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23 Sep 16

Algunas fuentes apuntan que el futuro de la PELUQUERÍA podría ser masculino.

Una hipótesis que se basa en varios motivos. Por un lado, el buen momento que experimenta la barbería desde hace unos años y que, lejos de estancarse, sigue una dinámica ascendente. Desde los cortes Old School, Pompadour y los fades muy marcados a los peinados menos trabajados y más texturizados.

El hombre se preocupa más por su imagen y reivindica su espacio propio, el de la barbería tradicional, adaptado a los nuevos tiempos.

Leído en Beautymarket.es

23 Sep 16

Afro Hair Trends
Which three Afro hair trends are set to dominate in AW16?
DANIELLE HILL, Westrow's Mizani Hair Specialist, reveals the key Afro trends to know for next season.

Soft and fluffy
Curls are predominantly soft, fluffy – even slightly frizzy – this season. Stella McCartney’s Pre-Fall 16 collection was showcased by models with short and tousled Seventies’-style hair, with fringes and soft fluffy curls, inspired by ‘rocker curls’. To create curls that are delicate, light and with no hint of any crunch, start with a curl-enhancing shampoo and conditioner that boosts softness.

Disco curls
Stella McCartney wasn’t the only designer inspired by the ultimate party era. Topshop Unique and Charlotte Olympia’s A/W16 models were sporting bold, flirty curls, full of body, inspired by Eighties’ club culture and Seventies’ disco.

Wet-look waves
Moschino, Emilio Pucci and Vivienne Westwood were just a few of the many designers this season, embracing a textured, wet-look, finish to hair. Stella's favourite example of this on Afro hair was at Blumarine, where models’ hair was full of natural texture, but was also very smooth, with sleek waves dominating the style.

23 Sep 16

Which one is your favourite...

Meet the leading suppliers with over 400 brands at SALON INTERNATIONAL.
We've listed some of your favourites for 2016 !

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23 Sep 16

Karine JacksonKarine JacksonKarine JacksonKarine Jackson

Karine JacksonKarine JacksonKarine Jackson

A shift in the lines of an object’s spectrum toward the blue end. Blueshift indicates that an object is moving toward the observer. The larger the blueshift, the faster the object is moving.

HAIR: Karine Jackson - UK
Collection: Blueshift
Ph: Andrew O'Toole
Make-up: Margaret Aston
Stylist: Leticia Dare
Creative Direction: Errol Douglas
Assistant: Nicola Hand, OCS Australia


23 Sep 16

Xavier Camacho by  Xavier PerruquerXavier Camacho by  Xavier Perruquer

HAIR: Xavier Camacho by Xavier Perruquer - España
Ph: Pere Estupiñá y Miquel Estupiñá
Model: Javier Carrión
City: La Pobla de Segur ( Lleida) Spain


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Beauty news
September 26, 2016

Fashion Week, il make-up per le viaggiatrici Alitalia

Coloro che durante la settimana della moda atterrano su Milano con i voli Alitalia, un consulente d'immagine di Diego dalla Palma Milano sarà presente a Linate e Malpensa per un servizio make-up personalizzato

Beauty news
September 26, 2016

Ambrosio e la maschera di gruppo

Si sa, in gruppo è sempre tutto più divertente

How lucky are millennial Bright Young Things! So many collections seem focused on women under the age of 25, in their prime of youth, pretty with it – and apparently with an unstoppable source of income to buy all these charming clothes.

Never mind that on the streets – in Milan or elsewhere around the world – jeans and a T-shirt are the basis of a youthful wardrobe. You can but dream.

Giamba: More and more Valli girls

Get them young and let their mothers dress them well! Giambattista Valli makes no secret of his desire to embrace the young and dress them throughout their fashionable lives. Giamba is not the only collection he showed in Milan this week. There was also a new fur line, while in Paris he will show his own label grownup collection and Moncler Gamme Rouge.

Phew! But that daunting schedule did not seem reflected in the Giamba collection, shown in one of Milan’s grand and gilded buildings and imbued with a feeling of dressing young women with entitlement. What would the Marchese’s granddaughter choose to wear? A colourful top, short skirt and bare midriff perhaps? Or pyjama-soft silk shirt and trousers; or perhaps an off-the shoulder patterned mini dress.

For Giambattista there is a half-imagined story about this girl floating about the mansion: “She moved to Los Angeles and came back last night just to visit her father – she partied all night, woke up just before the show, put her slippers on – and walked around tapping to the music,” said the designer.

A signal that these dresses were intended for the ballroom in granny’s grand mansion was the shoes: tiny red suede bootees, flat leopard print slippers, or the same in shiny pink like sweetie wrappers or covered in glitter. Full marks to Giambattista for giving his signature style a touch of purity and innocence.

Philosophy: sex and the pretty young things

Lorenzo Serafini started his career at Philosophy with the idea of maids in white dresses in fields of corn. But how do you keep them down on the farm once they’ve seen pop music heroines prancing on YouTube?

So Lorenzo, whose invitation showed a young woman hiding one eye behind a long white feather, went the frills-with-thrills route. While there has been a significant slowdown in Italy’s sexpot looks since former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi left the political stage, the Philosophy collection was pert and pretty – which meant denim dresses riding high as fringed hemlines met underpants and white dresses slumping off one shoulder to bare their breast bones.

The clothes were still beautifully made, as befits the Aeffe group which includes Alberta Ferretti. And Lorenzo is still working at the pursuit of prettiness, with rose patterns and long floaty dresses in pink and yellow, while a lacquered jacket came in country garden colours of lilac, daffodil and leaf green.

But Miss Philosophy has clearly grown up and gone to the city. Something lovely. Something lost.

Agnona: Re-set in progress

Finding a new identity that does not clash with the old is the task for designers at established houses. How much harder it must be then for Simon Holloway to decide what Agnona stands for.

I had always associated the brand with wool, seeing its connection with the Ermenegildo Zegna group and its recent displays of the finest cashmere knits. Even given that this was a Spring/Summer 2017 collection, Agnona seemed to have moved a long way from the loom, but I was given a brief history lesson about how the brand had been in and out of clothing since its start in 1953.

The collection that the designer sent out was, in his own words, “romantic, languid and sensual” – a new version of Truman Capote’s “Swan” using silk, lace, double-faced denim and – at last – “superfine knitwear”.

The floral patterned dresses, the flower designs mostly small, leaned in a soft direction but there was a contrast in a gracefully draped minimalist dress in yellow crèpe. On the mini show went with some clothes that looked good. But how it defines Agnona for Summer 2017 is less evident.

L'articolo #SuzyMFW: Innocence Lost And Found At Giamba, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini And Agnona sembra essere il primo su Vogue.it.

Gabriele Colangelo: the touch of human hands

Up the scarlet carpeted stairs at the Palazzo Visconti we went, past a gilded carriage and into a room with a domed ceiling, smothered with baroque frescoes, stucco and decoration. By the time I reached the small backstage area where Gabriele Colangelo was prepping his show, I was drunk on Italian artistry.

But the first piece I saw was not some elaborate, overwrought and highly decorated creation of a designer for whom too much is never enough. The opposite was true: Gabriele had based his collection on a theme of “decomposition”, using handwork to reduce fabric to strips and re-assemble them by hand. So the final effect was of a gentle streamlining.

“I usually start with a vision – an artistic reference – and then I go to my suppliers and show them my idea,” said Gabrielle. “This season it is a contemporary artist called Dianna Molzen. She takes off one vertical and one horizontal thread so they fall down. I try to express this feeling.”

In the show, the silhouettes were long and lean and the outfits apparently simple. But on closer inspection, a dress, cut away on one side to reveal narrow trousers, was a marvel of lace compressed to silhouette the body; while a black tunic was made up of strips, as one would find in a car wash, woven into a wearable top. The same craft was used for a sleek blue top with a pieced-together skirt.

This concept of intense craftsmanship creating wearable clothes was a master class from Colangelo, delivered via a streamlined wardrobe of clothes touched by human hands.

Marco de Vincenzo: for the material girl

Fringes, pleats, ruching and flouncing are the basis of Marco de Vincenzo’s work and he laid out his look from the start: a black chiffon dress covered with fringes of white silk. That opened the sewing box for threads of spidery white feathers decorating black or sunny yellow outfits.

The designer said that he was inspired by a postcard of the Riviera in the 1950s – hence a beach-scape printed around the hem of a sleeveless coat and, for a nocturnal version, a bird flying across a skirt above a wave made with fringing.

However happy the holiday, these elaborate decorations on simple, sporty clothes seemed out of synch. Remove these creations from the beach – but perhaps not the transparent chiffon shirt with built-in black bra – and there was some magnificent workmanship. But horses for courses, or, in this case, a simple question: who would wear such sumptuous, beautifully made outfits to the beach?

L'articolo #SuzyMFW Material World: Gabriele Colangelo And Marco de Vincenzo sembra essere il primo su Vogue.it.

Beauty news
September 26, 2016

Beloved or benighted – are the 1980s really worth reviving? Especially when the brand concerned had nothing to do with the exaggerated broad shoulders and in-your-face extravagance of that era?

Think Jil Sander re-drawn with the streetwise flourish of current brand collective Vetements, plus the knife-sharpness of Pleats Please Issey Miyake, and you have some idea of the offering from the designer Rodolfo Paglialunga. Was it a big bold statement? Yes. Was it suited to a refreshing of the brand founded on the idea of appropriating menswear to make women strong? There, the answer is equivocal.

The designer, the most recent in a long line, has made a flourish. An orange leather jacket, broad at the shoulders, lean at the waist and long enough to reach the thighs, created a firm silhouette and a bold statement. Especially as it was followed by other separates in the same colour: knee-length shorts; soft dresses with those sharp shoulders; or just a skirt with a pouch bag tied around the waist below billowing pleats.

There has been a recent movement in fashion towards Miyake-style pleats, so innovative that the Japanese designer took out a patent in the early 1990s. Rodolfo took the idea and made it work for going to work. Cream pleats fanned out from shoulders, but narrowed from the waist down; this was the dress shape for the collection. It came in bright sorbet colours and in black which was a dominating colour for the tailoring, oversized in its cut and best described as “stern”.

Although I found this almost caricature of feminism unsettling, the designer is at least drawing a new image of Jil Sander. And as with so many houses where the founding designer had to be replaced, Rodolfo has something to say. It will be interesting to see whether in store or online, the retail offering will maintain his dramatic statement of batwing shoulders and oversized 1980s shapes to such an extreme extent.

L'articolo #SuzyMFW Jil Sander: Back To The Broad-Shouldered 1980s sembra essere il primo su Vogue.it.

Beauty news
September 26, 2016

Post-colonialism in Africa might seem an awkward subject for a fashion show to navigate. But Antonio Marras and his troupe of gingham-clad women, sitting under old-fashioned hairdryerhoods before going wild with partners on the dance floor – brought fun and energy to Milan fashion week.

Marras always has a tale to tell. A folded paper on each chair revealed the story of how the people of Mali came out to celebrate in their capital, Bamako, when the country gained independence in 1960. Using pictures of that joyous moment captured by documentary photographer Malick Sidibé (who died earlier this year), Marras brought his women’s and men’s Spring/Summer 2017 collections to a crescendo of happiness.

“I want to underline the strength and the possibility that fashion, music and dance can push to the borders – and go across,” said the designer backstage, as the dancers kept on moving to the rhythm created by Italian choreographer Matteo Bittante.

The collection really took off as the hair salon women in their bright, gingham-check dresses joined up with partners on the runway and danced the day away.

But from the beginning, the Italian designer with a penchant for history had created a vivid collage of colour and pattern.

These were not so different from the usual Marras style. There were flowers embedded in tailored coats, long, lean dresses, shades of black contrasting with a turquoise fabric with a rich sheen. But colour was often in the details, as with gilded embroidery or a sprinkling of tiny flowers.

What felt fresh after seasons of Marras digging for treasures in the past was that the fabric mix, as well as its textures and patterns, created a summer vibe. That applied especially to the gingham checks which were also used for bags and extended to a range of accessories inspired by the emerging youth culture of Africa in the 1960s.

L'articolo #SuzyMFW: Antonio Marras Gets Inspiration Out Of Africa sembra essere il primo su Vogue.it.

Ricordi in bianco e nero, musica e beat africano alla Settimana della Moda di Milano. Merito di Antonio Marras che per la prossima primavera estate, pigia sul tasto rewind e ci porta negli anni 50 in un hair salon/passerella pronto a trasformarsi in una pista da ballo.

Tom Pecheux per MAC Cosmetics segue il ritmo anche con il makeup: “Ho reso le guance un po’ arrossate come diventano dopo un ballo sfrenato, ma il focus è sullo sguardo. Utilizzando delle spugne da fondotinta ho come stampato sulle palpebre uno o due quadrati, black&white ovviamente”.

Una geometria che riprende la collezione realizzata, per la maggior parte dei casi, con un tessuto a quadri. Una menzione speciale va agli occhiali da sole vintage, bellissimi. E ora… Twist and Shout!

Scoprite qui il trucco realizzato da MAC Cosmetics per Antonio Marras

L'articolo Trucco bianco e nero e stile alla Amy Winehouse da Antonio Marras by MAC Cosmetics sembra essere il primo su Vogue.it.

Beauty news
September 26, 2016

Torna amfAR Milano, l’esclusiva cena di gala organizzata per sostenere la ricerca contro l’AIDS che ogni anno vede la partecipazione del mondo della moda e delle star.

Il grande evento – che prevede un’asta benefica – si è tenuto ieri, nel palazzo della Permanente. Sul prestigioso red carpet hanno sfilato attrici e modelle bellissime in abiti meravigliosi. Tra queste, Sara Sampaio, Adriana Lima, Karolina Kurkova, Heather Graham e Lottie Moss, sorella minore della celebre top model Kate.

Durante la serata si è tenuta una live performance della cantautrice britannica Charli XCX.

Guardate la gallery dedicata al red carpet delle star su Vogue.it.

L'articolo amfAR Milano 2016 sembra essere il primo su Vogue.it.

For any busy, intelligent woman who loves fashion, Tomas Maier’s words backstage were pure nectar. “It’s about moving on – yet it is always the same thing: being thoughtful about women and what they might like and need. And thinking about the variety of women there are and their ages too.”

These wise and welcome words came after a show that celebrated 50 years of Bottega Veneta, where Tomas Maier has created a second landmark: his 15 years at the helm as Creative Director.

As Gigi Hadid, 21, today’s fresh-faced top model, walked 72-year-old actress Lauren Hutton down the runway – a celebration of youthful and lasting beauty – the applause became a roar. Behind them, Maier led his team, tears flowing, along the old stone pathway of the Brera Academy, where Bottega supports student programmes.

Clothing without borders is an exceptional concept in this age of fast fashion. There was literally nothing inappropriate for anyone in the Bottega Veneta collection. It was just a question of choice. Gigi wore a blush pink top and trousers; Lauren Hutton a belted beige raincoat. They could have swapped their outfits, each bringing a personality to the garment. You felt that these were clothes to be hung in the closet for a fashion life everlasting. That is true of the re-make of the red clutch that Hutton carried back in 1980 in American Gigolo. It was one of 15 vintage Bottega bags to be brought back to life.

“I am always thinking about private luxury – you own something and you really get to understand it because the experience of wearing it elevates it to another level,” said the designer in one of many wise statements.

How smart of Maier to create – and for both sexes in this show – looks designed for that long shelf life, but that were adaptable to different personalities and moods. There were black leather jackets (for men) and ink-dark dresses with a womanly curve in a lacy front. There was colour. Make that COLOUR! – like the surprise of leather shirt-dresses in shocking pink, scarlet and yellow – and then a chalkier version in pale turquoise, bleached yellow and blush pink.

There were certain standards, especially with gentle, over-the-knee hemlines that Tomas picked out for comment saying, “I always like a longer length – this collection has fluidity, a long line, ease of movement – and pleasure in wearing”.

Craftsmanship is at the root of Bottega Veneta since the days when the company worked leather and made handbags. The designer also took accessories in hand, offering various sizes and shapes for different lives. It is difficult to judge handbags moving on the runway, but it was evident that Maier takes the same attitude to leather goods as to clothes. No model fell off her shoes or carried a bag too small for her purse and cell phone.

The real achievement of Maier, as part of the Kering group, is to keep the dream of luxury alive in an age of vulgarity. Whether the female models wore sporty styles edged with embellishment or a male model had a suit in shiny shantung, they each looked appropriate. And comfortable. And elegant, in a modern way. A minor miracle for fashion in this millennium.

L'articolo #SUZYMFW Bottega Veneta: Landmark Birthdays Celebrating Art, Craft and Love sembra essere il primo su Vogue.it.

Beauty news
September 26, 2016

Sfilate di Milano: il calendario Primavera-estate 2017

Giorno per giorno, ecco tutti gli appuntamenti in passerella della Fashion Week di Milano per scoprire la moda che verrà la prossima stagione

Beauty news
September 26, 2016

Sfilate di Milano: le scarpe top

L'occhio delle donne cade prima di tutto lì, sulle scarpe. Per la Primavera/estate 2017 non mancano le novità, da Gucci a Prada, ora in scena alla Fashion Week milanese. Scopritele con noi giorno dopo giorno, designer dopo designer

Beauty news
September 26, 2016

amfAR 2016: chi ha vestito chi

Numerose le star che hanno partecipato all'annuale serata di beneficenza durante la Milano Fashion Week per la raccolta fondi contro l'Aids. Ecco chi c'era e cosa ha indossato, griffe dopo griffe

Beauty news
September 26, 2016
Quando si parla di ipnosi, forse si tende a pensare immediatamente alla dimensione spettacolare di questo fenomeno, a quello stato di trance in cui una persona viene indotta a compiere operazioni bizzarre da uno...

Beauty news
September 26, 2016

Eau Thermale Avène, dalla parte del mare

Il 24 settembre si celebra la Giornata internazionale del mare e il marchio beauty riconferma il suo progetto Skin Protect / Ocean Protect

Beauty news
September 26, 2016

La frangia di Jessica Biel

L'attrice ci ha dato un taglio. È tornata alla sua cara frangia

Beauty news
September 26, 2016

Salvatore Ferragamo, profumo di Toscana

Leather Rose, la nuova creazione olfattiva della maison, impreziosisce con le sue note di rosa, la collezione Tuscan Scent

Beauty news
September 26, 2016

Una frangia per tutte: dalle passerelle ai saloni

La frangia si rifà il look, spopola in passerella, è moderna e più versatile che mai. Cortissima, sfilata, lunga a mo' di ciuffo, portata di lato, easy come negli anni '70 o vaporosa come negli '80. Ce n'è (davvero) una per tutte. Ecco tutte le proposte più cool di stagione viste in sfilata, nei saloni e sulle teste delle star

Beauty news
September 26, 2016

Pucci without pattern

I remembered the first time I absorbed the sight of Pucci without its distinctive pattern. It was at the sale of the personal property of Marilyn Monroe at Christie’s in 1999, when a series of skirts and dresses – sporty, in stretch fabrics and sorbet colours – convinced me that the “Emilio” squiggle and graphic swirls were not the only way of identifying the brand.

Wiping out print on the early outfits, but keeping the streamlined glamour, is one way that Massimo Giorgetti is modernising a label that has its roots in the elegant, aristocratic age when the jet set was born.

“These are the original colours from the archives ­– and this is the challenge of jersey because I really want to move the Pucci dress into now – taking away the iconic print and representing Pucci in a contemporary and modern way,” said the designer backstage.

Massimo was referring to the opening outfits in strong-but-sweet colours such as canary yellow, dark orange, duck-egg blue and yellow overlaid with pink that were, in fact, taken from the archives. These long, lean, softly draped clothes looked fresh, if relatively alike.

The same applied to the batch of prints that followed. The patterns were pale, but contouring to the body. Then they became bolder, swirling like marble, before the sporty clothes, swimsuits included, broke into bursts of colour and print. If Massimo had not explained it, I would have missed the point of the entire show: a variety in the fabrics themselves.

“Jersey georgette, jersey chiffon and tulle – there are lots of things that seem like jersey but are not – and for prints, like this laser-cut intarsia knitwear,” explained Massimo. “There is an amazing mix of artisanal and future techniques because I used the best of Italian manufacturers for this collection.”

So what appeared to be a same-y Pucci collection in fact had a lot of variety, which hopefully will be explained to customers in store.

Etro: Pop go the hippies

Veronica Etro is wedded to the de luxe hippie look and her show notes described a “gang of eclectic travelers” exploring the world from the Sahara desert to wherever. Yet her work was the strongest for Spring/Summer 2017 when she escaped from Magreb-meets-Ibizia patterns, flowing dresses or mini caftans into a crisper, workaday world. A simple wrap dress with vertical and horizontal lines looked much fresher than a pull-on top that could have come from a Moroccan souk.

Fortunately for brand Etro, the designer mostly kept the quirkiness, as in floppy sun hats and long patterned chiffon dresses, while also making the show more pop, sporty and dynamic. Flesh helped. When the patterns were on tunic-length tops worn over bare legs, the collection seemed to take a sprightly step off the eternal hippie trail.

Etro’s fabrics are so dense with pattern but light in execution that the brand is fortunate to have a family member who understands the meld of ethnic styling and luxurious execution that makes certain Etro pieces so covetable.

L'articolo #SuzyMFW Pucci and Etro: Print Reworked sembra essere il primo su Vogue.it.

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