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April 30, 2016

Designed for a couple with two young children, the architects at HAO Design wanted to build a space that could meet the current and future needs of an active family lifestyle. This home in Kaohsiung maintains a stylish yet unpretentious aesthetic, with a heavy emphasis on useful features that can adapt and evolve as time goes on. The layout strikes a smart balance between parenthood and romance, offering the best of open living while providing several quiet spaces enjoyable by adults and children alike. Creative storage solutions and multi-functional furniture make the most of every square foot to leave more room for fun and interaction. Plus, the interior architecture is out of this world!

Architect: HAO Design   Photographer: Hey!Cheese  

The couple is passionate about cooking – while planning the home design, one of the most important requests by the clients was an open kitchen for a full view of the living and play areas.

In the living room, soft low furniture is exceptionally child-friendly. These casual choices allow for comfortable cuddles without making the little ones climb too far.

Interactive design, like the chalkboard wall just behind the sofa, ensures plenty of stimulating opportunities for self-expression and collaboration.

The seating area in front of the big picture window makes it easy for the parents and children to watch the active urban scenes below.

No matter the weather, the family can have intimate visual communication with the world outside. In fact, it’s the first thing the family sees as they walk in the door.

Because the living room doubles as a play area, parents can keep an eye on the children while they’re working or entertaining in the kitchen.

Later, as the children enter school, the parents can supervise homework and creative activities taking place at the desk to the right.

Although the living and kitchen areas feel unified, they remain visually defined thanks to the winding transition from concrete to bright white surfaces.

Did you notice the green panel peeking out from the entryway? It’s a LEGO mural! This would be a fantastic DIY project for families with children of any age.

Line of sight continues through the glass divider and the cutout shelving so parents can keep an eye on the kids while they’re building LEGO artwork.

Despite its fun theme, the entryway remains exceptionally functional for adults thanks to the wraparound bench.

Back in the kitchen, calming blue and green accents set the tone for cheerful family dining experiences.

Black tile, perforated paneling, and concrete walls give just a hint of industrial influence to suit the aesthetic preferences of the parents.

A mix of molded and wooden chairs gives off an artsy vibe, amplified by the beveled table they surround. Above, handsome UNFOLD pendants demonstrate a similar playful variation.

Verdant plant arrangements freshen the air and provide educational opportunities for the little ones.

Small hiding places give children a chance to express their creativity and engage in play either with the family or independently.

In the bedroom designed for the daughters, smart storage and playful shapes spark the imagination – cabinet cutouts and painted details almost make it feel like a castle!

Calm shades of green, yellow, and blue help soften the effect of the stylish concrete wall.

Cubbies to the left and swinging wardrobe doors to the right offer storage solutions that will grow with the children.

The adorable screw-top stool is from the Tom & Jerry line by Konstantin Grcic.

The parents get to enjoy a creative bedroom design too! Upholstered headboard panels zig and zag almost like a pastel mountain range or a creative city skyline.

A stunning break from the light and airy aesthetic of the rest of the home – this dressing room and master bath embody a dark and classic style.

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April 30, 2016

When you think of brick walls you typically think of lofts, country homes, maybe even bungalows. But brick walls are now used in a variety of spaces as faux and accent walls, and even to bring some charm into more modern spaces. That’s exactly what we have to show you here — two designers who have made their modern and sleek spaces a bit more characteristic with exposed brick walls. As we often talk about on here, opposites attract. So whether you’ve got brick walls in your space, or you’re thinking of adding an accent wall, browse these spaces and get inspired and see what makes these spaces work.

Visualizer: Maks Marukhin  

While the brick walls are that characteristically red, muddy, and warm color, the rest of the space is offset in cool grays to contrast. By not totally playing into the warm color of the wall, it helps it stand out and makes the space feel less dated.

The dark brick wall pops against all that natural light surrounding it. When you have a brick wall, make sure to find ways to help it stand out. Whether that’s having it next to some bright windows or set against light colored walls, it should contrast.

This space is divided up beautifully. The white airy kitchen pops with all that natural light flowing in, and from the darker more neutral living room you’re eye is drawn right into that space.

We’re obsessed with these deep blue walls. The color has gray undertones, and the eggshell finish gives it just enough sheen. The blue looks incredible against that red brick, and really ties in well with the grays of the living space.

Warm and cool tones collide in this entryway. The built in closets pop against the brick, but match the tiles and ashy wood floors which flow into the rest of the space.

Talk about focal piece. This art isn’t just big, it’s bold. It’s framed beautifully on a large scale wall, and lit up with proper lighting.

The skylight also brings in some beautiful light to the space, making it feel less stark.

If you have the luxury of such a big hallway, do it right. Don’t neglect this space, or treat it like dead space. Brighten it up with artwork, good lighting, and give it your own flare.

Built ins are a great storage solution, and their customizability means you can have them not only fit your space perfectly, but reflect the rest of the design like they’ve done here.

These open shelves add a bit of personality to this corner. If you’re designing your own builtins consider adding a detail like this to display some of your treasures.

Once again you can see this brilliant blue color. It’s colorful yet neutral, and a great example of how to bring some muted color into your own space.

From here you can see how they’ve tied in the gray from the living space into the kitchen. Not only is the gray in the chairs and light fixtures, but it’s in the cabinets too, which really pop against all that white and marble.

Skylights are found again in the kitchen — as if this space doesn’t have enough light already! Skylights don’t have to be those big square port-holes of the 90’s. Today you can get them sleek and long, or really any shape you need to reflect the rest of your space.

From here you can see how they’ve tied in the gray from the living space into the kitchen. Not only is the gray in the chairs and light fixtures, but it’s in the cabinets too, which really pop against all that white and marble.

The marble countertops and backsplash add a much needed organic feel to the space.

Visualizer: IQOSA  

This next space is just as modern and sleek, but plays on the warmer tones within the brick walls.

They’ve done this by using a beige color pallet, with warm grays also construed throughout the space. This living area feels both cozy and modern.

This stone accent wall is a great contrast to the brick — it’s slick, cool colored, and the texture is inverted. It mirrors the brick wall and adds some nice dimension to the space.

The beige couch picks up on the warm undertones of the brick without totally enhancing the reds and brown within it. To make the bricks seem less red, don’t use surrounding colors that have red undertones themselves.

Check out that kitchen! The ashy wood used for the cabinets works wonderfully with the gray in the rest of the space, as well as the beige rug and couch in the living room.

While this space boasts tons of natural light, they’ve decided to make this space feel cozier by adding these darker and sheer curtains. This allows all that natural light to come streaming in, but at the same time gives the homeowners a chance to cozy up and watch a movie in the dark.

From the kitchen you can really see how that natural light from the open dining room really lights the entire space. That stark white corner really pops against the rest of the warm space.

The kitchen continues this cozy, chic, and modern feel with a concrete cascading countertop island and those ashy and dark gray countertops. Plus, they’ve incorporated the brick right into the kitchen, totally tying the two spaces together.

From the kitchen you can really see these cool and warm colors collide. And while they may contrast, they flow together perfectly. So don’t be afraid to mix and match in your own space. The key is to keep colors with similar undertones together, and work around one singular focal, like the brick wall.

Check out those light fixtures! They look as though they’ve been drawn into the space. Lighting is a great opportunity to add some flare to your space, especially over the kitchen island.

This floating built in desk is both brilliant and functional. It’s got all the storage you need without taking up too much precious space.

If you’ve got the height, a canopy bed is a great way to accentuate your tall ceilings. Plus, the dark wood looks amazing against all that light colored wood on both the floors and lining the walls.

This house is full of accent walls! With plans on the left and stucco on the right, the bedroom plays into the same warm vs. cool contrast strewn throughout the home.

Wouldn’t you fancy curling up there at night? The way the bed builds up like a wedding cake is both fantastic and stunning, and once again the mix of cool grays and warm beiges totally compliment one another.

You can really see the stucco wall from here. Notice how they’ve illuminated it from the top — don’t be afraid to further accent your accent walls. Do whatever it takes to keep them the focal point!

The wonderfully warm and dark colors in the bathroom make it the perfect place to wash away the day.

The large steam shower is enclosed in just glass so that you can easily admire the rest of the space.

Tiles are a great way to add a bit of flare to your bathroom. You don’t have to be so natural, or so colorful. Try a neutral tile with a subtle pattern like these to give your space a bit more dimension and chicness without going overboard.

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April 30, 2016

In design, white is often seen as the epitome of modernity, class, and sleekness. The crisp color — or lack thereof — evokes a sense of cleanliness and style that we often see splashed within high style magazines and homes. And if you’ve spent anytime at a paint store, we’re sure you’ve realized there’s quite a spectrum for such a non-color. There’s everything from warm whites like eggshell and cottage white, to cooler whites like wedding veil and Japanese paper. And while we do associate the color white with expensive things, achieving the same look yourself can cost you a dime. So take a tour through these incredible white spaces and drool, get inspired, and find ways to incorporate that same look into your own home.

Visualizer: Stanislav Borozdinskiy  

This incredibly modern space is flushed with white walls, cabinets, marble, flooring, and lights. At the center of it all is this oversized couch that despite it’s clean lines looks overstuffed and super comfortable. The couch grounds the space so you don’t get lost in that sea of white.

Visualizer: Stanislav Borozdinskiy  

Having a feature wall, or even a feature piece of art that really contrasts all the white in a space helps it feel less stark. This massive fireplace made of dark wood is the perfect pop for the white — and the cool undertones compliment the rest of the space wonderfully.

The striking feature of this fireplace and tv built in is the wood storage built right into it. The look is something you might expect of a more rustic space, but it’s perfectly integrated into this modern room — and the wood adds a much needed organic feel.

Wouldn’t you love to wake up in this bed? This stunning frame keeps the mattress close to the ground and is nearly seamless with the sleek floors. Plus, take a look at the storage all the way on the left. It’s the perfect place to leave your coffee and newspaper in the mornings as you ease into the day.

This dining set is a great match for this space. The wooden bases of the chairs mirror the organic feel we get in that stunning marble, and the gray adds some dimension.

We imagine cooking in this super sleek kitchen is like being a supermodel with some serious chef skills. The insane marble isn’t just featured on the countertops, but cascades down the entire island. The natural veins move your eye through the space effortlessly, and distracts you from the rest of the hash stark lines in the space.

Talk about taking a soak! This gigantic tub is stunning in itself, but it’s contrast against the dark, almost black, tiles and that green feature wall really showcase it’s lines and beauty. Opposites attract!

Visualizer: Monika Siwińska  

Welcome to this white-wonderland of texture. A great way to bring that clean feel to your space, but not loose any dimension is to mix and match textures. These white draped walls are a great example of that.

This massive black couch really takes center stage. Not only can it fit a dozen people, but it also grounds the sea of white around it.

Bringing house plants into your white space is a great way to make it feel less stark. The greens give the room life, and you can even go so far as to add a splash of color with the planters. Here they’ve gone for a metallic gold — how luxurious!

Here you can better see these crazy-chic planters. As if their color wasn’t enough fun, their distorted shapes also bring a sense of whimsy to the space.

From this angle you can really see the lighting they’ve used to illuminate this space. As if the white wasn’t bright enough, the pot lights and lights around the top trim of the room shine down on that crisp white. This is a great way to further illuminate a white space to make it feel bigger.

The kitchen island here is a great addition to the room. It takes advantage of that large structural pillar by extending the table on both sides. One gives you a place to store stuff in the living room and the other is a great eating space. Great idea for anyone with one of those large, ugly pillars in the middle of their room that they don’t know what to do with.

White on white, but anything from boring. Check out that stone wall, it really keeps your eye moving through the entire space by taking up an entire wall.

This space isn’t really that big, but the crisp white makes it feel much bigger than it already is.

Everyone goes for stainless these days — but it’s not always the best option for your space. The choice of a black oven and matching sink looks great in this space, and really contrasts nicely against the white counters surrounding.

Look at that natural light! Lovely natural light is the best way to brighten up your space.

This bed is unique, and equally comfy looking! The fabric surround gives it a relaxed feel, while the cool color pallet plays on that luxurious feel.

Don’t underestimate the power of the side table. This floating table is absolutely dreamy with that floating lamp that looks like the shining moon. Plus, they’ve integrated the natural stone into this space too, bringing continuity to the entire apartment.

Once again you can see just how tiny this space is, but all that wonderful lighting, along with the white-on-white color palette makes it feel big and spacious.

This luxe bed frame looks like a bed within a couch, how comfy and cozy! Don’t be afraid to add unique pieces like these to your own space.

Dress up your side table with beautiful plants or flowers and your favorite drink, so you can kick back and relax at the end of the day.

Did you think giant mirrors were stuck in the 70’s? Not this one! A big feature mirror can really make your space feel much bigger, and reflects both your natural and artificial light.

Small space maximized with proper lighting and a cool white color palette.

Visualizer: Hoski  

This space makes you feel like you’re in the middle of a masculine Scandinavian wonderland. Not a bad place to end up! The dark woods, leathers, and fabrics really pop against all the surrounding white and bring a cohesiveness to the room.

This long built in is both functional and beautiful. Plus, the wood brings some warmth into the stark space.

The mix of cool curves and straight lines throughout the space is a nice reoccurring theme that brings continuity to the space despite all the different elements.

This kitchen is like a breath of fresh air in this white space. The beautiful wood cabinets pop against the rest of the white and the black countertops tie in the rest of the rooms accessories.

We’re obsessed with these cascading island countertops! The black here is super chic.

Don’t be afraid to go dark in your white space. Black countertops throughout the kitchen doesn’t make it look any darker because all that wonderful light and white is balancing it out.

Remember to bring some greenery into your space — white or not. It brings liveliness.

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April 30, 2016

Lush gardens, sleek design, open windows — this home is a slice of paradise. This modern take by Ayutt and Associates on the traditional Thai home incorporates nature into every bit of the home it possibly can. The 1,500 square meter villa just outside of Bangkok is practically held up by floor to ceiling windows which perfectly frame the modern yet traditional courtyard filled with trees, lush jungle plants, and a pool. The windows not only bring the beautiful colors of the outdoors into the nearly all white space, but it allows for that tropical breeze to slither through the house and move all that hot humid air. So take a tour, imagine a cold tropical drink in your hand while you do it, and enjoy all this luxury tropical oasis has to offer.

Pack your bags, you’re moving in! Kidding — but after you see this incredible layout, how each window frames a beautiful view, and the stunning materials used within this home, we guarantee you’ll be on a flight to Bangkok. From here, you can see those massive windows which take advantage of this dream back yard.

In the daylight you can see how all these crisp lines and colors play wonderfully against one another. The red on the right pops against the pools turquoise tiles and really helps drawer eye up to the white windows in the center.

This living space is not only spacious, but completely open to the outdoors. The sliding windows allow for this hybrid indoor-outdoor space which is very typical of Chinese and Thai homes. It adds a bit of drama, whimsy, and takes away from some of the stark modern elements of the living space.

Look at all that shining sunlight! The light is reflecting off the pool and moving straight into the living room, illuminating the space with warm natural sunlight and bringing the greenery right in. The open floor plan is framed by these views, acting almost as a centerpiece or accent wall as it would in any other home.

Architect: Ayutt and Associates  

At this angle you can also see how crisp and white the space is. There’s no need for a lot of color because those big beautiful windows (open or closed) bring in all the colors of the outdoors.

The way the rays filter through the tree branches and leave a pattern on the white couch and floor is a perfect example of why all this white works. The white doesn’t distract from the beauty of the outdoors, and literally allows for nature to creep right into the space without overwhelming the rest of the design.

Living in a warm place that allowed the windows to be open all year is a dream in itself. Let alone this incredible courtyard which plays on traditional Chinese home design methods while incorporating modern luxuries. Having these big windows on both sides of the living space lets you see right through to the other side of the home, and integrates the indoors with the outdoors perfectly.

These seemingly floating stairs are magical! Not only is the wood spectacular, but from the top if looks like you can just run and jump straight into the courtyard pool.

This view makes you feel like you’re in a treehouse, looking out amongst the treetops. Really it’s just your courtyard, but in this house it sure does feel like a kingdom.

Wouldn’t you love to take a steam in that shower? This bathroom is the epitome of luxury, and makes you feel like you’re taking an outdoor bath without all the inconveniences. This is the perfect place to relax and unwind.

The deck in the courtyard is stunning. The red accents the blue pool wonderfully, and the cutouts along it’s edges for plants like that tree are seamless.

Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the views this home has to offer. At night the entire home lights up with an iridescent white and illuminates the pool and all those lush plants.

Of course, if you’re living in a villa like this one you need a space to park your beautiful cars. Well, this carpark is the ultimate place. The design of the rest of the home is incorporated here with glass and slick tiles.

Admire your ride from the living room. If you have a house this nice, full length windows to sneak a few peaks at your car is definitely a luxury you’d enjoy.

The front of the home is much darker than the back, but all that natural stone — despite all the harsh lines — makes it look like it’s emerged from the rock-bed beneath all that lush jungle.

Day or night the stunningly harsh angles of this home stick out against the sky — while still reflecting it’s colors.

Lining the entrance to your home with plants is a wonderful way to make everyone feel invited. Plus in this place, the plants bring the surrounding jungle right up to the door, hinting at the magic that lays on the other side.

From above you can see how carefully constructed this entire home was. Each detail was very thought out, and they really tried to maximize how they could bring the outdoors in.

From here you can see more of the detailed design plans to this dreamy home.

Here you can see more of the detailed layout of this dream tropical home.

Check out this 3D rendition where you can see the entire structure and what went into it.

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April 30, 2016

Just because your space isn’t big, doesn’t mean it can’t be packed with style. But having an eye for design and organization is a tricky skill to master. It’s a balance between both space and storage, and color and design. And what may be right for one space, isn’t necessarily the solution for another.So, take a look at the designs of these architects and designers who have come up with insanely creative and beautiful solutions for small living. Whether you’re in a small city apartment, a dorm room, or a new flat, you’ll be sure to incorporate some of these ideas in your own home.

Visualizer: Anton Zaytsev   

Looking at this apartment from this angle, it’s hard to believe it’s only 30 meters. The sleek lines and glass walls make this space feel much larger than it actually is.

This space triples as an office, living room, and bedroom. But the large windows and glass wall into the kitchen help this otherwise tiny space feel spacious.

White is the main color in this space, it helps the apartment feel bigger and it looks beautiful with the airy architecture.

Separating the kitchen and living space with tiles, and warm wood helps define the small space. The warm wooded living space also makes that part of the flat feel less stark, and more livable.

The kitchen table can also double as an island, and provides much needed eating space in this kitchen.

White may be the main color of this space, but it feels anything but stark. The textured cabinets, and stone tiles add an organic element to the space and keep your eye moving.

Small but functional is the name of the game for this stylish yet tiny space.

While this room may be multipurpose, everything has it’s space. The bedroom is brilliantly separated from the living space by the warm wooded walls and frame that bolster it up.

And look at that! Those gorgeous wooden walls extend around the front of the bed to add privacy when needed.

When fully closed you won’t even know an entire bedroom is on the other side. Instead it looks like a lovely accent wall, or even a closet.

The wood walls of the bedroom don’t match the wooden floors in the living space, but that’s okay. The warm wood of the bedroom against the cool wooden floors provides a wonderful contrast and separates the spaces from one another.

Even with the bedroom doors pulled shut the living space feels spacious.

This overhead view of the apartment reminds you just how small it is! But the designers and architects have truly thought of everything, and found a way to make this space effortlessly stylish and functional.

The bathroom mirrors the rest of the space, small functional, white, and beautiful. Everything has a place and enough space so you don’t feel cramped.

Once again, seeing the layout really shows you how they’ve maximized the space here.

Visualizer: Sergey Hrabrovsky   

This apartment is functional, colorful, and filled with hidden treasures. Firstly take a look at this creative desk space on the right, and how it effortlessly transforms into a kitchen eating space on the right. It’s a great solution that looks beautiful.

This white couch pops against this luxurious suede wall and that bright rug. The mix of colors and textures really adds dimension to this small space without making it feel busy.

This black matte cabinet is tall, sleek, and fits the space wonderfully.

Woah! What’s that? A washing machine? Bet you didn’t think that fabulous cabinet held that treat inside.

The kitchen counter has a small cutout for fresh plans built right in. A wonderful solution to grow some of your own herbs without taking up extra space in the apartment.

This small space comes equipped with a nice big foyer — what a luxury!

Dab a bit of your favorite perfume before you leave, or kick off your shoes after a long day in this functional and elegant boudoir nook in the foyer.

Visualizer: Taleh Mehdisoy  

The glass wall between the kitchen and the living room lets some of that fabulous light into the kitchen space, but it also adds a sense of separation.

The kitchen is quite big for this tiny space! They’ve played it up with some beautiful marble tiles in a unique pattern, and accented the lower white cabinets with some warm wooded ones up top, drawing your eye upwards and making the space feel much bigger than it actually is.

The layout highlights how they’ve utilized every nook and cranny to make this space functional.

Visualizer: BURO ROOMDESIGN   

This apartment may be tiny, but it’s packed with innovation. These incredible walls let the tenant hang everything from shelves to artwork quickly, easily, and without damaging any walls. Best yet, they’re super light, eco friendly, and made in their native Russia.

Just because these panels are white doesn’t mean they’re boring! Even without hanging things from the holes, the walls add texture to the rest of the space.

White is the primary color in this space, which helps bounce that beautiful natural light throughout the space.

The walls can even become a makeshift closet with the addition of some handy hooks. Brilliant for such a small space!

This fabulous kitchen is actually quite big for this space, and much of it is thanks to that long extended countertop. Underneath it adds more cabinet space, but best yet it adds prep space, as well as a place to sit and eat meals.

The wooden barn door oddly looks right at home in this modern space. But it’s warm tones match the chairs and kitchen perfectly.

The same wall material in the rest of the space is also used in the kitchen to maximize space.

Kick off your shoes at the front door, and then easily tuck them away in this closet space.

The bathroom plays on the same cool gray and white tones with warm wood tones.

Wood in the shower? These specially engineered tiles are perfect to add an organic and warm element to your bathroom space.

Everything has its place in this tiny stylish place.

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April 30, 2016

Whether you’re looking for awesomely geeky gifts or just want to add to your ice and fire decor theme, you’ll definitely want to check out this mega-list of houseware and decorations inspired by the Game of Thrones. Suspense, passion, greed, and treachery – the struggle for the Iron Throne has captivated fantasy enthusiasts since the release of the first book in 1996 and its passionate fan base has only grown after the television debut in 2011. With every new season comes a new surge of collectibles, so now’s the time to start stocking up just in case your favorite character meets the misfortune of exile or demise.

Buy It: $44   

7″ Iron Throne: This amazingly detailed Iron Throne figure stands exactly the same height as the Blu-ray and DVD cases so it’s perfect for display on a shelf alongside your collection. If you have any action figures lying around, get ready for some hilarious mashups.

Buy It: $33   

Dragonclaw Goblet: A replica of the goblet shared by Maester Cressen and Melisandre at Dragonstone, this chalice is faithfully sculpted from resin and a 12-ounce amber glass bowl. Just be sure not to drop any spoilers around dinner guests who haven’t gotten around to starting the series yet!

Buy It: $17   

Dragon Goblet Mug: With the bowl being small and coming with a “for display only” label, it’s not exactly a wine glass but it would make a fun display for snacks or shots of liquor. The overall figure stands at almost 10 inches to capture attention on a shelf.

Buy It: $14  

Hand of the King Bottle Opener: Very similar to the brooches and pendants worn by the second most powerful in the Seven Kingdoms, this bottle opener makes it easy to demonstrate the wielder’s might against even the sturdiest ale with just the flick of the wrist.

Buy It: $25 each  

GoT Letter Openers: There isn’t an envelope in the world that can withstand Valyrian steel! There are plenty of Game of Thrones inspired letter openers out there; the ones pictured here are faithful reproductions of Longclaw and Ice. Each one is roughly 1/6 scale in case you were thinking of accessorizing any articulated Jon Snow or Eddard Stark figures you’ve found.

Buy It: From $220  

Officially Licensed Swords: With the weight and feel of a real sword, you’ll feel like you can take on any rebellion or invasion. Even the White Walkers aren’t safe from these gorgeous replicas.

Buy It: $40   

Dinner Is Coming Cutting Board: A great housewarming or wedding gift for the Game of Thrones fan in your life, this bamboo cutting board is sure to become a talking point of the occasion. Or gift yourself and use as a clever snack tray at your next epic dinner party.

Buy It: $16   

Map Marker Spice Shakers: Take a strategic approach to dinner with these Stark and Lannister salt and pepper shakers, an indispensable addition to any Kitchen of Ice and Fire.

Buy It: $11  

Game of Thrones Coasters: Let your guests choose their house with this licensed house sigil coaster set. You just might be surprised to find a rival in your midst.

Buy It: $29  

Wax Seal Coasters: Here’s another set of coasters, this time made from flexible silicone. The set includes all six houses shown and comes with a tin canister for easy and attractive storage.

Buy It: From $9   

Game of Thrones Keychains: These sigil keychains would make a nice party favor or inexpensive gift for your favorite Game of Thrones geek. Or you can buy one for yourself to show off your house pride!

Buy It: $20   

Dragon Ear Cuff: Do you remember Daenerys Targaryen’s gorgeous dragon necklaces in the show? Now the Khaleesi in your life can look as fierce as the Mother of Dragons with this adjustable dragon ear cuff. Don’t worry – the part that goes through the ear is as thin as any other earring for those who aren’t interested in gauges.

Buy It: $22   

Game of Thrones Calendar: Show off your Game of Thrones enthusiasm at the office, home, or business with this awesome calendar. Every month sports a different character. The pages are a little too dark to write on, but the backgrounds are attractive for display.

Buy It: $14   

Adult Coloring Book: Combining two rapidly growing trends, this adult coloring book is sure to keep Game of Thrones fans occupied while waiting for the next season or episode. Each one-sided page boasts brilliant detail for the advanced colorist. Remove pages with a sharp blade and add a frame for home decoration.

Buy It: From $18  

GoT Travel Posters: Have you ever admired the travel posters your friends bring back from vacation? Now you can cop their interior design theme with these classy Game of Thrones posters based on famous landmarks from the books and television series.

Buy It: $41   

Game of Thrones Monopoly: On-theme and beautifully made, this MONOPOLY: Collector’s Edition set is sure to become a treasured addition to any fan’s board game collection. The tokens are cast in weighty zinc, the instructions are printed on a scroll, and like any game of Monopoly it will fire up rivalries that make Game of Thrones feel tame in comparison.

Buy It: $5  

Playing Cards: Planning a game night after a big Game of Thrones viewing party? Consider picking up a pack of these themed playing cards. The face cards have full-color pictures of the characters, while the number cards feature sigils from the four main houses from season 1 – Stark, Lannister, Targaryen, and Baratheon.

Buy It: $20   

Classic Style Cards: Here’s another playing card set based on Game of Thrones, this time with a clever classic style. Characters include Robb Stark as the King of Spades, Robb’s mother as the Queen, Joffrey Baratheon as the King of Diamonds, with Cersei Lannister as the queen, and so on. The jokers are Littlefinger and Varys.

Buy It: $9  

House Targaryen Laptop Sticker: Represent either House Targaryen or House Blackfyre anywhere you go with this neat vinyl laptop sticker. It comes in a matte black finish and is easy to apply and remove without leaving any residue behind. It would work just as well for vehicles, mirrors, or any other flat and smooth surface.

Buy It: $18  

Iron Throne Toilet Decal: A kingly addition to any bathroom – use this decal to transform your own porcelain throne into the most powerful seat in the Seven Kingdoms.

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April 30, 2016

Designed for a growing family in Zhubei, Taiwan, this modern home maintains a clean canvas to put life and love at the forefront. The relationship between space and form becomes more important than decoration itself, relying on natural materials to provide the texture and color that makes this space interesting. The creatives at Phase 6 worked to instill this home with the perfect balance between comfort and luxury and the result seems to hit the target head-on. Fun details hide around every corner to delight the children and parents alike. If you love the natural and easygoing side of minimalism, this space is sure to spark ideas.

Photographer: Black Wang   

Family interaction is a central theme. This wide-open layout allows family members to feel a sense of togetherness even while enjoying different activities: play, work, cooking, entertainment, etc.

To reduce visual clutter, some of the furniture serves dual purposes. The stylish Sibis Rosa rocking horse combines art and fun, and the innovative Tripp Trapp high chairs adjust to suit adults as well as babies.

Both furniture and layout focus on functionality and simplicity first without sacrificing aesthetics.

Photographer: Black Wang  

The space to the right of the kitchen leaves plenty of open space for activities, while the colorful bookshelf prevents the area from looking underutilized. Those yellow planters are gorgeous!

Here, audio-visual equipment hides within a slatted cabinet – the elegant marble drawers catch the eye instead.

Kitchen and dining come together quite smoothly. Everybody can easily congregate in this well designed gathering space.

The kitchen feels large within the context of the room, but further inspection show it is relatively compact – workspace is somewhat limited on the inner half of the island but there’s plenty of room to work on the outer edge.

Because most of the functional kitchen tools are located on the side of the island facing outward, the parents can watch television or watch the children play while food is cooking.

In a family home like this one, storage is a necessity rather than a luxury. The entrance features a coat locker and a long bench with drawers to make getting ready even easier.

Check out this incredible slide! It would be easy to get kids to come down for breakfast with something like this.

Transit between the ground floor and the next level becomes an opportunity for play.

In addition to sliding down, children can also use the slide as a ramp for toy cars and other games.

Bedrooms enjoy the privacy of their first story location. First, let’s peek inside the bedroom of the youngest family member.

A comfortable blue bed rests on a low platform across from a handy desk area to the left. Striped blinds adopt stronger contrast than those in the living room for added decorative appeal.

The desk is compact but perfectly functional, occupying free space between built-in cabinetry. Philipp Mainzer’s iconic Backenzahn stool doubles as functional artwork.

Cute and comfortable, a folded blanket cushions a little reading spot in the corner near the cabinetry.

The master bedroom takes a position at the top of the stairs. At the landing, a folding door serves as a sound barrier for the office between the stairs and the shelves.

Children can look through the glass for a visual connection with a working parent without actually disturbing the parent’s productivity.

The shelves double as a way to enhance privacy to the master bedroom on the other side.

Another unique feature is this headboard wall – it separates the dressing area from the rest of the bedroom.

Although there are plenty of inspiring features to acknowledge within this dressing room, the small vanity area is especially unique.

The bathrooms are especially interesting! This one uses various colors of hexagonal tiles for an artistic and creative look that doesn’t override its minimalistic appeal.

Do you remember this glass block wall? The stairs are on the other side.

Each bathroom features natural wood details that fit with the rest of the home.

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April 30, 2016

Whether you’re planning to highlight to a gorgeous heirloom dish set or just want to complement your budding collection of everyday service, flatware is an investment worth serious consideration. For those seeking formal dinnerware, guests will come in direct contact with the cutlery far more often than the other table elements. For everyday use, it pays to find a set that feels just as comfortable in the hand as it does on the eye. This guide details 40 flatware sets that have some type of unique feature or finish – something that can help set your dining arrangement apart from the rest.

Buy It: $86  

Herdmar Black Cutlery: Black cutlery makes a bold impression at any table setting – a rare choice sure to get guests talking. Plus, the unique finish means you won’t have to polish them!

Buy It: $107  

Mahogany Flatware Set: Petite and elegant. This flatware set takes a unique approach to a classic design, pairing rich mahogany handles with sleek and simple stainless steel.

Buy It: $165   

Cutipol Goa Set: This handmade cutlery set includes one knife, one fork, one spoon, and a set of attractive chopsticks with matching stand.

Buy It: $70   

Alessi “eatit” Flatware: Designed by Wiel Arets, this flatware set boasts highly symmetrical curves to put tactile pleasure on equal measure with taste.

Buy It: $95   

Arne Jacobsen 5-Piece: Renowned designer Arne Jacobsen created this immediately recognizable cutlery set in 1957, and it has endured as an icon ever since. You can see this set used in Stanley Kubrick’s film 2001: a Space Odyssey.

Buy It: $50   

Alessi Santiago Set: English architect David Chipperfield designed this gorgeous set of hefty, polished, and nice-to-hold cutlery for beloved kitchen brand Alessi. The design is highly symmetrical and line-based.

Buy It: $40  

Heart-Shaped Spoons: These are so perfect for sweets. Designed by Miriam Mirri, this set provides a touch of whimsy to elevate any coffee or dessert spread. Consider these if you’re looking for a gift for a housewarming or wedding!

Buy It: $20   

Alessi Zlin Plastic Cutlery: Crafted from thermoplastic resin, this blue flatware set is sure to draw second glances. If you’re planning a picnic or other event that requires sturdy but lightweight cutlery, this set is a strong bet.

Buy It: $285   

Villeroy and Boch: This 64-piece flatware set makes a big impression with a small twist right where the handle ends. The knife has an especially distinctive shape, standing out from the rest.

Buy It: $53   

Almoco Flatware: Available in black, copper, gold, and silver, this flatware set carries a classic appeal for those who don’t want to stray too far from tradition. The wide variety of finishes makes this set easy to pair with your favorite dishes.

Buy It: $74   

Mediterraneo Salad Set: Although these serving spoons would look wonderful with Alessi’s Mediterraneo set, they would add the perfect touch of artistry to any ordinary salad bowl.

Buy It: $66   

Treble Clef Flatware: Whether you’re looking for a housewarming gift for a musician or just want a flatware set to compliment your artistic table setting, these heavyweight utensils will leave a lasting impression with dinner guests.

Buy It: $25   

Kaya Black Pearl Cutlery: Titanium plated, generous proportions, and a gorgeous black finish – this set distinguishes itself from others with a smooth shape and ergonomic curves.

Buy It: $278  

Arthur 24-Piece Set: Villeroy & Boch created this cutlery set with a detailed approach, sure to complement any dish set.

Buy It: $35  

Solex Sophia Flatware: Flared handles and smooth shoulders give this cutlery set a distinctive profile. The knife’s curved handle is especially distinctive, but the curvature of the spoons will likely draw comments as well.

Buy It: $44   

Splendide Bella: Thick and wide handles give this flatware set a superior grip, just as lovely to use as they are to admire.

Buy It: $48   

Yamazaki Merge Duo: Heavy and artistic – this cutlery set elongates the form of the tines and bowls, shortening the handles in relation. The distinct proportions would ensure they fit wonderfully with a weighty dish set.

Buy It: $25   

Cantilever Flatware: Didn’t think there were any new ways to innovate with flatware? This is the solution we’ve all been waiting for! This cantilever cutlery design provides a degree of separation between the utensil and the surface on which it sits. This set is sure to make dinner party cleanup easier than ever.

Buy It: $79.95   

Copper Twig Cutlery: Your rustic cabin tableware theme craves these twig-shaped fork, spoons, and knives. These would make a wonderful gift for the hunter or outdoors enthusiast in your life.

Buy It: $90   

Silver-Plated Twig Flatware: Here’s a higher-end approach to the twig cutlery theme. This brass and stainless steel flatware set is created from casts of real twigs for a mesmerizing sense of realism. A final coating of silver brings them into the realm of luxury.

Buy It: $30   

Goldleaf Salad Set: Absolutely gorgeous! This salad fork and spoon effortlessly mimics a budding twig, every bump and leaf transcribed without flaw.

Buy It: $68   

Gourmet Settings Flatware: Artistic handles are a great way to infuse a little character within a dining set. This flatware makes an immediate impression with light radiating from every detail of its silver-coated finish.

Buy It: $44   

Conquest 30-Piece Cutlery Set: Available with a generous 25-year limited warranty, this cutlery set is sure to make an impression for generations to come. The swirly accents would work well to suit a great variety of contemporary dishware sets making the rounds these days.

Buy It: $56   

20-Piece Wilderness Flatware Set: The handles include engraved images of forest plants and animals: a leaf, bear, duck, moose, pinecone, and fish. It’s a traditional cutlery set with just a touch of rustic flair.

Buy It: $53  

Yamazaki 24-Karet Cutlery: With its art deco pattern and luxurious finish, this 24-karat cutlery set is sure to attract the admiration of guests. Be aware that anything plated with gold can suffer from air-drying though: dry directly after washing unless you’re using a dishwasher!

Buy It: $160   

Fortessa Dragonfly: This 20-piece set looks like a collection of precision instruments with their long slender handles. While this image only shows the spoons, each piece is distinctive in its own way.

Buy It: $202   

WMF Taika 20-Piece: Minimalistic, but with a slight flare at the ends, this set has a careful balance that feels good in the hand.

Buy It: $89   

WMF Nordic 30-Piece: Similar to the previous set, this long and heavy flatware collection maintains the clean lines that go best with a modern or minimalist kitchen. This one stands out from the previous set tanks to its distinctively curved knife handle.

Buy It: $62   

Yamazaki Gone Fishin’: With delicately finned tails on the handles and playful dotted eyes on the working end of each utensil, this set is perfect for somebody who lives on the lake or perhaps just loves to cook. The knife blade is made from high carbon cutlery steel for long-lasting precision.

Buy It: $36   

Alban 5-Piece: Thick handles and a playful line give this cutlery set a distinctive aesthetic that just might end up serving as the star of the table.

Buy It: $994   

Wallace Grande Baroque: Fine sterling silver lends its radiance to this 5-piece set of glamorously detailed cutlery. The handles feature intricate classical flourishes for a modern take on traditional design.

Buy It: $41  

Medieval Cutlery Set: Completely forged by hand, these ancient-styled utensils are just what you need for your next themed dinner party. That twist is the perfect finishing touch: a common decorative detail in antique wrought iron.

Buy It: $367   

Seletti Keytlery: Antique keys inspire the unique shape of each handle in this creative flatware set. These utensils are made of 18/10 stainless steel with an electroplated titanium finish.

Buy It: $355   

Gold Keytlery Set: Just like the previous set, except this time with a gold finish on electroplated steel.

Buy It: $293   

Midas 24-Piece: Plated with real gold, this set of 24 will enhance your table with classic luxury. The semi-matte surface ensures this set will look great even without a yearly polishing.

Buy It: $450   

Handmade Brass Cutlery: Taking inspiration from late 16th century European styles, this graceful utensil set tells a story with its unique and delicate aesthetic. Each piece is cast, forged, turned, and finished by hand in a village in Kutch where brass working has a history reaching back over 900 years.

Buy It: $118  

Linea Rose Gold Cutlery Set: It’s nice to see rose gold getting the attention it deserves. This 5-piece set (also available in gold and black) offers elegant style and reliable design in hard-to-find finishes.

Buy It: $54   

Gold Accent 5-Piece: Gold accents flaunt the edges of this stylish steel cutlery set. The forks have an especially dramatic appeal to them, with flourishes crossing over the tines for a memorable experience.

Buy It: $944   

Palio 24-Piece Set: Inspired by the Palio di Siena horse race, this 24-piece streamlined design boasts one of the largest accessory selections of any other line: anything from dessert cutlery to oyster forks, crab knives, caviar spoons, and more. This set is a Red Dot Design Award winner.

Buy It: $225   

Vitalis By Carl Mertens: A continuous curve runs down the edges of each piece. This set feels balanced yet fluid, with a satin finish that allows their distinctive profile to serve as the highlight of the show.

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April 30, 2016

Situated on a narrow plot flanked by public roads and neighboring homes on all sides, this residence would have languished in such a constricted space – but LIJO.RENY.architects had a creative plan to break down boundaries in a beautiful way. The structure consists of two volumes that flank an incredible atrium with towering plants reaching toward its three-story apex. The windows and atrium are clad with secure steel panels, their varied perforations allowing fresh air to circulate throughout the building. But just wait until you see the interior design! This home unifies aesthetics and function with an emphasis on quality of life.

Architect: LIJO.RENY   

Beyond these white walls, the home interior spans 2,200 square feet including the gorgeous atrium area.

Inside, each room enjoys a constant connection with the outdoors. Spaces facing the garden enjoy the freedom of sliding doors.

Modern furniture demonstrates a sense of orderliness that differentiates the interior from the central atrium, but the potted plants reinforce the connection to the outdoors.

While the smaller volume contains the living room, a short walk across the garden path leads to the larger structure that contains the dining room, kitchen, and the majority of the bedrooms.

Diagonal banisters crisscross as the staircase ascends, mimicking the complexity of the plants that surround. A short walk across the paving stones leads to the dining room.

The dining room, like many of the functional areas in the home, borders the interior atrium directly.

Private areas enjoy the lower-trafficked positions bordering the street-facing parts of the building.

Sliding walls add modular functionality to make each room as open or as private as necessary.

Going to the second level requires entering back into the garden and ascending the gorgeous wooden staircase.

Ascending the stairs toward the larger volume leads visitors to a secondary living room with accents in tropical red, lime green, and rich wood tones.

Large sliding doors look out into the greenery, with wire railing for safety.

Recurring artwork captures texture of the perforated screens and the effect of the light as it filters through.

Another flight of stairs leads to the master bedroom, the most private part of the home.

The uppermost bedroom shares its level with nothing but a bathroom and open terraces.

Through frosted windows, pinpoints of light create a dazzling “breathing” effect as the trees sway in the breeze.

This is a great chance to point out that barred windows don’t have to look intimidating. This grille enjoys a casual aesthetic with its low-profile design and fresh white paint.

It seems that even the local birds love the quiet refuge of the atrium.

In this home, simply traveling from one room to the next is an experience that brings the residents closer to nature.

As the sun shifts throughout the day, the beams of sunlight paint different parts of the home for an aesthetic that constantly reinvents itself.

Here’s a view from the bottom of the atrium looking up toward the ceiling.

At night, the glow through the perforated screens creates an effect similar to the look of dappled sunlight filtering through the palms.

Now for a look at the bones of the building – it’s always nice to see how each space interacts in context. Guests can experience the atrium on their way to the dining room while the kitchen and bedroom remain private.

Note how the study and library are sequestered in the smaller volume, only accessible from the stairs on the first floor.

The master bedroom enjoys access to the open terrace across the way.

And there’s yet another open terrace above that.

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April 30, 2016

From material to lighting to layouts, interior design trends move in and out of style at an amazing pace. This post features five living rooms that embrace current best practices but in ways that will likely remain appealing for years to come. Some of these spaces are subdued and subtle, sparking interest without overwhelming the eye. Others take a bolder approach yet reduce risk by anchoring their designs around traditional features or palettes. Most importantly, these living rooms explore the ideas most popular in contemporary design without blending into one homogeneous group – each has its own distinctive personality.

Visualizer: Sam Habbaba  

Let’s start with an uplifting pastel design. This cheerful white living room uses pale yellow as a primary accent, with many colors of the rainbow appearing throughout. The layout is open but wraps around a central volume in an L-shape for better division. Abundant windows don’t sacrifice any privacy at all thanks to the huge hedges outside.

Stunning feature lighting guides the eye from one functional area to the next. Here, the sofa arrangement basks in the light of the Skygarden lamp by Marcel Wanders. Artwork behind the dining table incorporates some of the colors found in the living room.

Plants and earthy furniture unite the interior with the unobscured view of the outdoors. The dining room has an especially amazing position: a double-height wall of windows gives a full view of sky and landscape.

It’s not easy to find artwork to suit the scale of a wide-open atrium wall like this one. This painting flawlessly integrates the natural colors used throughout the dining and living spaces.

Diamond upholstery, chrome spherical lighting, and playfully angled chair legs all come together for an interesting geometric aesthetic in the dining room.

Just around the corner from the living room, a compact galley kitchen occupies a tiny hallway created by the stairway enclosure.

Visualizer: Sergey Baskakov  

Here’s another space that brings the outdoors in! This modern living room relishes its unique configuration, with its seating area looking out over the pool and toward the gorgeous landscape beyond. Contemporary furniture inspired by midcentury designs offers a touch of classic simplicity and maintain a low profile to preserve the view of the outdoors.

A central staircase punctuates the middle of the room. Ring lamps hang in the open void of the atrium above, with a pouf and table making good use of the space beneath.

Jean-Marie Massaud’s IPANEMA armchairs and the square-topped Tribeca table make a fabulous combination. The checkered rug is a very creative choice, eliminating the need for prints or patterns elsewhere.

These little behind-the-sofa tables are a great way to prevent a central sofa from looking too plain from behind, and serve as a handy place to store books out of the way. This one is lit by the Atollo Lamp by Vico Magistretti.

Visualizer: Constantine Rybkin   

This home design in Lugano, Switzerland, offers a cheerful approach to a minimalistic and natural interior. The bright blue sofa with oversized gray pillows definitely makes a bold first impression. It’s the only non-neutral piece used throughout the entire living room, yet this block of color more than invigorates the room.

While decoration remains spare throughout the rest of the house, the rich layered textures and geometric arrangements provide all the ornament this luxurious design requires.

Iconic furniture like the Husk Chair adds another layer of quality and style. Other decor objects enjoy unique applications, like the Dioscuri table lamp on the floor in front of the mirror.

Visualizer: Jordan Pierguidi  

What a comfortable and relaxing space! This living room uses low lighting and bold contrast to foster an atmosphere of wonder and intimacy. Natural sunlight filters down from the top of the staircase and indirect fixtures cast a warm glow over the concrete walls and polished floors.

Black and white accents find middle ground with the grayscale rug in the center of the seating arrangement. Transparent furniture and bannisters demonstrate the lighter side of industrial design.

Visualizer: Sam Habbaba   

Warm, natural, and classic – this living room uses dark colors for functional areas between its pure white walls. The ceiling makes an especially bold statement with its small knotty boards and deep bezels, reversing the expectation set by the lighter wood floor.

Like a handful of the other living rooms featured in this post, this one uses an L-shaped layout to divide between the entertainment area and the dining room around the corner.

Beat lamps are a popular choice for dining rooms, but most decorators use repetition in their arrangement. Here, the uncommon distribution of weight explores a unique approach.

Visualizer: Iskren Marinov  

Clay-colored walls and gem-tone accents cast a warm glow on this otherwise minimalistic living room. The arrangement of straightforward forms sets this space apart, the sharp lines of the furniture squaring up against the perfect angles of the layout. In the center, a circular table breaks the mold.

Four accent panels brighten the far wall, with a television placed directly at the point of intersection. Those lines help draw the eye toward the screen for a distraction-free viewing experience.

The same color theme continues into the dining room. Darker accents at the dining table help set it apart from the all-white theme in the living room.

Stairs lead to an elevated area that houses the kitchen and dining but the windows here are the same height as those near the sofa. This gives the dining room a brighter appearance, while allowing the living room a little more privacy.

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April 30, 2016

At first glance you see a modern sideboard with clean lines, many of them to be exact. Upon further inspection it is obvious that the Wave Cabinet by Artist and Designer Sebastian ErraZuriz is nothing like the typical storage sideboard, not even close. The New York based artist explains “I am inviting people to look at one of the simplest forms of furniture design and to forget that we’re talking about furniture, instead to see it as a way of breaking a box. I love the idea of creating beautiful furniture; nevertheless I am much more interested in using the medium as an excuse to trigger people’s curiosity and create a connection with them”.

wavy wood dining sideboard

bleached wood sideboard

It is simply incredible how you can manipulate the entire structure by just pulling and stretching the accordion like slats as you want. It would be really hard to get tired of this piece as you can reinvent it on a regular basis. The video shows just how many options are possible and I think my favorite one is the first image where the Wave is completely closed and twisted only on one side. Even in its natural state or configuration this is a nicely proportioned and sophisticated sideboard that would work perfectly in a modern dining room or living room environment.       accordian style furnitture

You would not have any problem finding a specific dish in this wide open area! The Chilean born, New York based artist and designer was raised in London, obtained a design degree in Santiago and a Master’s in Fine Arts from New York University has a great looking collection of installations and furniture designs to his credit. In 2010 he received the title of Chilean Designer of the Year and has numerous other credit in his relatively short career. See the entire works of Sebastian ErraZuriz at his website.

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April 30, 2016

I think every aspiring furniture designer should take a stab at the ultimate chair concept just because the ideas that seem to come up are usually extremely creative. In a recent post we did on the most outrageous modern chair designs you will see what we mean and just how shapes, colors, materials and some imagination can set the stage for the next seating icon that will possibly become a household word.  I guess the classic armchair which is made to hold one person may just be the most coveted place to relax especially when it has become nice and worn in.

modern chair

The Triton by designer Albino Miranda has certainly got the wow factor going for it and somehow manages to combine the modern shaping of a progressive idea with the organic leaf like detailing that makes a tropical island theme. The Aged Gold finish accentuates the variations of the backing and shadows in the wave like shapes that were inspired by the reflection of light on water while the Red finish makes me think of an Asian inspired theme. And as with any classic armchair the upholstery needs to stand the test of time like the visuals so a high quality black leather was used. If you are wondering how such a sculpted shape was possible, its all thanks to fiberglass.

super modern sculpted furniture

We really like the Triton Ultra Modern Armchair from every side as it takes on a completely unique appeal. From the back we see a straight bold definition that gives way to a smooth sloping and contrasting softer front, lending itself openly to its next occupant. Manufacturer Karpa has some other seriously awesome furniture, accessories and lighting that shares a common design thread of being classic and not trendy, super cool things for a more discerning crowd.  (cm):  100 x 83 x 73  (in):  39.4 x 32.7 x 28.7

sleek modern leather chair

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April 30, 2016

We have seen a strong push from more designer oriented tiles for not only floor application but wall as well and with that we have seen some outstanding designs in a wide variety of materials. Kreoo of Italy who specializes in a gorgeous series of marble wall and floor tiles each with a theme that features a unique characteristic is a favorite here for sure. We recently featured a cool and very unique seating concept called PAVE STONE from designer Enzo Berti who also gives us the some of these super stylish collections seen here.

brown and white tiles

The intricate detail of the Motion collection includes floor and wall color combinations that play with different visual effects and tactile sensations and is available in various tones of marbles and finishes. This would be perfect for a smaller accent wall but to me the busy shapes would be a bit to much for a larger wall and it would have to be combined with flooring that was monochromatic. Often combining several patterns is inadvisable for obvious reason.

black marble flooring with design

You would really need an expert to install this incredible marble floor from the Picto collection and designer Raffaello Galiotto which feature a common unfolding thread that randomly winds its way through your home. Here a mixture of Crema Marfil, Rosso Alicante, Emperador Dark, Nero Marquina, and Extremoz White were used create this most unusual floor tile.

designer black marble wall tiles

The two patterned and textured wall tiles here are hard to take your eyes off and provide such a great depth and dramatic appeal to the room that wall paper or even a great piece of art cannot provide. The lighting in a room like these can take on a new look at the shadows and details of the marble comes out in a most striking way. The Rose collection shown in black is available in black on white, red on crème, or crème on dark brown. The Merletto below features “refined plots” inspired by the antique art of Italian lace weaving. A wise succession of circular motives skillfully woven into the marble, a refined plot worked into bas-relief that focuses the attention to detail of a particular elements which seem to come to life just like real lace.

wall tiles with design

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April 30, 2016

This is simply one of the coolest seating concepts we have seen here from Kreoo of Italy. The PAVE STONE rock seating collection is quite possibly the true definition of organic in not only style but actual materials. The seating and accent table system combines the overlaying of two natural materials, a base comprised of marble and a top made from bleached or ages Larch wood. There is not a better combination of materials if you are looking for timeless and lasting appeal and often wood gets better with age as it develops its own patina and character over time.

furniture that looks like stones

Kreoo of Italy specializes in some incredibly unusual designs of luxurious marble furniture for living, sinks for bathroom and some visually forward marble tiles for both wall and floor to compliment just about any interior. So speaking of interior, these rock like seats are made for indoors but I would be extremely tempted to take or drag as the case may be, these babies out to the pool area for some backyard exterior decorating. If not the chair, maybe the table. I can see these being used as casual seating around a coffee table but definitely not as long term lounge chair.

seating made of wood and marble

The combination of colors present in the marble and woods are stunning to say the least and we really love the smooth tops that feature such a visible grain that shows off the authentic beauty of the wood. I guess one great thing about marble is its unique coloration and variation that makes each piece a one of a kind and designer Enzo Berti had a great vision to give the marble new life ironically as a stone. The collection is available in three sizes – 50, 60 and 80 cm sizes all 36cm high. See the rest of the outstanding stuff here.

pave stone furniture kreco

super modern poolside tables

ultra modern stone seating

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April 30, 2016

From the first look it is easy to see the MBRACE is unlike any other designs out there especially when it comes to outdoor furniture. Usually the sterile boxy metal structures you see out there with their synthetic woven coverings are far less glamorous than this cool model from DEDON. The classic design that got some obvious ques from the wing back styles of yesteryear but in a good way looks like it does the job of being comfortable and on the feminine side of the style chart. Hey every place needs the touches of a female and the poolside furniture is no exception.

outdoor lounge chair and separate ottoman

Designer Sebastian Herkner who is a rising star in the European design game combines modern technologies and old world craftsmanship to highlight the multifaceted beauty of the materials and attention to detail. Here he uses solid Teak wood framing known for its resilience and maintenance free appeal especially outside with the ultra-modern woven fiber back that provides a breathable and stylish alternative to the typical canvas available in three color. Add to that numerous pillow and cushion color possibilities and you can put together a combination perfect for your environment.

nice outdoor lounge chairs

The MBRACE outdoor lounge chair is part of a series that includes a Rocking and a taller Wing Back chairs in addition to the lower more laid back lounge and ottoman shown here. It sure looks like a comfortable way to relax by the pool and is compared to a cocoon that encompasses you after a nice dip in the pool. See this and all of the outstanding outdoor furniture here.

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