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Via Monte Lungo,59 - 20027 Rescaldina (MI) Italy

LK Creamcolor & ndash; permanent coloration to low ammonia concentration that assures, to the experts of the color, the perfect coverage of the white hair, maximum uniformità and estate of the color in the time. Natural and bright, the color LK makes the tallowy hair leaving a marvelous effect soft and bright reflexes. Easy to mix and to apply, allows to clear covering 100% of white hair.
Dilution 1:1

LK Claire & ndash; Declination of the Natural series of LK CRAMCOLOR for tonalità più warm.
Dilution 1:2 LK Claire & ndash; extreme Superschiarente for results & ldquo;extra forti”.
Dilution 1:2
Formed: I coo astucciato 100 mls. / 75 mls.
N° nuance: 80

LK Millennium & ndash; Coloration in cream HI-tech composed by nuance by the explosive colors: FIRE & ndash; GOLD & ndash; BRONZE & ndash; VIOLET & ndash; COPPER & ndash; MAHOGANY & ndash; TROPICAL BROWN & ndash; TROPICAL RED. The presence of coloring macromolecole and innovative polymers allow, to the expert of the color, exceptional cosmetic results and extreme hulling.
Dilution 1:1
Formed: I coo astucciato 100 mls.

LK Millennium HI-RED MIX & ndash; intensifiers of color for Red Absolute of new generation. Use 50 mls. LK MILLENNIUM + & frac14; HI-RED MIX + 50 mls. DEVELOPER 20/30 vols.
Formed: I coo astucciato 60 mls.
N° nuance: 27

LK Flash Contrast & ndash; system & ldquo;2 in 1” in cream for decolorare and to color in an only gesture. It allows to get colored mèches and custom partial effects for natural or colored dark hair. I suit for all the techniques and tendeze as & ldquo;effetto velo”, & ldquo;effetto linee” and & ldquo;effetto bande”. it Protects the hair and it preserves the structure of it, leaving them soft, soft and pettinabili with an unbelievable luminosità.
Dilution 1:1,5
N° nuance: 4

Diapason & ndash; classical Coloration for results to elevated affidabilità. Devoted to all the professionals that appreciate the coverage, the tenacity and l’uniformità of the color. Of easy miscelazione and application, allow to clear covering 100% of the white hair.
Dilution 1:1
Formed: I coo astucciato 100 mls.
N° nuance: 51

Douscolor & ndash; Coloration Tone On Tone without ammonia to the Ceramide A2. thanks to his/her formulation, with coloring pigments of new generation, it guarantees warm, intense and natural colors and at the same time, through l’azione of Ceramide A2 and Butter of Karitè, it restructures and it conditions the hair in profondità. it Assures good coverage of the white hair reviving the opaque and out hair. He/she leaves a pleasant profumazione yielded that it amplifies cosmetic l’effetto.
Dilution 1:2
Formed: I coo astucciato 75 mls.
To use him with Douscolor Attivatore
N° nunace: 32

Douscolor Glamour & ndash; Coloration Tone On Tone without ammonia from the young and modern nuances, studies for realizing services color effect intense superbrillanti. The line of colors & egrave; constituted by red and warm, intense and lasting blonds, to apply alone or in mixture among them, on natural funds from the brown one to the clear blond or on hair in precedence cleared with mèches.
Dilution 1:2
Formed: I coo astucciato 75ml.
To use him with Douscolor Glamour Activator
N° nuance: 13

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