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GOSSIP: the only on-line hair-fashion web journal updated every day with new, information and gossip about the sector. A daily web journal certain to be of interest to people that want to be kept informed not only about new trends, styles, bargains and patterns in the sector but also about fashion and other events, what has happened, what is happening and what is going to happen!

Gossip & news and information, daily newspaper web free dedicated to the news of the hair fashion area, hairdresser and aesthetics and hair stylists, provenienti from all of the world. Gossip wants to transmit to the operating of the area the photography of us that happens in the market day for day, cos from always to to be updated on every front: public in fact articles on throw again professional products for hair, for the body and trick, hair fashion tendencies, hairdo, short, long hair cuts of proposals or middle, man and woman, collections of the better international gossip designers. And 'to note for that these information are of interest for the professional but also for the public: often in fact the compiling receives e-mail with varied requests from women and girls that hold us to the beauty, to the care of the actual person and of the hair and find in this site the replies to the actual questions. Obviously for our readers they are mainly operating of the area: they are hairdressers, directors of business, commercial, wholesalers and distributors, Italians and foreign countries. Here perch Gossip is occupied also of acquisition of brands, business strategies, communications on agents of products for hairdressers, forces sold, suppliers of articles, secondary and furnishing for lounges of beauty, consideration of the market and analysis. To the fine one then of to want to integrate the Italian market of the professional cosmetics with the international one, favoring the exchanges of import export between businesses and distributors in the world, Gossip transmits report of fairs and events of the area, you announce of question and offer, search for the personal one (that of habit in the commercial field and of sale). To give an entire service of information and objective to the reader, Gossip & public gossip also a review prints with the specific news of interest for the user discusses from middle newspapers traditional like: The alone one 24 Hours The Mail of the Evening Anna Elle. The strategic news of nature business I am I discuss from institutes and official sources like "Unipro, associated Confindustria; Contromarca, italian associated press agency, Reuters. ..ö. Finally, the information bound to the contests, to the concourse, to the show of gossip are discusses also from the associations of category like "Alternate Hair Show with seat to London; OMC Organisation Mondial Coiffure with seat to Paris; INAI Institute Italian Italian hair stylists with seat to Milan." But Gossip also gossip: s public perch also the hairdo of the stars of the show, talks about inauguration of new lounges of acconciatura, you negotiate of hairdressers and shops of beauticians where of habit intervene well-known characters that do from godmothers or godfathers of the event.
Every day the compiling of Gossip receives news from all of the world: obviously first is worth them and then the public free. Its purpose in fact is that of to be a newspaper "free" available of everything. The articles come published free actual to favor the cultural growth of all of the area and not of the little businesses that drive the industry of the beauty. is an online newspaper of the world of the fashion hair and it is taken care of gossip news. It is not taken care of things like tgcom gossip but surely is I upset to the public gossip it. not even it is taken care of varied gossip, or gossip of a some football player, or characters like riccardo scamarcio surely I am yourselves at the fantastic events of photograph inside gossip, gossip on buffon? no, thanks, we leave these things to skilled editorials in the area of the sport even if gigi would be able, visa its good flavor we., but surely of gossipnews it for the world of the gossip, fashion hair and hair stylists if could speak. Gossip man has been how to say a masculine gossip but this limit we leave it to the cuts is man than woman. Always for the world of the hair with the hope of to be able to have in future a tg com all gossip for those that also can talk about celebrity gossip. Surely we have Babele of the gossip. It would please to to be called us in internet "the gossip and gossip" and to be able treat arguments of the world of the show, theater, cinema on show girl gossip cinema, showing photograph gossip and gossip vip. are Yourselves attractive sites like tiscali or gossip magazine, daily gossip that talk about well-known characters like for example: jennifer aniston, enrico mutti or have photo of kate moss with gossip & news always updated. we Have in the ours And news with photograph gossip bench, newspapers gossip. Gossip sm is a reviewed online gossip for the world of the parruchieri and looks at with respect and esteem to characters, journalists, authoritative professionals and vip of the world of the show like: new 2000 and the largest weekly gossip. We do not promise miracles but costing information in the world of the hair, of the fashion and, because no, also of television events of the area hair if ve the possibility was of it. Has Been a honor for ourselves have in our pages written well-known characters not only of the world gossip and hair stylists like: enrico mutti gossip (the large teacher) or gossip on pippo inzaghi (large football player that brags a lot of photo woman and vip of the world of the show admired from the world) and. .... our future projects in the world of the gossip. ... eccovi a gossip that not senbrerebbe a true hair fashion of gossip and of hairdressers but a gossip from 3000 km now. is not a gossip not even of Latin school chiaccherare of a gossip 3000. to Talk about the vip is a mysterious curiosity do not to know Gossip on the gossip with a lot of mysterious photograph of celebrita on the calendar Italian celebrita and indiscretions on the beauty of some vip. Unofficial news or inference or indiscretion or scoop of this type of gossip com we will start a reserved chat without I pay off approval also of 300 persons or characters intitle. Gossip & gossip is not an inutitle novelty od an useless scoop.
Unofficial it would seem that we could discover much things on the vip that they check the world of the hair but it an inutitle inference could seem or inutitle indiscretion or inutitle scoop even if pits on Adriano, the well-known football player dell' Inter. Gossip travels over a cloud of novelty and information not secrets but to the eyes of everything. we Estimate an exceptional classic dancer like Roberto stamps that has an exemplary care of the News gossip precious gossip is what would want sentir to say from the tg 5 or from any gossip celebrity. For this summer the petegolezzi will go to the large one. Now we greet yourselves and we wish yourselves an excellent navigation internet in the world of the gossip, knowing that this fantastic world that includes also areas like those of the cinema, television, art, theater, vip, and other things bound to well-known characters gladden yourselves.