green isn’t too dominate.

Bright white chairs contrast with the natural wood grain of the walls and black pendents above the dining table. The pop of color in this room is the flower arrangement in the center of the table.

A kitchen such as this one can be described as eclectic. There is a green wall, dark wood wall, gray wall, and mixed color cabinets. All the muted colors work together and the red stands out on the cabinet and pendent lights.

More red is brought into this small kitchen with the cabinet on the other side of the room and the red pot on the stove. The tiling is honeycombed and interesting. By keeping it neutral, it works.

Visualizer: Dmitry Tisnoguz  

This next space is a two level apartment in Nizhny Novgorod. Even though it’s tight, the colors and use of different wall colors make it look larger. Your eye is drawn to the back of the room, which makes it seem longer. There are wooden shelves that go up to the ceiling and hold accents.

Storage runs alongside the wall and gives the homeowner a chance to hide away books or other items. The gray couch is simple, but accented with the red legged coffee table and greenery behind it.

Blue walls don’t make this room feel too closed in. By painting the two doors in the room blue, the walls seem to stretch out. Under-the-cabinet lighting is used to break up the monotony of the kitchen.

From this photograph, you can see the blue door contrasts well with the red cushions on the barstools. The tiled floor is quirky.

The top of the cabinets in a kitchen don’t always have to match the bottom! In this kitchen, the bottom set is black and the top is brown. The look is contrasting and fun. It’s brought together by the honeycomb floor tile. The white wall behind the cabinets lightens up the rest of the room.

An entryway can hold multiple things for you! This storage system works all the way around the door. Instead of taking up too much floor space, everything is stored vertically. Having spotlights on it makes it feel like an art piece of its own.

This master bedroom allows the accents to bring the bright colors into the space. There is a green accent wall above the bed which is then accented by modern art. A red side table on one side adds a pop of color. The rest of the room is neutral.

This bedroom is cozy and cute. The black bookshelf makes you look deeper into the room. Although it’s narrow, it’s set up to make the most of the space. A TV is mounted on the wall to give the owner more foot room.

Sometimes in a smaller home you have to make rooms work double duty. This bedroom is also an office. You can see the back wall has a desk and bookshelves. it’s best that this space is separate from the bed and other zones in the room.

Quirky accents like these orange and yellow birds make this home playful and not too serious. Although it has excellent design, it’s not too pretentious to have a laugh.

A child’s bedroom can be a room and an office. This space has both sides of the room painted a bright teal. This color is then accented with a yellow chair. An educational and visually interesting map of the world is above the small bed.

Another angle of the bedroom shows fun hanging lights and the perfect place to complete homework. There is a typography art print of the alphabet which also brings in more colors like yellow, green, and orange.

A small lego creation reminds the kids to have fun and always be learning in this space.

The bathroom has a base of white tile and then adds moody grays and books for color accents.

In this image, you can see that above the toilet there is a built-in shelving space. Brightly bound books are placed on it as well as a small planter. These things add color and interest to the bathroom.

Designer: Phuong Vo  

Gray walls in this colorful apartment are balanced by a fun rug and a red accent chair. Two pieces of art are hung on one side of the room and a gold pendent balances the rest out.

When looking back the other direction, you can see that there is a white media wall that houses the T.V. The wooden shelf under it matches the wooden doors to the rest of the home. The most colorful item in the space is the rug.

Instead of adding a light that took away from the view outdoors, the designer chose to use a metal pendent that allowed light to flow through it. The darkness of the left wall contacts with the white wall on the right side. It’s all brought together by the natural light and fun rug.

This kitchen uses canned lighting to draw your attention upwards to the higher ceiling. The view from outside carries into this space and adds green colors to the white kitchen. There’s enough room to sneak in a nice table and chairs with a light above it.

A bedroom that’s tiny doesn’t have to be crowded. This bedroom proves that you can make the most of your space. The bed is off to one side so the homeowner can access their closet.

Another apartment bedroom has a vast white space above the bed. This is accented then with floating shelves and brightly colored accents. Light from the large windows is reflected by the white closet on the right side.

Lastly, a small TV is mounted across from the bed so the owner can relax and enjoy a show in the evening. The wooden door contrasts well with the white closet system.

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August 30, 2016

Bookends are a fabulous way to decorate a home library so that it matches your interior. While many book collections look somewhat eclectic on their own, the right combination of ornaments and bookends can bring the entire room back in line with your chosen aesthetic. The first half of this post is dedicated to pop culture and geeky themes, and the second half covers serious choices for a variety of decor styles. Whether you’re looking for housewarming gifts or just want to tidy up your office or reading nook, we hope this collection will offer a variety of bookends to suit your needs.

Buy It: $65 each   

Game of Thrones Bookend: Hand-painted and exceptionally intricate, this Game of Thrones bookend could easily stand by itself as a collectible decoration. Each purchase only includes one so you can pair this with one of the other 7″ GoT bookend.

Buy It: $120   

Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs Bookends: Each purchase includes all three bookends – each one stands 7 inches tall, and when placed together, the combination immediately grabs attention at over one foot long.

Buy It: $68   

Game of Thrones Direwolf Bookends: Guard your George R. R. Martin collection with these handsome “carved” direwolves, representative of the Stark family. Their classic design doesn’t scream “memorabilia” which makes them versatile in any setting.

Buy It: From $30   

Lord of the Rings The Argonath Bookends: Now let’s move into some LoTR goodies! These statues feature the dramatic Gates of Argonath that stand on either side of the river Anduin. These were originally packaged with a special edition DVD set, so these would make a great gift for anyone who loves hard-to-find collectibles.

Buy It: From $54   

The Hobbit Bookends: These resin bookends originated from a limited edition Bluray set ($155) featuring The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. This is another hard-to-find collectible considering the limited run of the Bluray set.

Buy It: $195   

Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Bookends: How gorgeous! These bookends are hand painted in incredible detail. The idea is rather clever too, creating the illusion that the Hogwarts Express is exiting a tunnel that runs from one side of your Harry Potter book collection to the other.

Buy It: $33   

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Basilisk Bookend: Hand painted detail stands out with enough beauty to serve as a standalone statue or a bookend. This bookend is sure to please longtime Harry Potter fans, especially the ones fascinated by the mythological creatures found throughout the series.

Buy It: $36   

Dragon Bookends: But what about bookends for fans of fantasy in general? These dragon bookends could pair well with a number of series. Fans of gothic decor or medieval themes may also find these to be a neat addition to any bookshelf.

Buy It: $25   

Medieval Knights Bookends: Standing at 8 inches tall and weighing almost two pounds, these intricate knights will dazzle with their highly detailed battle armor and bronze detailing.

Buy It: $14   

Katana Sword Bookends: Do you know somebody who would love to be a ninja? These magnetic bookends hide within the cover of your favorite books, and the katana blade and handle attach magnetically.

Buy It: $70   

Star Wars Stormtrooper Bookends: Although some may argue that Stormtroopers were somewhat incompetent compared to the Clonetroopers that preceded them, it’s still hard to ignore a pair of pulse rifles when they’re pointed right at you. These sculptures are so detailed they look almost like collectible figures.

Buy It: $28   

Portal Bookends: If you read every book on that long-neglected reading list, there just might be cake. It’s not a lie, promise. This pair of Portal-themed bookends shows a test subject leaping through your entire library.

Buy It: $35   

Book Hero Metal Bookend: Neat! “Falling” bookends work by placing the slanted end inside of the book, between the cover and the pages. The decorative part, a superhero in this case, appears to float by itself because of its magnetic attraction to the slanted bookend portion.

Buy It: $35   

Super Gal Metal Bookend: This cool Supergirl bookend works the same way.

Buy It: $41   

Iron Man Bookends: Three pounds of metal help make these bookends just as strong as Iron Man himself.

Buy It: $61   

Batman Bookends: Read along with Bruce Wayne with these heavy and stylish bookends. These would make a nice housewarming gift for somebody who collects graphic novels based on the comic books.

Buy It: $62   

Stunning Silhouette Style Bookends: Basically, no matter which genre you prefer to read, there are surely heavyweight steel silhouette bookends to thematically suit your library. The look? Perfect for minimalists and modern design fans.

Buy It: $30   

Evolution Bookends: Don’t worry science geeks – we wouldn’t leave you out! With streamlined silhouettes based on the March of Progress, these smart bookends just might represent the intellectual evolution that accompanies a love for reading and learning.

Buy It: $199.95   

Knowledge Bookends By Karim Rashid: Based on a 3D representation of Rashid’s own head, these rubber-coated stone resin bookends feature a hidden surprise on the interior side. Fans of modern interior design will recognize the name and appreciate these bookends for the works of art they are.

Buy It: $53   

Pineapple Bookends: These, along with the previous bookends, mark the transition to designer wares intended for serious interior styles. These artistic pineapple-shaped bookends would work well in a vintage, cottage, or modern interior style.

Buy It: $21 each   

Concrete Planter Bookends: Crafted from solid concrete, this desktop planter works well as a standalone organizer for pens or business cards. Or, purchase a pair and keep your reference materials tidy right on your desk or nearby shelf.

Buy It: $19   

Stop Hand Bookends: Very sculptural and smooth, these minimalist hand sculptures work wonderfully as bookends. Consider adding these to your minimalist or classically inspired home library.

Buy It: $40   

A to Z Bookends: Can you imagine how amazing these would look in the classroom or school library? Consider these as a gift to the cherished teachers in your life, or maybe consider these as a housewarming gift for a fan of typography.

Buy It: $29   

Open Book Bookends: Here’s another option for educators. These brightly colored bookends would look great in a classroom setting for younger children. They’re hand painted, durable, and include non-skid glides so they stay in place around even the heaviest books.

Buy It: $40   

Bird Bookends: How sweet are these little birds? A whitewash finish completes the resin sculptures, making these ideal for a classic cottage or Scandinavian style interior.

Buy It: $30   

Owl Bookends: Rotund, charismatic owls make wonderful bookends or standalone decorations for anyone who loves owls. Consider placing these against a darker background to make them stand out even more.

Buy It: $47   

Antique Owl Bookends: Made from durable resin with an antique bronze finish, this adorable pair of owl bookends will look great in a traditional or rustic interior. Check out our big list of owl themed decor to complete the look!

Buy It: $32   

Cat Bookends: While we’ve written many articles about accessories for bird and owl fans, it’s time to give cats some much-needed appreciation! These super-sturdy bookends are weighty and look like real cast iron.

Buy It: $26   

Cute Cat Bookends: Cement and PVC combine to create weighty cat bookends with an incredible depth of expression, capturing the boundless contentment of joyful kitties. These would make a nice gift for a proud cat owner.

Buy It: $29   

Dachshund Dog Bookends: How long is your dachshund? It depends on the breadth of your library! This bookend set comes in an attractive gift box so you can send it directly to your favorite dog owner.

Buy It: $45   

Bronze Finish Horse Bookends: Majestic rearing stallions stand at 8 inches wide and 9 inches tall, their bronze finish drawing the eye to the ultra-smooth detailing. These would look wonderful in a classically decorated home library.

Buy It: $176   

Deer Bookends: As one of the weightiest bookends in this collection, these brass and wood deer will securely hold any book collection with their combined weight of 6 lbs. The set includes both the buck and the doe, making them a wonderful wedding or housewarming gift for the right couple.

Buy It: $75   

Stag Bookends: Consider these bookends for a classic, cabin, or Nordic-inspired interior design. Don’t forget to check out our big list of faux deer head home decor to find the perfect complementary accessories.

Buy It: $155   

Hippo Bookends: Constructed from carefully sculpted resin and finished with electroplated nickel, this stunning pair of hippos would enhance any modern or luxury interior. Together, these bookends weigh over 20 pounds – suitable for even the most extensive home library collection.

Buy It: $39   

Whale Tale Bookends: An aged finish gives these resin bookends the appearance of weathered reclaimed wood. Whether you’re decorating a nautical themed interior or just love to the works of Herman Melville, this beautiful whale is a nice addition to your bookshelf or mantle.

Buy It: From $50   

Zuny Animal Bookends For Kids: Synthetic leather skins and heavy iron pellet filling contribute to the most unique set of bookends ever created for children. Of course, even adults could fall in love with these expertly constructed and ultra-charismatic bookends.

Buy It: From $135   

More Children’s Bookends: From the designers at Fiona Walker England, these high-end book stoppers are hand-sewn from organic lamb’s wool felt. These luxury bookends are expensive but sure to become a treasured heirloom.

Buy It: $37   

Globe Bookends: Books can take an avid reader to the farthest reaches of the Earth. These globe-shaped bookends make this idea even more tangible. Travel aficionados would enjoy these as a gift, but they’d look wonderful in any nautical or classically themed home.

Buy It: $27   

Industrial Style Gear Bookends: Finally something to suit industrial interior decor! These gear sculptures stand at 15 inches tall, and despite the weathered aesthetic, the metal alloy construction is 100% rustproof.

Buy It: $61 each   

Steampunk Octopus Bookend: Cast resin comes to life with a hand-painted bronze and copper finish. Jules Verne fans are sure to appreciate the octopus theme, but these are right up the alley of steampunk and nautical design fans as well.

Buy It: $45 each   

Steampunk Aviator Bookend: Steampunk fans and engineering enthusiasts alike are sure to enjoy this aviator bookend. The body is made of cast resin with realistic bronze and steel accents, all painted by hand.

Buy It: $18   

Cast Iron Eiffel Tower Book Ends: Heavy cast iron offers sturdy support for the personal library belonging to an avid traveler or dedicated Francophile. Paired together, they make a wonderful standalone sculpture.

Buy It: $40   

Minimalist Building Shaped Bookends: These pared down representations of the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building would make a lovely addition to an urban-themed home or would serve as a nice gift for a homesick New Yorker.

Buy It: $39   

Nautical Bookend: Here’s another fantastic choice for travel aficionados, this time in the form of a classic schooner. Nautical accent collectors would love this one, along with anyone who has a penchant for pirates.

Buy It: $44   

Bicycle Bookends: Are you looking for a gift for the cyclist in your life? These decorative bookends just might fit the bill. Each one is crafted by hand by skilled artisans.

Buy It: $62   

Antique Brass Bicycle Bookends: Crafted from resin but finished with a rustic hammered brass finish, these cyclist-themed bookends would make a neat addition to a cycling fan’s desk or bookshelf.

Buy It: $14   

Agate Bookends: Geodes are such a magical mineral formation – the complicated patterns and colors guarantee that each specimen will be unique. These bookends are made from two geode quarters: sturdy, weighty, and infinitely beautiful.

Buy It: $40   

Triangular Marble Bookends: Stone is always a tasteful yet understated material for decorative purposes. These bookends feature the distinctive veining of tan marble or sandstone, and are heavy enough to hold together even your most substantial books.

Buy It: $15   

Minimalist Wood Bookends: These simple bookends would look fabulous in a variety of interior styles, ranging from Scandinavian decor to organic or minimalist homes.

Buy It: $26   

The End Bookend: Fin! Ende! Happily ever after! This bookend seems like the perfect way to end this list – but it’s also a clever way to end your bookshelf.

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August 30, 2016

Many people think of dark spaces when they hear the description “loft.” Well, these four duplex lofts are anything but dark! With massive windows and duplex floor plans, each of these homes is open and full of natural light. High ceilings, open kitchens, and staircases enclosed with glass, make these homes look bright and inviting. Another aspect to the design is the use of darker neutrals. Even though each of the spaces uses black or charcoal, they still look less “cold” because of the sunshine pouring through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Some go a step further and add green pillows and red love seats to add more life!

Visualizer: Studio 25  

This duplex loft located in Moscow used to be a furniture factory! Two gray couches match perfectly with the art on the wall.

If you look upwards you’ll notice there’s a beautiful lofted space above the living room. Bookshelves are built in and books are artfully displayed. The glass used instead of a wooden rail makes the space feel larger.

In this image, you can see the stunning dark wooden staircase. The black bike contrasts well with the concrete walls and the glass railing adds a modern aesthetic to the old furniture factory.

Large industrial windows are softened up and transformed into livable space with white drapes. This allows the light to come into the space diffused softly.

Each kitchen in these lofts is sleek and doesn’t have a lot of hardware. If you look closely, you’ll notice the appliances are built-in. The black kitchen table and chairs contrast well with the light wood cabinets.

This picture captures the dramatic beauty of the glass railing on the wooden staircase. Underneath you can see that the space is used for storage. The bookshelf shortens in length as it rises up with the stairs. Some pops of color are used to warm up the dining room with accents on the bookcase.

Curious how an old factory was turned into a home? This floor plan lets you get a feel for what the home looks like when you’re walking around inside.

Visualizer: Natalia Juszczyk  

The red love seat is the perfect addition to this room! It’s energy changes the feel of the room and is picked up by other accents. You notice the red in the paintings, throw pillows, and even kitchen accessories.

Lower-to-the-ground furniture pieces contrast well with the large black-framed window. Art is hung higher than the window and makes the space seem even larger!

A black staircase, dining chairs, and window frames all work in this bright white space. If the space was any other color, these colored items may look too heavy. The whiteness of the room is anchored by the darker pieces.

The use of symmetry in this duplex loft brings attention to the few anomalies in the room. The couches on either side of the red love seat mimic one another and the black chairs in the kitchen look symmetrical. This makes the black staircase and red love seat stand out.

An oversized window makes for a fun place to sit and watch the world go by. A stack of books and a few lamps encourage lounging and making the most of this space.

Even though the kitchen is chic and streamlined, the two accents work with the rest of the loft. The gold lamp matches the others used by the window and the red tea kettle matches the red love seat.

Visualizer: Natalya Shevchuk  

Looking down on this gray and white loft you can see that there is a lot going on in this open floor plan. A dining table and chairs buts up against a floating couch. There is more seating facing the large white framed windows and you can see a glimpse of the kitchen in the back.

In this new angled image, you can tell that the living space has a lofted upstairs. There is room for a bedroom and an in-home office. The use of glass walls makes the home look open and architecturally stylish.

This bedroom makes the most of its large windows. The angled wood flooring leads the eyes straight to the back of the room where the wall is filled with windows. A chair is placed in front of the windows with a lamp for reading.

This tan bedroom is kept neutral to draw the attention to the large windows and view. A simple piece of framed art is hung above the bed and there are built-in bookshelves to hold items on the right.

This space could be for an adult or a teen. The floor-to-ceiling bookshelf separates the space from the rest of the home and the dinosaur statue gives the room a sense of adventure. The view doesn’t hurt either!

This home office has a great view of the windows downstairs, even though it’s elevated on the second floor. Large glass walls open up the space but also give the owner the ability to pull the drapes for privacy.

The angled wood floors continue into the curated walk-in closet. This closet has a space for everything and is perfect for those who like to see all of their clothing options in one place.

Yet another angle of the downstairs highlights the entertainment center. A flatscreen TV is mounted in the center of storage blocks. White lanterns hung in the center of the living room match the white framing of the large windows.

Sleek and simple, this kitchen works with the rest of the space perfectly. There is no hardware and the appliances are built-in. The staircase is worked into the architectural design and shelving is placed between the steps.

White subway tile lengthens this understated bathroom. With lack of storage space, a basket is placed to catch dirty towels and clothing.

Designer: Jodie Miller, Myra Jewell, and Jesse Holloway  

This last space makes the most of its large windows. A platform elevates the kitchen and dining space and adds more tiers to the room. Upstairs you can see there is a home office with built-in shelving. The windows are the highlight and the natural light is expanded by the whiteness of the walls.

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August 30, 2016

The recently released Withings Thermo has already broken into our list of the best smart home products you can buy right now. The advantage of Thermo is that it lets you take super fast contactless readings of your body temperature without the need for it to be poked under your tongue or armpits. With just a mere sweep across the forehead, Thermo takes its readings from the temporal artery which is considered to be the best spot to detect temperature as the blood there comes from the core of the body. As there is no body contact involved it the cleanest method available to measure your temperature.

The clean design aesthetic also reflects on its app which plots readings over time and suggests causes, treatments and even when to seek expert help.

1 | Buy It: $100 The clean design aesthetic also reflects on its app which plots readings over time and suggests causes, treatments and even when to seek expert help.

smart infrared thermometer withings

The form factor and the easy method of measuring makes it less intimidating for babies.

kids thermometer

The 16 built-in infrared sensors take over 4000 measurements in a split second to arrive at the correct body temperature.

Needless to say it works on adults too.

Needless to say it works on adults too.

See it in action here:


You can get in on Amazon here.

buy from amazon

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August 30, 2016

Iya Turabelidze of interior design company Concretica describes the styles depicted here as Soviet Minimalism. While many Westerners might be more familiar with the bold patterned wallpaper, ornamental rugs, and eclectic curio that decorated early Soviet era apartments, these homes represent a more streamlined approach that rose to prominence in the 60s when minimal modernism became the defining aesthetic of the USSR. These homes even take stylistic influence from pre-Soviet artistic movements like Constructivism and its adversary Suprematism. Art historians might find these spaces especially interesting.

This spacious semi-studio apartment makes a bold statement through simple lines and smooth curves, especially regarding the artistic modern furniture. Although spare in terms of ornament, the living room centers on a single amazing portrait attributed to a Dutch Golden Age painter named Salomon Mesdach – its traditional style updated with a gorgeous circular form. The emphasis on geometry and simplicity definitely lends itself well to the Suprematist revival style.

The layout is open and airy, illuminated by exceptionally tall windows. Curtains and a freestanding storage unit separate the combined living and dining area from the small bedroom to the right.

Rather than relying on conventional pendant lighting for the dining area, this interior takes a different approach with a swiveling wall-mounted lamp by Paolo Rizzatto. The chairs are the work of Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec.

Although the living room and bedroom are paired together much like a studio, the kitchen enjoys its own space accessible through a dramatic arched doorway.

In contrast to the warm pinks and wood tones of the living room, the kitchen enjoys a cooler greyscale aesthetic.

A single chair fits within a perfect niche sunken into the tiled kitchen island. It may accommodate breakfast for one or, alternatively, serve as a convenient spot to peel vegetables or other stationary tasks.

The mixed pendant lights are a fabulous way to add color – even better, the varied hues match the colors in the painting to the right, extending its impact on the room.

Arched mirrors and paneling define the bedroom area. While this home is certainly large enough to host a completely independent bedroom, the open configuration makes the entire layout feel more spacious.

Lacking any other form of ornamentation, the single brass nightstand offers a sense of luxury that profoundly influences the basic aesthetic of the bedroom.

With the curtain drawn, the bedroom suddenly feels more cozy and intimate.

Entryways are an underappreciated but infinitely important part of any home. This one combines the arched mirrors of the bedroom with the grainy tile of the kitchen, a little self-contained palette that unites the rest of the decor.

The bathroom is perhaps the boldest room of all. Composite tiles, a light pink faucet, and vivid blue cabinetry feel vintage and contemporary all at once.

When opened, the mirror offers a nod to the Empire Style – a direct contrast to the Suprematist minimalism that influences the rest of the home.

Subtle decor is not the goal here. This bathroom is sure to stick with guests long after they depart.

The layout itself is very practical. Open storage occupies a position equally accessible from the tub and the vanity, with an extra ledge near the tub to accommodate showers.

Entering the room almost overwhelms the eye with pattern and texture, but the view from the tub is far simpler and better suited to relaxation.

Ultra-streamlined Soviet aesthetics define this minimalist apartment style in Kiev. Concrete blocks, industrial textures, and strong red accents definitely bring to mind an aesthetic of the USSR’s past – but the updated modern interpretation would allow this home to fit within the standards of true modern industrial minimalism.

The apartment follows a layout in the shape of a “U”, with the living room transitioning to the dining room and kitchen around a simple bend. A cozy bedroom hides within the central concrete-clad volume.

Practical furniture allows the eye to focus on the more artistic additions, including this sculptural wall installation.

It’s hard to find a more minimalist or compact bedroom layout than this. The bed stretches from wall to wall, the headboard and footboard containing storage.

Gorgeous! This modern home combines a range of uniquely Soviet styles, mostly the bold color blocking of Suprematism with a dash of Empire ornament. Bold architectural features include the uniquely vaulted ceiling and the half-fan window, in addition to handy build-in storage solutions. Decor aligns with contemporary trends including the current emphasis on geometric patterns and shapes.

Here is a great view that demonstrates the variation in the ceiling. And, because this is an interior visualization, you may have noticed the rug pattern changed – both styles suit this interior quite well.

The kitchen is smart and compact. An island combines dining with workspace, and tall cabinetry remains accessible thanks to a sliding white ladder.

A blend of eclectic styles gives the bedroom a wonderfully distinguished aesthetic. Ornate boiserie decorates the headboard wall, with geometric bedding and thick woven rugs bringing modernism to the material palette.

Hiding behind the headboard wall, a luxurious dressing space terminates with a full-length mirror. Expansive storage likely conceals the resident’s wardrobe.

Another full-length mirror allows the resident one last look before heading out for the day. This interior seems to emphasize utility at every turn.

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August 30, 2016

Who could have too much Scandinavian decor inspiration? This post tours three small apartments with one bedroom, each decorated in simple and sleek Nordic style with bright and spacious appeal. These spaces would make the most of their long winter months thanks to the bright white-heavy interiors and streamlined furniture. In fact, their limited floor plans actually emphasize the cozy Scandinavian themes – these are homes that where the walls embrace the soul, where layered textiles and intimate lighting just beg for a comfortable reading session in the evening.

Visualizer: Sachin Mahajan    Source: Alvhem: Makleri & Interior  

This small apartment in Sweden is a comfortable and casual take on modern Nordic decor – streamlined furniture reduces the visual weight of the room for a light and airy aesthetic. White makes up the majority of the color palette to take advantage of the scant northern sun, while the more comfortable furniture pieces stand out with exceptional warmth thanks to their rich earthy tones.

Transparent accent furniture allows for a clear line of sight across the open layout interior.

The transparent effect is obvious with the acrylic lounge chairs, but the wire breakfast stools and the decorative birdcage demonstrate this smart technique too.

A stripe of horizontal floorboards marks the transition between spaces. It’s fun to note that even the floors tie back into the overall decor style – a sleek and modern take on Scandinavian chic.

Although serious collectors may not approve of this home library method, the result does look very cool – and the tall stacks even double as convenient tables!

Houseplants are a crucial part of any Scandinavian interior. Year-round springtime is only possible indoors.

Windowsill houseplants are especially common in Nordic decor. Because northern winters are so long and the daylight hours so short, this is often the only way to make sure that non-native plants remain healthy.

Low-poly stags combine a taste of the North with sleek modern design. There are plenty of paper folding guides online so you can create something similar right at home.

A look back across the living space leads the eye to the bedroom.

Immediately, ruffles of all patterns clearly announce this room as a cozy and chic refuge from the worries of the world.

The room enjoys lavish decoration already, so the other sources of ornament take a simpler approach. Typography is a nice minimalistic choice for a space like this.

A sweet and simple office occupies the corner of the room, tucked into an enviable spot near the window and radiator. The desk itself is a classic cottage style with traditional ring-type handles.

An artful view like this one makes deskwork feel so much more pleasant.

Visualizer: Sachin Mahajan  

This cottage-inspired Scandinavian home includes traditional elements next to sleek modern influences. Distressed wood floors immediately set the scene as a chic and casual style, with patterned pillows to up the sense of playfulness. On the other hand, the typographic decor and bold contemporary lighting bring the entire interior back up-to-date.

Outside of the spray of flowers on the table, the rest of the decor sticks with black and white. This interior is going to feel bright even on the darker days of winter.

These incredible pendant lights are from famous Italian product designer Michele De Lucchi.

And the ceramic stove, of course, is a truly traditional icon of the far North. These stoves are just as useful as they are beautiful – the ceramic absorbs the heat and slowly radiates it throughout the day and night.

A small formal dining room occupies the space between the living room and the kitchen. It’s separated enough to block out a bit of noise from the living area, but still open enough to preserve the line of sight all the way across the home.

Low pendant lights illuminate the table well enough for relaxed reading and intimate dinners alike.

The kitchen hosts a more casual eat-in dining area. Grey and wood accents temper the stark black and white interior design theme.

This space looks out toward the entryway and living room.

Small typographical details bring character to the walls. A collage of photography on the refrigerator is a very charming touch.

It’s so easy to find neat decor ideas throughout the kitchen, with a wealth of ideas on the countertop alone. The ceramic storage jars are cute, and the wire mug rack would make a fun DIY project for the weekend.

And, of course, the geometric tiles present a modern impression right on entry.

French doors swing open to give the bedroom a studio’s view over the main living spaces.

Simple decor leaves plenty of room for bold details but requires careful use of the floorplan – this open clothes rack, for example, boasts a much freer aesthetic than a full-scale wardrobe would.

Perforated stars offer a relaxing and subtle source of light for the evenings. The modern floor lamps to either side of the bed provide a more focused beam for reading. And, of course, the ceramic stove is not to be missed.

It’s hard not to love this super-streamlined desk arrangement. The stool, architects lamp, and simple table allow the artwork to take center stage.

The view out of the bedroom infinitely increases the perceived feeling of spaciousness throughout the home.

Bedroom closet space enjoys the warmth of a carpet for shiver-free dressing in the morning.

Despite the darkness and cold of Nordic winters, this home feels like a cozy space to spend them.

Visualizer: Quân Xiền   

This apartment design caters to the needs of a newly married couple, designed with a minimalist approach (lots of room to grow) and ample houseplants to bring the outdoors inside. The retro furniture designs are beautifully Nordic – the home of many icons of Mid-Century Modern design.

Pastel colors pop around every corner. Soft red, mint green, powder blue, and a sunny light yellow make the space feel lightweight but not boring.

Green immediately ends at the living room-kitchen boundary. Here, yellow rules the day.

The bedroom adopts natural themes as well, with another pastel retro palette for your inspiration. The botanical drawings definitely bring the space together.

Tiny blue and yellow accents further bring the colors of the springtime into the interior.

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August 30, 2016

Coming across a concealed wet bar in sideboard opened my eyes about the possibility of discretion.  There is a lot of truth in not drawing attention to oneself in front of friends, family and coworkers.  Alcohol consumption is frowned upon by many people and by others it is applauded.   It stands to reason that having a stash and keeping it away from a roaming eye is beneficial.   People should choose what they share with others.  As a result, that may require additional planning to ensure what is private, remains so.

Taking a closer look a this item shows quite a bit of craftsmanship and forethought went into the design and execution.  Pictured here is Ludwig by the furniture manufacturer Acerbis.  First blush for me was a very minimal and almost abstract piece that does not flaunt a bold color or shape.  Furthermore, when you take an initial glance, the product does not stand out as if the intention of the designer was to create a subtle piece that one must become better acquainted with to fully appreciate.  As a result of this intention and the fact that what lies beneath are spirits, I can see where that was the purpose.
Acerbis low sideboard storage unit

First of all what strikes me is how Ludwig opens up.  It is interesting how it folds down at the bottom and up at the top as opposed to most storage furniture examples that employ drawers to be pulled out.  In short, one can see how cool it looks when all the doors are open.  One simple pull will take the bottom door down, so a lot of force is not needed to open the piece.

Home Storage Example

Sideboard Wet Bar for the Home

As you can see above, the picture shows a concealed wet bar in sideboard concept better than all the rest.  It is a stunning example to see it at this angle.  I am a big fan of illuminating lights to help people see.   There are ample LEDs when the storage unit open which allow the home owner to see easily.  While the discussion focus is on beverage storage, I can visualize how the space could be used to store other possessions as well.

Low Console TV Furniture in Modern Room

low sleek storage furniture





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August 30, 2016

Finding contemporary sitting chairs is no small task.  Today we present Oyo a great concept from Aeris furniture that dares to challenge our spatial understanding of design.   Construction is meticulous and follows all industry standards of quality and safety.   Hence, it consists of a double tubular steel frame to give it added support and if needed, be able to handle a heavy load while offering long term durability.  For me comfort is so important and in this case there is 5 centimeters of foam padding.  I can see this piece being used as a desk compliment meaning prolonged periods of sitting.  The plastic shell is reinforced and now the technology is so good on making a lasting product.

Dining Room with Orange Seating and Lighting

Examples Inside Homes

This a great image with the corresponding orange hanging lighting.  Note how well the orange goes with a lighter colored wood.  This dining setting is fun and the splash of orange really adds a lot to the room setting. Even with a more conservative painting, this idea would work great.

lime green upholstery in study nook

Consequently, I find the lime green upholstery to be very cool.   I love the setting here in a study nook.  All the white is not washed out with the wood trim on the windows and the colorful seating.


The curve on the seat back had me originally a bit skeptical in terms of comfort.  Seeing the woman resting above shows that it is very workable and that the curves offer more of a geometric accent while the overall design still supports the spine.

contemporary sitting chair

It is hard to see, but the legs contain some non skid pads to prevent furniture movement while protecting the flooring.   The blue and shape offers a great view on these contemporary sitting chairs.   Most of us would not have picked a shade of blue such as this, but it works wonderfully.

Especially relevant is the neutral gray tone pictured above as shows a more conservative look that can be put together in nearly any home.   The animal hide rug is a statement piece and the backdrop of fireplace really warms up the scene.  Further, it’s great to see how the Oyo chairs can be moved around so easily giving a homeowner flexibility.

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August 30, 2016

The Groove solid wood backed sofa collection from Stabord & Co is one of those designs that draw your eye and attention to a most unique concept. The elements are quite basic and lefty to leather upholstery, eco leather in this case and a stunning wood structure that encompasses the user. It is hard to take your eyes off at first and the back view is even more intriguing than the front. We usually see these types of wooden sofas from the Europeans and this is another fine example. Their love for natural woods and cutting edge design make for a nice break away for the standard overdone fabric ones we see literally everywhere we go. This is a tribute to the mid-century modern period with a new look that is perfect for residential or a really nice office or hotel setting.

sofa with solid wood back and sides

long low wood frame sofa

The handmade marquetry panel gives the appearance that the wood section is one massive piece thanks to the process of veneering. This process allows the cross section of a beautiful and carefully selected piece of wood to be used in successive pieces that all share a common grain and tone. As you can see the grain of the wood is so rich and the characteristics of the tree to show through.Here is another wood back sofa that caught our eye in a previous post.

Such a classic look that can find itself at home in any space. Choose from a 98 or 126 inch size which makes the Groove a rather lengthy sofa and loveseat combination. In fact the smaller one would suffice for a full size couch any day. Mix and match a selection of upholstery colors with your choice or Mutene, Palissandro, Iron Wood, Ebony, Satin Olive, Sucupira, Steel, Golden Plate, Copper Plate, or Walnut woods. See all of the modern furniture rom Stabord & Co here.





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August 30, 2016

The 550 Beam Sofa System from Cassina and designer Patricia Urquiola is new for this year and offers a range of compositions and looks so you can customize for your room.  The system includes three sofa sections, one with a traditional two arm configuration in two or three seats, a sofa with one arm in both two and three seats and a chaise lounge with one arm.  They can be used on their own or in conjunction with each other as seen here.  The one arm pieces are available in both right and left configurations. Other elements include an ottoman and center or end low tables. The style gets its name from the beam base that the structure relies on to become the cohesive sitting arrangement.

The set has such a sophisticated look and reminds us of a look back into the 70 at what the future was supposed to look like. The exaggerated soft shapes and pillows must be comfortable and it’s fun to look at even if it’s not. The handy configuration with the table between the two seating sections is extremely useful and rather creative in the part of the designer who is no stranger to some awesome modern furniture designs.

Even the most basic combination can offer such an interesting look and usability. I can totally picture this in a penthouse apartment with some dazzling artwork and a great view.

The two distinct patterns of the fabric include with or without vertical seems, personally we like the non seem version her at FF.

The soft sided arms, super stuffed seats, extra pillows and curvy back really conform to the user offering a most comfortable and relaxing experience. See the rest of the awesome all original modern furniture from Cassina of Italy.







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August 30, 2016

Here is another great looking modern dining room table from the folks at Belfacto of Germany. The recent winner of the Interior Innovation Award and the German Design Award keeps on coming with their series of tables that totally go against the typical four legs or center pedestal style that has been worked and reworked numerous times. Here we see the York with an elegant sculpted base in a variety of woods including Walnut which is our favorite, Natural Oak or Natural Cherry. The designer really managed to give the table a fine balance and it has been described as a “tug of war” as each side seems to be pulling away from the other.

One key feature to any dining table is the usability factor and the placement of legs and support especially for the visually attractive ones can get more focused on looks than function. Often the people at the end have a support of some sort interfering with their position but the York addresses this poor design feature that so many style do not take into consideration. The sizing is as follows with top shapes of balanced, convex, oval, classic also available.

Standard size:
L 300-350, B 115-120, H 75 cm /
L 118-138, W 45-47, H 30 inch
Custom tables on request.

modern dining room furniture

light natural oak dining table

So what type of chair would you use with the York The all-natural wood construction makes us think a solid wood char with clean lines may be the best choice or even a leather chair with wood legs. Whatever you choose it has to be a design that will compliment and not take away from the obvious cool factor this one has. See more awesome and unusual styles here.

Here is one style of chair but it is not a favorite, we think you can come up with a better solution!













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