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23 Jun 16


There’s something for everyone at London Collections: Men, the capital’s biggest biannual showcase which platforms the extraordinary breadth of menswear. This season Sassoon were thrilled to support YMC for their SS17 collection, ‘Okoro’.

YMC | Saturday 11th June

Inspiration: The ‘Okoro’ collection is inspired by the influx of African art that permeated British culture in the late 60s through to the early 80s. From the ground breaking photography of Malick Sidibé who documented how Western fashions influences African teenagers, to the Ethiopian Funk 45s and Cameroonian synth tracks that made an indelible mark on British music, ‘Okoro’ celebrates the cross-pollination of cultural artefacts between Britain and Africa. Abstract discharge prints, hand stitched embroideries; silk and jacquard are key textiles in this collection and artisanal techniques punctuate the collection with intricate details transforming each garment.

The Look: Effortless and natural texture through the hair was back again this season. All models had short hair that was kept matte with added definition.

How: “We wanted the hair to exude the feeling of easy, natural and effortless styling. Sassoon Professional Halo Hydrate was applied to invisibly condition the hair, followed by Sassoon Professional Texture Refine which was added to leave the hair with a matte and more defined texture.” says Alessio Matta, Sassoon Team Leader. Hero products: Sassoon Professional Halo Hydrate, Sassoon Professional Texture Refine.

23 Jun 16


Colourist Jack Howard at Paul Edmonds has been named as UK COLOUR SPOKESPERSON for a big Hair-Products Company, for whom he will be commenting on all things colour. Jack is like an architect with colour, envisaging it in 3d and hand painting it in a bespoke way for every client – he’s even devised ‘Ponytail Lights’, strategically placed highlights under the hair for when it’s worn in a ponytail… It’s this attention to detail that puts him in demand with the A-list.

Jack’s tips for the latest colour trends to hit the mainstream for blondes are:

Nude Hair “We all know about warm and cool hair colours, but what’s the deal with neutral ones? With nude hair, there’s a balance. There’s an even amount of both warm and cool tones, which cancel each other out to create a neutral shade. Think mousey but expensive. To create this look, we’re blending several blonde shades together to create that overall ‘nude’ finish. It’s becoming an increasingly popular look as it works with all complexions – neutral shades work great on blonde hair and it’s a low maintenance service. As seen on Amanda Seyfried and Cara Delevingne.”

Rose Gold “This trend has exploded on social media with Emma Roberts being one of the first A-listers to go for the rosy overhaul. Going rose-gold means you’d need to start with very blonde hair – natural or pre-lightened which obviously involves a lot of upkeep, not one for those who like a low maintenance colour. However if you’ve got that light blonde shade, rose gold is easily achieved as it’s just a tonal change – think Sienna Miller. Rose Gold is most definitely not pink, it’s much more grown up and wearable, flecks of copper gold within the colour can be made darker or lighter depending on your preference.”

Jack Howard

23 Jun 16


DAVINES inaugura un proprio salone nel prestigioso department store londinese Liberty, Taylor Taylor London at Liberty London. Lo spazio ospita l’intera offerta del brand nonché un team di hairstylist dalla solida expertise, pronti ad accogliere tutte le richieste della clientela.

Situato al terzo piano del department store, il salone DAVINES Taylor Taylor London at Liberty London è caratterizzato da un insolito mix: gli interni vedono infatti arredi personalizzati in stile liberty e guizzi moderni nei decori. Un’oasi accogliente in cui trovare rifugio dai ritmi frenetici del West End, concedendosi del tempo per sé in uno spazio intimo e luminoso che offre delle fantastiche vedute su Carnaby Street. Analogamente allo stile lussuoso che decora gli altri saloni Taylor Taylor, anche la nuova location include oggetti di design dal forte impatto e, alle pareti, opere d’arte realizzate in esclusiva per il salone.

L’expertise dei professionisti del salone Davines Taylor Taylor si coniuga alla perfezione con l’eccellenza che contraddistingue il department store inglese.



23 Jun 16



BRIGHT è la linea di prodotti per capelli di MELCAP che ti farà brillare con una Star !

La tintura per capelli, per esempio, è una colorazione ad olio senza ammoniaca, con olio di Argan e bacche di Goji. Arricchita con estratti di malva, quercia marina e camomilla, è un vero e proprio trattamento cosmetico che colora con naturalezza lasciando i capelli brillanti e nutriti.

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22 Jun 16


"Broni by Night" è l'iniziativa che animerà ogni mercoledì sera fino ad agosto la cittadina in provincia di Pavia. Per l'occasione il sindaco ha concesso ai negozi di rimanere aperti al pubblico fino alle 24. Tra bancarelle, spettacoli e intrattenimenti musicali, quest'estate sarà possibile perfino farsi la piega "by night".


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