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February 25, 2017

Want to party with the rich and famous? Take a tour of the notorious haven Marion Cotillard, Rhys Ifans and Pierce Brosnan frequent after runway shows – an extravagant pink bubble palace on the French hills of Cannes. Owned by Italian designer Pierre Cardin, this interesting architectural piece is made up of ten interconnected domes over 1,200 square metres. Designed to recreate a modern version of a pre-historic cave, it’s on the market for a cool £300 million pounds – or £730 pounds, per person, per night. Take a squiz at its ten space-aged rooms, three swimming pools, luxurious gardens, and 500-person amphitheatre, all complete with a spectacular view of the Mediterranean.

Spread across the mountainous Massif de L’Esterel, Pierre Cardin’s unique mansion dots the region with an array of pink-dome-shaped forms. Interspersed by circular pools and palm trees, Hungarian architect Antti Lovag based the sprawling mansion on pre-historic dwellings. Circular in shape with no right-angled forms, each bubble evokes a past era during the day or night.

Viewed from above, the so-called ‘Bubble Palace’ almost evokes the space-age, with each of its ten rooms blowing out in convex windows and skylights. Trees native to the region form a circular boundary, while a 500-seater amphitheatre to the left hosts a fashion runway worthy of the Romans.

Made to the make the most of the Mediterranean, palm trees close in as visitors move closer to the sea. Featuring porthole-shaped skylights, each cavernous dome was thought by Cardin to represent the form of a woman’s figure – round, sleek, and oh-so-earthy.

A treat inside and out, the Palais des Calles’ glossy red, regional rock coats much of the interior in circular seating arrangements. Towards the centre of a living-room, an oval window bubbles out to the sea. Two semicircles of seating define a relaxation area, while single pods and a winding staircase continue the room’s free flow.

A lower-height room combines an unusual ceiling with bursts of lighting. A row of red leather chairs form a pavilion, while more contemporary shapes add diversity in grey acrylic. An adjacent room boasts a red stone platform feasting off red and green decorations, a kooky display afront the red stone room.

Transitions between domes show off the curves the palace is famous for. Set on a red rock floor, pink plaster makes ovals, circles and arches across each interior, making each room different to the one before. Glass and steel doors flip open vertically, creating a flat window barrier at night. Rounded corridors turn into tunnels throughout the space, proffering glimpses of forestry and sea. The flow of the interior creates continuously-different angles, each catching the sun to assemble their own shapes.

Each armed with an ensuite, the bedrooms evoke a sense of calm. Bathed in blue and white, the first bedroom reminds of the solar system, with metallic decals in circular shapes. A matching turquoise bed acts as a lounge or sleeping space, while relaxed beanbag-style seats offer conversation. Warmer in hue and showcasing red rock, the second bedroom curves round to the ensuite with an elevated steppe. A wooden basin greets it at its end, while lighter pink ceilings span over to another circular bed and wooden cavity for bedtime necessities.

Designed to look pre-historic, the Palais des Calles’s design is based on the circular forms of the cave. Shown in pools and water features, it creates a spa vibe surrounded by futuristic domes and stunning scenery. A black and white view shows its unique refraction of light throughout the mansion, as it follows and mimics the natural beauty of the sun.

Of course, any home on Cannes’ cliffs can’t forget the view. Guests at runway or fashion shows are treated to a 500-seater amphitheatre, with designs by Dior backgrounded by the wide sea. Cavernous arches frame palm trees, sand pools and man-made oceans. Rounded pools edge out to the Mediterranean’s vast, coast-lined blue.

On the market for a cool £300 million pounds, what’s not to love about Pierre Cardin’s for-sale resort? Crescent-shaped pools meet juggernaut-style windows for views that make the most of the sky and sea. A location allowing Cannes’ coastline to play with both exterior and interior, each bubble dome reflects, refracts and offers a glimpse inside one of Europe’s most notorious mansions.

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February 25, 2017

The bathroom shouldn’t be forgotten when creating a beautiful home. The right mix of textures and materials can make the bathroom a relaxing getaway. Keeping the design concept throughout your home in mind, extend your style into the bathroom with these design ideas. Minimal and timeless styles are in the mix with a few glam designs. Small spaces are made to seem larger with the right color and style combination. While making that beautiful look, don’t forget the storage and functionality. These rooms managed to get it all right.

Visualizer: Elena Maximova  

This bathroom takes on a garden theme, bringing what lies beyond the sliding doors inside. Lush greenery covers the wall just behind the white oval bathtub. The sink has been designed in a unique barrel shape and the water flows from a stainless faucet that comes from above and out of a mirrored stone wall. The open roof and glass doors allow ample natural lighting. Drop pendant lighting is added for after the sun goes down. To make a head-turning bathroom there are many Beautiful Bathtubs to choose from.

Visualizer: Amr Abdeen  

The tile wall of this bathroom was broken up with texturing. The vessel sink on the marble counter and pendant lamp bring in contrast against the crème.

Visualizer: Light Design  

This white bathroom has an added flash of dramatic red marble, creating a shocking contrast. The strokes of grey in the marble floor is picked up in white and grey in the wall. Straight lines repeat in the commodes, bathtub, and sink.

Visualizer: Joana Santos Ferreira   

Tranquility can be found in this understated bathroom. The window looks out on the peaceful scenery. Traditional carpets are placed on a wood planked floor. The rectangular freestanding tub sits next to a marble wall opposite a double sink bathroom vanity.

Visualizer: Joana Santos Ferreira   

These grey concrete walls border a sleek bathroom with marble vanity and round vessel sink. The shower features a teak wood floor. The ceiling is open and this is where greenery encroaches upon the room.

Visualizer: Qide Design  

This look keeps it simple with both grey and taupe tile surrounding the bathroom. A rainfall showerhead keeps with the straight lines of the entire design.

Visualizer: Anastasiya Shablinskaya   

This galley commode room makes good use of space with the mirrors that extend from above, the storage above the seat, and countertop space for essentials.

Visualizer: Rina Lovko  

This bathroom with blue textured walls and a pebble like floor looks like something from the future but warm.

Visualizer: Leonid Sizikov   

Large tiles help to make this room spacious. Cabinets that stop above the floor allow storage underneath. The simplicity of this bathroom is what makes it special.

Visualizer:  Leonid Sizikov   

The marble look tile is used on the floor and back wall in this bathroom. The shower is tucked behind the console cabinet with double vessel sinks. The wall behind the sink and across are covered in wood planks, giving this design a steam room look.

Visualizer: Joana Santos Ferreira   

This bathroom has an upscale yet rustic quality with the wood planks on the walls and ceilings. The angled ceilings feature skylights allowing in natural light. Separate pedestal sinks that match the black crackle basin tub.

Visualizer: Joana Santos Ferreira   

Done in all black and grey, this room has a skylight and floor to ceiling window to keep it from getting gloomy. A floor lamp provides lighting near the mirror which sits above a white streamlined counter and low settee.

Visualizer: Studio Effeto   

Concrete, tile, and teak wood combine to make an opulent yet understated bathroom right off of the bedroom. The centerpiece is the botanical art tiles that back the shower.

Visualizer: Duong Arc   

This white freestanding tub sits upon spa rocks with a retro mirror end table sitting beside it. The wood floors and walls keeps it warm. An efficient storage solution sits right behind in the dressing room that is tiled and adorned with comfy seating.

Visualizer: Joana Santos Ferreira   

This bathroom features a light wood cabinet system that fills the wall providing storage and housing the sink, commode, and bidet.

Visualizer: Jenpol Sumatchaya   

This mirror mimics a movie theatre screen with a wall mount bathroom sink. The white tub takes center stage atop a wood planked floor. Floor to ceiling windows are just behind the blackout curtains.

Visualizer: Jenpol Sumatchaya   

This modern white bath has large windows for natural lighting, stand alone tub, and a frameless mirror.

Visualizer: Jenpol Sumatchaya   

Wood planked walls and concrete give this bathroom an industrial look. The screen look behind the tub adds an interesting touch.

Visualizer: Julia Lyublyanova   

The designer has a thing for heroism and uses this bathroom design to display it. Superhero Decor has become very popular and it isn’t just for the kids. The white marble keeps this small room from looking tight. Grey walls and paneled ceilings complete the look.

Photographer: Hey!Cheese   

This design is a practice in simplicity. White tile walls and cream tile floors keep it clean and crisp. A leaning ladder for towels and clock add warm wood to the look.

Visualizer: Amr Abdeen   

Shimmery rain glass was used for the shower and paired with the glitter look walls, this room steals the scene.

Visualizer: Lai Pháp   

This bathroom is decked out in all black tile and concrete. The walls are lighted ensuring this look doesn’t get too heavy. The oval tub over spa rocks and vessel sinks in white add some variety in shapes.

Visualizer: Petrenko Arsentiy   

Painted concrete in black and white for walls and flooring are the background for this simply modern design.

Visualizer: Leu Khanh   

This compact bathroom seems spacious with the use of glass and light tiled flooring and textured walls. The sink seems to be sitting in the marble countertop. A lighted cabinet above gives space for display or storage.

Visualizer: Marco Podrini  

This mix of concrete and wood gets a softening from the curved tub, fanciful art, and drop globe lights.

Visualizer: Ahmed Mady   

This bathroom is all glam with gold elements in the wall, side tables, fixtures and drop lights. Two white gloss vanities add to the glam.

Choosing Unique Toilet Paper Holders and Unique Designer Faucets is another way to complete your bathroom look.

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February 25, 2017

The Adler II from Draenert is a non-extensible or extensible dining table offered in more sizes. The table is constructed in either natural stone, solid or veneered wood and its shape is either boat-shaped, rectangular, tapering organic or oval.  The most eye-catching is obviously the stone top one, and the one we’ll insist on in this article.

The idea for this design was born out of the wish for an undivided main tabletop – rather the exception among dining tables.

Contemporary extending stone table

Pulling apart the two halves of the table synchronously opens a central space. Then the central leaf can be raised with a simple rotational movement. An ingenious technique makes the extension procedure a child’s play.
The regular base is an oval base of stainless steel in matt ground finish. Additionally four other base types are offered.

furniture design ideas from Draenert

Adler II looks more sophisticated than others and could enrich any interior design for a modern as well as a traditional home. Back in 1995, when Peter Draenert first introduced stone top dining tables there was no variation for the base. Now the company tries to make their product interesting by creating more original bases or legs. The legs of the table could take various shapes! It all depends on how you would like to experiment and what look you would like to give your dining area.

A stone dining table can add lot of brightness in the dining room and can give your house an elegant look.
The Adler II Extensible Dining Table
When you use a stone top over the dining table, the whole room lightens up, thus generating a feeling of large space.
Not only a necessary piece of furniture, tables are often also the most important part of a room’s interior design. They are usually placed in the center of the room and can be observed from every side clearly. A good extensible dining table is always admired.

Extending rectangular natural stone dining table

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February 25, 2017

What does your dream house look like? After looking through this gallery, we can guarantee that your dream house is going to look something like this. This masterpiece of design and architecture is located in Los Angeles’ most exclusive enclave: Bel Air. Listed on The Pinnacle List, this residence is the pinnacle of everything luxurious and modern. Every element and room has been designed and planned with the utmost care and at a staggering selling price of $250 million, it’s a home built for the one percent of the one percent.

Consisting of 2 extravagant master suites, 10 VIP suites, 21 luxurious bathrooms, 3 fully equipped kitchens, 5 bars, wellness spa, private fitness center, 85-foot glass tile pool, 40-seat 4K Dolby Atmos home theatre, four-lane bowling lounge, auto gallery with cars valued at over $30 million, seven person full-time staff, over 100 art installations, outdoor hydraulic pop-up theatre, 2 expansive wine/champagne cellars, gigantic candy wall, and the leading home tech system in America- this home proves that you can’t have too much of a good thing.

Enhancing the exclusivity factor of the residence, the main sitting area has been cordoned off VIP style. The floors have been adorned with a luxuriously plush carpet and the walls boast beautiful contemporary art pieces.

A home like this was built to show off and every aspect ensures that guests are welcome. The bar is well stocked and provides ample space for mingling, not limiting the number guests that the homeowner will be able to invite.

The house makes masterful use of chrome and LED lighting to emphasize it’s modern design. The home even has it’s own helipad, because why not?

Tired of the view? Just watch a little TV!

A 270 degree view accompanies every aspect of the house. From city to ocean, you’ll see all of Los Angeles from the comfort of a designer couch.

Art is a major part of the house’s appeal. From ornaments to furniture, this house is an artistic dream.

Designed for the hardworking breadwinner, this study is spacious and remarkable. With massive glass doors for a breath of fresh air and to incorporate the outside decor into the room’s design.

This isn’t any old bowling alley, this is a four-lane bowling lounge. This is how the other half lives, and we can’t be more envious! The sumptuous animal furs and carpet complements the glossy wooden panels, creating a warm and comfortable ambience.

Able to seat 40 people comfortably, this state-of-the-art theatre guarantees the best cinematic experience ever. This is the way your favorite movie was meant to be watched.

The private car gallery looks like a catalogue from the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, the most exclusive car show in the world that hosts only the crème de la crème of automobile connoisseurs.

The game room has the most delicious accent wall in the world. With all sorts of yummy treats to snack on when a sweet tooth makes a demand.

A state of the art fitness center allows you to make full use of the candy wall without feeling too guilty. A contrasting dark and light color palette with mirror accents and artistic decor take this home gym to a whole other level and makes it a worthy addition to the house.

A personal wellness center is just what the doctor ordered, no multi-million dollar mansion would be complete without one of these. This is arguably the most refreshing room in the house, easing the stressful mind of the hardworking homeowner.

Wine cellars have been an integral part of luxurious estates for centuries. This cellar reads like a who’s-who list of all the finest wine brands. It’s the connoisseur’s fantasy room.

Seven dwarves in interactive photo frames add a certain whimsy to this beautiful marvel.

Each floor of this fantastic abode has been carefully crafted to create a veritable playground for the ultra rich homeowner who wants his money’s worth. It’s a drool worthy dream home that will feature in quite a few imaginative daydreams. Not all of us can afford a 250 million dollar home, but you could incorporate some of the fascinating design elements into your own home.

Check out the video tour:

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February 25, 2017

The RM57 armchair collection moves from museums straight to your home! The iconic piece was originally designed in 1957 by Roman Modzelewski, but entered industrial production in 2016 under the Vzor brand, for their 2016-2017 collection. The chairs in this collection have only been displayed in museums as prototypes for the past 60 years.
Originally, Roman Modzelewski chairs had no specific names. The manufacturers decided to name the seats they made with the designer’s initials RM.

green polish chair design

Among furnishings fashioned by this designer, it stands out as a search for structure which is dominated by geometry composed of straight, diagonal lines. The version offered in VZOR collections has been designed from scratch and is manufactured using best modern technologies to offer a fresh look and great comfort.
RM57 armchair collection’s modern and beautiful design affects the atmosphere of the room, perfects it, and gives an interesting character.

Roman Modzelewski chairs
Vzor wanted to follow the simple diagonal line of the original, but aimed at creating a comfortable seat. This was relatively easy to achieve, as RM57 chair is the designer’s only piece to be originally upholstered. RM57 armchair collection combines comfort with a refined aesthetics, governed by the geometry and rigor of oblique lines.

Unlike Italian furniture makers, Vzor doesn’t have decades of experience behind, yet manages to become a famous brand thanks to the designer behind their furniture. The brand debuted in June 2012, introducing to serial production the cult armchair designed by Roman Modzelewski, and after started producing all his famous pieces.

Vzor's RM57 Armchair Collection by Roman Modzelewski

Vzor it’s a dream that became real thanks to passion for design and dream of creating a collection based on the icons of Polish design. Their approach is to put the designs into serial production using state-of-the-art quality materials and technologies. With that in mind, now famous designs can be produced industrially and are available for every pocket.

furniture design 2017

modern yellow seating collection

dark blue upholstered armchair

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February 25, 2017

Nothing polishes off a table like a beautiful pitcher. It sets a scene for a high-level board meeting, with cakes and pastries served alongside contemporary coffee jugs. It creates an atmosphere at the best hotels in the world, where a glass of breakfast orange juice dare not come out of a swirling machine. You’ll know from eating in hipster cafes and attending weddings, baby showers and even beautifully-presented home-made dinners what a great pitcher can add – or take away – from a gathering. We’ve put together a list of the best pitchers for all occasions. Whether you’re hosting a pitch or simply serving the family at home, these stylish tea-infused, glass, ceramic and stainless steel finds won’t go unnoticed.


Russel Wright Modern American Pitcher: Art deco ornaments never go out of style. This mustard-hued jug, made from hand-cast earthenware clay, serves up your fashion-conscious guests from a kiln in California. Hold up to eight ounces in nine delectable colours.


Red Gurgle Pot: Love that gurgling sound when you pour out your milk, custard, or cream? This forty ounce jug makes it on command, inside stoneware available in three colours. A fantastical fish design makes the gurgling sound revealed here come alive.


Jonathan Adler Whale Pitcher: Not so keen on a gurgling pitcher? This classic white whale works a dream with the modern kitchen. Quirky, high-fired and microwave and dishwasher-safe, it holds 72 ounces for a whale of a dinner time.

$330BUY IT

Octopus Glass Pitcher: Six pounds of pewter and glass make this pitcher a heavyweight for octopus home décor fans. Made in the US by Vagabond House, let its whimsical eight legs wrap around your fingers for a truly nautical serving experience.

$189BUY IT

Shell Pitcher: Have a beautifully-coloured drink you can’t wait to show off? This set of two shell-shaped pitchers, one large and one small, add to your nautical home décor theme. As their curved mouths add elegance with a pretty pouring mechanism, their finely-crafted glass offers the finest drinks on the dinner table.


Pierced Glass Pitcher: Lenox fine crystal holds 48 ounces of goodness in this pierced design. A simple and timeless statement, its dishwasher-safe design would bring finesse to any board meeting or entertainment venue.


Pierced Ceramic Pitcher: The winter months bring less dramatic drink colourings and more soothing, creamy offerings. This white porcelain pitcher holds 40 ounces of nourishing favourites within one microwave, dishwasher and (low temperature) oven-safe staple.

$104BUY IT

Merletto Scalloped Ceramic Pitcher: Hand-made in Italy, this vintage lace-patterned pitcher brings old school charm to your kitchen table. Set its oven, dishwasher and microwave-safe ceramic in the nibbles area of a baby shower, wedding, event or boutique gathering.


Michelangelo Masterpiece Pitcher: Serve your dinner table guests, without the harmful lead found in many rivals. This clean, classic 84-ounce find is designed in Italy and safe for the dishwasher.


Bobble Water Pitcher: Entertaining guests with a particular health or eco-friendly bent? This bobble filter pitcher may win them over. 100% recyclable and made with PET plastic, this two-litre jug purifies your water for a pitch-worthy and environmentally-friendly alternative.


Colorful Amici Monterey Pitcher: We’ve all heard of blown glass ornaments – but have you heard of a mouth-blown version? This gradating pitcher trickles down from amber to aqua and back again, in a beautiful design handmade in the shores of Mexico. Its oversized handle and easy-pour spout make it easy to use; its recycled glass material and price easy to justify.

$220BUY IT

MoMA Fink Pitcher Jug: The Museum of Modern Art is renowned for its awe-inspiring artwork and unique approach to product innovation. This ergonomic pitcher from its store is no different, easily navigating away from splashbacks. Use its hand-finished metal frame as both a handy pitcher and inlet decoration, in your home or office.


VonShef Stainless Steel Water Pitcher: Nothing looks better than polished stainless steel at the boardroom table. This stylish 60-ounce pitcher makes cold beverages a breeze, by stopping sliding ice cubes from making unwelcome splashes.

$240BUY IT

Alessi Tua Pitcher: Designed by Swiss architect Mario Botta, this sleek stainless steel design with silicone handle literally means “yours”. Stand it proudly on your meeting table for a scintillating background to business discussion.


Turkish-Style Copper Pitcher: The Ottoman Empire once ruled the world, and with carafes like this, it’s not hard to see why. Handcrafted from Turkish copper with a realistic brass handle, this artisan-produced beauty could act as both pitcher and decorative motif. Lined with durable tin, lets its traditional patterns be the talking point at your next gathering.


Scandinavian-Style Ceramic Pitcher: Tired of fighting the summer heat? Let this Finnish pitcher finish off the finer details. This ceramic pitcher keeps its contents cool throughout your meal, while its chalkboard outer provides a virtual canvas for more inspired ideas and jottings.


Minimalist Umbra Savore Pitcher: After a jug that doesn’t overshadow your business pitch? Look to this white ceramic and metal-handled creation, a clean and comforting partner to served scones, muffins and club sandwiches.


Samadoyo Minimalist Glass Pitcher With Steel Lid: Not all pitchers offer the full package; but we believe this design has all the right facets. Want to turn your liquid, hot, then cold, and back again? Borosilicate glass makes it happen, without cracking. Want to create your own home-made sangria or infused tea? An in-built strainer lets you drain out all the boring leftovers. Designed for our grip and gloriously spill-proof, its minimalist look – minus its nail-polish remover-able quantity markings – makes it our pitcher of the bunch.


Udder-Shaped Glass Milk Pitcher: Want to serve milk and cookies far beyond Christmas? This double-walled glass pitcher allows you to keep your milk hot, with its heat-resistant outer. Dishwasher, microwave and freezer-safe, its outside keeps cool while its inside stays hot, warm, or even cold, at your request. A cheeky udder illusion and lifetime warranty keeps a smile on the dile of your cookie and milk lover.


Owl Shape Pitcher: Only need a pitcher for a special occasion? This owl themed décor find wows in blue glass that could be a jug today, a vase tomorrow.


Glass Pitcher With Strainer & Bamboo Lid: Find a teapot or caddy just isn’t doing the trick? This borosilicate glass beauty is the ultimate in tea-making. Safe for boiling on gas or electric stoves, its glass doesn’t shatter under fragrant brewing. Lightweight and durable, it’s safe enough for the dishwasher but pretty enough for the cabinet. A bamboo lid and coil at the spout mean you can pour your hot or iced tea without tea bags, leaves, fruit or ice cubes getting in the way. Bring it along to your next mad hatter tea party or afternoon getaway.


Scandinavian-Style Glass Pitcher With Infuser: Holding one and a half litres, this Scandinavian pitcher is all style – but with substance. Originally designed by Norm Architects for use as a teapot, it works a treat with a large drinking party, whether it be tea or tequila on the menu. Watch its infuser slowly blend ingredients during your next meeting, as its Asian zen look adorns the boardroom table.


Soma Water Filter Pitcher: Still not convinced that your kitchen filter works? This new, improved design reduces chlorine, mercury, copper and many other nasties from 10 glasses (or 10 ounces) of what should be filtered water. A simple and understated design, its BPA-free plastic is shatter-proof, and its lid door automatically opens. Grab its sustainable white oak handle for a well-crafted and chemical-free way to quench your guests’ thirst.


Art Deco-Style Pitcher: Ceramics lovers will know one little chip ruins the whole piece. This Fiestaware find comes complete with a gorgeous red glaze – and a five-year chip resistance warranty. Microwave, oven, dishwasher and freezer-safe as well as lead-free, this art deco leader came back in 1986, after a 13-year hiatus. Part of America’s most collected dinnerware brand, its subtle design flaunts its signature concentric rings and flattened disk shape to bring both memories and durability to the family dinner table.

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February 25, 2017

Modern materials mean new homes are not always made from wood. More expensive and fire-friendly than their brick or plaster rivals, wooden walls are a desirable, but not always economical, option. Keep the warmth and glow of wood inside your home, with these thirty wooden wall bedroom designs. A full-scale alternative to wooden wall décor pieces, these LED, lamp or naturally-lit wooden walls add ambience to your sleeping space. Create curves and overlapping panels in light Scandinavian wood. Make a jungle scene with rough-shod or distressed wood alternatives. Take tips on how to do a wooden bedroom wall or partition right, with our thirty examples of rustic-look bedrooms.

Visualizer: Wladimir Sapyan  

The earth was one Gondwanaland, before tectonic plates shifted its surface. This wooden-panelled design shows the earth before continents and countries, with LED-lit splits upon a warm wooden floor.

Visualizer: Roman Movliaiko  

Light and bright is the theme of this wooden-panelled bedroom. Forming curved waves upon plywood, it creates an interesting interplay with a planet-like light.

Visualizer: Pavel Alekseev  

Wooden walls provide the perfect canvas for couples. Accompanied by grey, white and a large square window, panelled shafts add a contemporary feel to an otherwise basic bedroom.

Source: Kovr  

Wondering where the light is coming from? True to his trademark style, Kovr combines a wooden wall with smartphone-controlled LED lighting, making a striking design feature rise out of thin air.

Visualizer: Elena Zhulikova  

The urban loft would excel with this natural-looking wooden wall. Planted beside a living wall, its thin wooden panels match dangling oblong lights and fuschias. See more of this scintillating design here.

Visualizer: Olga Kondratiuk  

Prefer your panelling in the other direction? This horizontal wooden wall juxtaposes two fantail lights and hanging plants, providing a rustic beauty with two bedroom ledges.

Visualizer: Ruslan Sultanov  

Miss your childhood treehouse? This wooden bedroom provides the next best thing, with a hanging hammock bed and spray-can artwork. Two tones of a wooden wall and ceiling provide simple and warm contrasts.

Visualizer: N-Gon Archviz  

Complement your wooden furniture with a feature wall of nooks and crannies. This LED-lit wall combines dark and light wood in one focal artpiece.

Visualizer: Sequoia Cgi  

A minimalist look works well with this chequered wall. Outlined and lit up by LEDs, its texture works with, not against, the room’s block elements.

Visualizer: Houzaifa Al Jandali  

Stuck for a solution for low height bedrooms? This attic-style abode makes the most of space, with a diagonal wooden wall and matching wooden platform. Hang your trinkets, pot plants and a few shelves below its circular lights for a bedroom feature.

Visualizer: Lyubimova Kate  

This bedroom is as rustic as a wood cabin and as light as a feather. Pair rough-shod panelling in the shape of trees with contemporary elements, for a chic bedroom with a difference.

Visualizer: Vlad Kislenko  

Wooden slats are both functional and aesthetic. This find acts as both room partition and a light-infused example of wooden slats wall décor.

Visualizer: Nevi Studio  

There’s no need to keep your wood in one colour. This alternating headboard turns wood dark and turquoise, as monochrome elements drop below and beside.

Visualizer: Lucas Studio  

Bring the outdoors indoor, with a block-panelled wall backgrounding a tree. This bedroom, complete with an inside wooden deck, creates a wooden aura of mystery and light.

Visualizer: Alexey Gulesha  

Looking for something more conventional? This low-lying bed blends perfectly with a smooth wooden wall surface.

Visualizer: Julia Lyublyanova  

A wooden wall can be a great backing for art. These three forest scenes are offered warmth and simplicity by three-mid wooden panels.

Visualizer: Stanislav Kaminskyi  

Find balance between the rough and the crafted, with a wooden wall with natural lines. Its warmer hues invite in light against a dull wooden floor.

Visualizer: Penint Studio  

Go grey in a feature wall fit for a hipster’s bedroom. Holding a bicycle, canvas, drop lights and an easel, this colour is easy to adapt to many accessories.

Visualizer: Kateryna Senko  

The lightest of minimalist bedrooms find a challenge in this wooden-walled find. Bathed in white with dashes of black and green, a whale triptych on wood draws in warmth-seeking guests.

Visualizer: Nika Vorotyntseva  

Dashes of colour frame this array of wooden panels. Acting as a partition with a bed cosied in, it signposts a spot for a sleepy night in.

Visualizer: Hạnh Lê  

Have a one-room space you’d like to separate? This framed wooden headboard uses black to mark a stylish space for sleeping.

Visualizer: Stanislav Kaminskyi  

Want to use wood in an understated way? This full wooden wall adds warmth to grey, while housing a black glass door and industrial white light.

Visualizer: Dmitriy Kurilov  

Diamond patterns cover this feature wall, a focal point in a room full of wood. A lamp to the side illuminates its finer detail, as an old English ceiling sets the scene.

Visualizer: Igor Grigoriev  

Turn your wall geometric with a coloured design in wood. Centred on an LED-lit square, this low grey bed is spoilt for choice.

Visualizer: UB Design  

Japan is evoked by this dark wooden strip beside black and white partitions. Striking monochromes stand out against its roasted coffee-hued, luxurious-looking form.

Visualizer: Kateryna Panasik  

Three plywood panels make this light bedroom different. Each showcasing a definitive bedroom area, the left panel holds the TV, the right the bed, and the centre a working desk.

Visualizer: Anastasia Ugleva  

Create a wooden panel that is more than just a headboard. This lightly-patterned design holds everyday necessities within an LED-lit, easy-to-reach inlet.

Visualizer: Hamoud Kabbani  

Looking to work wood into an art deco bedroom? This feature wall surprises with triangular panels popping out in mustard.

Visualizer: Katie Domracheva  

Exude a 70’s vibe with a painted wooden wall. This diamond-patterned piece curves up to a ceiling runway and spider chandelier.

Visualizer: Ekaterina Toropova  

Make your wooden headboard look like leather. This engraved design reaches up to the ceiling beside two aquamarine dangling lights.

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February 25, 2017

The N.C. Landscape collection, designed by Italian designer Massimo Castagna, is a modular system composed of imitation wood panels. This living room furniture design is intended for a chic and luxurious interior!
Designed for Italian manufacturer Acerbis, these entertainment, slash home library units have a screen or panel that can slide across to hide the television.

TV wall unit sliding doors

When not in use, it looks just like any other piece of furniture. Your guests would never know there’s a television there.
Behind the sliding panels, there’s also room for audio-video equipment, keeping it out of sight as well.
The large doors made with thin solid wood slats, together with glass that is reflective and transparent at the same time, create an intriguing play of light and shadow, reflection and transparency. The floating sliding doors reveal surprising contrasts of material with the inside of the compartments and the backs of the paneling.

N.C. Landscape Collection by Massimo Castagna for Acerbis

This home library was designed with a specific way of life in mind. The N.C. Landscape collection is built to match and not only complement your home. Color combinations and daring shape are perfect for those who can never be satisfied by just conforming. It gives you the sense that you are having a wall unit that looks and feels like it was specifically built to match your interior. If there is one word that can describe these home libraries, it is individuality.

marble and wood furniture

Made In Italy

Acerbis belongs to one the the oldest, and one of the most sought-after design emblems ‘made in Italy’. They manage to carry on the Italian design excellence. N.C. Landscape collection is the result of company’s constant innovation and research of materials. Acerbis is an extremely dynamic reality, always ready to read the signals of a rapidly changing world. The main guideline for each new Acerbis product is the constant tension towards innovation, together with the continuous search for a connection with the surrounding reality.

livingroom tv wall unit

livingroom furniture with marble doors

livingroom entertainment unit ideas

home library design ideas

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February 25, 2017

A sideboard or an aquarium? The unusual Aquario cabinet is a 2016 design of the Fernando and Humberto Campana brothers for bd Barcelona. The Brazilian duo have used colored glass to fill blob-shaped gaps in this wooden cabinet for Spanish brand BD Barcelona Design.
The cabinet is available in two color versions: Aquario ash natural, or Aquario pine dark gray.

campana brothers aquário collection
External panels and doors are in green or blue glass, veneered in natural ash or pine stained in grey while the legs are made from solid natural ash or pine stained in grey. Aquario cabinet is made with irregularly shaped holes cut into its surfaces that are sealed by sections of the glass, allowing views through the furniture piece. The internal shelves are also made of glass to conserve the design’s transparency allowing light to pass through.

bd barcelona furniture 2016

The Campana brothers do not need many introductions. Fernando and Humberto founded their studio in Sao Paulo in 1983. They became famous on a worldwide scale with their unique pieces. They are best known for re-purposing common materials in unusual ways to create furniture, installations and interiors.
The contrast between different elements and materials is a common trait associated with the designers, who state ‘we love creating hybrids using distinct materials, one warm and the other cold. this has become part of our language when designing.’

bar cabinet design ideas
And their influence is clearly visible in this first collection they have with BD Barcelona. The design draws upon an aquarium theme creating a playful and experimental tone. In addition to the offered version with full glazing, the sideboard is available on request also with a backboard only made of wood.

aquarium like furniture

The Unusual Aquario Cabinet from BD Barcelona

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February 25, 2017

Completing a look doesn’t stop with furnishings and wall color. Using art to create ambiance is one of the most important parts. Often left as a finishing touch, it can also be done first to create an entire look around your work. At any budget you can find conversation pieces, tell your story, or just have something that is pleasurable to your eye. Choose the right piece, the right size, and the right quantity of pieces to make the best of your art. The rooms below use art to add color, drama, and even calmness to their spaces.

Visualizer: Lê Như   

A great way to keep your look fresh is to use one nuetral color for your room and change out the pillows and artwork to creat a new look. Here, the grey sofa is paired with a colorblock coffee table whose colors are picked up in the pillows, chair, and collage of art on the wall.

Visualizer: Afina Portobello  

The red in this art seems to be spilling off of the canvas, creating a dramatic look leaned against this dark taupe wall.

Visualizer: Alexander Shepard   

Panels of black marble framed within the wall creates a wall of mystery for this room.

Visualizer:  Hasankhani Tabriza   

With this white marble fireplace and platform, not much is needed. So, why not lean a wall of fish art. If you are working with a wall that you don’t want to anchor art to, try giving it a lean.

Visualizer: Hasankhani Tabriza   

A contemporary nuetral dining room was completed with a rhino to fill an entire wall. Black and white art, with something meaningful to you, adds interest to the room without a lot of color if you are going for a monochromatic look.

Visualizer: KYDE  

An oversized portrait hangs on this wall, simplicity at its best.

Visualizer: Leyla Salayeva   

It may be suprising, but tribal art can be used in even the most modern of rooms. This monochromatic piece sits next to a marble wall.

Visualizer: Prabhudas Bhagwat   

This effortless design of grey and black is enhanced by throw pillows and amusing art pieces in the same hues.

Visualizer: Luis Eduardo Ocampo Pinto   

This low back sofa and textured wall needed only a few simple pieces. The three panel swirl art in camo colors were used above the sofa adding color to the room.

Visualizer: Kseniia Tkachenko   

A dramatic portrait is used in this grey and white room, and is a perfect conversation starter.

Visualizer: Room Design Buro  

A shelf the length of the neutral sectional was used to display several abstract pieces, enlongating the room.

Visualizer: Projem  

This textured concrete wall has two bright orange art pieces flanking the fireplace, adding color to a room that could appear cold without it.

This foyer is reminiscent of a commercial space, but it is residential. The shades in the marble floor, and slate grey wall were picked up in this abstract piece.

Visualizer: Ricardo Ferreira   

Your love for your favorite artist can be displayed. Here the different stages of Michael Jackson was used in colorful paintings in a achromatic room.

Visualizer: Michele Vampari   

Color was used everywhere, the floors walls, furniture, and lighting. So why not incorporate all of those colors into one dramatic piece on the wall?

Visualizer: monk 孟  

The alluring dining room of this Beijing home drips in opulence. This peeling face painting can mean several things and creates a way to start dinner conversation.

This textured wall and purple carpet started a great tale and is completed by the girl in white headphones on the wall.

Visualizer: Thai Quang   

In Grey and White Interiors , botanical prints give life to this room.

This traditional look in creme and blue uses botanical art prints. Find more here: Botanical Art Prints

Visualizer:  Anastasia Manovitskaya   

You don’t have to choose between monochromatic and lots of color, use both. This bedroom uses a fanciful dancing piece above the bed and an abstract piece in oranges and red on the night table.

Visualizer: Impress  

This black and white art is placed against a dark slate blue wall.

Visualizer:  Muhammed Ali Jouhar   

Use panel art on one wall and a single piece on the adjoining wall. It fills the space but doesn’t overwhelm it with large pieces.

Visualizer: Robby Brymer  

Your art doesn’t have to be uniformed, in this room the work is placed at varying heights and creates a refreshing look.

Visualizer: Entrance  

This straightforward minimalist style was enhanced by the artwork. Using various pieces together tell as story and share favorite pieces with visitors.

Visualizer: Impress  

The artwork in this bedroom is as uncomplicated as its furnishings, use word art on your wall to make a statement.

Visualizer: Impress  

Artists renderings make for great wall art. Here two were paired together over a simple console table.

This art magnifies the beauty of wings and tells a story in two pieces in this Scandinavian Dining Room

Visualizer: Back Bakurova   

Create an atmosphere of peace and calm, here 6 photographs of the rushing water was used.

Visualizer:  Roman Movliaiko   

Clearly this is a city apartment using art to whisk the homeowner away to the mountains and oceans. Use art to take you to your favorite places.

$530BUY IT

A new generation of digital art frames are gaining popularity. This digital canvas from Meural allows you to display and switch art at will with just a gesture of your hand. See it in operation below:

You can get it here.

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February 25, 2017

Take a look through a gallery of 5 stylish contemporary studio apartments gathered together for your personal perusal. If you’re looking for ideas or inspiration, these studios are an ideal place to start looking. Each has an abundance of motivation.

Expertly styled for different tastes and preferences, all of them cater to the needs of the fashionable bachelor/ette. Studio apartments cater to a specific demographic but the design concepts can be used and incorporated into any living space. These ultramodern abodes are the pioneers of new fashion and daring design schemes. Do you want to see something wonderful? Come, take a look.

Visualizer: Konstantin Entalecev  

Designed for a young woman, the space needed to be multi-functional as the apartment is only 50 square meters. What at first glance looks to be a screen for the overhead projector…

… is actually a Murphy bed hidden in plain sight.

The studio has a warm color scheme with wooden elements, different shades of blue, white and grey. Seeing as young people tend to have a more active social life, a living area styled like a mini cinema in close proximity to the kitchen provides a comfortable entertainment area.

The kitchen has a lot of space for movement, this is achieved by not overcrowding the space with unnecessary cabinets. The line of sight is drawn towards an uncovered glass door that leads to a balcony and is an aesthetic accent and gives the entire apartment a substantial amount of natural light.

The dining table has been aligned with the kitchen island, taking advantage of the space. The dining chairs are a different design and color to the bar stools, this is a subtle separation of the two areas. A circular chandelier lights up the area in more ways than one by being a fun accessory adding a youthful flair to the space. A raw brick wall painted white is an accent wall with a modern touch when paired with the chrome appliances.

Accessories are an important element in any home. Indoor potted plants add a green touch, and the orange pomegranates in the wooden bowl are a flash of color that adds a little personality.

Stacking is a must when conserving space, the stacked crockery is both functional and fashionable . Spaced lights on the ceiling are a modish way of lighting up the apartment, they are sleek and slim as big and chunky wouldn’t fit in the design concept. The book shelves add an aura of sophistication to the apartment.

A glass wall with a black metal frame is a trendy way of separating the bedroom from the living area. The color scheme here is dark blue, white, light brown and grey. A dark blue shelf and headboard panels create an enviable accent wall, the shelves adding depth to the overall look of the room. A cozy pair of chairs is a comfortable reading nook with a view.

Only the necessary spaces have remained enclosed by walls to maximize the floor space of the apartment. A large dressing room is kept closed for privacy and provides sufficient storage space for a large closet.

Visualizer: Alesya Kasianenko  

This apartment has an entirely different design concept, but retains the same principles as the previous apartment. It’s an apartment with limited space that’s been transformed into a trendy, versatile home that meets the needs of the homeowner.

A symmetrical black chandelier draws the eye and is a fascinating feature that adds dimension to the space. The design concept includes many organic components that make the space green and refreshing, a home that reflects the personality of an environmentally minded homeowner.

A glossy wooden floor ties into the organic theme adding a polished and sleek feel to the overall look. Abstract landscapes look like a window into a different world. By using dark wooden panels to decorate the wall adjacent to the white wall softens the white and warms up all the organic elements.

From this angle we can see just how the chandelier contributes to the living area. The different shades of grey in the living room is a modern color scheme that complements many of the different elements of the room.

The kitchen wall is an accent wall with three different layers. The lighter wood cabinets at the bottom with white edging are a similar color to the flooring and gives the illusion of space. The dark grey stone wall in the middle adds depth to the design, while the dark wooden upper cabinets are a striking contrast to the light ceiling. Chrome fittings and modern appliances ensure that the kitchen is state-of-the-art and looks like it too. The counter top by the uncovered window means that meals are always enjoyed with a view of the outside surroundings.

A curtain ensures that the bedroom gets privacy when needed. A green wardrobe is a burst of color tying the theme into every part of the apartment.

A light wooden bedside table, as well as a patterned carpet and light brown blanket make sure that the bedroom is a warm and cozy space for the homeowner to retreat into.

A geometric lantern that hangs from the ceiling is an amusing take on a bedside lamp. The mirrored glass panels that face the window turn the view from outside into an accent wall in the bedroom.

Potted plants on the windowsill carry the organic theme into the room so that the wardrobe isn’t the only green component in the room. The curtains span both ways, shielding the room from the living area for privacy and can span over the window to keep the city lights from bothering a sleeping homeowner.

The one sided mirrored glass gives the bathroom extra room, preventing it from being closed up and claustrophobic. The wooden elements are a soft organic component. Shelves provide storage space in the small area and are a functional element that makes personal items a part of the decor. The dark grey flooring is a good base for the room, allowing the white walls to make the bathroom look bigger without hurting the eyes.

The stand alone his-and-hers amenities clear up floor space and are an unconventional aspect to the room. The robes add a homely feel. Every bathroom needs a mirror, this bathroom’s mirror makes the room feel bigger and fulfills that basic need. Stacked appliances don’t take up too much space and is designed with functionality in mind, but the dark wood cabinets and baskets turn it into a stylish necessity. Hanging lights are a design feature all by itself.

This wall would be incomplete without a framed comment oozing dry humor.

Visualizer: Sergey Hrabrovsky  

A laconic color scheme paired with wooden elements was used in this studio apartment to create a cozy and aesthetic interior.

A sleek couch with clear cut angles is a dark focal point that adds substance to the room and prevents the room from looking washed out and too light. Golden throw pillows add a hint of vintage glamour to a modern setting. Abstract clay pots, one with decorative plants adds a bit of artful whimsy to the room.

The bedroom has been transformed into a small and cozy alcove to hide from the world. A bright framed picture ensures that the bed area doesn’t escape notice and a series of round ceiling lights gives the space enough light. A light wooden partition and light fixture gives the apartment a lively boost.

Clarity, and rude forms, along with the elegant curves of the furniture and decor, set the concept of the studio. While the bust of a Roman centurion stands guard.

The leather backed chairs in the kitchen/dining area contribute to the apartment’s overall sophistication, the metal frames tying into the design concept.

Large uncovered French windows turn the urban landscape into an accent wall. The tiled wall and stainless steel tubes add an element of industrial chic. Due to limited space, a large shelf provides storage space.

The paneled wall and wooden chandelier are a refined aspect that greets the person that enters from the front door. Custom tiled flooring is a sleek and glossy feature that captures the attention. An elemental lamp and framed mirror take the space to the next level. A marble table matches the tiled floor.

Visualizer: Kare Evgenii  

A special feature of this studio apartment is the panoramic windows on the wall that look out onto the street, and aren’t hindered by balconies or loggias, which allows air and light to permeate the room. The interior is decorated in bright colors, and warm shades of wood.

The couch is big and looks comfortable, a homey feature that corresponds to the warm design of the apartment. The round light fixture is an elegant and modern feature.

The yellow sheets and bright flowers are a pop of color that contrasts pleasantly with the light color scheme.The paneled wooden accent wall adds texture to the design, while LED lighting between the wall and ceiling is a neat and upscale way of lighting up the apartment.

The legs of the chairs form an intriguing pattern that draws the eyes. Houseplants are a great way to bring nature into your home, in this apartment there are two different types that contrast and connect with each other, a pleasing feature in the room.

The front hallway is uncluttered and left almost untouched, allowing you to enter the apartment unhindered, the slightly faded wooden flooring being the focal point of the hallway.

A bedroom is a retreat, an escape and a personal space. This bedroom is all of those things, with soft lighting and warm elements. A leafy green plant is a refreshing splash, while the grey bedding looks positively inviting.

Visualizer: Konstantin Entalecev  

Designed solely for the use of a young man, this studio apartment is the ultimate bachelor pad. The monochromatic color scheme with graphic black lines and turquoise inlays.

The framed city maps are a manly and sophisticated focal point. Different shades of grey, and a large floor pillow with decorative stitching make for an ideal place to relax and watch some television. The white paneled wall is an awesome accent wall for the bedroom, while the black metal frame marks the bedroom as a separate space without closing it off.

The black elements are an essential design element that contribute personality and color to the apartment. The golden interior of the overhanging light fixture is a rich, pleasant surprise that subtly draws the eye upwards. The turquoise painting and throw pillow prevents the space from looking a bit like an office. The wooden flooring brings a little island to an urban apartment and brightens the whole studio. Glass inserts framed by black metal ensures that the bathroom receives plenty of light.

White cabinets are a smart choice in a small kitchen. The granite framed work space contrasts to the white and adds depth and dimension to the kitchen. The houseplant and wooden cutting board match the wooden flooring.

By being only 32 square feet, the apartment presented a bit of a challenge. The apartment consists of two rooms, the bathroom being the only area with a wall, for obvious reasons. The apartment is versatile and allows for easy movement. The entire apartment consists of a kitchen, bed, living area and a bathroom.

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February 25, 2017

Impress your guests with this sophisticated modern lounge chair designed by Arne Vodder for Erik Joergensen. Just like Arne Vodder’s other designs, the EJ 230 was designed with a passion for detail.
Merging clean lines with comfort and modern shapes can be difficult to achieve; however, the master-touch of the designer manages to unite these seemingly contradictory qualities. Arne Vodder was one of the most influential Danish architects and furniture designers. He managed to turn this piece into one of those chairs that are quite sturdy but yet comfortable.

Arne Vodder seating design

Comfort is a definite priority

Chaise lounges have been for centuries a symbol of elegance in the homes of elite families of old Europe. Even tho you can see Greek ancient pictures showing Gods and kings relaxed in chaise lounges and eating grapes, this furniture has gained more elegance and popularity in the Post-Revolution France where it also gained its name which means “a long chair.”

Aside from being a symbol of elegance and a leather piece that adds beauty to your home or bedroom, EJ 230 is mainly intended for practical purposes.

This piece was the first item of furniture Arne Vodder designed with a full metal frame.
The frame in matt metal enhances the attractive silhouette of the chair, which follows the shape of your body naturally. It has the style of a lounger but it’s sleek in shape and neutral in color. The piece fits perfectly into the design of any room.
It seems large enough to actually fall asleep on but small enough to give you the possibility to save space.

Upholstered leather lounger

At Erik Joergensen the goal is to create furniture that lasts. This passion for design and quality craftsmanship is characteristic of Erik Joergensen furniture and they managed to perfectly express that with the help of EJ 230 modern lounge chair.

EJ 230 Modern Lounge Chair

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February 25, 2017

Using a method almost two centuries old, award-winning artist Albert Koetsier has found a way to bring out stunning detail in the beautiful things around us. A lover of photography, Koetsier worked as an x-ray technician. Using x-rayography, he creates these beautiful floral prints making only 50 of each kind. Koetsier arranges the flowers in a way that conveys a narrative, uses the negative from the x-ray and paints the piece with translucent paints. These prints will last better than paintings and will resist fading like computer generated art. Here we share 28 pieces for you to add to your art collection.


 Gentian Framed Art: Floral wall art can be a way to bring the beauty and elegance of flowers into your space.  


Tulip Bouquet Floral Print Art: This floral x-ray piece of wall art can be used as an accent piece in any home or office.  


Orchids Framed Art Print: Hang this x-ray botanical orchid print as a finishing touch in your room. Use this 16 X 16 piece alone or group with others in this post to create a wall of bouquets.


Red Gentian Framed Art Print: This 13X13 piece shares one the bold and beautiful colors available in the Gentian species.


Calla Lily Art: Bring life into your room with this beautiful Calla Lily. Available in 13X13 size, use this alone or pair with a lily of another shade.


Gentian Twins Art: Create a dramatic wall of flowers by grouping floral art.  


Black and White Floral Art Print: For a contemporary space with a monochromatic color scheme, this print works perfectly.  


Lily Close Up Black and White Print: The beauty of this lily is perfectly captured with x-rayography catches details not seen in most art.  


Tulip Bouquet Art Print: This botanical print with delicate flowers in calming colors is perfect for any room. Paired with the right accessories, it makes a subtle statement.  


Tulip Scape Art Print: Available in different sizes, display a small one as an accent piece or let the largest size take center stage in your room.


Tulips Art Print: Purple tulips signify royalty. Use this purple floral art print to add color to your room. Or use as an accent in a room bathed in purple.  

Blue Tulips Art Print: Place this simple blue tulip on a bookshelf, the wall, or an entry table.


Purple Rose Canvas Art: This enchanting purple rose would make a lovely statement as a 30X30 piece on your wall. Bring opulence into your bedroom and pick up the shade in other accent pieces.


Blue Rose Art Print: You cannot go wrong with this single blue rose, displaying it’s intricacies through the art of x-rayography.


Teal Rose Art Print: The bloom of this teal rose tells a story. Let this be a piece to build your décor around.


Pink Rose Canvas Art: The pink rose signifies grace and happiness. Let this canvas print adorn the wall of the room where your family gathers.


Hibiscus Canvas Art: The hibiscus represents unity and peace. This print will work in any room of your home or office.


Red Hibiscus Flower Canvas: Canvas art can give you a fabulous look without breaking the bank. Try this striking red hibiscus for those neutral rooms that need just a little bit of color.


4 Panel Floral Art Prints: These exquisite lily prints grouped together as 4 or more would work well anywhere. Create this floral grouping rather than separate this bundle.


Orchid Art Print: This refined and exotic flower has been beautifully captured as it seems to reach across the canvas.


Blue Iris Poster Art: Frame this blue iris poster in a frame of the same hue, or choose what matches your décor. Black, various shades of wood, and clear acrylic are also available.


Lily Flower Quad Print: Use this lily print in a space and seemingly lengthen the wall. The flowers appear to be reaching up, creating that effect for the space you choose.


Golden Gerbera Canvas Art: This yellow daisy would be perfect in a bright and airy kitchen.


Blue Poppy Canvas Art: The lovely blue poppies in this canvas are backed by a neutral taupe. Place this piece on the wall as a symbol of restful sleep just above your bed.


Bamboo Leaf Canvas Art: Great for entryways and sunrooms, this bamboo leaf can also be used as a sign of tranquility in a room with oriental décor.


Bodhi Leaf Art Canvas: Signaling awakening, these Bodhi leaves are perfect to add color and energy to any room.


Cocculus Art Print: These cocculus leaves combining teal and green would be a welcoming addition to any wall where you need a subtle color.


Floral X-Ray Art Calendar: Mark your important days on a calendar that serves also as artwork for your home or office.

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February 25, 2017

Man and nature have always been locked together in a perpetual battle. With man trying to civilize the world and nature being a force to be reckoned with. What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Well, when expertly blended- magic.

YØ DEZEEN has done just that. This design company has fused contemporary and organic styles to create a stunningly luxurious apartment that captures your attention as soon as you walk in. The apartment includes thoughtful design and remarkable attention to detail. In every room it ties natural and worldly elements together to construct an ‘urban jungle’. Look if you can see how they did it.

The main design concept for the space was to separate the two floors of the apartment and isolate the top floor where the bedrooms are located. The bottom floor consists of a living, kitchen and entertainment area. All of which leads to the terrace with a state-of-the-art outdoor entertainment area. By isolating the bedrooms on the second floor, one homeowner can get sufficient privacy and rest, should another homeowner decide to entertain guests.

The abundance of windows in the apartment allowed designers to use a dark monochromatic color palette. Bright accent pieces such as the vertical gardens with tropical plants and light stone walls have been added to the apartment’s decor to balance out the dark and intense colors. The wooden paneling on the ceiling warms the area, making the apartment more homely.

The living room creates a literal urban jungle. The large windows look out onto the city, while the interior has green and wooden elements combined with the sleek monochromatic color palette. The cutting edge fireplace and tropical house plant give a glimpse of how well man and nature can co-exist.

The study area is kept private by a dark glass wall that doubles as an accent wall.

A small living area has been incorporated into the study, this adds comfort to the home office, an ideal space for the homeowner who brings work home. The graphic drawing on the wall is framed by a wide panel of glass that reflects off of the adjacent dark glass wall and creates an intriguing design feature. The ceiling lights also create a unique pattern that decorates the wall.

A dark cupboard contrasts to the lighter grey wall, adding depth to the room. A designer chair ties into many of the room’s elements and is a fashionable piece.

Two contrasting carpets adorn the floor, at first glance they appear intriguing, but upon closer inspection they tie the room together. The interior of the designer chair match the top carpet while the couch’s material matches the bottom carpet. The coffee table also matches the dark accent wall and blends the stairs and dark cupboard into the layout.

The desk is stylishly simple, left uncluttered and makes for a practical work space. A conical hanging lamp ensures that the area remains well lit. A sculpture encased by the glass showcase adds sophisticated artistry to the study.

The staircase is a design feature that engages the viewer with it’s simple metal frame and thin sleek stairway. The design turns the humble stairway into an art piece.

A mirrored table is almost imperceptible, as it’s function is to add depth to the design of the staircase. Two ottomans are nestled under the table, adding to the color scheme. While the indoor garden planted under the staircase paired with the wooden paneling incorporate the tamed jungle concept.

The white rounded chandeliers have a fun design and brightens the room considerably. The French windows allow for natural light, but the blinds give the homeowner a sense of privacy.

The open plan apartment allows the bottom floor to become the ultimate entertainment area. The sizable dining room table is a stylish statement that allows the homeowner to host large dinner parties.

The dark wall and ceiling panels subtly separate the different areas without closing anything off.

The chrome bar adds a futuristic element that isn’t just chic, it’s incredibly modern too. Open cabinets create an accent wall and makes the space look neat and organized.

The coffee table behind the couch uses books as ornaments, giving the room a distinguished essence. The room makes the most out of the monochromatic color scheme, with the green accents brightening the room. The blinds match the ceiling panels, drawing the eye toward the impressive view.

The ceiling lights and thin standing lamps are sleek and don’t draw attention, adding to the apartment’s modern aesthetic.The light grey steps are a subtle contrast to the wooden flooring, gently drawing the viewer toward the terrace.

The delicate chandeliers are an elegant complement to the tropical plants, together they soften the room and form a refreshing perspective.

An herb garden above the bar is not only aesthetically pleasing, it’s also functional and creative. The material finish on the bar stools add texture to the room, while the reflective surface of the bar adds depth.

The bottom floor of the apartment is the perfect entertainment area. Modern, sleek and chic. The top floor mirrors the design concept, but contributes comfort and functionality.

The bed’s pillowed base is the picture of comfort, inviting the homeowner to unwind after a hectic day. The bedroom area uses many different elements to creatively construct a space that is cozy as well as trendy.

Three different walls are used as partitions to create a room within a room, isolating the sleeping area and making a sheltered resting place. The vertical garden and tropical potted plant brighten the room, adding a refreshing element.

The room also boasts a massive his-and-hers walk in closet with ample space and ups the luxury factor.

Every room needs a focal point, which in this room is the bed and vertical garden, but the wall separating the bed and closet is worth being mentioned too. The top part of the wall has been encased in glass and is highlighted by LED lighting. It’s a classy accent wall that contributes depth and finesse.

Contrasting carpets and a woven blanket add texture to the room, preventing it from looking bland and boring.

A chair by the windows joined by a side table resting against the leafy green backdrop produces an intimate reading area.

A shower cubicle in the corner of the room is barely noticeable, a glass cubicle focuses attention on the wall paneling, turning it into a understated design feature.

The vertical garden is a gorgeous example of the contained wildness of the apartment. All throughout the home there are elements that capture the essence of nature within confined constructs. The plants spill out of the cage, but are trimmed and held back.

Besides being a dazzling design feature, the garden also shields the bath, turning it into a private area.

The cosmetic bottles and stacked towels dispel the need for a lot of storage space, by being part of the room’s design.

The bathroom is luxuriously spacious, with ample space to move around, this is largely possible due to the compact structure of the amenities.

A glossy white wall creates a clean and vivid accent wall. The tropical plants allude to the concept of contained wildness.

Outside, the terrace joins the home with the sky. Large windows turn the heavens into an ever changing focal point. The exterior of the apartment opts for a more natural color palette. The overhanging slats are able to open and shut, keeping the elements out.

A white couch allows the homeowner to feel as though they were sitting on a cloud. The space is more open, the glass railings a daring feature, but the darkened blinds are in place in case of extreme weather.

Crawling ivy is a refined feature, with the leaves matching the dining chairs, creating a unified space. The granite barbecue space is a solid focal point, with the stacked logs matching the flooring.

Earth meets water and sky here. The muted shades of wood provide the earthy tones, while the deep blue of the pool is a glossy mirror of the clear sky, leading the eye towards the striking view.

The space is sheltered by a metal frame, that is structurally sound without blocking the sky. Brown loungers set against the green marble wall, along with the ivy and lush house plants carry the jungle through to the pool area.

Strategically placed lights ensure that the pool can be used both during the day and night, while a transparent pool wall requires that swimmers have a strong sense of adventure.

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February 25, 2017

Hampton display cabinet creates an essential geometry with a perfect balance between full and empty. Designed by Hangar Design Group for Rossato the highly customizable Hampton cabinet helps you show off your home’s treasures in style. Part of a collection intended both for private homes and top luxury hotels thanks to Rossato’s many years of experience in the contract design industry.

handmade cabinet design ideas

Cabinets add a special feel to almost any room. Depending on the cabinet, you can get functionality or beauty but only a few get a beautiful mixture of both. Display cabinets tend to be very expensive with the more you expect of your cabinet in regards of design, manufacturer and materials used. However, a good cabinet will last a lifetime of use and change the aspect of the area its placed in.
Rossato always works with renowned designers to create the most ambitious creative projects. This also happened with Hangar Design Group for the creation of this stunning design. For this piece, the manufacturers will produce the designs in pretty much whatever material you would like, including gold insertions upon request.

The Hampton display cabinet from Rossato

Essential characteristic is the surface finish determined by sophisticated weaving strips of oak wood, hand sanded and painted, which makes up a mosaic of great visual effect.
An art piece in itself, this oak cabinet displays objects of interest, entertains as a mini bar or conceals clutter in the entry. The surface forms are reflected in what we can describe as a playful puzzle of geometric shapes. For an authentic look, the furniture display cabinet is made of or veneered with oak and finished to emphasize the wood’s natural tones. Inside the cabinet, the shelving system is customizable to accommodate large or bulky items.

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Purchasing Rossato furniture means owning a unique piece as you can choose from an endless selection of materials, colors, finishes and treatments.Every piece of their furnishings are extremely versatile and customizable and you will be dealing directly with a project manager who understands your wishes and doing its best to fulfill your tastes.

rossato handmade gold leaf furniture

weaving strips of oak wood

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